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Best Razors for Men for Super Close Shave (All Face Types)

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Best Razors for Men

If you can grow a beard, you are most certainly a shaver. It does not matter if you prefer stubble or style a beard with a straight razor. The bottom line is that a proper razor is needed whatever the situation. 

However, many people are unaware of the benefits of an excellent razor. There are a lot of elements that go into the process of choosing one. It could be a lot easier to simply enter a store and buy the first sharp blade you come across. But this action could come with various repercussions. 

To avoid unwanted cuts, burns, or irritation that could result from an unsuitable razor, it is best to spend a little bit of time and choose one which will be appropriate for you. Not only will it be able to suit your shaving needs, but it is also going to be with you long-term. 

To help you out with the choice, we have devised various steps and explanations that will help you make the correct decision for yourself and your beard. 

Benefits of Using a Razor for Men

People that shave often know the importance of a good razor. If you shave each or every two days, you know how important it is to find the best shaving solution for you and your face. Each of us remembers that one time that they got a bad razor. You probably don’t want to repeat that mistake and would like to think twice next time when getting a new razor. 

There are various advantages of a suitable razor. Choosing a razor for sensitive skin is a must if your skin flares up too quickly from an aggressive blade. On the other hand, if you have coarse and bushy facial hair, a sharp razor will help you do away with all of the excess hair. 

But a good razor is not only going to benefit your clean shaving needs. If you want to stylize your beard in a specific way, a precision shaver is a necessary option. All in all, a good razor will help you groom your beard, keep your skin protected, and enable you to shave the beard in the style you prefer. 

How Does Razor for Men Work

When assembling your premium shaving kit for men, you must supply it with a suitable razor. The razor that you use should be preferential to you and you alone. This means that this razor will enable safe and carefree shaving, enable you to create the style you prefer, and last you for a reasonable number of shaves. 

A good razor for men should be sharp but not overly aggressive. You need to store it safely in your shaving kit or bathroom so it can last longer. Furthermore, the razor needs to be specific to your beard type. 

Never share your razor with somebody else. Besides being unsanitary, somebody else might be misusing it, even if it’s your significant other we are talking about. Storing it away while not using it, cleaning it after each shave, and maintaining it properly will not only reward you with good results, but the razor will be available to you for a more extended time. 

Pros and Cons of Using a Razor for Men

Pros and Cons of Using a Razor for Men

Whether you are using the world’s best shaping tool or a simple cartridge razor, each one comes with its pros and cons. But if you choose carefully and listen to what your body is telling you, you will end up with prime results and a great beard. 


  • Enables a perfect shave for your skin type. 
  • Results in a carefree shave without any nips, cuts, or irritation. 
  • A fantastic clean shave during your everyday routine. 
  • Enabling you to create and maintain any beard style you prefer. 


  • An aggressive razor will irritate your skin or even cause a lot of cuts. 
  • Using an unsuitable razor will create redness or skin irritation for those with sensitive skin. 
  • An unsuitable shaving tool is useless for specific beard styles. 

Types of Razors for Men

It is hard to find a razor that can be used for all beards. But what you can do is pick one based on your beard’s needs. That way, you will end up with the best possible results. But to make the correct pick, you have to be informed about all of the available tools at your disposal, or better yet, the general types of razors. 

Cartridge Razor

Cartridge razors are the most beginner-friendly razors on the market. Everyone can use them as you don’t need a lot of skill to master using them. You can shave against or with the grain and shave various beard types with it. 

This type of razor consists of a flexible center that extends towards the handle. The idea is for the razor to follow the shape of your face, making it significantly easier for you to get a proper shave. 

The best thing about these razors is that they are very safe to use, minimizing the danger of accidental cuts. They also come with a replaceable cartridge that can hold up to six stainless steel blades suitable for three to four shaves. 

However, the replaceable cartridge is much more expensive than you think. They are unsuitable for long-term usage as various debris ends up caught between the blades. Not to mention that the cartridges are environmentally unfriendly as they need frequent disposal. 

