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Ugly Haircuts: 18 Styles You Should Avoid Always (Ranked)

There is a difference between having a bad Hair day and getting ugly haircuts. You can’t do anything about a bad hair day. You wake up like that and must go through the whole day wearing one.

But when it comes to an ugly haircut, people deliberately ask to get one without even realizing how awful it is. People that blindly follow hairstyle trends and want a specific haircut just because everybody else has one run the risk of getting a haircut that does not suit them.

Some will demand a style, even after being warned by the barber, which does not go with their entire look. To avoid ugly hair and to get unprofessional haircuts, we decided to show you some examples of hair that is just plain ugly.

You will find samples that are out of trend and those that people should not wear. Our idea is to help you avoid social suicide with an ugly haircut. Without further ado, here are the types of hair you should not get.

What Is It

Ugly haircuts are simply those haircuts that don’t look good on you. They can be out of trend and not worn by people these days, or they can not fit your face shape or head, making them unsuitable.

Bad haircuts happen for two reasons, because of you and due to the barber. Sometimes, a customer will want a new hairstyle that is entirely unsuitable for them and is going to demand getting one simply because all the people around him are wearing one.

The results may be devastating as you can’t change a person’s mind and the barber will have to give him what he wants. On the other hand, an ugly haircut may also happen due to a barber’s mistake.

An inexperienced barber or one with insufficient skill can easily make a mess of your head if they don’t do a proper job. There are quite a few examples and “headcases” when it comes to barbers making a mess.

The worst thing that can happen is to combine an ugly haircut with some bad beard styles. In such a case, all hope is lost and the only remedy comes in shaving everything off completely.

18 Ugliest Hairstyles for Men

Short Bowl Cut

The short bowl cut or the chili bowl cut are some of the worst ways to go. If you remember Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Lloyd Christmas in the Dumb and Dumber movies, then you know what we are talking about and probably have a sense of why this haircut is not a reputable choice.

The excellent version of this style requires your hair to be long enough to reach your brows. But some men decide to cut it short, not even reaching the middle of your forehead, making it one of the worst choices you can go with.

Reverse Mohawk

You probably know what a regular mohawk looks like but will never guess what a reverse mohawk is. Instead of having a patch of hair in the middle, you shave that part off and keep the ones on the side. Just imagine the late Prodigy signer Keith Flint, but less cool.

It is a terrible way to go and is a haircut that will not amaze anyone, nor will it suit any situation to wear it.

Baby Bangs

Chopping too much of your bangs is not a wise choice. No grown man should wear this. It does not look good on men and it does not look good on girls.

No matter what type of hair you have, baby bangs will not improve it. They are simply going to make everything much worse.

Yellow/Brassy Dyed Hair

When it comes to hair coloring these days, it has become a staple and many men are coloring their hair in all sorts of attractive ways. But yellow, or the faded brassy color, is the one that should be avoided at all costs.

We don’t see a situation when one asks for this color directly. It usually happens when the blond color does not turn out how you hoped it would or when your initial color starts fading out—all in all, not a flattering choice by all means.

Bald Crown

Going bald is an absolute nightmare for men. Once we notice that our hair has started to fall out, we start getting stressed and immediately begin finding ways to hide it. However, the results never look good and we end up with something worse than we started.

The best way is to accept the baldness. Wear your hair as naturally as possible, no matter the bald spot. Alternatively, you can go for some balding clippers and shave everything off.

Emo Hair

Having emo hair was popular when emo was a thing. But that time has passed and so have emo hairstyles. What came in its place were boys with their hairstyles. You don’t need to relive your teenage days and the emo phase; don’t. There are other ways to work up your style.

Liberty Spikes

Listening to punk music is great if you want to rebel and get some extra energy out of yourself. If you are a proud member of the punk subculture, then, by all means, the liberty spikes are a perfect way to go.

But otherwise, they are going to make you look foolish in public. It is only appropriate to have one when you are wearing an Exploited t-shirt and rocking anarchy tattoos while moshing in a pit during the show of your local band playing in a pub.


