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Merkur Safety Razors – A Guide to This Sophisticated Razors

Merkur Safety Razors

What Is Merkur Safety Razor

Are you searching for high-quality safety razors and the world’s best shaping tool? Then check out the ones named Merkur. Merkur safety razors are classified as the flagship products of their company. They are the company’s bestsellers, thanks to their quality construction. These safety razors also gained popularity because of their close shaves and highly sturdy, strong steel material.

Benefits of Using Merkur Safety Razors

Choosing a razor for sensitive skin and any facial hair type will be easier with the impressive line of safety razors from Merkur. You can expect the brand to give you these incredible benefits.

Amazing Build and Design

Merkur safety razors continue to impress users thanks to their fantastic build and design. One option is the brand’s double-edge razor, which comes with a short handle that is heavy-duty enough, signifying the overall sturdiness and quality of the product. In addition to the incredible build quality of the razor, it also has tight tolerances and impressive chrome plating.

Smooth Shave Guaranteed

Another nice thing about several of the safety razors from the brand is that they can assure you of a smooth shave. You can even access one that also works as a premium razor for head shaving from Merkur. A smooth shave is also guaranteed, thanks to its ability to work as a mild shaver – one that is not highly aggressive nor mild. Expect it to suit those with light to modest beard growth the most.

Allows the Use of a Different Blade

The fact that most Merkur safety razors are mild means that you can experiment on various blades, letting you pick one that fits you the most. For example, it is highly recommended to choose the feather blade if your goal for using Merkur is to improve the shave’s efficiency. Experiment using various safety razor blades, so you can better decide which one is right for you and suitable for your beard style.

How Do Merkur Safety Razors Work

The safety razors of Merkur work by providing users with a comfortable and clean shaving experience. It has a superior and sophisticated design, promoting ease when using it for shaving.

Many also love the way Merkur safety razors work as they function even if you apply only a minimal amount of pressure. It can give you a great experience similar to when you enjoy comfortable shaving with a Rockwell razor, also known for its quality.

Short History of Merkur Safety Razors

Short History of Merkur Safety Razors

Merkur safety razors are manufactured by a German company located out of Solingen. This is DOVO Steelware, founded in 1906 by Mr. Voos and Mr. Dorp. DOVO started creating straight razors from their factory with only 13 employees. In 1930, DOVO continued building its name in the industry, which also helped make Solingen more popular.

With the continuously rising positive reputation of DOVO, the local authorities decided to enact a law trademarking the town’s name as a symbolism of quality and pride. Over the years, DOVO earned widespread attention with the quality of its products. They even earned success all over North America and Western Europe.

Until today, the company continues to be the most respected name in the industry that creates quality and innovative safety razors.

Pros and Cons of Using Merkur Safety Razors


  • Heavy-duty and durable design.
  • Works even with minimal pressure.
  • Assures users of a smooth and comfortable shave.
  • Mild shaver, lowering the risk of skin irritation and other issues brought on by shaving.
  • Permits the use of different blades.


  • Comes with an adjustable knob, which is quite difficult to turn at times.

Models of Merkur Safety Razors

Merkur safety razors are available in a wide range of models. With that, you will surely be able to find one that fits your unique requirements the most and pair it up with the right beard comb, too.

Merkur Short Handle Razors

Merkur 30C

The 30C features a black non-slip handle with a unique texture. It also takes pride in its closed-comb and 3-piece design. It is a short handle razor with perfect balance, making it nice to look at while being comfortable and pleasurable to use when shaving.

Merkur 33C

The 33C is another great-performing short-handled razor from Merkur. It has a great feel, performance, and quality. It boasts of its 3-piece and closed-comb design. Everyone also loves its 3.3-inch chrome handle with a knurled design.

Merkur 34C

You will also love the particularly unique features of Merkur 34C. Thanks to its 2-piece design and the perfect blade angle, it is the company’s bestseller. It also continues to leave a good impression as it provides a smooth and almost ideal shave without leaving any nicks and skin irritation. This makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Merkur 42C

The quality of Merkur 42C is also undeniable. It can effortlessly give you a good experience as far as traditional wet shaving is concerned. It has a closed-comb design, which is a significant advantage as it lets you locate the perfect setting angle to begin shaving. It also has a blade gap, which makes the razor optimally suitable for shaving facial hair and excess and unwanted hair from any part of the body.

Merkur 45C

If you are looking for a sturdy 3-piece shaver, you can go for the 45C, mainly constructed from Blakelight plastic. It is a lightweight safety razor with a red/black look that those who prefer a retro look will surely love. It is also an incredible travel shaver that features a closed comb and double-edge straight bar head.