Disposable Razor

The idea behind disposable razors lies in their very name – Intended for one-time use only. The plastic handle is permanently attached to the shaving head and the blade. After one or two shaves, even a disposable razor with quality blades becomes completely ineffective and requires you to get a new one. 

These razors are cheap and sold in packs of five or even ten. They are a perfect solution when traveling or on the go. 

But, the quality of these types of razors is really low. The blades will get dull after a single shave and the handle does not allow for a lot of flexibility. It forces you to apply too much or too little pressure resulting in cuts or a bad shave. 

Safety Razor

Safety Razor

If you want to know what a real safety razor looks like, you just might end up finding one in your grandpa’s shaving kit. This is an old-school type of razor that involves a slight edge of a single razor blade, hence the safety part. 

The razor consists of a sturdy handle and a metalhead, which should hold the replaceable single stainless steel razor that comes with two edges. 

First, the replacement blades for a safety razor cost significantly less than the cartridges needed for a cartridge razor. Also, a single blade is more than capable of providing a couple of good shaves the least. This type of razor is primarily suitable for close shaves, but it is also great when using a razor for head shaving

The most significant disadvantage of a safety razor lies in the learning curve. If you are not careful enough, it is easy to cut yourself with it. Also, the initial investment is much higher, but the longevity of the kit is worth the money you spend. 

Adjustable Safety Razor

To put it in simple terms, the adjustable safety razor is just an advanced version of the safety razor. This razor comes with a flexible blade gap, allowing the users to adjust the aggressiveness of the shave. 

It looks nearly identical to the standard safety razor. It even comes with the same advantages and disadvantages. It is still perfect for clean shaves and lessens the possibility of ingrown hairs. 

You still need to be careful with this one and learn to use it properly. But you have an added option of adjusting the blades, making it less likely for you to cut yourself. Also, you may change the setting for a less aggressive shave if you have sensitive skin. 

Straight Razor

A vintage straight razor is a razor that Sweeny Todd used to, khm, “shave” his victims. If you’ve ever been to a traditional barbershop, the chances are that you sometimes came across this type of razor. It consists of a sharp blade that folds into the handle and can come with a fixed or injectable blade. 

The blade itself is made out of hardened steel and is very sharp. The handle can be made of all types of materials, including wood, plastic, bone, horn, etc. The best thing about this type of razor is that it provides the closest shave that you will ever get. It also lasts almost forever, but you need to hone it and strop it quite frequently. 

The initial price of a perfect straight razor can be high and learning how to use it can be a doozy. The blade is very sharp, much sharper than other blades that we mention. So if one is not careful enough, they risk the chance of seriously injuring themselves. 

Electric Razor

Modern men who are very busy and are constantly on the move will benefit from an electric razor. Even though you can’t get a close enough shave as with an electric razor, the technology of electric shavers has improved significantly, making the results very appealing to the eye. 

An electric razor can also be quite effective as a professional stubble trimmer, depending on the style of beard that you prefer. Also, you don’t need to use shaving cream or some additional shaving products to use it. Some aftershave is more than enough. 

However, people with sensitive skin should not use them as they irritate. You may avoid cuts with this type of shaver but may end up with ingrown hair if you use an inappropriate one for your skin type. 

How to Choose the Best Razor for Men

How to Choose the Best Razor for Men


We already went through the individual categories of razors. There are five main types to choose from – cartridge, disposable, safety, straight, and an electric razor. Each one of these comes with its specific advantages. However, there are some downsides to all of them. 

The best for a clean shave is a straight razor. The most quality type of shave comes with a safety razor. But a secure shave that also eliminates the learning curve is available with a cartridge razor. If you want things to be done fast, disposable or electric options are the ones to choose. 


Think about the performance and what you expect from a razor. For instance, if you prefer a quality shave that eliminates the possibility of ingrown hairs, then you should steer clear of using disposable razors and some electric razor types. The best performance comes with a straight razor or a safety razor. 

Yet, these options can be a little too aggressive for sensitive skin. Thus a cartridge razor is the safest option as it is easy to learn to use and does not cause so much skin irritation. The performance is decent but cannot be compared to safety or a straight razor. 


