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Mustache Waxes For Strong & Perfect ‘Stache Styling

6 Best Mustache Waxes For Strong & Perfect 'Stache Styling

What Is Mustache Wax

Like any wax, Mustache wax is specifically made to provide a thick and pliable consistency to help you control the shape of your mustache, and it is essential to maintaining all mustache styles.

Mustache wax also assists in training the hair on your mustache to grow a certain direction, making it easier over time to maintain the clean look you want or achieve radical and creative looks such as by manipulating and curling your mustache.

Benefits of Mustache Wax

While using mustache wax may seem intimidating or a little of overkill, the product comes with so many benefits that you can’t afford to overlook. 

It’s a product that you don’t really have to use, but once you add it to your grooming routine, it will be hard to do without.  

Controls the Mustache

The first benefit of mustache wax is that it helps to control the direction of the whiskers.

Hair, especially on the mustache, grows downwards and when it becomes too long, it can get into your mouth and can interfere with your food and drinks, which is rather annoying. 

Applying mustache wax means that you can comb the whiskers in the direction that you want, ensuring that the hairs don’t get into your mouth and food. 

Helps to Style the Mustache

Perhaps the main benefit of using mustache wax is that it makes it easy to style your facial hair the way you want. 

Just like beards, there are a variety of mustache styles that you can try out. If you are going for the handlebar, the imperial or any other mustache style that requires brushing and holding the hairs, then you need to use mustache wax.  

Keeps the Mustache Healthy

Mustache wax is made of a number of ingredients, with the main ones being the ones that are responsible for the hold. 

However, wax contains other ingredients that can help maintain the health of your mustache.

As your mustache grows and the hairs get longer, they become prone to damage and breaking. 

In such a case, you will need high-quality wax to nourish as well as nurture the mustache every day.  

How Does a Mustache Wax Work

How Does a Mustache Wax Work

Mustache wax is usually a stiff as well as thick pomade that is used to primarily hold the mustache hairs in place. 

The mustache goes through a lot during the day like being jostled when you eat, take a sip of water, kiss your significant other or nuzzle your cat or dog. 

As the mustache grows, it can become long such that the hairs get in your mouth, which can be annoying. 

Mustache wax is made of a number of ingredients that include beeswax, shea butter, petroleum jelly as well as plant-based oils.

The beeswax is used primarily to provide hold, which is the main reason why most people result in using mustache wax. This kind of hold is important when it comes to taming unruly hairs and styling your mustache.

The other ingredients contained in the product are meant to help maintain the health of your mustache by moisturizing and nourishing the hairs. 

Pros and Cons of Mustache Waxes

Just like with other beard grooming products, mustache wax has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before you make a purchase.

At the end of the day, however, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and though mustache wax is not a must-have product, once you start using it, it’s hard to turn back.


  • The first advantage of using mustache wax is that you can tame unruly hairs that end up getting in your mouth and food.
  • Mustache wax also makes it easy to style your mustache in any direction.
  • Mustache wax provides a firm hold that holds the mustache in place against the elements.
  • Mustache wax contains ingredients that help nourish and moisturize your facial hair in the process, thus contributing to a healthy-looking mustache in the long run. 
  • The other advantage of using mustache wax is that it provides your facial hair with heft and volume. 


  • Some low-quality mustache waxes might actually cause irritation and allergies, which is the reason you need to go with all-natural mustache wax.
  • The other disadvantage of mustache waxes is knowing the best product to use, seeing that there are so many products on the market.
  • The next disadvantage is that using mustache wax actually requires that you have an actual mustache; otherwise, you can do without it. 

Ingredients to Look for in a Mustache Wax

Ingredients that are typically found in mustache wax include beeswax (main ingredient), shea butter, petroleum jelly, and various types of plant-based oils depending on the specific fragrance you want to achieve.

For those looking for information on how to make your own beard wax, these are the ingredients to start with.

Be careful when choosing a wax to remember to note the fragrance. Considering it will be right under your nose, it’s important to ensure that the smell is pleasant to you, or otherwise, you will experience strong pungent smells with the wax.


Beeswax is the main ingredient found in mustache wax and is used as a binding agent. It provides a thicker viscosity to the wax, making storage and application easy. 

As such, beeswax is what gives mustache wax its styling properties by providing a firm hold. It also works to maintain a smoother as well as softer mustache for longer after styling. 

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a naturally occurring ingredient that is found in mustache wax. It is composed of fatty acids that give the mustache its nourishing and moisturizing properties. 

Shea butter also works to reduce inflammation, especially when you suffer from severe beard dandruff. 

Shea butter, when applied, also works to smooth both the mustache and skin underneath, especially if you have coarse skin underneath your facial hair.  