Merkur 41

Merkur Short Handle Razors

You will also like the visual appeal of the Merkur 41. It has an antique style that boasts of its open comb bar design. It works comfortably and efficiently, shaving even the coarsest facial hair or beard. The Merkur 41 is also beneficial, thanks to its easily maneuverable, balanced, lightweight, and adjustable nature. Moreover, it features a 6-sided handle with an end knob, giving you a non-slip and thicker grip.

Merkur 15C

Another excellent choice for short handle razors is the Merkur 15C. This razor features a short, slender, and lightweight handle, boasting its open comb bar design. This helps in handling even coarse beards. It delivers a mild, comfortable, close, smooth shave without any razor burns. The Merkur 15C also has the advantage of having a handle and knob with textured knurling, thereby promoting a sure and comfortable grip.

Merkur Long Handle Razors

Merkur 20C

This 3-piece razor features a DE head. Compared to the 33C, the 20C razor from Merkur is also recognized for being less aggressive. It is also distinctive as it features a textured handle with a black matte finish. The handle is long enough that you can easily maneuver the razor. Most users love the weight and balance of the razor and its ability to provide a close and smooth shave.

Merkur 23C

Another long handle razor from Merkur is the 23C. The handle is long enough at 4 inches, promoting ease in controlling and moving it on your face and any body part. You can easily shave with its long handle. It also features a 3-piece and closed-comb design. Moreover, it tends to leave a good impression because of its outstanding balance, weight, and feel.

Merkur 38C

The 38C is another of the brand’s most popular long-handle razors with a heavy and 2-piece design. It is a perfect choice among beginners and professionals with its easy grip. Another advantage of this razor is that it is compatible with every double-edged blade, making it ideal for use in almost all situations.

Merkur 43C

This 2-piece double-edge safety razor has a long solid handle of brushed stainless steel material. It also features a chrome plating, closed comb, and a fixed bar safety head. This specific razor has a lower level of aggressiveness compared to other models. It prevents razor burns and skin irritations while working efficiently for those who have coarse and thick beards.

Merkur 47C

Many also love the Merkur 47C, thanks to its nice 3-piece and chrome-plated construction. It is perfect for wet shaving as it promotes a confident and secure grip. The handle is long enough while featuring an elephant foot design, providing more dexterity and heft that supports a comfortable and close shave.

Merkur 25C

One thing that makes the Merkur 25C so great is that it promotes superior grip and control when you shave. It is lightweight and has an open comb, making it work even for long hair and a coarse beard. The excellent balance between the weight of its head and the length of the handle is also worth noting. In terms of aggressiveness, this razor falls under mild to medium and assures users of smooth and quality shaves every time.

Merkur Open Comb (OC) Safety Razors

The open comb (OC)safety razors of Merkur also continue to leave a good impression on the public. The open comb style appears in the form of the blade resting almost flush against the comb when you completely tighten the cap on the safety razor. This happens without the need for a blade gap.

This type of razor is also adjustable, allowing shavers to tighten the handle’s knob or cap firmly when doing the first or second pass. After that, you can loosen its knob to around one-eighth of a turn, resulting in a closer shave. This exposes the blade more, allowing it to rise above the comb.

The good thing about the open comb version of Merkur safety razors is that they are not highly aggressive. The OC is fully tightened, making the razor relatively mild while allowing you to loosen its knob so you can maximize its cutting potential.

Merkur Adjustable Safety Razors

Merkur Adjustable Safety Razors

Merkur 500 Progress

This is an entry-level adjustable safety razor known for its premium quality. It is fully adjustable, giving you the chance to make some changes on the blade’s angle within the razor head. It also provides the advantage of providing a closer shave as it has a wider gap and minimal blade tension. You can also easily adjust the blade’s position based on your needs.

Merkur 570 Progress

This is another version of the adjustable safety razor offered by Merkur. It is a short-handled model, similar to the 500. It also features a brass-plated neck and handle. The handle is rib designed, which you can see in the 500. This design promotes a sure and easy grip. The 570 comes with a travel case made of hard plastic, though, which you can’t expect to see in the 500 Progress.

Merkur 510 Progress

The 510 Progress has similar features to the 500 except for the handle, as the former has a longer one. It has a longer handle is a significant advantage for those who have bigger hands as it allows them to use the razor conveniently. It is also slightly heavier but still comfortable to use.

Merkur Futur 

Many are also fond of using the Merkur Futur. It is a mid-range adjustable safety razor with three models differing in terms of finish – the 700 has a satin chrome, the 701 has a shiny chrome, and the 702 has a gold-plated finish. You will immediately notice that the Futur is its bulkier and larger DE head.

The handle is also longer than the typical short-grip razors. This makes it ideal for those fond of using a razor with a longer handle or those who have larger hands. The weight is just enough to make the Futur deliver a solid and comfortable feel, heft, and balance.

