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25 Clever Fat Guy Hairstyles to Up Your Confidence

Fat Man Touching His Hair

A Hairstyle and beard style tells a lot about a man. For that reason, most men have a hard time choosing a hairstyle or a beard style that will make them look mature.

For a fat guy, making this decision is even more nerve-wracking. Being overweight means having a chubby Face that, most of the time, makes you look like a big kid.

Because of the heavy jawline, your face shape can appear inexpressive, especially with the wrong hairstyle.

With the right hairstyle, however, you can feel more confident and attractive in ways you’ve never felt before.

We’ve compiled a list of great hairstyles that look good on you despite your chubby face.

Combine these hairstyles with fat guy beard styles to complete your look and to feel confident again.

Fat Face Characteristics

For a fat guy, finding a haircut that doesn’t make you look juvenile or feminine is a tall order because of the specific characteristics of a chubby face.

The truth is, any hairstyle you select should balance out your face shape. A good barber or hairstylist will consider this when choosing the best hairstyle for your face shape.

But what are these characteristics of a fat face that you must consider?

There are six main types of face shapes that a majority of people have. The round face is more common in bigger people and is characterized by the length and width that are approximately the same.

Soft facial features like a rounder jawline differentiate a round face from other shapes like a square face, with hard and angular facial features.

While a round face looks more youthful, it also creates a heavy-set look. Such a face also makes it hard to emphasize other facial features.

With most round faces, the width and the length of the face are equal, with the cheek area being the widest part of the face.

The jaw is usually round with the same width as the forehead. On the other hand, the cheeks are round and give a fuller, youthful appearance.

Man With a Round Face

Also, with round faces, the hairline most of the time mimics the roundness of the face. A round face is characteristically identifiable, but measurements are the best way to determine if you have a round face.

While people with round faces appear more youthful, some tend to be heavier in weight than they are.

Because of that, specific styles work better than others to slim and lengthen a round face shape.

Chubby men can use hairstyles and beard styles to give the illusion of a longer face. Finding a suitable hairstyle is the first step to lengthening your face if you carry a few extra pounds.

Fat men should typically opt for hairstyles with more volume at the top of the head and thinner on the sides. If you don’t have a lot of hair, consider using hair vitamins.

At the same time, hairspray for men might help increase the hair volume. The choices are endless. Waves, side parts, and beards for round faces such as rounded goatees suit fat guys. You can always ask your barber for advice if you are unsure about what hairstyle to pick.

25 Best Hairstyles for Fat Guys

Hairstyles for fat guys are meant to cover up the chubby face by lengthening the rounded facial features.

However, finding a suitable hairstyle for a round face is easier said than done. You first have to determine if you even have a round face, and you can do that by measuring your facial features.

If you have a round face, there are a few stylistic points to understand. For one, you want to avoid certain hairstyles.

The goal is to add volume while avoiding bulk. Adding volume tends to add more dimensions to a chubby face while giving you more angles to work with.

So, what are some of the best hairstyles you can choose from? Let’s find out.

Spiked Hair

A new hairstyle is always a good idea when you want to change up your look. If you want something bolder, spiky hair will work for you.

Spiky hair looks good on fat guys because it balances the curves and softness, drawing attention away from your face to your sky-high hair.

Spiky hair also has volume, which helps elongate your face, making it appear less round.

Side Swept Undercut

The side-swept undercut is a simple yet stylish hairdo for fat guys. It is comfortable to wear and easy to style and maintain.

If you are looking for a new hairstyle that will make head turns, this might just be what you need.

The hair on the sides and backside are trimmed short, giving the illusion of the classic undercut. It is an ideal hairstyle for men who have long hair.

Buzz Cut

Man With Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a classic hairstyle that looks good on most men, including fat guys. The buzz cut will work for you if you have a round face shape or a chubby appearance.

However, there is a catch. The buzz cut looks good on fat guys, but only if you add a slight fade.

Working a fade into the buzz cut helps break up the roundness and provides some balance. A beard is also a good idea if you are fat and considering a buzzcut.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk has defined angles and height, making it one of the most complimentary haircuts for people with round face shapes.

The faux hawk haircut’s angularity helps balance your face’s soft edges and roundness.

Such a hairstyle, however, works best with a fade cut. The faux hawk will work with a high or low fade.

Another option that would look good is a faux hawk with a beard. While this hairstyle is not for everyone, it can be a great look when you want to turn heads.