Petroleum Jelly 

Petroleum jelly is one of the most popular ingredients in mustache wax. The reason why it is used widely is due to the fact that it is easy to work with is readily available and melts even at low temperatures. 

Its texture is what makes it easy to spread throughout the mustache and also mixes well with beeswax. 

Plant-Based Oils

Mustache wax also contains plant-based oils that give the wax its smell. Such oils gravitate towards those that have an earthy smell, which means products such as pine, cedarwood, sandalwood, among others. 

How to Choose the Best Mustache Wax

How to Choose the Best Mustache Wax

If you are planning to purchase mustache wax online, there are some simple tips to follow regarding finding the best wax your money can buy:


This is the most obvious point. Do not trust a wax that does list the ingredients. What, after all, are they trying to hide?

Make sure the wax is made of the safe and natural ingredients listed above. Other ingredients are ok, so long as they are known to be safe and have some direct impact on how the wax will work for your mustache.

Ratings and Reviews

Be sure to find ones that have good reviews. If you are looking at sites like Amazon, be sure the reviewers are verified purchasers and only take those reviews into account.

In general, anything less than 4 stars is simply not a wax you want to take a chance with.


Of course, you would only pick a scent you would like, but be careful. Sometimes the scents do not always smell the way they are advertised.

Again, look at reviews and see what people thought about the scent. If it was advertised as sandalwood, does it really smell like sandalwood?


Does it appear to be well packaged? Will the company selling the wax stand behind their product if something should happen?

In most cases, if something went wrong and a company was willing to reimburse or replace the product, then that is a good sign and reviewers will typically note that.


When it comes to mustache waxes, the hold is everything. A mustache that has a strong hold means that your beard and mustache hairs will remain in place for long. 

When it comes to hold, mustache waxes are divided into three categories; soft or light, medium and hard or strong. 

A soft hold is great for short beards and mustaches while medium hold works for longer mustaches that require styling. Strong or hard waxes are excellent if you have a handlebar mustache that you are trying to keep in place. 


Mustache waxes come in a variety of colors. As such, it would be in your best interest if you went for a color that matches the color of your mustache and beard. 


When it comes to mustache waxes, it is recommended that you go with those that contain natural ingredients. 

This is because natural products are less likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions compared to the synthetic ones. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin. 


Mustache waxes come in different packages that range from little cans to sticks that resemble lip balms and deodorant. 

If you like carrying your wax with you, then a stick package might be more appealing since they are smaller; otherwise, at the end of it all, it doesn’t matter the packaging you go for. 


Good quality mustache wax should cost anywhere between $10 and $20. If you have a big mustache or are on a budget, then you might want to consider how much you will be spending. 

One thing you need to remember is that since wax is a simple product, even cheaper options can be of high quality even if it means cutting back on some extra ingredients as well as bobs found in premium products.

How to Apply Mustache Wax

How to Apply Mustache Wax

The application is fairly simple. Spread it across the tips of your fingers and rub it in, so the wax melts from the heat of your hand. After it is spread on your hands, gently massage the wax into the mustache.

Be sure to have your complete beard grooming kits ready and some durable mustache combs, so you can style the mustache as you apply the wax to it.

If in the application process you find there are some uneven hairs, simply pull out your small mustache scissors and trim your stache to make it even.

Step 1 – Warm the tin to soften the wax

Beeswax that is found in a majority of mustache waxes has a hard consistency when you open the tin at first. Because of that, you need to warm the tin first to soften the wax and you can do this by leaving it on a warm vent or using a hairdryer.

Step 2 – Scoop out a small amount

Scoop out a small amount and rub it between your thumb and index finger so as to soften it even further.

Step 3 – Apply the wax

Apply the wax starting at the center of the mustache, working outwards. You need to apply the wax evenly throughout the mustache. You can either use one hand or both when applying the wax.

Step 4 – Rub out any excess wax

Rub out any excess clumps for the best results. The smoother the consistency, the better, so ensure that you rub any excess clumps of the wax.

Step 5 – Apply a small amount during the day

If your mustache hairs begin to go astray during the day, you can reapply a small amount of wax.

How to Make Your Own Mustache Wax

The steps that you will take when making your mustache wax will depend on the ingredients that you intend to use. 

The main ingredients that are a must-have however, include beeswax pellets, petroleum jelly, resins or coconut oil, essential oils and storage tins. 

Step 1 – Measure the ingredients

Measure the recommended measurements of the ingredients that you will be using. These include essential oils, carrier oils, beeswax and any other ingredient that you want to add.

Step 2 – Add the beeswax to a pot

Add the beeswax pellets into a pot and then place it in an oven with medium to low heat. Let the beeswax melt completely as you continue to stir, ensuring that you are monitoring the melting wax.

