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18 Men’s Short Haircuts For Thick Hair & How to Style Them

Men’s Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

What Does Thick Hair Represent

Many often confuse the thickness of Hair with density. Thick hair represents the wideness or thickness of a single hair strand. On the other hand, dense hair refers to a full head of hair. In other words, thick hair means there’s a lot of hair per square inch of a scalp.

Although many people crave thick hair, it can be challenging to maintain. When you don’t have the right haircut, styling your thick hair can be disastrous. Instead of putting your hair into an unnatural state, you can also embrace it and look for a way to show off its beauty. To help you with this, we’ve written out a step-by-step guideline on how to style your hair.

How to Style Short Haircuts for Thick Hair 

Step 1 – Use a good hair product for styling

Since thick hair is usually heavier, it is advisable to use a good hair product with a high hold to get your hair to stay up when styling.  The world’s best hair pomade is recommended for a lasting hold.

Step 2 – Use waxes and clays

Thick hair products like waxes and clays are recommended instead of gels and creams. Effective hair clay and pleasant hair gel will give you effective control over your hair without weighing your hair down.

Step 3 – Hair serum for thinner hair

Hair serum will make your hair easy to smoothen out, making individual strands seem thinner. Be careful not to use too much serum. Pump a dime-sized amount on your palm and work into your hair before styling. 

Step 4 – Wide-tooth comb is the best

This comb is excellent for thick hair due to its space for the hair to pass through.  While combing your hair, brush out any knot or tangles as you style.

Top 18 Men’s Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

When talking about the best haircuts for men, the most popular hairstyles are achievable with short thick hair.  This is because short hair gives you that masculine look that enhances your handsomeness, making you look fresh all day.

Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, short hair has a lot of creative hairstyles that will enhance your best features. While some men may prefer a slicked-back undercut, others may go for a comb-over fade for a professional lifestyle look.

To inspire you, we’ve rounded up a list of haircuts for short thick hair. Check them out below:

Crew Cut

This is an ideal hairstyle for thick short hair. It is easy to maintain and offers various styling options. Crew cut haircuts tend to be longer at the top but not the same length all through.

Comb Over

Comb Over Short Haircut for Thick Hair

This hairstyle is an excellent option for men with thick hair since your hair already has a luscious volume. Due to this, you can play around with different styles to ensure that your cut never goes out of fashion. You can choose to pair combed over the hair on top with a fade on the sides, giving room for greater definition and contrast that cannot be overlooked.  Get a shaping tool for the smoothest shave. If you want something subtle, you can brush your hair to the side instead of combing it over fully for a classier aesthetic. 

Short Quiff

You get a short quiff when your front hair is pushed up to create this sophisticated men’s hairstyle. Most guys prefer short quiff haircuts because of the messy, stylish feature.  This haircut is particularly flattering for men with thick hair as the volume makes it complete and flowing. You have the option of complimenting the quiff with an undercut on the sides and back, as well as a nice beard. Use premium beard scissors to give your beard that perfect shape.

Buzz Cut

Even though the buzz cut doesn’t give you many styling options, its lack of maintenance still makes it every man’s favorite. It’s also preferred by most for its masculine appeal. You should go for it if you want that rugged army look.

Side Part

The side part haircut is very effective in making you look your best. The soft side part offers a subtle contrast between the faded sides and the longer hair at the top. This only works for mid to low faded sides, but you can opt for a hard side part if you’re getting a high skin fade.

Get ready for an on-edge trendy look, especially when you brush the hair up and to the side. This will highlight the shaved line.

French Crop Top

The French Crop Top remains a popular hairstyle for guys and is not going out of style. This haircut is easy to style and simple to cut. While some get faded sides and then comb the short hair on top to get a textured finishing, others prefer to mess up the middle section to bring out that rugged appeal. Both styles are visually striking. This haircut works best with straight hair.

Ivy League Haircut

Otherwise known as the Princeton hairstyle or the Harvard  Clip, this haircut is perfect for bringing your professional look.  It works very well on all types of hair. Style the top with a side part and keep the side relatively short. Using beard comb to restyle your beard, you are good to go!