A skullet is a haircut made famous by the Predator, starting in 1987 when the braided hunter went up against Arnold Schwarzenegger and lost. Today, wearing a skullet is only a way to make you stand out from everybody else, but not in a good way.

Although some consider it a rebel hairstyle, it is not something to take home. The style involves something like having sharp pop smoke braids but shaving your head on top and leaving the braids on the side. Yeah, enough said; best not to contemplate this one for long.

Rat Tail

A rat tail was once considered a fashionable choice. But that fad went away quickly. It is no longer worn by anybody that considers himself cool.

Although some rednecks probably still think that rocking a rat tail is a good idea. Whatever they think, you should know better and never consider getting this style.

Angular Flat Top

A flat top is still a popular choice among African American men. However, the angular flat top is, by all means, nothing to write home about.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air happened 30 years ago and Grace Jones shaved off her angular flat top eons in the past. This is a hairstyle that time has long forgotten and so should you.

Awkward Undercut

One of the most popular hairstyles today is a curly undercut, but the antithesis is when things get awkward and you don’t style it quite right.

There are so many examples of bad undercuts and it often happens because people want to look the same as their favorite celebrity. Not all of us have the right head for an undercut and we should think things through carefully before getting it.

Short Man Bun

A man bun is a hairstyle that goes back to ancient times. It was a staple during the Ming Dynasty as many warriors used to wear it. Today, people want to look fashionable and are trying to rock man buns. But the short version of it is simply a bad choice.

A good man bun requires more hair that you have to let grow first. If you try to create one without an adequate length of hair, it just looks awkward and bad. Consider adding some hair vitamins to get to the length you need faster, so you don’t have to get this awful hairstyle.

The Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the best footballers in the world but also one of the trendiest and sexiest. But, at times, his hairstyle choices do not always go how they are supposed to.

The spiked-up top with highlights became a Ronaldo special, a hairstyle recognized by the masses. But it is a style that does not look good on anyone, not even Ronaldo. Avoid this one at all costs.

Dreadlocks on Non-Black Men

White guys always want to look fantastic and in doing so, they try to copy others and their manner of behavior. You probably know many people who dress and act like African Americans even though they are not.

They also try to copy their hairstyles, like dreadlocks, that do not look good on a white dude. There are thousands of examples where some guy wants to copy the look of their favorite celebrity.

The dreadlocks are a famed example, but the one that does not look good on white guys. You have to accept it as it is a style that suits black men more.

Gelled Spikes

Creating gelled spikes is a retro type of hairstyle that you rarely see these days. And there is a reason that it is entirely out of style. This one had never made a comeback and has remained since the 2000s when it became popular.

Unless you are a part of the Back Street Boys or are auditioning for the revival of Crazy Town, you do not need gelled spikes. Try something else and leave this one be.

Long Asymmetrical

Long hair can be shaped into good hairstyles that you can enjoy and look good. You probably wasted a lot of conditioners for men to get it in proper shape, so you will want to do something good with it. But the worst thing that you can do is go asymmetrical with it.

Styling the hair in this manner does not fit any social situation for which you could use it. If you are not a model preparing for the latest shoot, then the long asymmetrical hairdo wastes your time.

Frosted Tips

Remember back when Justin Timberlake was a part of NSYNC? Well, that’s how far behind this hairstyle goes. NSYNC is no more and so are the frosted tips.

Justin has grown out of this phase and replaced this hair type, and so should you. You should not even think for a second of getting frosted tips in this day of age, as it will simply make you look weird.

Greasy Gelled Up

Greasy-gelled-up hairstyles are a thing of the past. There was a time when celebrities of the 2000s used to sport this hairstyle and to tell the truth; it looked cool back then.

But that time has passed and so has the time for dropping tons of grease and gell on your hair to make it look glossy and cool. Save yourself the time and the investment in this hairdo, as you are better off with your plain, natural hair than with buckets of greasy gell on it.

How to Avoid

Step 1 – Learn how to talk to a barber

You can always show a picture to your barber and ask for a specific haircut. But you still need to know the lingo, the terminology they are using, and the barber’s charge. Learn how they talk so you can convey the message to them about your hairstyle choice better.

