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Noble Otter Shave Soap Review – Heavenly Lather & Scent

Noble Otter Shave Soap Review

We heard many great things about Noble Otter and their shaving soap line before we finally decided it was time to give them a go. Based on what we were able to see for ourselves, we should have done a review much earlier as they genuinely offer some exceptional products for men’s shaving and grooming in general. 

Even though they have a lot to offer when it comes to men’s shaving tools, we decided to concentrate on the thing that we fancied the most – Shaving soaps. 

So grab your premium shaving brush and let’s get to it. 

What Is Noble Otter Shave Soap

Noble Otter is a brand created by a power duo that wanted to improve wet shaving needs for men. Initially, they began their careers as hobbyist bath soap makers. But after one of them received a simple wet shaving kit as a Christmas present, things started moving and they went on to produce some exquisite shaving soaps. 

They fell in love with the most was the different and appealing scents that each soap had. Naturally, the idea was to improve on them and produce even better and more attractive ones. 

Their uniqueness stems from their name – the Noble Otter. They wanted a name brand that had a ring to it. But not just any generic ring, but something that evokes elegance and uniqueness. The idea behind the Noble Otter is that each soap comes with its unique Otter that can guide you and your wet shaving needs. 

Besides shaving soaps, Noble Otter also offers a lot of hardware for shaving, some pre-shave oil with a pleasant scent product, aftershave products, and bath and body solutions. 

Benefits of Using Noble Otter Shave Soaps

The Noble Otter shaving soaps genuinely have too many advantages to speak of. But what we noticed is that they give a lot of attention to the production and design of their soaps. Using their products is like a party on your face and everyone is invited. 

The main advantage is, of course, the smell. They truly have some amazing stuff on tap. You can hardly find such exquisite smells elsewhere. Not only that, but their offering is very diverse. You can find different aromas per your tasting and order them up. 

Additionally, most of the products that we have tried do not take long to lather. If you are already a wet shaving expert, you will be up and running in no time. Novice shavers may still need a few tries to get things right, but the trick is to use enough water and keep things hydrated. You don’t need an extremely durable shaving bowl to start, but you do need a bit of skill to lather up. 

Once you feel the creamy soap on your face, you will start to understand where the true advantage of these soaps lies. They offer an excellent shaving experience, leaving your face soft, hydrated, and without irritation. 

How Do Noble Otter Shave Soaps Work

Using most of the Noble Otter Shave soaps is different from any other artisan soaps on the market. It depends on which type you decide to go with, but most are fairly thirsty. This means that water management is the main thing to worry about when lathering up. 

How Do Noble Otter Shave Soaps Work

Start by: 

  1. Get your face wet with some warm water. 
  2. Soak your soap and your shaving brush in some warm water. 
  3. Mix in the soap to prepare the lather. Use a lot of water if needed. 
  4. Load the brush and lather up your face. 
  5. Use the world’s best straight razor to shave. 

After you are done shaving, don’t forget about using aftershave to protect your face. During the shave, you will be able to enjoy the mixture of scents that each Noble Otter shave soap comes with. But after the shave is done, your face is going to feel more than thankful for providing it with such a rich shave. 

Depending on the type of soap you decide to go with, you will have to use more or less water. But based on our opinion, more water during wet shaving never hurt anyone. Hydrating your face is what damp shaving is all about, and the Noble Otter soaps are going to help it feel soft to the touch and pleasant all day long. 

Pros and Cons of Noble Otter Shave Soaps


  • Very diverse set of scents. 
  • A large variety of shave soap products to choose from. 
  • Very creamy lather with excellent shaving results. 
  • Offer various gear and hardware for appropriate shaving. 


  • A bit on the pricey side. 
  • Not suitable for wet shaving beginners. 

Even though the scents depend on users’ taste, we still feel that most of them smell great. You can also choose to use some of their additional products, like a professional shaping tool, but you are not inclined to if you are already used to your shaving kit. 

Types of Noble Otter Shave Soaps


The Noble Otter Rawr shaving soap is named so because of the sound the creator’s kids make when they try to scare him. The smell combines fruity and floral smells wrapped together so that you can sense a little bit of orange mixed in with dandelions and neroli. Rawr soap comes with a slick and protective lather that can be used on various skin types. 

The primary scents include Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Dandelions, Neroli, Vanilla, Musk notes, and Atlas Cedarwood. 


The idea behind the Noble Otter Orbit shave soap is cleanliness and the coolness of space. The Orbit soap creates a refreshing feeling which comes with a cooling sensation. It honestly does give you a shave that is out of this world. The cooling and tingling sensation of the soap also comes with a slick and refreshing lather suitable for all skin types. 

