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24 Hot Medium Beard Styles for Men (Complete Guide)

What Are They

A medium Beard style is one of the most impressive beard styles without a mustache that any man can confidently sport. It is a beard style between having a short and a long beard. You will know that you have a Medium Beard if it is not yet long enough that you can already consider it as a full beard but also not too short. To be specific, the length of your facial hair is roughly one to two inches.

24 Most Popular Medium Beard Styles

Medium Beard With Short Hair

Pairing up your medium beard with short hair is one of the most incredible ideas you can try. What’s great about short hair is that it works in opening up your face when a medium-length beard seems to cover it up. It can complement your beard well without the risk of overshadowing it. If you want your burly beard to turn into a clean-cut, then incorporating a bald fade into the style can help.

Medium Beard With Long Hair

You can also grow your hair long if you want to sport a great-looking medium-length beard. One way to bring out the best of your medium beard is to pair it up with the man bun, which you can only achieve if your hair is long enough. If you are fond of growing your hair long, then you can just pull it out of your face by styling it into a man bun and highlighting your medium beard.

Medium Length Full Beard

If you prefer growing a fuller beard, then the medium-length full beard is a fantastic choice. The lengthy full beard works for you if you know that you can make your beard grow thick.

While there are times when it is challenging to find a great solution on how to fix a patchy beard, full beard growth is still considered the key to attaining a great-looking beard. You can further improve the medium-length full beard style by adding a lush mustache to it.

Boxed Beard

The boxed beard is also suitable for bald men who also want to wear a beard. The reason is that this style has a squareness, which is effective in contrasting the roundness of the bald head. It can give a more balanced feel while keeping a narrow chin properly filled out.

Square Beard

The square beard is the go-to choice if you are still trying to figure out the perfect shape and style for your facial hair. The thing that makes this style so good is the fact that it gives you a more masculine jawline. If your face is round or you have full cheeks, then the square beard also provides more rigidity, which is good when trying to get a bad-ass look.

Medium Fade

Undeniably, one of the trendiest beard styles for men these days is the fade and you can integrate this style into your medium-length beard. If you style your beard’s edges into a fade, you can do that. Complete the look by doing the same for your hair, especially if you want to wear it short. Note, though, that the medium beard fade seems to look more appealing on men who sport long hair.

Beard With Mustache

You can choose from a wide range of mustache styles to incorporate into your medium beard. The most popular choices, however, are the sweet handlebar and the classic chevron – both of which can give more definition to your personality. Whether you make the mustache thick or thin, it can, no doubt, give your medium beard more prominence.


You can also go for the blonde beard, instead of the usual black and brown one. This is especially suitable for you if your hair is also naturally blonde. You can show off your unique sandy or light blonde locks by sporting a blonde beard. The color looks so sexy on a medium-length beard, especially with proper grooming and trimming.


The ginger beard is so unique that it is not that easy to find. Wearing one can, therefore, make you look distinct from the rest. You can choose to grow your beard fully on all sides, especially if you have a thin and long facial shape.

Add a twist to it by putting a slightly curly length over your forehead’s central part. This can streamline and thicken the shape of your face. What’s even better about this style is that it is easy to maintain while still having a distinct personality.

Beard With Bald Head

If you are bald, then you can create the best contrast for it by growing a lush and medium-length beard. Complete the look by putting on a mustache. The typical choice is a round shape. However, if you want to make your look more unique and distinguishable, you can add a square cut to your style. The cut should be added to the back part of your jaw.

Medium Beard for Black Man

A medium beard also works well for black men. The style is even more ideal for you if, aside from being black, you also have a round facial shape. By sporting a medium beard, you can emphasize your full cheeks. In case you have nice cheekbones, though, making them develop a bit of angularity, it helps to grow a round beard that has some length. Make the look even more impressive by sporting a short hairstyle.

Salt and Pepper

Your medium beard will also look even more distinguishable if you decide to style it the salt and pepper way. The salt and pepper style follows the color scheme of salt sprinkled with some pepper. This means the combination of black and white. If your beard or hair has the same color scheme, you can sport salt and pepper. What’s so impressive about this style is that it demonstrates your sophistication, experience, and wisdom. It can also give out a sexy and suave vibe.

Curly Beard

The curly beard is perfect for you if you feel like your facial hair has enough texture. The medium length is just the most suitable as it can make your beard more manageable. It is still short enough that you can keep the curls neat, which is kind of hard to do if you go for really long and full beards.