A faux hawk with a beard gives off an edgy vibe to a chubby face and will draw attention.


A pompadour is one of the most flattering hairstyles that work for almost all face shapes and hair colors.

The hairstyle helps detract attention to “unperfect” areas of your face, like big ears, by defining your jawline and eyes.

Modern pompadour hairstyles require you to have long hair. Why? Long strands are left on top and fall flat when combed back.

Most men who rock this hairstyle have at least four inches of hair length. In such a case, use premium hair gel for easy styling.

Keep the sides faded, undercut, or tapered to maintain the hairstyle. The hair on top of your head should be placed at least two inches towards the back and three inches in the front.

Side Part

There are so many classic yet timeless hairstyles chubby men can opt for. The side part is one such hairstyle that never goes out of style.

When done well, the side part can change the shape of your face, making it appear more oblong and oval rather than round.

One side part variation you can try is the side part with fade. The side part makes your face look sharper, so a side part with fade will enhance your look even further.

Undercut and Side Part

The undercut and side part is another variation of the undercut hairstyle. The sides, temple, and back are faded, giving the front portion of your hair an excellent volume.

Man Raising Thumbs Up

As a result, your chubby face looks slimmer. A quiff may also be created to the front and brushed back using hair gel.

The hairstyle works best for chubby guys with straight hair.


We all love a good quiff for one reason; the traditional hair part and the volume helps lengthen the appearance of your face, thus drawing attention to the hair rather than the face.

A quiff is also a laddish and dashing hairstyle that has become popular due to its texture and height.

The style became a favorite since the initiation of the Teddy Boy movement in the 80s. The modern variation of the hairstyle features all the height to give it a more accessible shape.

With the quiff hairdo, the hair gets lifted upwards and backward from your forehead. There are many variations of this hairstyle you can opt for, like a quiff with faded sides.

However, a neat curly quiff will do for occasions where you want to look refined and polished. To rock this style, brush all your hair back but don’t overdo it.

You want to retain both body and volume. For the finishing touch, use a little hairspray to keep the hair in place throughout the day.


Are you looking for some comb-over hairstyles to try out? The comb-over hairdo has so many variations, including the hard part comb-over and the long comb-over with fade.

The comb-over hairstyle is perfect for chubby men who want to conceal the roundness of their faces or plump cheeks.

The barber trims the edges too short as he combs the hair’s front to one side. Combing over hair to one side creates a much-needed volume that draws attention from a chubby face.

Combined with a full beard, the side comb-over provides a perfect look for a round face.

Unlike side parts, with a comb-over, there isn’t a defined side partition.

Crop Cut

Usually, the crop cut isn’t ideal for chubby and round face shapes. However, adding an expressive texture to the top with a fade makes a round face appear elongated.

For the finishing touch, apply a high-quality styling product.

Textured Top With Fade

A fade is one of the best hairstyles for men. When coupled with a textured top, it makes a round face look elongated.

If you are going for a daring or edgy look, opt for a high fade on the sides and back. A low taper fade will do if you want a more restrained look.

Textured Fuckboy Haircut

Fuckboy haircuts are trendy and for a good reason. Regardless of the length of your hair, there is always a suitable style for everyone.

On top of that, all fresh, trendy hairstyles are easy to incorporate into a fuckboy haircut.

There are many fuckboy haircuts, but they differ in how they are cut. The vital step in any fuckboy haircut is to shave the back and sides leaving all experimentation to the middle.

A textured fuckboy haircut is one of the most fashionable variations to make you look cool and less chubby.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a simple tapering hairdo that makes any face appear sharper. With this hairstyle, the highest section of the hair is trimmed a little short and arranged on the head while the rest of the hair remains short.

The crew cut looks sharp on any face shape and pairs well with a beard. It is a cropped hairstyle that you can opt to leave as long or short as you want.

French Crop

The French crop is similar to the classic and iconic Caesar cut. The only difference is that the French crop has a little more length, providing more styling options.

Some of the styling options for a French crop include the modern French crop with fade and the French crop with ash highlights.

The modern French crop with fade has sexiness, and you can always add a tapered fade or messy spikes to spice up your look.

The French crop with ash highlights, on the other hand, features a textured choppy top with front bangs covering the forehead area.

