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Layrite Cement Clay for Texturized & Sleek Looking Hair

Layrite Cement Clay

When it comes to personal grooming, most men are particular with their hair. They want it neat and well-put-together at all times. They look for the best hair-styling products that help them style the strands from vintage to punk look. But with a plethora of choices on the market, finding the best product can be a hassle.

Good news, there is one product that has become the gold standard of traditional barbering and men’s hairstyling because of its exceptional hold and natural finish – the Layrite Cement Clay.

What Is Layrite Cement Clay

Layrite Cement Clay is the flagship product of Layrite. This hair clay with the perfect hold is part of the Layrite Men’s Grooming Collection. It is a water-based clay formula with a hint of Layrite signature vanilla scent.

It is formulated with a unique combination of four premium plant, animal, and mineral waxes: Cera alba, lanolin, tribehenin, and ozokerite. These primary ingredients are carefully selected to produce a remarkable product.

Benefits of Using Layrite Cement Clay

When Layrite Cement Clay was introduced to the market in 1999, its mission was to become a men’s hair grooming product that “hold like wax and wash out like gel.” Fast forward today, this product is keeping its promise and has claimed its spot in the haircare industry as one of the world’s best hair wax for men.

  • It gives extreme hold with a clean matte finish.
  • It binds, thickens, and shapes the strands in place, creating a texturized and sleek look.
  • It does not dry the hair or produce flakes.
  • It can handle all kinds of styles, from messy, quiffs and pomps.
  • It controls frizz.

How Does Layrite Cement Clay Work

Layrite Cement Clay is great for styling any hair type- wavy, curly, straight, coarse, thick, or thin. It allows you to create a specific hairstyle when warmed and applied lightly, like a structured dry or messy look. This product delivers excellent hold as it binds and grips the individual strands to give definition and fullness. The finish is natural and does not dry or make the hair appear dull.

Pros and Cons of Layrite Cement Clay

Pros and Cons of Layrite Cement Clay


  • Easy to work into the strands.
  • Keeps the hair soft and easy to restyle if you want a new look.
  • Has a thickening effect that does not weigh the hair down.
  • Withstands the blustery winter days.
  • Completely water-soluble.
  • Works best for medium to thick hair and short to medium length.


  • Produces a pliable texture that cannot hold too heavy hair throughout the day.
  • Using too much amount for extremely thin hair can weigh it down.
  • A bit pricey for a 4-ounce tub.

Features of Layrite Cement Clay


Layrite has upgraded the jar’s design from white, smooth plastic with vinyl sticker label and pinup girl logo into satin-finished jars with gold-tone lid and textured label.


It smells like the classic vanilla candy-floss that is mild yet sweetly appealing.


It is pretty dense like a thick paste but without the usual grittiness like other products because of the presence of wax in it.


It easily grips the strands with a slightly sticky texture and lets you use a comb or your hands to style the hair way you want it. Warm the small amount you scoop between your hands and apply it.


The matte finish has a neutral-low shine result.


This product delivers a delicate yet strong quality with a unique blend of different wax that neutralizes the cement clay ingredient.


Features of Layrite Cement Clay

Its strength is exceptional and at par with other variants and brands. The hold is solid but feels very light in the hair.


This hair cream for men offers excellent control, holding the hair in place and providing the volume you want to achieve.


While the hair looks pliable and soft, the hold can last all day long, even during windy days or the winter season. The staying power of this product is brilliant.


It is pretty easy to restyle or rework your hair because it leaves the hair soft. Restyling is quite a breeze, like using a pomade enriched with oil that keeps hair moisturized.


Washing it out is pretty easy due to the soft texture. There is no need to scrub your hair hard. All it requires is your favorite shampoo and water to rinse the residue away.


It works like a hair gel for long-lasting hold.

How to Use Layrite Cement Clay

Step 1 – Scoop a tiny amount

Rub it in your palms until it becomes pliable.

Step 2 – Work through dry or damp hair

For lower shine and higher hold, dry your hair with a professional hairdryer. Let your hair dry or towel dry your locks for higher shine and lower hold.

Layrite Cement Clay vs Lockhart’s Matte Clay

Among the variations of clay grooming products on the men’s haircare market, Layrite Cement Clay and Lockhart’s Matte Clay top the list in popularity and performance.

We compare the two products based on the following features:


Layrite Cement Clay has incredible hold, while Lockhart’s Matte Clay offers medium hold


Both produce a natural, low-shine matte finish.


Layrite Cement Clay has a slightly sticky texture, while Lockhart’s Matte Clay is creamy and thick.


Layrite Cement Clay comes with a light Vanilla scent, while Lockhart’s Matte Clay has a seductive woodsy cologne scent reminiscent of earthy moss, lavender, and musk blend.

Generally, both products are easy to use and produce a neat natural look that leaves the hair soft while keeping your desired style.

Do’s and Don’ts With Layrite Cement Clay


  • Do use it if you are choosing a short hairstyle or love using hair clippers to trim the hair.
  • Do use it if you have thin hair that needs texture and thickness.
  • Do apply to dry hair for a stronger hold.
  • Do apply from front to back to cover the roots of the strands.


  • Don’t overdo the amount you style your hair quickly. If you put too much, it will be harder to work with.
  • Don’t add water when you’re restyling.

FAQ About Layrite Cement Clay

FAQ About Layrite Cement Clay

What is Layrite Cement Clay used for?

This is used by men who look their best every day and dislike messy hair. Unlike other clay products, Layrite Cement Clay does not harden the hair, so restyling is easy.

Where can I buy Layrite Cement Clay?

You can use it with other products like the Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil that moisturizes the beard and skin like the industry’s premium beard balm variants.

Do I need to dry my hair before using it?

No. You can apply the Layrite Cement Clay in damp hair, but the drier your hair, the more matte is the finish and the stronger the hold.

What other Layrite products can I use to enhance my hairstyle?

For a more extreme hold, mist it with a Layrite Grooming Spray. You can use the Layrite Shampoo or just water to wash it off.


Daily grooming is easier when you have reliable and amazing products like Layrite Cement Clay. It is the ultimate choice when you want incredible hold, ease of application and restyling, ingredient quality, formulation consistency, smell, and value for money. Just rinse it out with water and shampoo to clean your hair.

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Layrite Cement Clay for Texturized & Sleek Looking Hair


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