The pointed beard style is an excellent choice for your medium-length facial hair if you want to add more shape to it. It is also the most appropriate style for beards and facial hair that seem to not go in a similar direction.

You can choose from various types of pointed beards. The most basic style, though, is one that features an endpoint in the shape of the letter V. Get this style by nicely trimming the part over your jawline. Ensure that you pair it up with a sharp point at your beard’s end tip.


Get the Verdi style by letting your beard grow short sides and rounded bottom naturally. You can easily distinguish this style because it features a long bushy mustache, one that you have to either curl up or comb down. It also requires constant grooming. A well-groomed Verdi is one that does not grow longer than four inches. It is the appropriate style for you if your chin is on the smaller side and your jawline is narrow.

Hunk Look

Every man would want to portray the look of being a hunk and this is possible by styling his beard the right way. You can look like a hunk if you grow a medium-length beard. It can give you a manly, sexy, and raw look, especially if you pair it up with your abundant hairstyle.

Party Style

For parties, you can style your beard in such a way that it looks decent and classy. You can achieve that by having a medium stubble. It is ideal for parties and anytime you intend to make your look more casual.

Young Style

Do you want to bring out a more youthful vibe? Then choose young and fresh styles for your medium beard. You can also choose to make your beard look rugged, which is a good style for teens. One way to do it is to blonde your mustache as well as the hair surrounding your mouth. This should help create a prominent circle beard that you can expect to go along with your thick and full beard.

Trimmed Style

You can also have a short-trimmed style for your medium beard. What’s so unique about this style is that it is versatile. It fits men regardless of their age. The good thing about the trimmed style is that it is easy to maintain and it will never look too messy as you will have to trim it every now and then.

Classy Look

It is also possible to style your medium beard with class – one that can make you look professional even if you are wearing a beard. Choose to have a classy look if you want a style that looks good on almost all attires.

It should also suit your age plus make you look like you have authority, especially when in professional settings. As much as possible, keep your medium-length beard clean and well-trimmed, so you can also dominate meetings and other professional situations.

Tech Look

Are you more on the techie side? Then you can make people know that you are a techie expert by styling your medium beard. You can show off a decent, innovative, and well-controlled look with the right style. As much as possible, make your medium beard as thick as possible. The tech look is also a good choice if you have a long broad and elongated face. Make the style sleek and more prominent by adding a mustache.

Corporate Look

If you are part of the corporate or business world, it is a must to find a corporate look for your medium beard if you prefer keeping it instead of shaving it off. Also called the business beard, the corporate look for your beard is a full beard style that is appropriate in offices. You can get this style even with your medium-length beard.

The corporate beard is also great because, aside from being trendy, it is also versatile, making any man look more confident and mature while staying mysterious. To sport this corporate look, it is crucial to maintain, groom, and clean it.

Cool Look

You can also choose to have a cool look with your medium beard. This look is a hit for the younger generations since they are still on the stage wherein they want to demonstrate their swag and cool nature. The cool look can give the idea that you are prepared to handle anything with your young and vibrant attitude. These include meetings, outings, and parties.

French Look

The French beard also seems to work well for facial hairs of medium length. It can also make you look cool, plus you will love the fact that it does not require a lot of maintenance. The only thing you should do when trying to achieve a French look with your medium beard is trim it based on your desired shape. You can also carry this style in casual and professional settings.

Who Is This Style for

The medium beard is perfect for any man guaranteed to have a solid growth of beard or facial hair. It is also one of the most popular beard styles for black men or anyone who wishes to make their facial shape more proportionate. The reason is that this style can help in elongating round faces while adding more length to those with shorter chins.

Note that you need to wait around 2 to 3 months to grow the medium beard style, so those who are willing and patient enough to wait and do the required grooming using all necessary products in the grooming kit can give this a try.

Medium Beard Styles and Different Face Shapes

The medium beard is perfect for those who have round faces. It has a longer length, which aids in elongating your round face. You can also choose to trim the sides of your beard to create the illusion that your face is further elongated.

It is also a good choice for those who have long or thin facial shapes. If you are one of them, then you can just grow all sides of your beard so you can form some fullness along your jawline.

The medium beard style also seems to work ideally for those who have heart-shaped faces. This shape features a somewhat weak chin and the medium beard can provide it with more structure and strength.

How to Grow

Step 1 – Make a plan

Set a goal regarding the specific length you intend your beard to be. In the case of a medium beard, your goal would be to make it grow to around one to two inches. In that case, it takes roughly six to ten weeks to get that length with average beard growth.

