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Narendra Modi Beard: How to Grow This Iconic Style

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Narendra Modi Wax Figure

Who is Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is a politician who serves as the prime minister of India right now. He is the 14th prime minister of the country and has been offering his public service since 2014.

Most Indians perceive Modi as a leader who is decisive, dynamic, and more focused on development. These qualities made him provide hope for millions of Indians as far as achieving their aspirations and dreams is concerned.

His strong focus and commitment to development, efforts, and eye for detail impacted the lives of the people in India, which is why he has also become well-known in different parts of the world.

Early Life and Political Career

Born on the 17th of September 1950, Modi has made a mark in politics. He came from a small town called Vadnagar, located in Northeastern Gujarat. He was raised there. In this small town, he completed his secondary education. He took up political science at Gujarat University, where he also got his M.A degree in that field.

During the early 1970s, he became part of the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) organization. This prompted him to set up a students’ wing unit of the RSS in his area.

This unit was called Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. He steadily rose in the organization’s hierarchy through which his association made a significant impact on his political career.

In 1987, Modi also became a member of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). He became the general secretary of BJP’s Gujarat branch one year later.

His skills and excellence contributed a lot to making the presence of the party stronger in the following years. He was even one of the members of the party who took part in the state’s coalition government, which happened in 1990.

Modi also contributed to the success of the BJP in 1995, the year when the legislative assembly elections of the state occurred. This prompted the party to establish the first government-controlled by BJP in India. However, the party’s government control was short-lived as it ended in 1996.

Modi continued to be part of the party and got the chance to enter an electoral contest for the first time in 2002. The by-election in that year gave him a seat and position in the state assembly of Gujarat.

While his political career after that was a combination of controversies and achievements, his mark in the country was still undeniable. He continued to gain political success, which turned him into a powerful and indispensable leader in the hierarchy of the BJP.

His leadership made BJP secure a victory in the legislative assembly elections in 2002. The party won 127 seats within the chamber. They also emerged victorious in the state assembly elections in 2007, giving them 117 seats.

The same victory was given to them in 2012 when they garnered 115 seats. Modi won and came back as chief minister in all those victorious moments.

As the leader of the government of Gujarat, Modi continued to form a solid reputation in terms of being an excellent and knowledgeable administrator. Many even credited the state’s rapid economic growth to his skills and expertise.

The electoral performances of both Modi and the entire BJP party also prompted an advancement in his position as an influential leader and prospective candidate for the position of prime minister in the whole of India.

Beard Styles Over the Years

Modi’s leadership skills are not the only things that made him so famous and formidable. He also has unique Beard styles that would encourage you to find ways to help your beard grow thicker. His beard makes him look more formidable and authoritative, and many also suddenly want to have a white beard like him.

Narendra Modi Talking With Barack Obama

He has become a style icon, particularly in terms of grooming. Through the years, his hair and beard styles even inspired men in India to invest in a premium beard grooming kit to follow his suit.

He sported many beard styles over the years – one of which is the French beard, which he paired up with his curly and long hair. This gave him a more contemporary look when he was still younger.

In 1987, many noticed his transformation as he sported a full-grown beard. It looked good on him, which confirmed that he could also rock longer beard styles.

Narendra Modi also surprisingly had serious swag when he sported a clean-shaven look. There was a time when he decided to keep his facial hair low-key by shaving it off completely.

When Modi started having gray hair, he embraced it and embedded it into his style. Despite the visible signs of graying, his neat beard and hairstyle looked classy on him. Another beard style that he sported was the handlebar mustache.

Note, though, that despite showing different beard styles now and then, Modi maintained a similar look overall – that is, his short hairstyle paired up with his neat and properly trimmed beard.

Beard During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, one striking feature that surprised India was the beard of Narendra Modi. He surprisingly made his beard grow very long. This new feature in his public image was characterized by his lush, ever-lengthening, and snow-white beard.

He started to turn his usually manicured and neat bonsai of a beard into one that is flowing and continuously lengthening. This is a dramatic change as many were used to his neater appearance.

New Look

If you look at old pictures of Narendra Modi and compare them to the ones after the pandemic, you will immediately notice a dramatic change. His beard is becoming long and scraggly from his tightly-clipped and neat facial hair, following a Hindu ascetic.

