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15 Chic Blonde Beard Styles That’ll Inspire Your Next Look

Blonde Beard Styles

What Is a Blonde Beard Style

You must have heard the rumor that Blonde men with blonde beards are less attractive than those with darker ones. This is not true! If you are a blonde man with full facial hair, you rock.

Blonde beards are lighter in color than all the other beards. The blonde color usually looks between yellowish and brownish. Blonde color ranges from striking platinum to warm gingery blonde. Whatever shade of blonde you may have, there are many creative styles and cuts to give you that impressive look.

Benefits of Growing Blonde Beard

Protects Against Common Illnesses

We bring good news if you’ve been battling asthma or hay fever. Do you know that growing a beard can help you fight against these problems? This might be difficult to believe, but according to Carol Walker, medical hair expert and the owner of Birmingham Trichology Center, full beards have the potential of stopping allergens from entering the nose and therefore prevent them from getting into the lungs. 

You Don’t Have to Shave Often 

Blonde men who dislike shaving often have a timeout when they grow blonde beards. The truth is, shaving can be time-consuming, and growing a beard means you don’t have to spend a lot of time shaving. Even though you might need to trim with a razor or trimmer, this is a small price to pay to have a beard.

Gives You a Dominant Look

Studies have shown that men who grow a beard feel more confident than those who don’t. Growing your blonde beard will not only boost your standing amongst other men, but it will also make you look stronger and more mature.

Spikes Up Your Attractiveness

A study has proven that blonde bearded men are far more desirable and considered more attractive long-term partners. So, if you want to get back into the dating world, a blonde beard will make it easy for you.

Encourages a Healthy Skin

Shaving can spread bacteria on your face, leading to acne. One of the best ways to encourage healthy skin is maintaining a beard. What will make it more classy is if it’s a blonde beard.

Pros and Cons of Blonde Beard Styles

Pros and Cons of Blonde Beard Styles


  • Beard offers nice warmth to the face, especially during the winter. Besides, many girls love to snuggle up to a man with a beard, especially if it’s blonde.
  • A blonde beard makes you look manlier, thereby boosting your sex appeal.
  • When suffering from dry skin, which is caused by surrounding elements, growing a beard can help stop flaking skin.
  • Lots of styles are available for your facial hair, ranging from stubble, goatee, mustaches, or full beards; the choice is yours.


  • Some working organizations may not accept keeping a beard. 
  • Growing a beard may take a long time and you may easily get discouraged along the way.

15 Best Blonde Beard Styles

Blonde Flecks Beard

The fleck takes the intensity out of a dark beard, while the blonde coloring starts showing when you spend enough time in the sunshine.

Flicked Out Blonde Beard

This beard style merges creativity and fun to create a flicked-out look. Using a  premium beard trimmer, groom your hair so that all the strands are pointing in the same direction. This style requires regular maintenance to make it look perfect at all times.


A Garibaldi can change your outlook drastically. Go for a ginger Garibaldi with the volume on the sides and you’ll get yourself a hipster look that girls love.

Perfectly Groomed Short Blonde Beard

This style is perfect for you if you want a beard for the office. Make it well-trimmed and keep it short by using beard scissors.


The Verdi is one of the blonde styles kept short while the facial hair is given a round shape. The sideburns meet the mustache on both ends and the cheeks are completely clean shaved.

Chinstrap Blonde Goatee

With this style, the facial hair is grown along the lines of the jawbone with a goatee encircling the mouth.

Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard is one of the most famous blond beard styles where the hair is grown fully into the desired shape. You can do this by not shaving for at least a month. A well-sculpted mustache will be needed to match this style. 

Strawberry Blonde Beard

Strawberry Blonde Beard

The beard is known for its strawberry color and looks great when on thick and bushy facial hair. 

Amish Blonde Beard

This style requires a thick and bushy beard. It is an elegant beard style that looks great when you dye it in a darker blonde.

Bandholz Beard Style

The most important thing for anyone who wants to go for this style is to hold their patience. This is because you will look unkempt for the first three months of growing your beard. You can’t style your beard until it is fully grown. A lot of patience is required with this style, as you may go as long as seven months before perfecting the style.

Crazy Blonde Beard

This is a blonde beard style with a yellowish color. This, therefore, forms a sharp contrast to the natural black hair on the head.

Ducktail Blonde Beard Style

The hair is grown to its full length and styled so that all the strands are pointing towards one direction. The neatly cut beard is tapered towards the chin to resemble a ducktail. The upper part of the beard is cut short. The length of the hair on the chin depends on the style you choose.

Blonde Beard With Long Hair Style

This is perfect for a formal look. The style goes best with long and voluminous hair to match the well-trimmed blonde beard.

Soft and Fuzzy Blonde Beard

Beards don’t have to be brittle. Blonde beards are much softer than other beard types and this means that your beard will be soft and fuzzy. 

True Blonde Beard

This is a beard style where the hair is wholly bleached blonde. The ends of the hair are given a whiter touch while the rest is darker.

