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24 Incredible Feathered Hairstyles for Stylish Men

Man with Feathered Hair

What Is It

One of the most popular styles that grabbed the attention of men lately is the Feathered hairstyle. What is it and is it a good style for you if you plan to choose a cute hairstyle to boost your confidence?

Well, the answer is yes. Being one of the classic men’s haircuts that are still popular today, the feathered hairstyle will make you look good and feel masculine. Also called the layered hairstyle, the feathered hair in men includes several layers in the sense that they appear like feather cuts.

It is crucial to note that regardless of the layers’ length, you should still remember that the manner through which you apply the layers and style them in a way that they suit your personality and facial shape or cut play a vital role in how they will end up looking on you.

24 Most Popular Hairstyles

If you already know a few haircuts ideal for thick hair, you may also want to include the following popular feathered hairstyles that are suitable for men in the list of haircuts you know. That way, you can also take advantage of this style and find one that perfectly suits you.


You can go for short-feathered hair, the standard style in this category. In other words, you don’t have to do anything complex to sport this look. Ask your hairdresser or barber to give you a regular haircut, then incorporate some layers. This will add style to your hair that is not so loud that you already have difficulty sporting it.

Thick Medium Length

The thick medium length is ideal for you if your hair has enough volume and thickness and you have difficulty deciding the look that fits you perfectly. It could be because of the differences in your hair texture and density. With the thick medium length variation, you can style a regular haircut with several feather cuts and layers. This can improve your hair’s texture and provide the right adjustment to its volume.

Short Textured

You can also go for the short-textured variation of the feathered haircut. It is suitable for you if you are fond of switching to various hairstyles. To sport this look, you can go for the feathered cut but ensure that it features layered textures. After that, cutting it short or chopping your hair a bit more would do the trick. Various textures are good as aside from being pleasant to the eyes, they can also give you a different and new look.

Long Layered

The long-layered feathered cut will work if you prefer to style shaggy hair. I think it is an incredible choice if you are willing to commit to growing your hair long. In that case, you can make your long locks more interesting by adding layered and feathered cuts to them. It can provide shape to your long hair without the need to make some unattractive cuts.


One of the haircuts that continues to become a trend from the moment it was first sported a few years ago is the quiff. You can expect the classic quiff to have a more exciting and attractive twist if you give it a feathered and layered cut. You can add several layers to your quiff to make it even more glamorous to look at. It helps to use and apply the world’s best hairsprays or gel, so you can have an even easier time styling and maintaining your feathered quiff hairstyle.


You can also go for the well-loved undercut. This style suits you whether you have short or long hair. With a layered/feathered undercut, you can add impressive and attractive details to your hair. It is a quirky style that any man can easily pull off.

Short With Bangs

Short with Bangs

Make your short hair more appealing with a layered or feathered haircut with bangs. It can completely change your look for the better while creating a masculine image. It will look even cooler if you also make it a point to showcase a personality or aura that exudes confidence.

Side Swept

Another of the best-feathered hairstyles for men is the side-swept. With the few layers or feathery cuts your hair got, you can style it by combing it to only one side and then putting on some gel. This provides a hassle-free way of giving your hair a wavy or curly texture since you can use only your fingers. Make your hair look healthier by applying premium hair oils, too.

Layered Salt and Pepper

If you are still unfamiliar with salt and pepper hair, then note that it refers to either gray hair or black and white hair. If you have this hair and you want to make it even more appealing, you can choose to add some layers or feathery cuts to it. You can go for the layered and messy salt and pepper. All it takes is layering your hair and then leaving it messy and loose to create a more casual look.

Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs style is also one way to add variation to your feathered haircut. The feathery curtain bangs haircut is ideal for the young boys who seem to look good in it. Upon choosing the curtain bangs, you can make it even more glamorous by dyeing them pale red.

70s Hairstyle

If you prefer a classic look, go for the 70s feathered haircut. It is a hairstyle that may remind you of your youth. It is a good choice for older men who will look even better by pairing up this 70s feathered style with a mustache.


You can also make your feathered haircut more distinguishable by styling it in a mohawk. This style works well for you if you aim to bring out a uniquely rebellious look. The mohawk feathered hairstyle also works in displaying a more masculine look.

Bearded Man With Glasses Wearing Mohawk Hairstyle


You can also incorporate the feathered or layered look to the recent hair trend, the two-block. If you are still unfamiliar with the two-block haircut, note that it involves growing out your hair’s crown longer while shaving or trimming your sides. Styling your crown proves to be the most challenging task when it comes to wearing the two-block.

In that case, you can give it a layered or feathered look to balance your crown’s thickness. You can brush it evenly around your head, regardless of how long or short, your hair is, as it is the key to adding layers or styling layers if you can’t see them.

Faux Hawk With Design

Do you prefer wearing a fashionable hairdo? Then the feathered faux hawk is ideal for you. You can add more design to it by giving both sides a high taper discolor. You can also choose to design or style a complex or challenging part and other razor lines.

Medium Shaggy

You can also go for the medium shaggy, which is a good choice for young ones who prefer to stick to the emo haircut that was a trend a few years back. To acquire this style, you can cut off the edges, maybe with the help of the best hair cutting shears, at one side. You should then split your hair on top. You can further improve the look of the medium shaggy feathered haircut by adding some spikes to it.