Multi-blade options are usually available for cartridge razors. You have the opportunity to choose up to six blade versions within a single cartridge. However, the more blades added, the sharper and more aggressive the razor gets. 

The best and standard option is a three-blade cartridge. It offers a decent shave and should not make you red in the face every time you shave. But the more blades you add, the higher the chance for those with sensitive skin to experience irritation while shaving. 

Trimmer Blades

Having a trimmer blade option enables an electric shaver to maintain stubble. If you like leaving a little bit of facial hair on and don’t need to get a clean shave or completely shave some parts off, a trimmer option is good to have instead of using hair clippers for home use. It is a short road to a very attractive style that can be easily maintained with a trimmer. 


The cost is often a deciding factor. But you should never go for the cheapest option unless you need to. Disposable razors are the low-cost version but are only suitable for a single shave with sub-par performance. 

Replacement cartridges for a cartridge razor are insanely expensive and will result in you spending more money in the long run. A safety razor requires a bigger investment, but the replacement razors are very cheap. 

A straight razor may be an expensive option at first, but it will last you a lifetime if you maintain it properly. You don’t always have to go for the most costly thing, but you do need to weigh in all the pros and cons when it comes to the costs of each razor. 

Lubricating Strips

If you are going to go for a disposable razor, make sure to use one with a decent lubrication strip. It will enable you to have an acceptable shave and protect your face from possible cuts and flares. Once you notice that the lubrication on the strip is gone, it means that it is time to throw away the razor. 

Ingrown Hairs

How to Choose the Best Razor for Men - Ingrown Hairs

For those of you who have experienced problems with ingrown hair, the best that you should do is try to avoid them by picking a suitable razor option. A safety razor and a straight razor are the best choices in this case but do require a lot of skill to use correctly. The worst way to go with it is using an electric shaver. If you have strong facial hair, an electric razor is sure to cause ingrown hair if you are not cutting at a right angle. 

Skin Sensitivity

A shave should be something that relaxes you and makes you feel pleasant. Ending up with a face like John Rambo after all five movies is not something that you would prefer. Unwanted results usually happen to people with sensitive skin, so choosing a method that reduces irritation is something you need to do. 

In this case, safety, straight and disposable razors are out the window. The best way that you can go is the cartridge version. You may end up having good results with an electric shaver, but only if you get a perfect one. 


Versatility is always the key and it can also be when it comes to picking a good razor. This is more than necessary if you are a person who prefers to change styles often. An electric razor, particularly the one with trimmer blades, provides the most versatility. 

Other options are usually good for a straight shave or by helping you shape the beard. In that case, a straight razor could be an excellent shaping tool as long as you use it carefully and correctly. 


Durability breathes longevity. If you plan to use a razor for a longer time, you should consider the wear and tear factor. Disposable razors are out of the question, while cartridge razors require new cartridges. Safety razors are durable and sturdy, on the other hand. 

A straight razor is also pretty durable and is an option that will never go to waste. But you need to hone it and maintain it from time to time if you want it to last longer. 

Razor Brand

Some famous razor brands usually come with a better reputation. They come with better performance and durability. That is not to say that there aren’t any good options with some unfamiliar brands. In this case, we propose reading many reviews and researching to see which brand offers precisely what you need. 


If you shave every day and go through razors like crazy, getting a subscription with replacement razors constantly delivered to you is not a bad idea. You save time going to the store and constantly looking for new ones. The option may be a bit costly, but if you can get both the convenience and good shaving results, then why not try it. 

How to Use a Razor for Men

Step 1 – Wash your face

Use some warm water. 

Step 2 – Prepare the shave soap or shaving foam

Lather up your face in all the places that you wish to shave. Use the razor to remove the excess hair carefully. 

Step 3 – Clean your face

Wash your face one more time or perhaps take a shower. 

Step 4 – Apply some aftershave

Or do your desired post-shave routine. 

You have to be careful when using the razor, mainly if you use a straight razor. We advise doing some practice runs first. But whichever option you decide to go with, be super careful and never skip the post-shave ritual. Sometimes including a pre-shave routine will do wonders for your skin, mainly if it is sensitive. 