Short Messy Thick Hair

The Short Messy Thick Hair is a great way to achieve a sophisticated hairstyle. A taper fade haircut on the back and sides will highlight the contrast you need, while the short thick hair on top will create the volume and coverage to pull off striking messy styles. Whether you want to keep all your hair tousled for a bedhead look or just parts of the front and middle sections, this natural-looking hairstyle is smooth and classy.

High and Tight Fade

This haircut is perfect for men with thick, straight hair as it creates that ruggedly handsome look while minimizing styling.  Only about two inches of hair is needed on top with an undercut at the sides. 

The High and Tight haircut is in between the breeze and crew cut. This hairstyle is simple for guys and perfect for warm summer months.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked Back Hair

The slicked-back hair is an excellent choice for men with overactive hair follicles. Thick long hair is difficult to handle as it constantly falls over your face. This cut will ensure it falls in the opposite direction. It can be combined with an undercut.

Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk is perfect for guys who want to stand out from the crowd.  Apart from its captivating look, it is also a clean hairstyle that works well on thick hair.

Short Pompadour

Another classy modern hairstyle is the short pompadour with an undercut on the back and sides. While many guys are still rocking the vintage and timeless features of a pompadour, the front section can be on the high side to maintain.

Blowout Taper Fade

With the Blowout Taper Fade, you can use your thick hair to the fullest. Combined with tapered sides that are cut short of bringing out your dashing appearance, the haircut is perfect if you have straight, curly or wavy hair. 

 You can get a blowout taper for a sophisticated look or go for a short skin fade haircut on the sides for a trendy modern style. If your hair on top is hard to maintain, don’t be afraid to slick it back, brush it to the side, or leave it messy.

Spiky Hair

 The Spiky Hair is ideal for men with natural volume as the spikes will be thicker and bolder. This is perfect because this hairstyle draws attention. If, however, you want something subtle, you can talk to your barber for a longer taper on the sides.

Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe belongs to the Fringe Styles. These are styles where sides and back are trimmed short, leaving the hair at the top longer with defined bangs.

The Angular Fringe brushes the bangs to the sides to give the front an asymmetrical finish.

Fringe Hairstyles work best on thick hair and men with a large forehead. All you need is to sweep the hair forward and let it hang over your forehead.

Short Textured Hair

This haircut is worth trying as short hair may not be ideal for certain hairstyles. The good news is that your cut will never be boring if you use the world’s best hair pomade, wax or clay to define the strands. You can also use your fingers to make waves and curls. If your hair is already wavy, play into your natural hair type for a fresh look! Short and textured hair works with pretty much every style.

Side Swept Hair

This haircut requires some styling and maintenance in the morning when styled with thick hair. So if you don’t mind having to get up earlier in the morning, you will look your best when you rock this clean cut-style. A side-swept hair with a good-scented men’s body spray is enough to make that statement!

Mohawk Fade

This is ideal for men who want to opt for the contemporary version of the classic mohawk hairstyle. You can get an edgy haircut with a short thick patch of hair that runs in the middle of the head from the front to the back. Instead of shaving the sides completely, the sides can be faded high to create an effortless, timeless haircut.

Classic Taper

More or less like a disconnected undercut, the classic taper never goes out of style. It is a high-performance, low-maintenance style that fits every face shape and hair type, including short thick hair.

If you want a professional look mixed with classy, you can never go wrong with a classic taper. 

Induction Cut

Also known as the buzz cut, all men across the globe widely prefer the induction cut due to its low maintenance and simplicity. The cut is ideal for men who want to look their b best without spending so much. You can even get creative with it by perming the hair on your crown. The tiny curls and waves would surely make a statement as you walk by.

