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19 Baseball Haircuts & How to Sport Them Confidently

Baseball Haircuts

Whether you’re a Baseball player or a baseball fan, you might want to try this trendy Mohawk with a unique design. This hairstyle became famous not only because our favorite baseball players are sporting it. Instead, they’re gained a massive following because of the fresh, polished, yet masculine vibe it gives. 

Instead of arguing which is the world’s best hair dye, the best hair dryers for men’s hair or the best hair relaxer for men, it’s best to decide first what’s the best baseball haircut for every male personality and styling preference. There are different variations to this haircut, and in this article, you’ll learn all of it. Regardless of the shape and size of your face, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a style that completely suits you. If you’re ready to explore this hairstyle and all of its variations, read on. 

What Is a Baseball Haircut

This is the haircut that Bryce Harper made famous. However, this is more than just another trendy hairstyle of a famous person that fans want to emulate. Instead, it’s a versatile style that fits anyone. It’s also stylish and fuss-free, which explains why many fans and non-fans are emulating it. With the variety this hairstyle offers, you won’t need to debate what product to use or whether it’s pomades vs wax vs gel vs clay. You can use the one that fits your chosen baseball haircut.

This hairstyle is considered perfect for many, with its iconic trim fits a serious gentleman. Some even said that this hairstyle brought Bryce Harper’s gameplay to a new height. Since there are different styles, no single characteristic would completely describe this haircut. It could be a short top haircut with a fading cut, spiky with fade, messy undercut fade, or textured wave with fade. 

What Do You Need for a Baseball Haircut

The thing with a baseball haircut is it doesn’t come with a prerequisite for you to try it. Maybe the only limitation is if you’re still growing your hair after opting for a bald style. Even if it’s a simple style, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can cut your hair. To achieve and copy the salient features of this unique hairstyle, you’ll need a barber or a hairdresser, along with a reference photo. 

How to Ask for a Baseball Haircut 

Step 1 – Ask your barber if they’re familiar with a haircut

This is a reasonably popular haircut, so this is a hairstyle that they are familiar with. However, with many variations of this single hairstyle, it’s best to know if you see eye-to-eye. 

Step 2 – Show them a picture

When you can’t explain the style you’re aiming for in words, go for pictures. Grab an image from the internet and use the said photo when describing the style you’re aiming for to your hairstylist.

Step 3 – Confirm if your chosen style would look good on you

Let’s admit it – the haircut may look good on someone but may not be suitable for you. In that case, you need to ask the experts. Ask your hairstylist if the chosen haircut will compliment the shape of your face and head. They’ll come up with a variation that’s best for you most of the time. You can sport the best baseball hairstyle with the best hair cutting shears for all hairstyles

How to Style the Baseball Haircut

Step 1 – Go for the messy look

You don’t need to exert effort to achieve this look. Use some hair wax and apply the same to your hair. Grab a small amount of wax, and run your fingers through your hair upward. The wax will work its magic. 

How to Style the Baseball Haircut

Step 2 – Wash and dry your hair

If you’re aiming for the tapered undercut with a curly top, you’ll need to grow your hair to a specific length before cutting them. Once you achieve this style, one way of styling it is to wash your hair, dry it and smother the curly parts with your fingers. You can also use leave-in conditioners, gentle hair tonic, powerful hair oil for men, or tonics for any hair type

Step 3 – Wear your favorite cap

Yes, wearing a cap would hide the beauty of the haircut. However, some variations look perfect with a cap on. An example of this style is a thick, wavy, shoulder-length cut. Sport an effortless Keanu Reeves style with this cut. 

Things to Consider Before Getting a Baseball Haircut

Although baseball haircuts are flexible, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to consider certain factors that make this style fit your personality and look. Here are some of the key features to consider when aiming for the baseball cut. 

Your Features

Consider your features when deciding what type of baseball haircut to go for. For example, go for the downed quiff version if you have a longer face with narrow and wider width. Opt for a short platinum blonde baseball haircut if you like to play with colors. On the other hand, go for the Caesar cut if you want to highlight your chiseled jawline. 


One consideration in choosing the right haircut for you is how much time you can allocate to maintaining your hairstyle. If you’re like most men who are always on the go, the messy look will work best. Longer hairstyles are also in need of more maintenance than shorter ones. 


Most of the time, the hairstyle is in itself a statement or a style. However, intricate styling is required by baseball haircuts like tapered cuts with curly tops, back hair, and detailed sides. This means you must know how to fix them on your own as you wear them daily. 


What look are you trying to achieve – sexy, bold, boy-next-door, laidback, polished, trendy, or mature? There’s a perfect baseball haircut for any of these looks. 


The price would depend on the hairstylist working on your hair. Then again, more complex hairstyles could come with a hefty price tag. However, it’s not every day that you have to get a haircut, so if it looks good, then why not splurge?

