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10 Shocking Adult Jokes In Disney Movies

When you think of a Disney film, You probably envision wholesome children’s movies that are fun for the whole family to watch. The vivid animation, bright colors, loveable characters and the catchy soundtracks make Disney movies some of the most entertaining movies of all time. Although the films are geared towards children, There are secret and inappropriate adult jokes hidden within some of our favorite scenes.  Here are 10 shocking and hidden adult jokes in Disney movies.

1. Aladdin and Theking of Thieves

When Disney’s movie Aladdin and The King of Thieves debuted, you may not have been old enough to catch the sexual joke that caused many parents to raise their eyebrows. During Aladdin and Jasmine’s wedding scene, an earthquake occurs. Genie Mutters under his breath, ‘I thought the earth wasn’t supposed to move until after the Honeymoon’.

2. Bambi

The classic film Bambi is one of the first cases of Disney testing the waters with an inappropriate adult joke. In the scene, Flower gets his very first kiss. Immediately after locking lips, his whole body becomes stiff as a board, and he swells up with blood. In other words, Flower was one of the first cartoon characters to experience an erection on the big screen.

3. Hercules

Disney really pulled a fast one on us during the scene in Hercules. The Mythical king had a sexual attraction towards his mother, resulting in an incestual relationship. In Disney film, Hercules leaves a theater and makes the comment, ‘That Oedipus thing? man, I thought I had problems’. Leave it to Disney to make incest a laughing matter.

4. Cars

In Disney’s movie Cars, Lighting Mcqueen is approached by two of his biggest fans, or shall we call them groupies? Either way, the female cars ride up to lighting and flash him their headlights. Since cars don’t have nipples, the next big thing would be would be for the girls to flash their headlights. Right? The inappropriate innuendo is so subtle, it didn’t even cause a stir when the film debuted again.

5. The Emperor’s new Groove

Disney didn’t try too hard to hide this naughty adult joke in a scene from the Emperor’s New Groove. Kronk sleeping in the great outdoors, and there is a tent covering his manhood. That’s right, He pitched a tent right there in front of hundreds of thousands of moviegoers. Disney never shies away from a good penis joke, but we can’t help but think they went a little too far this time around.

6. Toy Story3

Disney was able to sneak in a naughty fellatio joke in a scene from Toy Story3. During the scene, Lotso gets tired of listening to Mrs. Potato head talk, So he snatches the lips right off of her face. Mr. Potato head is livid, and shout out, ‘No one takes my wife’s mouth but me’. This joke was okay for a children’s movie.

7. Cars 2

In Cars 2, The villains of the film are called the Lemons. They are the dumb, clunky vehicles that no one else wants. They are so jealous of the shiny, beautiful cars that they plan to do whatever it takes to bring them down. They decide to throw a party, A lemon party to be exact. If you have never heard term the lemon party, consider yourself lucky.

8. Wreck-it- Ralph

Disney may have really crossed the line this time. In the film, Wreck it Ralph makes back to back innuendos that would make any parent cringe. While working himself into a tizzy after finding out Pac-man was invited to his video’s game’s 30th Anniversary party, Ralph shouts, ‘Pac-man? That cherry chasing dot muncher isn’t even on this game’.In case you are unaware, a cherry chaser is defined as someone who likes to take young girl’s virginity.

9. Muppet Treasure Island

Even back in the 90’s, Disney was on a role with its hidden adult jokes and sexual innuendos. In Muppet treasure Island, Miss Piggy has a new man and he just happens to be a pirate. The story has a lot to do with the history involving real life pirates hooking up with women, But the sexual liaisons were anything but consensual, in other words, Disney excess tossed in a reference to rape in a children’s film. We can’t say we are surprised.

10. Frozen

One of the most popular Disney films of all time contains a sexual joke that equal’s parts hilarious and cringe worthy. In the movie Frozen, Kristoff is quizzing Anna to see how much she knows about him. When he asks for his foot size, Anna replies, ‘Foot size doesn’t matter’ Do you get it?

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10 Shocking Adult Jokes In Disney Movies


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