Merkur Vision

If you are looking for premium adjustable safety razors, go for Merkur Vision. It has a single-blade design that boasts of its excellent craftsmanship. It also delivers an extraordinarily smooth shave as well as stylish lines.

Another reason to love the Merkur Vision is that it supports superior flexibility in adjusting the blade. It is mainly because of its butterfly-style doors that promote blade replacement and cleaning ease. Many also fall in love with this razor’s smooth matte surfaced handle. It is designed to maximize comfort and closeness as you shave.

Merkur Slant Bar Safety Razors

Merkur 37C HD

If you prefer using a slant razor, you can also take advantage of the Merkur 37C HD. This specific design is more efficient as it provides a diagonal cut instead of the straight cut. It has a slant razor head, which provides the right balance between a mild and an efficient cut.

You can also expect it to deliver a close and smooth shave as the head works in twisting the blade, which can significantly increase its rigidity. Note that this razor works better for experienced DE users as beginners may experience nicks and cuts if they use it.

Merkur 39C Long Handle

Similar to the 37C, the 39C is another slant safety razor with a 2-piece and double-edge design. It has some additional weight that several shavers love. However, it still differs from the 37C because of its long handle.

Merkur Travel Safety Single-Blade Razors

Merkur 933CL

For those who travel a lot, the Merkur 933CL is perfect for them. This single-blade razor features a 2-pc. handle and a 4-pc. design, which you can easily unscrew to make it more compact for travel purposes. What’s great about this travel safety razor is that it can assure a comfortable and close shave for sensitive skin and a normal beard type.

Moreover, the handle has a crosshatch and etched design, promoting a more secure grip. It is lightweight and features a leather case that makes it ideal for travel purposes.

Merkur 985CL

Another compact safety razor that is perfect for those who travel a lot is the Merkur 985CL. It boasts of its open comb that supports those who want a close shave and those who have a heavier beard or facial hair. It also benefits users as it has a non-slip grip and lightweight structure.

This razor also comes with a short handle, but you have assurance of its impressive balance. Many agree that it is one of those razors that can easily clean and maintain.

Merkur 46C

This double-edge single-blade razor is also perfect for traveling. It features a handle that has a brushed satin chrome finish. It also comes with a mirror chrome head. The length is just enough that you will not have any problem bringing it with you on your travels, even if you also bring a compact and practical shaving bowl around. This razor also consists of four parts and a 2-part handle, which promotes ease in maneuvering.

How to Choose a Merkur Safety Razor

How to Choose a Merkur Safety Razor

With the numerous models of Merkur safety razors, you may have a hard time deciding which one can fit your specific requirements and needs the most. In that case, here are some of the points and factors you can use in making the right decision:

Two or Three Piece

Decide whether you will be getting the safety razor with a two-piece or a three-piece design. Do you prefer a razor with a butterfly head – one that opens easily when it’s time to replace the blade? Then go for the two-piece safety razor. However, if you prefer a complex yet dependable model, choose one with a 3-piece design.

Safety Bar or Open Comb

You should also decide whether to go for a safety razor featuring a safety bar or an open comb. The open comb features visible teeth, guiding the hair to the blade. It was the only available safety razor for several years before the one featuring a safety bar came. This is in answer to those who prefer a safety razor with minimal aggressiveness while still providing additional protection.

If you are still a beginner, it would be best to use a safety bar razor. It has extra protection that can prevent the risk of you experiencing the negative effects of shaving, like bleeding and irritation. However, if you already have more experience, especially when it comes to wet shaving, the open comb is a much better option. The reason is that it provides more freedom, though it also makes you prone to cuts and wounds.


Of course, it is also necessary to factor in the price. The reason is that various Merkur safety razors also have different prices. One thing that affects the price is the razor’s design. For beginners, going for a less expensive option is advisable. This is so you can avoid spending money on a razor, which is not suitable for your expertise in handling it yet.


Assess the weight of the razors, too. This is necessary for preventing any discomfort when using the razor. Go for a safety razor, which is light enough that you will not experience difficulty handling and maneuvering it. If you are a beginner, go for a heavier razor since you will have an easier time wielding and controlling it.

Note, though, that the heavyweight may eventually cause you to experience difficulty holding the razor for a prolonged period. Avoid extra heavy ones if you don’t have any experience with them yet.

Handle Length

Check the length of the razor’s handle. You can choose one with the classic handle or the long one. The handle’s length does not significantly affect the shave’s quality, but it is mostly about how comfortable it feels as you shave in your hand.

If you want a razor that is easier to use, go for a longer handle. Longer ones also tend to offer more control over the others. It is also perfect for those with larger hands as it assures you of a more comfortable grip.

