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Dan Bilzerian Without a Beard: Unrecognizable or Attractive?

Dan Bilzerian Without a Beard

Dan Bilzerian Early Life and Road to Fame

Born on the 7th of December, 1980, in Tampa, Florida, Dan Bilzerian is a famous Armenian American businessman, social media influencer, and poker player. He is the son of Paul Bilzerian, a corporate takeover specialist, and Terri Steffen. His father graduated from Harvard Business School and ran a robotics company, which is the reason behind his 7-figure salary. Dan is also the brother of Adam Bilzerian, another poker player.

Even with his father’s wealth, Dan still had difficulty growing up. Their father was not always present in their lives. He even missed countless sporting events and birthday parties because of his hectic work schedule. The absence of their father made Dan and Adam suffer immensely, which worsened when their father was imprisoned due to tax and stock fraud.

Dan started to get bullied and teased in school, causing him to act out. This prompted him to stop doing school activities, including homework, and involve himself in constant fistfights. Eventually, he left his original school permanently.

Fortunately, things got better for him when he transferred to a new school several towns away. He started meeting new friends and became part of the football team. He was even part of the student council.

However, he got expelled when he went to school with a machine gun. While he did not fire the gun, it was in his car that prompted the school to expel him. This further led to him being homeschooled during his senior year.

After high school, he joined the navy then studied two majors in Florida. He enrolled in business and criminology courses. He got introduced to poker during his first year in college and he fell in love with it right away. He even began to play it online. Dan got addicted to the game, but it was also his stepping stone towards fame.

His well-maintained long Beard style is even recognized by many. What brought him immense popularity was the short video clip of a live TV show that shows him sitting quietly while betting on a hand. He was with a gorgeous woman who seemed to love stroking his luscious and thick beard.

This prompted a lot of men to consider achieving a beard growth the Dan Bilzerian way. Dan is a big star on Instagram and other social media platforms. His Instagram, alone, has more than 16 million followers and this continues to grow every day.

Dan Bilzerian’s Career Highlights

Dan Bilzerian got so addicted to playing poker that he began to do it at higher stakes. Fortunately, he also made a fortune from that, which he used to fund a few start-ups. However, his primary source of income was still poker since he was in his 20s. Dan was so good at playing poker that some people started calling him a fraud. On the other hand, others believed that his great success in the game was purely because of his high IQ level.

Dan Bilzerian’s Career Highlights

His continued popularity made him earn enough that he was already able to sponsor other players. He participated in competitions and tournaments, including the World Series of Poker in 2009, which led him to get the 180th spot in the end. Bluff, a renowned magazine in America, also named Dan Bilzerian as one of the most entertaining poker players worldwide in 2010.

Despite getting a lot of critics, Dan continued to increase his wealth, eventually turning himself in to a social media celebrity. Apart from his love for poker, he is also a sports enthusiast. He has a solid attraction for adventure sports, which led him to land roles in some action films. His first minor role was in a movie entitled Olympus Has Fallen, shown in 2013. He also got a role in the movie Lone Survivor in 2014.

Bilzerian’s Different Beard Styles

In addition to his excellent skills in playing poker, Dan Bilzerian was also known for his impressive beard style, prompting many men to follow his style and invest in unique beard grooming kits to achieve it. Of course, his signature style is the full beard. He has been rocking this style for several years already, impressing everyone with his manly look through it.

It is crucial to note that his full beard comes with a twist. It is distinguishable from the typical full beard because of the unique way he trims it. As you can see, he makes it a point to modify the beard as it goes towards the end. This provides the tip with a more angular look while the sides are edgier.

One more thing that makes his beard style unique is that he never separates it from his mustache. He adheres to his signature combination of full beard and mustache. He was able to maintain the sleek and neat look of his beard. In addition, it has an edgy effect that is stylish and compliments his overall look impressively.

