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16 Top 80s Hairstyles for Men That Are Making a Comeback

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The 80s were a landmark period in terms of fashion and style. They were iconic in many ways and have left their mark on fashion forever.

Many 80s Hairstyles for men have been making a comeback recently, so we decided to list the most popular 80s hairstyles for men.

Most Popular Hairstyles in the 80s

Big Hair

The 80s was the era of Big Hair. Everyone sported their version of big hair, from rockstars to regular people. Mousse or other products were used to increase hair volume to make it look even fluffier.

Mullet Hairstyle

Mullets have been making a comeback recently. It is the infamous ‘business in the front, party in the back hairstyle,’ where you have shorter hair in the front and let it grow long at the back.

It was so common in the 80s that it became acceptable in the workplace. Billy Ray Cyrus was one musician famous for sporting a gorgeous mullet through the 80s.

Jheri Curl

The Jheri curl was very famous among African American men in the 80s. Michael Jackson sported it in the video of his hit song ‘Thriller,’ which became an instant hit with the masses. Lionel Richi was another musician who embraced the Jheri curl in the 80s.

Wet Look and Pompadour

The wet look and pompadour were achieved using pomade to make the hair look extremely shiny. It was very eye-catching and almost everyone tried it at some point in the 80s.

Elvis and Jimmy Stewart were some of the most celebrities who sported the wet look and pompadour.

16 Most Popular 80s Hairstyles for Men Today

Permed Hair

Man With Curly Hair

A perm refers to tightly coiled curly hair. It was more common to get a perm if you had long hair, but nowadays, men are experimenting with different kinds of lengths.

You can combine it with a fade or an undercut to give it a more modern or urban look. It is a bit of a commitment because a perm lasts for about six months, but on the bright side, you don’t need to do anything to maintain it for those six months.

Big Hair with Volume

As we’ve mentioned, big hair used to be very popular during the 80s. A good length accompanies it to give it more volume. You will need copious amounts of hairspray to keep your big hair flowy and intact.

High Top Fade

A high-top fade was a signature hairstyle among hip-hop artists. The sides were buzzed in a smooth fade, usually with cuts and the top had a lot of volumes. Men nowadays add their elements like twists to make them more unique.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair was usually sported by people working in finance. As Wall Street became full of slicked-back hairstyles, it symbolized wealth and power.

Men have combined it with a fade or undercut on the sides. It gives it a chic look, but it still makes you stand apart in a crowd.

Jheri Curls

Michael Jackson made the Jheri curl immensely popular, and almost every African American tried it out during the 80s. There was no ‘type’ of person who sported the Jheri curl, and everyone loved it, from celebrities to regular people.

This style is still in use today with varying hair lengths.


A buzzcut is a functional, no-nonsense hairstyle that people still sport because of its low maintenance. Tom Cruise loved the buzz cut during the 80s and people caught on to how easy to maintain it was.

You don’t even need a barber to get this look; tale your clippers and stand in front of a mirror. All you need to take care of is make sure you clip evenly.


Man Is Posing With Glasses

A mohawk was a striking hairstyle with wholly shaved sides and a row of spikes down the middle of the head. It is not for the weak-hearted.

People don’t have the same kinds of mohawks anymore, but more understated versions are very popular with young men. Some of them are called faux hawks or fake mohawks.

Mullet Hair

Mullets were insanely popular during the 80s. They haven’t been adopted as they were, but understated or shorter mullets are starting to make a comeback. They set you apart in a crowd and suit most face shapes.

Pretty Boy Hairstyle

Pretty boy hairstyles were one of the safer 80s looks. The hair is short and cut in layers to give you that just got out of bed look without being too messy. Johnny Depp sported it during the 80s.

Dyed Hair

The 80s were the era of punk, which meant that brightly colored hair was trendy among artists and hardcore fans. All outrageous colors were embraced, from platinum blond to green or red, during the 80s.

Colored hair is back in fashion. It is best to get it done professionally as it can damage your hair.

Spiky Hair

Billy Idol popularized this edgy look during the 80s. Unless your hair is very long, almost anyone can sport spiky hair with a small amount of product.

Hair gel is an excellent option if you try to sport spiky hair.

Feathered Hair

Feathered hair was popular from the late 70s to the early 80s. It is achieved by cutting many layers in long hair and making a center parting to get the full effect of the layers.

It works best with medium-length hair and you can push the hair away from your face to make your face look more balanced.

80s Rock Hairstyles

Man Is Listening to Music

80s rock hairstyles were very distinctive and instantly recognizable. They used bold cuts, heavy textures and detailed finishing to make each look as unique as possible.

Men who feel like replicating the look of their favorite musicians from the 80s still go for 80s rock hairstyles.

Classic Greaser Rockabilly Hair

Greaser rockabilly hair was a slicked-back hairstyle with short hair on the sides and long or medium-length hair on top. People used pomade to give their slicked-back hair a greasy or wet look. It also kept the hair in place.

80s Punk Hair

80s punk hair was a combination of mohawks with spiky hair and dyed hair. The look was most characteristic of musician Sid Vicious and he came to be known as a punk icon because of his distinctive punk hairstyles.

80s Boy Hairstyles

80s boy hairstyles were effortless and functional cuts. Bowls cuts and simple long haircuts like Leo DiCaprio’s in the 80s are the best examples of 80s boy hairstyles. Kids these days often have 80s boy hairstyles.


What were popular hairstyles for men in the 80s?

Man With Curly Hair Wearing Black Coat

The 80s was a great year for men’s hairstyles. Mullets, Jheri curls, big hair, mohawks, brightly colored hair, and spiky hair were popular during the 80s.

People were more experimental and didn’t shy away from unconventional or distinctive hairstyles. Musicians and hip-hop artists had the most exciting hairstyles during the 80s.

How do you do a perfect 80s hair?

It depends on what kind of hairstyle you want. Jheri curls, big hair, colored hair and spiky hair are all great 80s hairstyles. You will need mousse or hair wax products to keep some of these hairstyles in place.

Are 80s hairstyles coming back?

Several 80s hairstyles are making a comeback. Many never went out of fashion, like dyed hair, buzzcuts and pretty boy hairstyles.

Modern versions of mullets and mohawks are also popping up nowadays. Men add a fade, undercut or some other modern element to make the hairstyle more appropriate, but 80s hairstyles have started coming back in style.

How do you do 80s long hair?

There are many different ways to do 80s long hair. The easiest would be to grab some mousse or hairspray and do 80s big hair. It is very casual and low maintenance.

You can also do a feathered haircut or dye your hair to achieve an 80s look. More adventurous men can go for mullets too.


80s hairstyles were iconic for a reason. They are unique and distinctive and instantly set you apart in a crowd. Most of them don’t need a lot of maintenance or product, so they are affordable and accessible to everyone.

Try out some of these 80s hairstyles for men to achieve a chic, stylish retro look.

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16 Top 80s Hairstyles for Men That Are Making a Comeback


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