Step 2 – Put on beard oil

Note that with the number of weeks you will have to wait to reach your desired medium beard growth, you may experience some itchiness and other discomforts. You can lessen such discomforts with the regular application of beard oil. This can also soften the growth and speed up the process a bit.

Step 3 – Enhance the growth process

Some things that you can do to stimulate beard growth are getting sufficient sleep, following a healthy diet, and exercising. You may also want to use quality and safe beard growth products.

Step 4 – Wait until you reach the desired length

After that, you can start trimming your neckline, which is just on top of your Adam’s apple.

Step 5 – Use a comb

Exfoliate the skin under your beard with the help of a hair brush with one hundred percent boar bristles. It also helps to use premium beard combs for this purpose. If you find other stray facial hairs, specifically those that tend to grow longer than the others, you can trim them even further with scissors.

How to Trim and Shape 

Step 1 – Trim 

Use the world’s best stubble trimmer or high-quality beard trimmer. Trim your beard using such a device once it reaches your target length.

Step 2 – Clean your face before trimming

Let it dry completely and brush or comb it to exfoliate first. Once done with the necessary preparations, you can start trimming.

Step 3 – Seek the help of a professional barber

This is for the shaping of your medium-length beard. Seeking the help of a professional barber is advisable, especially if it is still your first time having this style. Your chosen barber will definitely give you effective shaping tips for your beard.

Step 4 – Maintain with the help of oil

This should help nourish your fashionably trimmed beard and retain its moisture and good shape.

How to Style

Step 1 – Use butter and balm

Both these products are helpful in styling and shaping your medium beard. The good news is that the medium length is easier to maintain than the short beard as it does not require too frequent trimming. Just the use of beard butter and beard balm can already help.

Step 2 – Schedule the most appropriate time

It would be best to put on the beard balm during the daytime to maintain a properly groomed beard. As for the beard butter, you should apply it at night to keep your skin protected once you are asleep.

Step 3 – Control the growth

Once your desired growth is reached, you can style it by using beard scissors to keep the beard around your cheeks, neckline, and sides under control.

Do’s and Don’ts 


  • Brush and comb regularly. Use a beard brush with boar bristles. Brushing your medium bead regularly can help train it to grow straighter and flatter. It also supports natural oil redistribution. It is also advisable to use a beard comb as it could help in proper styling and detangling. The comb can even be the solution you are looking for if you want to know how to soften your beard.
  • Apply a beard oil. This product is beneficial for medium beards as it can moisturize the hair and the skin. With a quality beard oil, you can give your beard a subtle but easily noticeable sheen.
  • Learn when and how to trim. You need to know the correct way to trim your beard as it can help make it as well-groomed as possible. Make sure that you have a quality beard trimmer and pick the best trimming technique that best fits your requirements and your medium-length beard.


  • Do not forget to wash your beard regularly. Washing your beard should be a regular habit, especially during the early beard growth stages. The reason is that skin cells and trapped food may aggravate the beard itch you may be feeling as you grow the hair. Washing and conditioning your beard can also help keep the skin beneath it clean.
  • Do not trim your beard when wet. When it is time for trimming, make sure that your beard is completely dry before trimming. The reason is that the beard length tends to vary when it is still wet.


What is the best medium beard style?

The best medium-length beard style varies from one person to another. You have plenty of choices, including those we just covered a while ago. The best out of your many choices will be the one that suits you appropriately. This should depend on the shape of your face and the texture of your facial hair or beard. You also have to consider your personality when selecting the best medium-length beard style for you.

How long is a medium beard?

A medium beard is usually around one to two inches long. The length should never go over six inches as beyond that, the beard is already considered long.

How long will it take to grow a medium beard?

If you want your medium beard to reach the 2-inch mark, you may have to wait around six to ten weeks to achieve that. This is possible if your facial hair growth falls on the average speed.

Should a beard be all one length?

It can be a challenge to grow your entire beard in just one length, but it is still achievable. You can make that possible with the help of a beard trimmer. With this device around, you can grow your beard in a more even and uniform manner. Begin by making the trimmer get your beard or facial hair at a similar length. After that, use its short settings to blend it on your sideburns, neck, and cheeks.


The medium beard can give you more flexibility when it comes to selecting the perfect beard style for you. The reason is that there are many things that you can do to style and shape it. What’s great about most of the medium beard styles that you can choose from is that they can help bring out your masculinity and ensure that you continue keeping up with the newest facial hair trends. 

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24 Hot Medium Beard Styles for Men (Complete Guide)


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