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What Haircut Should I Get: Definitive Men’s Guide

Man Confused What Haircut to Choose

There are plenty of incredible 90s hairstyles for men still in style. And maybe you want to bring the retro back. But before that, there are a few things to note. Here’s everything you need to know about picking the best hairstyle.

What Haircut Should I Get

Typically, you want to get a haircut that keeps you comfortable and makes you look good. You need to know a couple of things to determine what that haircut is for you. And that starts by defining the Shape of your Face.

If you’re unsure how to do it, we’ll tell you in a minute. Knowing what a good haircut can do for you and what a bad one does is important. Here’s the good thing about the right haircut for you.

  • It will highlight the best features of your face.
  • You can find a balance in the symmetry.
  • If you can’t change some features, you can cover them up.
  • Make you look good to yourself.

Here are the things that make it a problem to get a bad haircut.

  • Your face might look too long or unappealing to yourself.
  • It might accentuate unflattering highlights.
  • Your already small chin might look weirdly smaller.
  • The overall symmetry of your face gets disturbed.

How to Determine Face Shape

  • Oval: This means you have less width than length. Your forehead is narrow, and the chin and jawline are not angular or sharp. Jake Gyllenhall has an oval face.
  • Round: This one has less length and more width, but the difference isn’t much. Your cheekbones will be wide and the chin and forehead will be round too.
  • Long: Also called rectangular or oblong. This one gives you more length than width. A beard does not go well with this face shape.
  • Square: These faces are balanced and angular. The length and width are about the same, but the chin is not pointy and the jawline is a bit angular. Bradley Cooper is an example.
  • Diamond: this one is about wide cheekbones and an angular chin. A little bit of facial hair will soften the jawline and the chin.
  • Triangle: And finally, triangular faces have an angular jawline wider than the cheekbones. The foreheads are often short and a clean-shaven look is a good choice.

Best Haircuts for Men by Face Shape


Brush Back

It’s a classic look that suits all occasions. The hair is about the medium length and is brushed back as the name suggests. It looks sleek and can pair it with faded sides or an undercut.

Man with an Oval Face Shape

Undercut With Comb Over

Speaking of undercuts, this is an elegant look for an oval face. The comb-over will give the top part of the head some texture and the undercut will bring symmetry to the face.

Mid Fade With Pompadour

The pompadour is a popular choice among oval-faced men. This one will keep the hair on top longer and the sides will be relatively short. That’s why it’s a mid fade. Ideally, this is for long hair, especially if you are going for a professional look like an Ivy League haircut.

Taper Fade With Quiff

This one is all about style. The quiff is combined with tapered sides, making it look slightly like the pompadour but not quite. You might even check out the world’s best hair dye for this style. If the debate is taper vs fade, the former wins this round.


Bald Fade With Slick Back

You want to add a little product like a gentle hair tonic and comb it back for a slick look. The bald fade on the sides will cut down some of the chubby appearances of your face. You will need a pair of powerful hair clippers for this one.

High Skin Fade With Pompadour

This one is a pompadour combined with a skin fade on the sides. A high skin fade will also narrow down your face a bit. The top must be a couple of inches long, and the length decreases as you go sideways. The only downside here is that it needs a bit of maintenance.

Side Swept Brush Up

This means you will need the top of your hair standing up. This will happen automatically when you give it some length and brush it backward with a focus on height.

Spiky Hair

If you want an edgy look, spikes can’t fail you. It suits someone who wants to highlight their boyish charm. Spikes are a great look for people with a round face because they add height and volume on top of their heads.

It also grabs attention, but the downside might be that not everyone can pull it off. It is also believed to be a messy look, but with some work, you can make it work in any circumstance. You need to invest time to make it look good.


Brush Up

If you’re looking for versatility, keep the brush-up short. That’s why it works for long faces (no pun intended). You can also try a soft brush-up if you’re looking for something sophisticated.

Side Part

The best thing about this style is that it goes with most short haircuts. Keep it slick and sweep it sideways; it will work for both long and oval faces.

Side Swept Crew Cut

Speaking of combing sideways, this is very popular with men who have long faces. Get a crew cut to keep the hair short and they are easy to maintain too. But you don’t want to have a skin shave.

Short Spiky Hair

This is a sharp look that isn’t for all face shapes. But if you have a long face, you want to try short spikes. If you try an undercut with it, the look gets even edgier. And since it’s short, maintaining it will be easy.