As a result, this hairstyle tends to hide the roundness of a chubby face. Ash highlights are added to give you an uber-stylish look.

Slick Back

Man With Slicked-back Hair

The slick back is one of those timeless hairstyles that never go out of style. Men who rock this hairstyle appear sexy, sophisticated, and professional.

To rock this hairstyle, slick your hair back with a brush. To keep it in place, use air cream.

There are many variations of the slick back hairstyle, but the two common ones are slick back wavy hairstyles and slick back hair with a beard.

The slicked-back wavy hairdo is for you if you have naturally wavy hair. It helps tame unruly hairs while taking away from their texture and definition.

For men past their 50s looking to hide the bulkiness of their face, slicked-back hair with a beard will give you a sleek appearance and make you look sophisticated.

Wavy Fringe

The middle partition does suit men with round, chubby faces. However, if you grow the hair to the neckline, the middle partition will make you look great.

A style that with short and wavy fringes to the front, and your face will appear oval instead of round.

Medium-Length Messy Hairstyle

The medium-length messy hairdo is ideal for fat guys since it gives you a more relaxed and informal look.

You can opt for a messy swept-back look or allow it to flow freely. You must invest in the world’s best pomade for men or medium hold gel to ensure maximum hold.

Bald With a Beard

David Beckham, Jason Segel, and Nick Offerman have all rocked the bald with a beard look at some point.

The hairstyle works for men of all hair lengths and ages. Consider shaving your head entirely or getting a buzz cut to pull off this look.

You can also opt to grow hair around the edges of your face for a scruffy look. Try combining the hairstyle with a full beard, mustache, stubble, or a goatee.

Gentleman’s Haircut

Hairstyles come and go, but the gentleman’s haircut has stuck around for decades. The gentleman’s haircut at a glance is a shorter hairdo featuring a defined side part.

One side is cropped short while the other side remains longer. Traditionally, the shorter length characterizes this hairdo, but modern versions play around with hair volume and contrast.

The gentleman’s haircut is straightforward, and for that reason, it is low-maintenance. One thing about this hairstyle is that hold is crucial.

For that reason, consider buying the right hair products regardless of the length of your hair. Pomade and wax are products you can’t do without if you opt for the gentleman’s haircut.

Like many other hairstyles in this list, the gentleman’s hairstyle comes in different variations that include:

  • The classic gentleman’s haircut or the ivy league hairstyle
  • The gentleman’s haircut with a pompadour
  • The gentleman’s haircut fade
  • The gentleman’s haircut with beard

Man Bun

Man Bun

A man bun is a controversial male hairstyle, but it is trendy, and there is no reason why you can’t rock it.

If you like growing your hair long and are fashionable, then tying your hair in a bun is just what you need.

For men with chubby and round faces, growing a full beard along with such a man bun makes your face look less plump.

You can also grow a long mustache with a full beard for a unique, more manly look.

Long Fringe

If your fringe haircut has gotten too long, don’t cut it yet. Instead, style it to give a fashionable look.

The long fringe is sure to make you look more stylish and fashion-savvy.

Braided Hair

Braids for men still raise controversies, but they remain a trendy hairstyle for men worldwide.

The good thing about this hairstyle is that there are so many ways you can braid your hair. The Viking haircut, for instance, works for fat guys.

The hairstyle gives your round face an edgy, sharp look. To achieve this, clean the sides and back and leave enough long hair on top.

The remaining hair is what you turn into a Dutch braid to complete the look. That, coupled with a ginger rugged beard, will give you that Viking warrior look.

But you can always turn the remaining hair into cornrows if you don’t want that.


Dreadlocks are stylish and timeless. They range in size, shape, and length and can be paired with other male haircuts like a fade or undercut.

You can also style dreads into a ponytail, bun, or braid. The reality is that dreadlocks, even for fat guys, are versatile.

Long Curly Man Bob

A man bob is an excellent option for gentlemen who prefer long locks. The style is flattering, especially for curly hairstyles.

A long curly man bob comes out relaxed and carefree; even better, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Modern Mullet

The modern mullet is a variation of the classic mullet. The modern mullet is shorter at the back, but the top remains prominent.

The sides feature a taper or fade, and as a result, the hairstyle is both edgy and fashionable.

How to Choose the Best Haircut

For most hair stylists, an ideal face shape is an oval. Unfortunately, very few people have this face shape.