How to Grow a Blonde Beard

Step 1 – Prepare your facial hair

A blonde beard is most often kept natural, but if you wish to dye your facial hair, you will first need to take a shower, towel dry then apply a hair conditioner. Repeat the process for about two weeks.

Step 2 – Make sure to choose a color that suits you

Apply the color in sections while combing the hair from top to bottom. You can use some clips to hold the sections separately and in place. Mix the developer and the dye in equal proportion. 

How to Grow a Blonde Beard

Step 3 – Wash the hair with cold water

Blow-dry to complete the process.

Growing a blonde mustache requires at least 3 months. Follow the steps below to grow blonde hair:

  • Allow the facial hair to grow. Do not shave.
  • With a beard shampoo that works, wash your blonde hair regularly.
  • Do not pluck your hair.
  • Once your hair has grown to the desired length, trim it into a uniform length using the world’s best razor for sensitive skin.
  • Use a good moisturizer to prevent itching and irritation.

How to Maintain Your Blonde Beard

Bleached blonde hair requires a high level of maintenance. As the hair grows, the dark root appears. This might look good on you in some cases and you won’t need to worry about it. However, you may need routine touch-ups in some cases.

Bleached blonde hair also causes hair dryness. When this occurs, use a good moisturizer regularly. Go a step further by making your beard softer with good beard oil. Follow the following steps on how to maintain your blonde beard:

Step 1 – Wash your beard

You must regularly wash your blonde beard. You can use any good shampoo or ask your barber to recommend one. It is essential to take the proper time to wash your beard effectively. 

Step 2 – Apply beard oil

Beard oil softens your beard and also adds some shine. Always make sure to shower before applying it. Pour about three to four drops on your hands, and then massage into your beard. After this, comb and style as desired.

Step 3 – Style your beard

Giving your beard the perfect style can be the only thing you need for a great outlook. You can use any beard wax for an ideal shape. Consult your barber for beard shaping tools and techniques.

How to Dye Your Beard or Mustache Blonde

Step 1 – Choose the shade

The first thing to do before coloring your hair is to choose the shade or color of blonde you prefer for your look.

Step 2 – Buy the product

Once you have picked a particular shade, focus on the type of product you want to buy. You can either opt for an organic or a natural product.

Step 3 – Application

Read the instructions written on the box of the dye.

How to Dye Your Beard or Mustache Blonde

Step 4 – Divide your hair into segments

Take a comb and divide your hair into segments. 

Step 5 – Applying the dye to the mustache

Using a good brush, take a small amount of the product and apply it simultaneously to the small segments you made earlier.

Step 6 – Rinse it off

After about 50 minutes, rinse it off with a beard shampoo. Interested in making your beard softer? Apply some hair conditioner.

How to Style and Trim Blonde Beard 

Step 1 – Trim your blonde beard

Do it along with the soul patch.

Step 2 – Comb your beard

Using beard scissors, start trimming.

Step 3 – Don’t shave too much

This way, you will avoid razor bumps. 

Best Beard Products for Blonde Beard Styles

Beard Dying Kits

If you desire to go darker, using a lighter color treatment is recommended. This is because it will help ton down your shining beard to a light brown color.

Beard Oil

Apart from shaving, beard oils can enhance the growth of facial hair. When using beard oil, it is advisable to use natural ingredients. These ingredients like thyme, almond, argan, etc. will help nourish the skin under your beard. They also help to keep your blonde beard healthy and radiant. 

Beard Wash

Beard wash is another essential product for a blonde beard. Opt for beard wash with natural elements as regular soap or shampoo can strip your hairs of natural oil, making your beard rough.

Beard Wax

Beard wax will up your game if you want a classy look. Also, go for wax that contains natural products to style your beard without making it look sticky.

Beard Cream

Invest in a good beard cream with nourishing products like mint and argan. It reduces itching, irritation, acne and razor bumps. Beard cream also helps to hydrate the skin and facial hair roots.

FAQ About Best Blonde Beard Styles

FAQ About Best Blonde Beard Styles

Are blonde beards attractive?

There’s a rumor that blonde beards do not have the same attractiveness as darker beards. This is not true. Blonde beards can be as attractive as any other with perfect styling and maintenance.

Is a blonde beard fashionable?

Blonde hair has an appeal of its own. Light-colored facial hair is not as common as darker beards. This means if you have a blonde beard, growing and styling it can give you an attractive outlook that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Does blonde beard hair turn dark?

Generally speaking, blonde hair turns darker with age. However, there are remedies to reverse the rapid darkening of blonde hair.

How long does it take for a blonde beard to fill-in?

The duration varies, but it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for full-grown beards on average.

How do you make a blonde beard look thicker?

You can make your blonde hair look thicker by using a darker shade for your facial hair. Use a dye specifically made for beards and a shade darker than your natural color.


Who said blonde beards could not be classy or sexy? When you combine patience, a little know-how, the right style and the right grooming, every beard has the potential to be classy, fashionable and sexy.

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15 Chic Blonde Beard Styles That’ll Inspire Your Next Look


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