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Best Hair Clippers for Fades That’ll Spice Up Your Look

Best Hair Clippers for Fades

Clippers can save you a lot of trouble visiting hairstylists regularly. And they are a great stepping stone towards hair dyes for men and women. But you must know how to buy a good one, use and maintain it. We’ve got all that and then some here.

What Are Hair Clippers for Fades

For many people, their hairstyle is a part of their personality. So grooming is a big part of it and that’s where using hair clippers to get the perfect fade is essential. 

Fades are a popular style these days, whether or not you’re trying to keep it cool during those hot summer months. And it doesn’t take a lot of equipment to get it right. Just effort and time. That’s what clippers get you.

So, a good one like the Oster clippers for home and professional use can go a long way in ensuring just that. But don’t go for that without research because the clippers must suit your hair type along with a few other factors.

There are different types of fades and that depends on the type and length of your hair. We’ll get into all that in a minute.

How Do Hair Clippers for Fades Work

You start by creating the top section, which is longer than the sides. Then you contain the top with rubber bands or clips and spray water on the sides starting from the end of the top section where you want the fade to start.

Use a cape or towel to ensure the hair doesn’t fall on your neck. Pick the shortest guard on the clipper and get cracking. If there is a level for taper, too, leave it in the open position so that your guard gets the longest possible length.

Start chopping your chair about 1.5 inches from the bottom in the upward direction. Move it in a C-shaped fashion to get the right look. Make the taper slightly short by adjusting the lever and continue the C-shaped movement like an ice cream scooping.

Repeat this by adjusting the lever till it is closed. Move in short flicks upwards and trim out the part of the neck you want to leave bald.

Now do a second pass with the guard at medium length and the lever only closed halfway. Then do a third pass with the guard at its shortest length and the lever wholly closed.

Remember always to keep the flick of the clipper outwards as you move from the bottom of the head to the middle.

Now, trim the top of the hair like it’s a clean-up job and make sure that the length of the top section blends nicely into the fade. But you can leave a sharp contrast too. It’s a style choice.

Pros and Cons of Using Hair Clippers for Fades

Pros and Cons of Using Hair Clippers for Fades


  • Apart from hair and trim and shape beards fast too. And a little premium hair oil for men never hurt anyone.
  • You can easily cut uniformly with clippers.
  • It’s easy to cut coarse and thick hair.
  • Some attachments make styling easy.
  • Using balding clippers for head shaving will feel like a blessing.


  • Clippers are not suitable for close shaving.
  • They can be heavy and hence difficult to handle.
  • It takes some effort to maintain them.
  • They are not great for grooming short hair.

Types of Hair Clippers for Fades


These clippers come with more power when they are plugged in. But you won’t have as much freedom to move them. They are a good choice when you have a long job because they don’t depend on charge. 


These are more convenient in terms of movement and you can use them anywhere. They might not have as much power as corded models, but you have the benefit of getting the job done at all times without needing access to a power socket if you plan well enough.

How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers for Fades

Ease of Use

This is mainly for beginners because you want it to help you as much as possible. So, look for a manual and how easy it is to hold it in your hands.

Your Needs

Clippers are usually good or bad, depending on what you are using them for. If you want to style long hair with fades, this is the perfect way to go. But if you have short hair and want to groom it yourself, well, they’re not entirely useless, but they are the next best thing.

Power Options

This whole concept revolves around the corded or cordless debate. That means you must figure out what jobs you will do with the trimmer and how long it needs to work. That’s why professionals prefer corded models while at-home users prefer cordless ones.

Motor Power

If you want to use it for long hours, you need a good motor with a high strokes/minute count.

Motor Types

Rotary motors have the same amount of blade speed and power, so they are versatile. Magnetic motors are compact and lightweight but also noisy. And pivot motors have low blade speed but high power, making them suitable for wet and thick hair.


This is all about precision. So, high blade speed will be more accurate, but you have to know what you’re doing. And if you get a self-sharpening one, maintenance becomes easy.

How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers for Fades


This is not an issue if you don’t use it too often. But professionals will want something quieter, so clippers with magnetic motors are not for them.


For at-home use, you want to look for a lifetime warranty. Sometimes you might have to pay a little extra. So this depends on how seriously you plan to use it.