This is to ensure that you don’t overexpose the beeswax to direct heat for longer periods, which could result in burning. 

Step 3 – Add carrier oil and essential oils 

Once the beeswax has melted, add the essential oils and carrier oils and then stir for about ten seconds. Remove the mixture from direct heat and pour into tins right away. 

Ensure that you don’t wait too long to transfer the wax into tins, as this may cause it to harden. 

Step 4 – Allow the wax to cool down

Give your wax time to cool down and settle. After dissipating the heat completely, you can then put the lids on the containers and your wax will be ready to use.

Mustache Wax vs Other Similar Products 

The first thing to understand about mustache wax, oil, and the balm is that they are all necessary for maintaining a good looking and healthy mustache.

However, they are used for entirely different reasons, and a mustache oil will not do the job of a mustache wax or balm.

Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax

This product is used predominantly to mold and shape your mustache while keeping it healthy and moisturized.

Balm and wax are very similar in texture, though the main difference between balm and wax is that wax is meant to hold its shape and is perfect for men who suffer from mustache hairs that tend to go rogue.

If you are trying to style your handlebar mustache or an epic stache like an imperial, wax is the way to go.

Beard Balm

Balms tend to be right in the middle, somewhere between oils and waxes. A mustache balm is going to provide a little more than oil but not quite to the strength of a wax.

Balms are responsible for providing a moisturizing effect while giving a little bit of styling help. However, for those looking for lasting holds, the wax is still the answer.

Remember that the best beard balm will not dry up or hold as wax does.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Oils are completely different in their texture and consistency. While they are not typically used as a styling agent, it would be wrong to assume they have no impact on how the hair lies.

Oils are meant to provide moisturization and shine. They also help keep the skin where the mustache is moisturized.

Continued use of mustache oil will work to soften the coarse hairs of your mustache, making it easier for the balms and waxes to do their jobs of styling and holding.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to mustache wax, in some way, more spending does mean more quality. Mustache wax made of well-known companies will be more expensive.

This is because besides such companies have been in business for decades; they also have years of product quality testing behind their products. 

On the other hand, mustache waxes containing all-natural ingredients will also cost more.

At the end of the day, however, even cheap waxes can be of high quality as long as you don’t mind foregoing some extra ingredients that are found in premium waxes.

Rather than getting stuck on the price, especially when you are starting out, consider the list of ingredients and ensure that the wax you choose doesn’t contain anything that may react with your skin or may damage your mustache in the process. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Mustache Waxes

  • Do ensure that the mustache wax you get does not contain any harsh ingredients that may harm your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Do ensure that you go for a mustache wax that contains 100 percent natural ingredients. 
  • Do consider the percentage of beeswax contained in the mustache wax because this determines the amount of hold the wax will provide.
  • Don’t get hung up on the price of the mustache wax, rather pay attention to the list of ingredients that are contained in the product.  


FAQ About Mustache Waxes

How much mustache wax to apply and how often?

You should take enough mustache wax to cover one of your fingers and then spread it across.

Taking too much will mean having lots of excesses that may dry and look bad in your facial hair.

Too much wax also can prevent the mustache from having any liability at all, and it will just look unnatural.

You should apply your mustache wax after you have showered and cleaned your mustache out with proper soaps and conditioners.

Remember never to use regular body wash or shampoo on your facial hair. Get specially made soaps that prevent the hair and skin from drying out. This will make the grooming process all the easier.

Is it better to buy mustache wax or make one?

If you are starting out with waxes, then it is best to purchase a premade wax rather than immediately attempting your own DIY mustache wax.

Can beard wax be used on a mustache?

If you don’t have a mustache wax, then you can use beard wax to style your beard. The two contain the same ingredients, although the application process is different on the beard and the mustache. If you have an imperial or handlebar mustache or any other mustache that requires brushing, then you are better off using mustache wax rather than the beard one. 

Is mustache wax necessary?

While mustache wax is not really necessary, especially if you have a short mustache, once you start using it, there is no going back. For those with longer mustaches or who want to style a handlebar or imperial mustache, then mustache wax is a must-have.

Does the mustache wax condition too?

Mustache wax can condition your facial hair as well. Most mustache waxes hydrate your hair thanks to the natural and essential oils contained in the product. However, the level of conditioning, as well as hydrating, will be very low. This is because the percentage of natural ingredients over the oils used in the wax is small, which is why the product is meant for styling rather than conditioning. If you are looking for a product that will style and still condition your mustache, then you might want to try a balm. 

Can I make my own mustache wax?

Yes, you can make your own mustache wax at home. There are so many DIY mustache wax recipes online that you can refer to. The most important thing is getting the right ingredients and following the process to the letter. 

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Mustache Waxes For Strong & Perfect ‘Stache Styling


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