How to Grow Dan Bilzerian Beard

If you want to sport the Dan Bilzerian beard, then prepare to invest in products that will help you maintain its amazingly full and unique look. Among the ones you should invest in are the world’s best beard balm, premium beard shampoo, and shaving cream with moisturizing properties.

If possible, ask your barber for advice on achieving his style to ensure that it will accentuate and compliment your face well. You can also follow these steps:

Step 1 – Grow your beard

This step requires a lot of patience, especially if you are unable to grow a thick and full beard fast. You have to wait until it reaches a decent length that will cover your patches if you experience such a problem. The goal for this step is to grow a full beard so you can emulate the style of Dan Bilzerian. In most cases, the whole process would take 2 to 3 months, so be patient and focus on your desired result.

Step 2 – Trim and shape the beard

Upon successfully growing a full beard, it is time to trim and shape it. Note that the key to emulating the full beard style of Dan Bilzerian is correct shaping.

How to Grow Dan Bilzerian Beard

Step 3 – Use a quality beard trimmer

Give the full beard a gonial angle at 90 degrees. This should begin the trimming and shaping of the beard process. If the beard grows beneath your Adam’s apple, keep it short while bringing it above Adam’s apple. This should help you attain the signature beard length of Bilzerian. Use straight edges so you can focus on making angular beard tips.

Step 4 – Complete the process

Do this by spreading your beard to the bottom using a beard comb or brush. This should help in attaining a more elongated jaw.

Step 5 -Maintain your beard

Do not forget to maintain your beard with the help of quality beard soap. Applying beard conditioner to keep the moisture of your full beard is also advisable.

Dan Bilzerian Without a Beard

Because most of those who know Dan Bilzerian associate full beard with him, they also think that he looks weird without his beard on.

His full beard is one of the things that made him so famous, so having a clean-shaven look made him appear too young and less masculine. Many agree that a full beard looks a lot better on him. It makes him look manlier and more attractive, especially among women.

How to Choose the Best Dan Bilzerian Without a Beard Style

Square Face

If you have a square face, then your goal when choosing the best Dan Bilzerian without a beard style should be to find one that accentuates your jawline a bit instead of exaggerating or hiding it. In that case, your best choices include stubble and short beard styles, like the light, heavy, and medium stubble beard.

The easiest to grow for square-faced men is the stubble, a hair that you can grow in between each shaving session. You can go for light stubble, which you can achieve by shaving regularly. On the other hand, shaving every 3 to 4 days will let you form a medium stubble. If you prefer heavy stubble for your square face, shave every 7 to 10 days.

How to Choose the Best Dan Bilzerian Without a Beard Style

Rectangular Face

If you have a rectangular face, then note that most of the styles will do but note that leaving more hair on all sides is highly recommended. There should also be a tiny length on your chin.

You can still go for the classic Dan Bilzerian style, which is his full beard, though you will have to wait a while for it to grow, at least four weeks, to be specific. Using a safety razor may also be necessary to decorate and trim your beard once it’s time. If possible, seek the help of a professional once it is time for the beard decoration.

You can also go for the Balbo beard. It can be likened to an inverted T while requiring you to leave a bit of mustache over your upper lip. Moreover, there should be some hair on your chin and a patch beneath your lower lip.

FAQ About Dan Bilzerian Without a Beard

Why did Dan Bilzerian shave his beard?

Dan Bilzerian shaved off his beard when he was a lot younger, specifically when he still served in the US Navy. He needed to shave it each morning as it is a requirement.

Does Dan Bilzerian look more attractive without a beard?

Dan Bilzerian looks kind of weird without his beard on. Maybe because most people are accustomed to seeing him sporting a full and thick beard. Many also agree that Dan Bilzerian is more attractive when he wears his classic full beard.


Growing a beard like that of Dan Bilzerian may take time. It also requires some patience and hard work but note that it is all worth it, especially once you see how it looks good on you and makes you appear more masculine and appealing. 

Photos from: Instagram @danbilzerian.

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Dan Bilzerian Without a Beard: Unrecognizable or Attractive?


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