Feathered Bob

The feathered bob refers to the modern version of the classic bob cut. It applies a simple feathering style to your hair, adding a wispy appeal to your hair. It is a versatile cut as it suits all hair types, but it can benefit coarse and thick hair the most. This style is not that difficult to get, too. It would just be like learning how to acquire a surfer haircut.


You can also choose messy feathered hair if you are one of those who are not so concerned about the way your hair appears. Go for it if you want your hair to be styled quickly and nicely, messy or unpleasant.

Feathered Wavy

If you have hair that is naturally curly in its entirety, then you may have encountered problems styling it. You can somewhat eliminate the problem by having your hair cut in a shag. Ensure that there are feathered ends in the cuts. This feathered wavy style works in taming your naturally curly hair while showcasing your masculinity.

60’s Hairstyle

You can also rock the feathered hair by incorporating it into a wide range of 60’s hairstyles that are often accompanied by layered cuts. Expect to be reminded of the Beatles, Mick Jagger, and other personalities who sported the feathered hairstyles nicely during the past few decades. You can often see the shaggy styles and the side fringes.

Long Comb Over

It is also possible for you to bring out your masculine appeal and charm with the long combover feathered haircut. This works for you in case your hair is naturally wavy and long. What’s great about the long comb-over is that it makes it effortless to combine volume, length, and concept, thereby helping you bring out your uniquely appealing and definitive style.

Short Curly

Your naturally wavy or curly hair may cause you to think that styling it the way you want is impossible. The truth is it is possible. You can just let yourself relax by sporting a low-maintenance style. You can go for a short curly cut with layers or feathers. It can give you more attractive curls that are ideal for daily wear.

Young Man in White Shirt With Short Curly Hair

Formal Hairstyle

Do you know that you can also choose to go with a formal look through the feathered hairstyle? You can pick a masculine feathered look that you can wear during special occasions. The formal look is kind of messy while still having that friendly style. You only need ten minutes to sport this style.

Long Straight

One advantage of choosing to sport the long straight style is that it is a versatile cut that tends to look good regardless of your age. Avoid drawing off your long hair if you already have thinning hair on the sides or front. The reason is that it may only cause the thinning hair to become even more visible. It would also help you to consider starting to take hair vitamins somewhat to restore your hair’s fullness and good health.

Tapered Faux Hawk

Go for a tapered faux hawk, too, especially if you prefer showing how bold, tough, and masculine you are. One advantage of this style is that it looks good regardless of whether your hair is thin or thick. The ultimate secret to styling it correctly is using hair spray or gel. Sea-salt spray works well with feathered hair, so you may want to use this product.

How to Get

Step 1 – Comb vertically

Comb a few slices of the hair vertically. Hold the hair at a 90-degree elevation.

Step 2 – Cut small parts

Cut small parts into the ends. Continue working your way, starting from the front part to the back.

Step 3 – Comb perpendicularly

Comb slices of hair perpendicularly to the exact direction where you also styled your hair. For instance, if you comb your hair horizontally from your face, using vertical slices, working from the front to the back can help. In case you are combing your hair straight down, utilize horizontal slices, then work starting from the top to the bottom.

Step 4 – Cut only when damp

Cut your hair only when it is damp. The reason is that this cut may lead to plenty of flyaways if you cut your hair dry. Style afterward.

How to Style 

Step 1 – Prepare your hair 

To prepare your hair for styling, towel-dry your feathered hair after washing, then coat it with a heat protectant before blow-drying. It is also possible to prepare your hair using a lightweight hairspray.

Barber Styling Blonde Man's Feathered Hair

Step 2 – Use a blow dryer

Use a blow dryer with a diffuser. You need the blow dryer to rough dry your hair. Ensure that you set it at the lowest heat setting to prevent damaging your hair.

Step 3 – Use a round brush 

Direct hair evenly with the help of a round brush. You will also find the brush useful in styling your feathered hair based on your chosen variation for it.

Step 4 – Apply a hairspray

Finish styling your feathered hair by spritzing it with some long-hold hairspray. This can provide a stronghold capable of making your chosen hairstyle stay securely in place for several hours minus the stiffness.


What does feathering do to the haircut?

Feathering adds more volume to your haircut. This is because your hairstylist will hold the pair of scissors at a certain angle once they cut the ends. Feathering also makes a male’s haircut look even more masculine as it can add roughness and edge to the style.

Is feathered hair outdated?

No. This classic style has recently made a significant and noticeable comeback. It is a layered and hassle-free hairstyle that has become the most important trend in the hair industry. What’s great about this trendy hairstyle is that both men and women can wear it.

Which hair type is best for feathering?

The feathered hairstyle is so flexible that it tends to fit all types and lengths of hair. It tends to look great on any man regardless of the coloration and size of their hair, too. Some men, however, say feathering produces much better results when incorporated into thick hair.

Does feathering make men’s hair appear thicker?

Yes. The reason is that the layers and feather cuts integrated into your style can better adjust the volume and thickness of your hair. Feathering also helps in providing your hair with a much better texture.

Is feathered hair easier to style?

Yes. You have several options for styling your feathered hair, promoting ease in finding the most suitable one for you. It suits all hair types, lengths, and textures also mean styling it will be hassle-free.


By wearing a feathered hairstyle, you will suddenly notice a boost in your confidence. It is because this style tends to make you look and feel good. The feathered hair is also an incredible choice, especially if you are one of those men who prefer a timeless and attractive hairstyle that you can effortlessly wear and sport daily and on several occasions.

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24 Incredible Feathered Hairstyles for Stylish Men


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