Step 2 – Choosing an adequate hairstyle

Choosing the hairstyle on your own can be tricky as we tend to act by heart without thinking things through. You can always consult your barber before getting them to cut the hair.

Your head shape and style play an integral role in choosing the right haircut and you should consider all the angles first.

Step 3 – Using quality products

It doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on hair products; you have to get the proper ones. Use natural products and ones that are suitable for your type of hair. 

Step 4 – Learn proper hair care

Taking care of your hair is essential because it enables you to prepare it for a specific hairstyle. Also, after you create the style you want, maintenance plays a huge factor as it helps to keep it looking good much longer.

How to Deal With It

Due to unforeseen circumstances, or the ones that we already mentioned, there is a chance for you to get an ugly haircut. But what to do when you find yourself in that sort of situation? Follow these steps to get yourself out of that predicament.

  • Be sure to tell your barber immediately that you are unsatisfied with the haircut.
  • Emphasize the exact problems you noticed about your haircut.
  • Try a different style to fix it.
  • Get a completely new haircut if all else fails.

If the problem cannot be fixed and you got something like red hair for no apparent reason, the temporary solution is to hide it with some hat for the time being.

But the ultimate way to solve the problem is to shave the whole thing entirely. Being bald for a while will not matter as you will be able to regrow your hair back and, this time, style it properly.

Celebrities With Ugly Haircuts

Celebrities are not invulnerable to ugly haircuts. They make them more than regular people do. To look stylish and nuanced, their hairstyle ideas often flop and end them on the cover of a magazine of worst celebrity style mistakes.

For instance, Post Melone was the original inventor of man bangs. Not only did he add baby bangs, but he paired them alongside two pigtails. Nobody rocked this style before him nor after him and is a top candidate for the graveyard of haircuts.

Jared Leto is an extravagant figure and he sometimes takes things too far when he starts sporting a look for his role outside the studio. He did so while filming Fight Club and rocked the ghost look with bleached blonde hair and eyebrows for a while.

Where to start with Russell Brand? The British actor and comedian has always had a quirky look with his style matching his hair. Or sometimes not matching.

His hair never matches anything and is all over the place. Sometimes you wonder if he gets a look at himself in the mirror before going out of the house. 

Justin Bieber is a celebrity that takes chances and often changes his hairstyle. He took a chance and decided to rock a Kate Gosselin look at one point. We can’t say that it worked. It did awfully.

You probably don’t expect to see Alexander Skarsgard on a list of celebrity ugly haircuts. But this one time, he showed up on the red carpet with an intentional male pattern baldness style.

He shaved the middle part of his head for a role in The Hummingbird Project and somehow thought it would be a good idea to wear it all over the place. 


What is the worst haircut for men?

You can’t choose only one bad haircut as there are plenty. But to answer the question, the worst haircut for a guy is the one that does not suit their personality, face type, and overall style.

Why do my haircuts always look bad?

If you have a history of getting bad haircuts, it simply means that you are making bad choices and are not choosing the ones based on your face type and body shape. Never go for popular haircuts. Instead, get one that suits you the best.

Can my barber fix an ugly haircut?

Yes, they can if you have an experienced barber. An excellent barber can fix almost anything. You are in good hands as long as they have the skill for it. However, if the haircut is beyond fixable, the ultimate solution is shaving the whole thing off.

How to hide an ugly haircut?

Hiding a bad haircut can be done by trying to work it a bit and styling it differently. If that is not possible, try adding some head accessories.

A headband can work, but the ultimate cover-up is a hat. You can wear a hat to hide the ugly haircut until you get to a barber to fix that ugly thing.

How do I know if my haircut is ugly?

You have to look at yourself in a mirror and determine the situation based on various factors. You need to look at the style, the shape of the haircut and your head, your facial features, and your overall design.

If you notice that things are out of proportion and that they do not fit together, then, yeah, you have a bad haircut on your hands.

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Ugly Haircuts: 18 Styles You Should Avoid Always (Ranked)


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