How to Use a Razor for Men

How to Clean Your Razor

Cleaning your razor will ensure that you keep and use it effectively for a longer period. Arguably the best way to do it is the simplest one – run the razor underneath some warm water and let it dry. You don’t have to use any specific detergents. If there is too much debris stuck between the blades, you can submerge it into some water and leave it for a while. 

When it comes to a straight razor, you have to strop and hone it quite often. That way, you will keep it sharp and effective for longer. 

Electric Razor vs Manual Razor

There are some discernable differences when comparing an electric razor to a manual one. First of all, the cost of an excellent electric razor is much higher than any of the manual options. But while manual versions require more frequent blade substitutes, an electric razor may only require changing some parts every two to four years. 

But the performance of a manual razor is much better, particularly if you want a close shave. In that case, manual versions, particularly with a safety and a straight razor, are irreplaceable.

However, an electric razor will save you on time. No preparation is needed and no shaving soap or foam as well. You just turn it on and shave and off to work you go. An electric razor can also be good for people with sensitive skin, but only if you get an appropriate one. Electric razors are also more versatile as they allow you to maintain stubble. 

Quick Tips on How to Get the Perfect Shave

When comparing all kinds of razors for men during our research, we came across many exciting details that can serve as excellent tips for men. We want to share them with you with the hopes of you using any razor as suitably as possible. 

  • Always choose a razor based on your skin type to avoid irritation. 
  • Never skip the post-shaving ritual no matter how in a hurry you are. 
  • Use disposable razors only if you have to or are strapped with time. 
  • Do not use a straight razor if you have never tried it before; you may end up doing a lot of damage. 
  • If you notice that the blade is dull, be sure to replace it. You don’t want a used-up blade on your face. 
  • Clean out your razor after every shave to keep it practical for a more extended period. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

More spending means better quality only in the case of disposable razors. When it comes to other options, you can end up with a suitable razor for a lesser investment. But if you want a razor that will last longer and provide excellent results, a larger initial investment is not a bad idea. 

Spending a lot on your shaving needs can come with results, but only if you can use the razor correctly. Don’t go out big on a piece of shaving equipment that you may not be able to use in the end. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Razor for Men

Do’s and Don’ts With a Razor for Men


  • Shave carefully and with consideration. 
  • Wash your face with warm water before and after a shave. 
  • Moisturize your face to keep it soft. 
  • Use an appropriate blade and shaving technique for your skin type. 


  • Use a dull or used up blade, particularly a disposable one. 
  • Skip the pre-shaving and post-shaving routine. 
  • Use a straight razor without any experience. 

FAQ About Best Razors for Men

What is the best razor brand for men?

Many razor brands are suitable for men’s shaving. The most expensive brands could be considered the ones that come with the most quality. But the best brand is the one that suits your personal shaving needs. 

What razor gives the cleanest shave?

A straight razor is the best type of blade that results in the cleanest shave possible. Coming at close second has to be the safety razor. 

Which razor is best for shaving legs men?

Shaving your legs can quickly be done with a disposable or cartridge razor. 

What razor is the best for beginners?

A cartridge razor is a perfect option for first-time shavers. It is the easiest option to learn and the safest one but is also suitable for various beard types and does not cause so much irritation. 

Is one blade razor better?

A one-blade razor could be a good option if you have susceptible skin. However, the blade has to be of immense quality and sharp enough to allow you to have a proper shave. 

Is it better to wet shave or dry shave?

Wet shaving is better for those that want a clean shave. Also, it helps moisturize your face and keeps it fresh. Dry shaving is a faster option, particularly if you don’t have much time to prepare. 

Can you share a razor with someone else?

Not. It is not advised to share a razor with anyone else. 


Choosing a suitable razor for men all boils down to personal preference. But it can be pretty hard to pick the best option, mainly as there are so many of them. However, with careful consideration and research, one will choose the best one for a perfect shave. After all, you are the one that knows you the best. 

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Best Razors for Men for Super Close Shave (All Face Types)


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