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20 Cute Hairstyles for Men to Boost Your Confidence

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Young Man With Glasses Smiling

Cute is a matter of opinion. But there are ways to look cute without waiting for someone else’s approval. You need to find the perfect balance between what you want and what appeals to the crowd. And here’s your guide to hitting that sweet spot. Let’s begin. 

20 Most Popular Cute Hairstyles for Men

Medium Length Messy Layered Haircut

If you are going for medium length, get a layered haircut and style it to be messy. This is a popular look and is considered cute because of the man-child appearance.

Korean Hairstyle Medium Length

This is a category on its own and you can start with BTS. And you can also get the world’s best hair dye to go with it.

Short Spiky Haircut and Fade

Even though it is typically 90s Ryan Philippe, it works very well if you taper it on the side and grow a full beard.

Spiky Haircut With Side High Fade

This is an excellent pick for short hair. The sides are faded and the front and back are styled as spikes. It also looks good with a beard.

Pretty Hairstyle

This is what they call a pretty boy style. Many of them usually have tapered sides and the top is styled in a way that matches the facial shape.

Messy Hair With Long Length Haircut and a Beard

For this, you want to grow your hair beyond the shoulders and style it with a bit of cream.

Attractive Long Hairstyle

Man With Long Hair and Opened Shirt

There are a lot of choices here too. You can go total surfer dude like Chris Hemsworth or get an undercut with length on the top.

Short Pomp Hair

It’s short for pompadour and you need three inches of hair to make this happen. And it’s very trendy too.

Medium Length Comb-Over Textured

For this, you want to go for a slick back look and a bald fade on the sides with a lineup to mark out the boundaries.

Most Attractive Long Hairstyle

This depends on the texture of your hair. If it is flowy, you can wear it loose and if not, you can try any version of a man bun. 

Baby Cut Corean Colored

This hairstyle usually features bangs in the front and the sides can be of any length.

Medium Length Harry Styles Hair

This style has about three inches of hair. Some of the weight is removed so that the hair has texture.

One Side Long Hair Textured With Side Part and Temple Fade

This one has long hair with texture on the top. The partition is to the side and a temp fade is a classic pretty boy look.

Curly Cool Messy Look

This is for men with curly hair. You need to let it grow out and then style it to give the straight-out-of-bed appearance.

Medium Length Stuff Textured

This means your hair is about 3-3.5 inches long and the sides are textured to give it weight.

Long Undercut

The front is kept long while the sides are faded, as is the back.

Clipper Cut

This is the cleanest look, with the hair kept short and combed with a side part.

Teenage Boy Hairstyle

Young Man With Messy Hair

This is one look that doesn’t depend on face shape. The sides are faded and the top is messy.

Wavy Gentleman

This is for men with wavy hair and it’s usually combed with a side part. The sides can be faded or thinned.

Textured Chop Boy Haircut

This needs you to leave those natural textures undisturbed. It’s a classic Zac Efron look.


Looking cute involves being clean, which means grooming regularly. You need a hairstyle that is easy to manage with a lot of effort.

How to Choose the Best One

Hair Texture

First, you must determine if you have fine, medium hair or coarse hair.

If it is fine, it might not have a lot of volume. So, you must manipulate the look without worrying about how to cut or shape it.

If you have a medium texture, don’t worry about maintenance. Razor cuts are good if you want to keep it light and blunt cuts are good if you’re making it look thick.

If you have coarse hair, you should go for cuts that reduce the weight and bulkiness. So, razor and layer cuts work well.

Face Shape

This is another important factor in picking a hairstyle that looks good on you.

  • Oval: A short crop looks good on oval faces, as do blunt bob cuts and lobs. But leaving the hair long also works, in which case, you should style them into curls or waves. Get ​​a professional electric head shaver for this.
  • Square: Try side parts or long layers. Try layered and short bob cut or side-swept bangs if you want to keep it cropped.
  • Round: Choppy pixies and long layers look good near the jawline. You can also try fringes on the side. Avoid bob cuts, full curls and short layers.

How to Get

Step 1 – Figure out your face shape

You need to do this in front of the mirror. Look at the outline without ears or hair and figure out the shape.

Step 2 – Determine the type of hair

You need to know if your hair is straight, curly, textured, or wavy. Then you must determine the texture, which is fine or medium, or thick. Based on that, you will know how to style it.

Step 3 – Pick a style

Now, for the shape of your face and texture, there will be a few obvious choices and then some. Ideally, you should pick one of those.

Step 4 – Decide the length of the sideburn

The length of your sideburn should be decided based on the shape of your head and your face and hairstyle. Trim them for short hair and leave them long and thick for long hair. You can do this with efficient hair clippers.

How to Style 

Drying Hair With Men's Hairdryer

Step 1 – Consider the occasion

Styling depends on the occasion you are doing it for. Whether it’s a prom or a job interview, you want the audience to arrive at a good first impression. So, traditional hairstyles are better received in formal situations. 

Step 2 – Use the right product

You want to use quality products for special occasions. Cheap products can cause buildup that makes the hair too oily or dry. And don’t try new stuff for an important event.

Step 3 – Get a stylist’s opinion

You want to make sure you get the opinion of someone who knows what they are talking about if your hair is not giving the vibe you want it to.

Step 4 – Make a plan to refresh the look

And finally, if you are going to keep this look for more than a couple of hours, you want to plan to refresh the look. This way, you look clean and snazzy, whatever you’re going for.

Best Hair Products to Use

There are lots of options. Apart from the ones mentioned below, you should also look at a premium hairspray for men.


This is a greasy product used for styling. Look for a pomade for men with a pleasant fragrance.

Hair Wax

You want a hair wax that provides a great volume and hold, and it is thicker than hair gel. It’s also a very economical hair clay


No matter what type of hair you have, find a shampoo for hair loss that works because you can’t do any styling if your hair is falling.


This is another essential product. You want to find a long-lasting hair conditioner for men.


What is the cutest haircut for men?

Pick a style that is most like you and keeps you comfortable.

Which cute haircut is suitable for medium hair?

You could do a comb-over or Harry Styles, as mentioned above.

Messy Haired Young Guy Chilling

What cute haircut should I get as a teenage guy?

Something that works with your facial shape and hair texture.


You must pick a haircut that works for the shape of your face, the length of your choice and the texture of your hair. That’s the holy trifecta. Once you get that, you must style it nicely. Just make sure you prevent ingrown facial hair.

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20 Cute Hairstyles for Men to Boost Your Confidence


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