19 Most Popular Types of Baseball Haircuts

Most Popular Types of Baseball Haircuts

Wavy and Textured Bangs

Wavy and textured bangs are for people with naturally wavy or curly hair. Celebrate your curls with a wavy and textured baseball haircut. This means that the curly and wavy hair is gathered on top of your head, slightly allowing them to grow towards your forehead. The sides of the head are usually partly shaved.

Upswept Top With Faded Sides

Bryce Harper is best known for this baseball cut variety. It gives off that polished yet ruggedly sexy look that’s best for both formal and sporty events. The forehead is usually kept clean, with the most hair, including the short bangs, swept up by a hair wax. The sides are generally partly shaved. 

Brushed Back With Partial Fade

This is for people with longer hair. This is still like the upswept top hairstyle, except that the hair is brought to the back instead of up. The sides are usually partly shaved.

Classic Short

Otherwise known as the partial bald hairstyle, classic short means no hair on the sides and top of your head. Chris Evans once shaved his head, and that’s the perfect example of this hairstyle. 

Curly Mohawk

This style is best for you if you have naturally curly hair. It helps define and highlight your curls yet also amplifies the shape of your face and other facial features. The hair tuft is on the upper part of your head, while the sides are slightly faded. 

Spiky Top With Faded Sides

This simple hairstyle is the most common style among baseball players – and it’s exactly like its name. The top hair is spiky, while the sides of your head are partially shaved. 

Mohawk With Side Design

This hairstyle is for you if you’re aiming for volume and aesthetics. It looks like the mainstream Mohawk with a hairdresser’s unique design as a trademark. 

Thick Top With Shaped Sides

To achieve this hairstyle, you’ll need to grow your hair to a certain length. The top part is thick and voluminous, while the sides are not shaved or faded. 

Brushed Back Bangs With Fade

If you have bangs, then you can use a styling gel or wax to smoothen your bangs upward, giving that sexy, polished look.

Quiff With Fade

This is characterized by a triangular-shaped hairstyle with partially shaved sides. 

Mexican Mullet

This is characterized by longer front and back hair. The sides of the head are usually tapered and clean, emphasizing the mullet. 

Short Mohawk With Fade

Some people argue about taper vs fade. In that case, you would be happy to know that this faded hairstyle fits people with all sorts of hair textures. The crown is ultimately swept up, with the hair tips cut pointedly. 

Caesar Cut

This is another hairstyle best for people with naturally wavy hair. This makes it look like your hair has a lot of volume. The good thing about this hairstyle is you can wear them on any occasion. 

Long Flow

This hairstyle is also best for people with naturally wavy hair. If you have mid-length hair, allow your hair to flow towards the back of your head. 

Short Waves

This is the hairstyle that people with natural curls and waves can sport seamlessly. Pair your short locks with a baseball for that perfectly messy, rough look. 

Mohawk Twists

Braid your mohawk and sport that signature Mohawk twist if you want a statement look. 

Straight Side Combed

This style is exactly like its name – combed style, allowing the hair to settle on one side of the head, giving that polished look. 

Crew Cut

This hairstyle is short, with graduated length. It forms short pomp at your hairline. 

Hard Part Comb-Over

Hard Part Comb-Over

This means that your hair is combed to one side of your hair before it’s hard-parted to accentuate the hairbrush over. After all, a side part hairstyle for modern men is one of the best hairstyles to aim for. You can use premium hair wax to style your hair.

FAQ About Baseball Haircuts

What is the baseball haircut called?

To recap, this is the haircut that Bryce Harper made famous. However, this is more than just another trendy hairstyle of a famous person that fans want to emulate. Instead, it’s a versatile style that fits anyone. It’s also stylish and fuss-free, which explains why many fans and non-fans are emulating it.

Why do baseball players have mohawks?

Although it’s not required for every baseball player to have a mohawk, this style has been popular among them for being straightforward, no-fuss, and effortless to the sport. 

How to get a baseball hair flow?

The first thing you need to do is let the top part of your hair grow while keeping the sides and back trimmed. Once you see the top reach three inches, let the back and sides grow until they reach your ears. After that, you can effortlessly style your hair. If you have a hair loss problem and want to experience a baseball hair flow, try using effective natural DHT blockers

Can baseball players have long hair?

Yes, they can. The sport is not a stranger to players with long hair. Examples of long-haired baseball players are John Kruk, Pedro Martinez, and Noah Syndergaard.


Now that you know the basics about baseball haircuts, you can choose more smartly. Consider the tips we shared and the considerations to take before deciding on a specific style. When you know what looks best for you, you can confidently sport the hairstyle any time of the day. Good luck, and may you grow more confident with your next haircut!

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19 Baseball Haircuts & How to Sport Them Confidently


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