The smells you will find in this one include Bergamot, Vetiver, Eucalyptus, Rose, Sandalwood, Atlas Cedarwood, and Frozen Space. 


The Noble Otter Firefighter shaving soap is a nod to all the firefighters risking their lives to save people. The product has been created to raise money for people who lost their homes in wildfires in Oregon and Washington. The Firefighter is a tallow-based soap with added butter and oils for the perfect mix. The lather is slick and very nourishing for the skin and gives an awesome post-shave feel. 

The notes you will find in it include Grapefruit, Water, Red Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Lavender, and Ambergris. 

Noble Otter Shave Soap Firefighter


The Noble Otter Lonestar shave soap is dedicated to the Lonestar State. The scent of sage reminded the creators of this soap in Texas and they mixed in some lemon, magnolia, and Texas cedar and ended up with this exquisite soap. The slickness and the nourishment for the skin in this soap come from castor, coconut, and grape seed added. It is a recommended beard moisturizer soap that also makes a frothy lather. 

The Lonestar smoke will make you feel smells like Lemon, Sage, Texas Cedar, Magnolia, Leather, Oakmoss, and Hay. 

Neon Sun

The Noble Otter Neon Sun shave soap is a perfect choice for all those retro fans out there. This soap enables a trip back to the 80s and comes with nice, colorful packaging. But it is also perfect for a close shave with ultimate skin protection. The smells are perfumy and very eloquent. The combination of performance, lime, and bergamot, with some fantastic artwork to boot, is what the Neon Sun soap is all about.  

You will find scents like Lime, Oakmoss, Bergamot, Musk, and Patchouli within it. 


Some people do not like scented shaving soaps and for that reason, the Noble Otter Bare shave soap was created. If you don’t want to mix the smell of your cologne with your shave soap or do not like strong smells, the Bare soap is the one to try. It still comes with excellent protection and results in smooth skin even after you are done with your convenient disposable razor

You get all of the advantages for your skin that come with a beautiful soap just without the smells that follow. 


The Noble Otter Plunder shave soap is not for the light-hearted. Fans of Jack Sparrow and Black Beard will enjoy the rum and cannon smoke fragrance that this soap gives off. The smoky smell is powerful and not for everyone, but if you happen to like it, you will want to order two right away. Let’s not forget the excellent shaving experience and feel after using the Plunder shave soap. 

Distinguishing scents include Bay, Rose, Grog, Grapefruit, Spice, Lime, Cannon Smoke, and Vetiver. 


When you use the Noble Otter Monarch shave soap, the idea is to immediately picture French markets with products like flowers, coffee, fruits and many more. It has a warm and enveloping tone sparked with a hint of lavender, cognac, and coffee. Your face will feel like royalty as, besides the smell, it comes with some lavishing results. 

You will sense smells like Lavender, Cognac, Face Powder, Sandalwood,  Coffee, Orange, Hyacinth, Neroli, and Vanilla. 

Northern Elixir

Hate the heat and the summer? Use Noble Otter Northern Elixir shave soap for a cool, winter air feel. This shave soap is sure to bring winter back into your home and does so with a peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus mix. The added essential oils give the essential fragrance to this cooling soap that is suitable for various skin types.  

The Northern Elixir shave soap will make you feel Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Frost. 

The Noir et Vanille

Noble Otter Shave Soap The Noir et Vanille

The Noir et Vanille is supposed to make you feel what a late-night tea in Paris tastes like. The soap gives off black team scents, but when you lather up, you start to feel floral and citrus smells of jasmine and bergamot. The vanilla notes are the perfect addition that gives this artisan soap a mellow and inviting feel. 

The Noir et Vanille smells like Bergamot, Jasmine, Loose Black Tea, Vanilla, and Strawberry. 

Two Kings

The Noble Otter Two Kings shave soap focuses on Oud and Rose’s two very powerful notes. The combination of elegance, lust, and grandeur or the rose combined with power, mystery, and darkness of oud is a perfect mixture for any artisan shave soap enthusiast. The Two Kings soap brings powerful dark floral magic neatly packed in a 4oz pack. 

The smells are a bit more complex here as you have the Black Currant and Citrus as top notes, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Carnation, and Rose as heart notes, and Oud, Oakmoss, Incense, and Sandalwood as base notes. 


The Noble Otter Hamami shave soap is supposed to encapsulate a Turkish Bath’s refreshing and cleansing feeling. Hamami is the word used in Turkish for it and the soap comes with a clean, floral fragrance to it.  The top notes are subtle hints of Saffron and Bergamot, while it later goes into Jasmine Absolute and Geranium. The clean and soapy scent of Hamami is perfect for all skin types. 

The scent notes that you will feel Saffron, Bergamot, Jasmine Absolute, Wet Stone, Sandalwood, Petitgrain, Tonka Bean, and Geranium.  