Young Man with Long Face and Spiky Hair


Buzz Cut

This one is a simple haircut. It’s a good look for a square face because it doesn’t offer too many distractions. This chiseled look will highlight the shape of your face and that’s what you want with a square face. But you do want to retain some length because you don’t want your sharp features poking out too much.

High Fade With Quiff

High fades are another great way to accentuate a square face. And add a quiff to that and you’ve pretty much nailed it.

Crew Cut

This is traditionally considered a masculine look. The length on top is medium and the sides are usually tapered for a square face. It’s neat and clean.

Textured Comb Over

Comb overs are another great look for square faces. They are visually pleasing and the rough edges get smoothened out automatically. You want to keep the sides short compared to the top and the texture will retain its spotlight as it should.


Textured Crop

This is for those who have strong features on their face. And keeping the top messy will help highlight the width of the forehead. It’s a stylish look too if that’s what you are going for.

Faux Hawk

Another look where the top is kept long and the sides are kept short. It works even for those who have a round face. This one is a double threat because you can balance the width of the face and the sides will be trimmed too, making a face look narrow. And that’s what you want with a diamond face.

High Fade With Fringe

Once again, since you want to keep the sides contained, you want to try a high fade. It doesn’t draw too much attention and the fringe will help too. The temple and wide cheekbones can also be contained with a side fringe.

Speaking of which, side fringes are popular among men with a diamond face shape. It will make the forehead look wide and doesn’t draw as much attention to the overall shape of the face. Grow a squared beard and reduce the chin’s sharpness and make your jawline look broad. Find yourself a nice, premium beard balm while you’re at it.

If you are going for a cool look, keep the fringe messy.

Slick Back

Diamond faces are usually narrow and long, so a layered look is recommended. That’s where a slick back comes into the picture. You can keep it long so that there’s a little bit of height and it draws attention away from your sharp cheekbones.


Comb Over

And finally, we have triangular faces. This face shape needs a look like a comb-over because you want to regulate the symmetry of the face using the top hair.

You can keep it left or right, which means you can keep it long near the forehead. But one thing you absolutely must remember is to use a product like a hair relaxer for men before you, well, comb it over because that will make it easy for you to control your hair.

Man with a Triangular Face Shape

Crew Cut

This haircut features again because it is a good pick for most face shapes. When your cheeks are narrower than the forehead, crew cuts will help achieve the much-needed symmetry.

Keep the hair short with most of the hair in the front. Make sure it slopes gently towards the back. You can get a high skin fade for the sides if you want some contrast. Pair it with a chin curtain beard and you will get a pointy jawline.

Textured Quiff

The quiff is a great way to make your forehead round and full. It can give you the length you need to balance an elongated jawline. And if you add a boxed beard, the narrow jawline can be contained even more.

Mid Fade With Angular Fringe

And lastly, there is the angular fringe which will reshape your forehead. The mid fades will balance the jawline with it. That makes it perfect for those who have angular features. You can also try other fades on the sides to see which one suits you the best.

In these cases, the forehead is usually small, so you will need to create symmetry which is exactly what happens with this haircut. A little texture on top is just the icing on the cake you need.


How do I know what haircut I should get?

You will need to start by determining the shape of your face. Take it from there. And now you know how because we just defined each face shape and gave you many choices for each of them.

What are the best haircuts for every face shape?

If you have an oval shape, the pompadour, a quiff or a side part style will suit you the best. If you have a long face, try loose waves and give them some layers on the top. Make sure it is side swept and keep the sides thick. Those with a round face should go for a French crop with a side part. A pompadour is also a good fit.

If you have a diamond face shape, you should make a side part and leave it wavy. A messy fringe is an excellent look on this face shape. If you have the coveted square face, you must go for a quiff and an undercut. A side part will help even out the sharp jawline.

And finally, if you have a triangular face, you should try a textured pompadour. A curly top is also a nice touch with this face shape and quiffs are almost always a big hit.

What is the most common face shape?

For men, an oval face shape is considered to be both common and ideal. But traditionally, the square shape is considered more “manly.” Blame the likes of John Travolta for that.


If you’re still not sure, next time you head for a haircut, ask your barber for advice. And if you’re pretty good with your hands yourself, you might have noticed that some of these need expert hands. So, find a comfortable barber chair and let the master do their thing.

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What Haircut Should I Get: Definitive Men’s Guide


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