Professionals will need a whole range of combs and tools. Amateurs using it at home will be fine with just the guard.

Corded or Cordless

This depends on what you intend to cut with the clipper and how long it will likely take.


If you get something with a powerful motor, it might be heavy. That means a longer job is harder on your hand. But otherwise, it should be okay for quick jobs.


Once again, if you are getting creative with the clipper, you want your hand to be comfortable. So, pick something that is designed to ease your palm and wrist.


This depends on the accessories and features. The more you pay, the more of those you can get. But that’s not always necessary if you’re not going to use them. So, self-sharpening blades might be good, but blade speed depends on your expertise.

How to Use Hair Clippers for Fades

There are 4 steps to this process. Let’s begin. Check out a crew cut fade styling guide to see how you can make the layers happen.

Step 1 – Prep the clippers and hair

You must sanitize the equipment to ensure it doesn’t add grease to the hair. Then you must wash your hair and make sure no tangled hair might get caught in the clippers.

Step 2 – Trim the top

Figure out the length of the top section of the hair so that you know how you will blend it into the fade if that’s what you’re choosing. Keep your guard at the highest mark and trim it downwards. Reduce the guard length in increments to create layers. Then, blend them with a nice transition from one layer to another.

Step 3 – Clean the neckline

How to Use Hair Clippers for Fades

Now come to the bottom and clean the neckline, so you know the exact area of the fade in between the top section and the bottom of the hair. Do the same with the ears so that you know the playing field.

Step 4 – Fade

Depending on your choice of the fade length (low, medium, high), set up the guard and scoop out the area that needs fading, as mentioned earlier. 

How to Maintain Hair Clippers for Fades

Step 1 – Disconnect the clippers

Unplug the clippers and remove the attachments. Also, disconnect any power cables that might be attached to them.

Step 2 – Clean it

Take the brush that likely came with the clippers and remove any debris and remaining hairs in the clipper.

Then spray the anti-bacterial liquid on it to ensure all the hairs are out of the clippers. This will take care of cross-contamination. Don’t use water for this because it might lead to rust.

Leave it that way. Take the attachments, place them in a container with disinfectant, and leave them for a few minutes.

Step 3 – Wipe it down

After the clippers are completely dry, wipe them down with a clean cloth.

Time and again, you want to unscrew the clipper and do a deep clean.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Not necessarily. This is because the price depends on many factors, including the brand. The most popular one will be expensive, but you must look into their track record anyway.

Also, look at reviews to know about possible problems and how to solve them. Your needs will also determine the price because, as home users, you don’t want all the things a professional pair of clippers will do. So, look at individual features to decide if you want all that glitter.

Do’s and Don’ts With Hair Clippers for Fades

Hair clippers are upgraded from small barber scissors, but they are not flawless. Here’s what you should keep in mind to keep them around for a long time.


  • Use them with a cape to make cleaning easy.
  • Clean them as often as possible to keep them free of germs.
  • Use them with a brush or comb to better look when cutting longer hair.


  • Don’t clean them with water.
  • Don’t leave them in the disinfectant for too long.

FAQ About Hair Clippers for Fades

What clippers do barbers use for fade?

When choosing your next clean haircut, you want to look at clippers with a good range for the guard. You also want something with decent motor power and battery life.

What clipper number is fade?

Fades are not done with just one clipper number. They depend more on how you move the clipper at a given length and then adjust the lever until you get the type of fade you want. A buzz cut works well with a size 3. 

What tools do you need for a fade haircut?

Clippers with a comb guard, scissors (optional), rubber bands or clips.

How do you get rid of fade lines?

You can do this manually by flicking the clippers outwards from the bottom of the head to the top. Or you can hold a comb against each part of the head and buzz the ends. This works for an ultimate beard fade too.

Can you fade with cheap clippers?

Sure, it’s more in the technique than tools, but often cheap clippers can flake out on you halfway through the fade. So, don’t be too thrifty. And pick between electric shaver vs blade based on your expertise.


Clippers are a great way to do fades at home. So, today, they are more than just for a professional barber. But you must know how to buy and use them, which you now do. So, get cracking on your new hairstyle.

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Best Hair Clippers for Fades That’ll Spice Up Your Look


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