Aside from his beard, his recent hairstyle is no longer short. It is now almost shoulder length. His new look is also devoid of the usual brilliant colors. He is currently focusing on using subdued earth tones and white and beige.

Several political analysts believe that while the style started as the usual lockdown beard, Modi continued it for political reinvention, making him appear like a spiritual guru rather than the ultimate temporal authority.

This is amidst the devastating effects of COVID in India. In other words, his new look is now a symbol of him being a sage rather than a leader.

The goal is to project an image that he can steer India through a completely unprecedented situation. This is to comfort the Indian population somewhat when things are entirely uncertain. This surprisingly new look still earned him a decent approval rating, even one of the highest among the largest global leaders.

How to Grow

Step 1 – Wait for your facial hair to grow

If you want to sport the long beard that Modi is now demonstrating, then one of the grooming mistakes you have to stop making is trimming or shaving your beard right away. You have to be very patient as it takes time to grow your beard.

Modi Taling in Saffron Cloths

You need to wait for three to four weeks before you should shave. The goal here is to give your beard enough time, maybe a few more weeks, even if it looks patchy. You will notice your patchy beard filling in by waiting for a bit.

Step 2 – Keep facial hair and skin healthy

Note that the ultimate secret to growing a long beard is to ensure that you do not do something to damage it or cause dry skin under your beard. Note that your skin can naturally produce oils designed to remain on your facial hair.

Avoid harsh shampoos, beard wash and soap, as these products may only remove such natural oils. Replenish the oil by applying beard oil every day, too.

Step 3 – Trim only when needed

Regardless of your facial shape, there are instances when you need to trim. Do the trimming only once you have achieved your desired beard length.

Trimming at the right time is necessary for keeping your beard at an even length while getting rid of dead, brittle, and dry hair. It also aids in getting rid of the stray beards and split ends that look unsightly.

How to Maintain and Style 

Step 1 – Use shampoo and conditioner

You need to apply quality beard shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your facial hair remains healthy while being less vulnerable to damage. The two products also prevent flyaway and split ends that may only cause your long beard to appear scraggly and rough.

Step 2 – Use oil or balm

Using beard balm or oil ensures that your facial hair and the skin beneath won’t get too dry. Whether you are doing dry or wet shaving methods, these products are what you need to make your beard more manageable and softer. They can also help prevent itchiness.

Step 3 – Comb

You need to invest in the best beard comb and brush. After washing and drying it, you need to comb your beard to ensure that the strands won’t curl. It is also necessary to use a beard brush as it helps in exfoliating your skin, cleansing every strand, and stimulating the natural oil production of your skin.

Step 4 – Trim and shape

In this case, you have to use a pair of scissors and the world’s best safety razor. Both are useful in trimming off stragglers and shaping your facial hair.

Best Products to Use

Beard Grooming Products

What beard tools and products do you need to ensure that your Modi beard will be well-maintained? Here are just a few that you have to incorporate into your beard grooming kit.


This tool is essential in keeping your beard looking good all the time. It is intuitive, plus it provides various settings for touch-ups and general beard trimming. Just trim your beard with it once your desired length is already reached.


Beard shampoo is also an indispensable product when it comes to maintaining the great look of your beard. Like when you use organic moisturizers for men, the correct type of beard shampoo will prevent your beard from looking dry and bristly. It can even moisturize the skin underneath your beard.


A beard balm is also an excellent investment as it gives your beard a strong hold. What’s great about this product is that it combines the holding properties present in beard wax and the moisturizing qualities that you can find in most beard oils.


Of course, beard oil is another product that should never be lost in your beard maintenance kit. It is beneficial to transform your beard into a fuller and thicker one. Using it regularly will undoubtedly result in a fuller and healthier beard.


Aside from the trimmer, you also need beard scissors to trim your facial hair. Remember that there is a high chance for your beard to develop split ends after a few months. You can remove split ends and stray hairs without reducing your beard length with the help of your sharp beard scissors.


One major benefit of the beard brush is it works in conditioning your beard. It is highly recommended to use the natural boar type as it can reach every hair at all beard levels. This brush also helps evenly distribute balm and oil to your hair follicles.


Anyone can sport the Modi beard. You can have this beard, too, if you prefer such a style. Just remember to know how to maintain and care for it properly, so you will be able to enjoy wearing this beard style with confidence. 

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Narendra Modi Beard: How to Grow This Iconic Style


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