How to Choose the Best Men’s Hair Products for Thick Hair

How to Choose the Best Men’s Hair Products for Thick Hair


These days, most men prefer pomade for their hair, compared to waxes and gels. Applying pomade to your finished cut will not only give it an excellent hold but will also add a noticeable natural look. Pomade works best on pompadours, slicks backs, messy stiles and side parting styles.

Pomade works for all hair types but not recommended for fine hair as it will make it look flat and limp. It may even stick to the scalp if applied.  One good thing about pomade is that you can sweep your hand through your hair without breaking the style.


If you want an extremely strong hold for your style, wax is the best product to go for. It will give you a perfect hold as well as a heavy shine. You don’t need to apply heavy wax on your hair as there are both light and heavy waxes. Wax can also be used on your mustache or styling a thin beard to give it a definite shape. Wax can’t be used on fine hair.


When applied to your finished style, clay will give you a perfect matte finish. It works best for thick and medium hair and shinier hair to make it look more natural.

It can be used for all hairstyles but should not be applied too much to your hair as it can make your hair clumpy. A little is enough to achieve a subtle texture.


A gel is easy to use and can give an excellent strong hold to your finished style. The gel can be used for styles like side partings, pompadours, top knots, messy looks, curly looks, classic cuts and even the old-fashioned cuts that men are rocking these days.

One advantage of gel is that it stiffens up when applied, so you can’t break the style when you put your hand through the hair. No matter how much dancing you do or how often you shake your head, the style will not break!


Hair cream only serves the purpose of providing a low hold for hairstyles that do not require lots of volume or height. This product is best for men who don’t want to spend much time styling and prefer a natural look.

Quick Tips to Style Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

  • Avoid washing your hair too often. Washing your hair every day can eliminate the scalp’s natural oils.
  • Get a comfortable barber chair for DIY periods.
  • Keep your hair hydrated with an excellent sulfate-free conditioner.
  • Try not to rub your hair with a towel when wet. Instead, pat it dry to absorb the moisture.
  • Always allow your hair to dry partially before blow-drying. Excessive blow-drying can be damaging to your hair.
  • Always keep up with trims.

Do’s and Don’ts With Thick Hair


  • Opt for a hairdryer for better styling. Do not rub your hair with a towel when wet because your hairs are the weakest when they are wet.
  • Use quality hair products to keep your hair nourished and beautiful.
  • Drink lots and lots of water for hydration.
  • Keep your hair brushes and other tools neat always.


  • Avoid pulling your hair too tightly while brushing, braiding, styling or anything.
  • Avoid using styling and heating equipment daily because they are harmful to your hair.
  • Don’t use too many chemicals, especially the harsh ones on your hair.
  • Don’t use excessive smoking, drinking and eating junk food as they can damage your hair and roots to the most levels.

FAQ About Men’s Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

FAQ About Men’s Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

What is the best men’s haircut for thick hair?

Styles like the pompadour, side partings, quaff, Caesar cut, the slick back will embrace your natural volume, thus making them the best haircut for thick hair.

Is thick hair good for guys?

Having thick hair can be a good thing for guys, but the issue lies in styling and maintenance. While some think it is harder to style, others believe the volume makes it perfect for different styles. Whatever the case may be, it’s all about picking the right hairstyle. Having thick hair can be a blessing for guys when you have the right hairstyle.

What can I do with thick hair?

There are lots of styles to do with thick hair.  Ranging from crew cut buzz cut to pompadours and Mohawk.

How do men get rid of thick hair?

If you want to get rid of your thick hair, you can ask your hairstylist to use a razor in thinning it out. A razor can help reduce areas that look heavy or thick.

Is thick hair attractive?

Thick hair is perceived least attractive, but with the introduction of awesome and sophisticated hairstyles, thick hair can be very pleasing to the eyes. 


If you want to get up and go, short haircuts are your best choice to look smart with little effort. 

Short hair doesn’t mean you are out of options; as a matter of fact, there are more options to short hair than you can imagine. The right haircut can be all you need to achieve that perfect look, from messier styles to clean crew cuts!

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18 Men’s Short Haircuts For Thick Hair & How to Style Them


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