The Noble Otter Barrbarr shave soap evokes all of those old-school feelings when one enters a barbershop. You will be reminded of the sweet, spicy, and powdery tones that are usual for a barbershop. The soap is a nostalgia machine for those who remember getting a haircut in a timely old barbershop. 

The featured smells include Lemon, Basil, Rosemary, Oakmoss, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.

Features of Noble Otter Shave Soaps

Before grabbing your favorite beard scissors and starting to get ready for a shave, we urge you first to take a look at the characteristics that the Noble Otter shaving soaps come with. That way, you will better understand which type to get. 


Each Noble Otter type comes with its separate otter and a unique scent. The creators of these soaps take special care to mix in various smells to invoke a fantastic feeling with the user thematically. Each shave soap is unique by its rights and will either make you fall in love with it, make you feel nostalgic, happy, relieved, and all types of feelings that you forgot existed. 


The thing that makes Noble Otter shave soaps smell so good and, at the same time, feel excellent on your skin are the ingredients. The mixed-in parts are supposed to allow you to feel great during and after the shave. The level of protection and the unique feel you get can all be written off to the natural ingredients these soaps come with.  


The Noble Otter shave soaps are characterized by excellent latherability. You still need a lot of water to get them working, but once you do, it’s lather-galore. Wet shavers are mainly going to be happy with this feature as it is on the mind of most users. 


Features of Noble Otter Shave Soaps

All of the Noble Otter sops are as consistent as they get. They are not only there because they look, smell, and feel good; they can do so consistently. You will have the same exquisite feeling from the start till the end of your shaving routine. 


One of the main characteristics of Noble Otter shave soaps is that they enable excellent slickness. You can immediately feel it as you lather up. Even with sharper blades, there will not be any burns and nips and cuts. The slick lather that these soaps create is more than enough to protect your face from all the sharp tools you will be using.  


Finally, longevity is an essential factor as these packs will last you a while. Given the price that these soaps come with and the number of times you will be using them, we can say that the math checks out. You will need to fork up a bit more money than you are used to, but you are going to be using the soaps for a longer time, at least for 8 to 11 weeks. 

How to Use a Noble Otter Shave Soap

Step 1 – Get your shaving kit

For a real wet shave, we suggest putting away your elegant stubble trimmer for a while. A clean shave can only be achieved with the right tools for the job. So get your shaving kit ready and set your shaving brush, razor, mug, and an appropriate shaving soap ready. 

Step 2 – Use a lot of water

To prepare your Noble Otter shave soap, be sure to use a lot of water. Put the soap in some warm water and wait a few minutes. Don’t forget to wash your face as well. Start preparing the lather with enough water until you are sure that it is ready. Once you see the thick, slick, and yogurty features appear, you are ready to load up your brush. 

Step 3 – Apply the lather

Apply the lather to your face and smear it everywhere you intend to shave. The lather should provide enough moisture for your face, so you don’t have to use an additional moisturizer after you are done. Pick out a suitable razor, but be sure to use a sharp one. After removing all the excess facial hair, finish by splashing some aftershave on your face. 

The second you are done, you will start to feel the specific elements that Noble Otter soaps come with. The post-shave feel is excellent and makes you feel ready to take on the entire day without a fuss. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Noble Otter Shave Soap


  • Use an appropriate toolset for shaving. 
  • Be patient when preparing the lather. 
  • Wash your face, brush and razor with some warm water. 


  • Disregard the post-shaving treatment. 
  • Not using enough water to prepare the soap. 
  • Using a dull blade. 

FAQ About Noble Otter Shave Soaps

FAQ About Noble Otter Shave Soaps

What is special about Noble Otter shaving soap?

The specialty of the Noble Otter shaving soaps comes in their unique smells of various types, the ingredients, and the design of each package. 

Is Noble Otter shaving soap suitable for your face?

Yes, it is. The slickness and the protection factor of each type are high, which helps you protect your face. 

How long does Noble Otter shaving soap last?

It depends on the number of times a person shaves. But if you shave five times per week and apply 2g to 2.5g per shaving, you will be using it for about 45 to 55 shaves. This approximately amounts to 8 to 11 weeks of shaving. 

How to buy Noble Otter shaving soap?

You can buy Noble Otter shaving soaps on their website or right here with the help of our page. 


If you are looking for an exquisite brand of shave soaps, Noble Otter is something that you cannot pass over. Since they have a very long list of types with different scents, you will have a tough time choosing which one to try. But thanks to the unique way they present their products, we are sure that you will be able to make your pick in no time. You will also not make a mistake if you try experimenting and use a few different ones. 

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Noble Otter Shave Soap Review – Heavenly Lather & Scent


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