Most fat guys, for instance, have round face shapes. With so many hairstyles for fat guys, how do you know what hairstyle will suit you best?

Fat man With Necktie

Short hairstyles add height to the top of your head. They include spiky haircuts and faux hawks.

Opting for these hairstyles creates the illusion of a longer face. Pairing such hairstyles with a beard or sideburns also helps reduce the length of your face.

Likewise, a crew haircut will make your round, chubby face appear thinner. Typically, if you opt for such shorter hairstyles, consider keeping the sides short or closer to your face to avoid creating an illusion of a broad face.

If you are wearing long hair, it’s advisable to keep the hair straight rather than styling it since that might only add more width.

For hairstyles that feature a center or midline, side or part swept bangs help draw attention from the side of your face creating an illusion of a narrower, more oval face shape.

How to Style 

Step 1 – Choose an appropriate hairstyle

You can’t style what you don’t have. There are many fat guy hairstyles that you can choose from.
Consider what look you are going for and choose a hairstyle that helps you achieve that. Once you have a hairstyle, the next part of styling will be easy.

Step 2 – Wash and condition

Like other hairstyles, you want first to wash and condition the hair. Doing so helps remove dirt, excess oil, and product residue so that you have clean hair to work with.

Step 3 – Dry the hair

Lightly pat dry your hair with a clean towel. Most fat guy hairstyles require combing, so having hair dryers for men isn’t such a bad idea.

Step 4 – Apply the right product

You can apply different products to your hair depending on how much hold you are going for. Pomade for men works for all long and medium hairstyles for fat men.

Step 5 – Comb the hair

Comb the hair in a technique that brings out your chosen style well but don’t overdo it. The last thing you want is to add more volume than necessary, which exaggerates your face shape.

Step 6 – Use hairspray

Once you are happy with the shape, depending on your chosen style, spray a generous amount of hair spray to keep your hair in place during the day.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • If you must grow long hair, ensure it doesn’t go beyond your neckline.
  • Maintain good hair volume on top and trim the sides to add more definition to your face.
  • Turn to your barber for advice before you pick any hairstyle.
  • If you have wavy hair, try straightening it because wavy hair adds width to an already broad face.
  • Consider side-swept bangs since they make a round face appear thinner.


  • Don’t grow your hair too long or make a center partition. They don’t work for chubby faces since they only exaggerate the width of your face.
  • Don’t apply too much hair gel or comb your hair, so it becomes too flat.
  • When you are choosing a hairstyle, avoid straight or side parted hairstyles. The best choice of hairstyle for a chubby guy is hair that doesn’t have any lines.

Hairstyles to Avoid

Round faces tend to be generally broad. Because of that, your hairstyle should add volume to your hair without making it look too messy.

At the same time, consider hairstyles that make your face appear narrow and more oval. With that in mind, there are specific haircuts that you should avoid.

Avoid hairstyles that add volume to the sides. Such hairstyles tend to emphasize the width of your face rather than slim it down. The same goes for hairstyles that kick out to your sides.

Fat Man With a Beard

You should also avoid traditional, side-parted hairstyles and many formal hairstyles because they only emphasize the width of your face and cheeks.

Finally, avoid hairdos that feature straight, heavy, or blunt bangs like the bowl haircut.


What is the best haircut for chubby men?

The best haircut for chubby men is a skin fade with bangs or a boxed beard.

Will a buzz cut make me look more fat?

The buzz cut doesn’t work well for chubby men. However, a slight fade helps break up the roundness of such a face and provides some balance.

Can fat guys have long hair?

Long hair isn’t just a reserve for slimmer guys. As long as you are comfortable, there is no reason why you should not keep long hair as a fat guy.

Does short hair look good on a round face?

Yes, short hair looks good on a round face. There are so many short hairstyles for men with round faces, so finding a hairstyle shouldn’t be a problem.

Should I shave my head if I have a fat face?

Anybody can shave their head. However, if you have a fat face and are thinking about shaving, consider pairing it with a full beard. If you don’t have a beard, you can still shave your head as long as you are comfortable.


For fat guys, finding a hairstyle that doesn’t over exaggerate the length and width of your face can be challenging; thus, the never-ending taper vs. fade debate. There are so many hairstyles you can choose from if you are a big guy. Try a few or all until you find one that makes you feel the best about yourself.

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25 Clever Fat Guy Hairstyles to Up Your Confidence


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