Adjustable or Fixed

Decide between the adjustable or the fixed type safety razor. A razor with a fixed blade is one wherein there is a set distance between the safety bar and the blade. You can also buy any of the Merkur safety razors with adjustable blades, giving you the chance to set the amount of blade to expose.

Note that those with adjustable blades are costlier than the fixed ones. They are still worth it, though, because you can conveniently adjust to the gap between the safety bar and blade. With that, it is no longer surprising if many view it as a hybrid between the open comb and the safety bar.


Invest in the right accessories to go along with the safety razor, too. Ensure that the accessories you buy promote ease and convenience when shaving with the razor. For instance, invest in an effective shaving brush, one that you can pair up with the razor.

How to Use Merkur Safety Razors

How to Use Merkur Safety Razors

Step 1 – Use a brush to apply the lather

After that, do the first pass. It should be with the grain.

Step 2 – Rinse after the first pass, then lather again

Perform the second pass. Do it by shaving across the grain. It can be described as the specific direction of beard growth. In most cases, the growth of the beard is downwards. In other words, you should shave using down strokes.

Step 3 – Go for the third pass if necessary

If that’s the case, make this third pass against the grain. You can do that by letting the razor use upward strokes. Use a nourishing beard balm or shaving gel.

This should help in polishing your newly shaven beard. Pick a masculine scent of shaving gel or beard balm to produce a more desirable effect.

How to Maintain Merkur Safety Razors

Step 1 – Clean after use

You can clean your Merkur safety razor with the help of hot water and mild soap.

Step 2 – Soak your razor in water containing mild soap

Allow it to get soaked in the water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3 – Remove all the dirt and gunk by brushing away

In case the dirt remains, repeat the steps several times.

Step 4 – Polish your razor

You can do this only occasionally. Ensure that you exercise caution as you polish the razor to prevent damaging its coating.

Merkur vs Rockwell 6C vs Rockwell 6S

Various Merkur safety razor models are almost similar to Rockwell 6C and 6S. However, these models and brands also have a few differences. For one, the Rockwell 6C is recognized as one of the newest in the industry. Many also consider it the best razor that works for beginners.

Also, note that, unlike Merkur 34C, Rockwell 6C has no fixed setting that you can use for aggressiveness or mildness. It has 3 base plates instead – with each one having two settings. Both Merkur and the 6C also have impressive build quality.

The 6C also comes with an older brother, known as the Rockwell 6S, made of stainless steel. Note, though, that the price of the 6S is two times as high as the 6C. It also has almost the same quality as the base plates offered by the 6S while providing a decent shaving experience.

Moreover, since the Rockwell 6S is constructed from stainless steel material, you have the assurance that it is sturdier than its counterparts. It is also capable of lasting a lifetime.

Do’s and Don’ts With Merkur Safety Razors


  • Make sure to prepare your face. To do that, rinse your face or take a warm shower. This preparation can produce more favorable effects from wet shaving.
  • Research about how to use the safety razor correctly. This is necessary to prevent huge mistakes once you start using it for shaving.
  • Put on a pre-shave cream. With the help of the pre-shave cream, you can soften your beard or facial hair, thereby making it fully prepared for shaving.


  • Do not fail to replace the razor blade at the right time. Merkur Futur, for instance, requires blade replacement after every four shaves. This will assure you that it will continue to give you a close shave.
  • Do not neglect the cleanliness of the razor. Make it a point to clean it after use to retain its fantastic condition.

FAQ About Merkur Safety Razors

FAQ About Merkur Safety Razors

Are Merkur safety razors made in Germany?

Yes. Every Merkur safety razor introduced to the market is made in Germany – after which, they get imported to other countries for sale.

Which is Merkur’s best razor?

Many of those who regularly use Merkur safety razors say that the best one from the brand is the 34C. It is probably because it still delivers a high level of functionality despite being uncomplicated and straightforward. It has most of the features that make it work for everyone who intends to shave – one of which is the stippled metal texture integrated into its cylindrical handle—this aids in steadying your grip.

It also has an adjustable gap that promotes ease when changing the butterfly guard’s gap based on your preferences. Moreover, it has a classic-looking razor head, which is lightweight and smooth. You can also angle it perfectly to your face, thereby assuring clean strokes and swipes across your face.

Are Merkur razors aggressive?

This depends on the specific model of Merkur safety razor you have chosen to use. Some are mildly aggressive, making them ideal for beginners who are still practicing shaving. You can also find those with average aggressiveness.

The Merkur 33C, for instance, has an aggressiveness classified as average because it has a closed comb design. Also, note that there are times when the hostility of the razor will rely on the blade brand and type you decided to use it with.

Are Merkur long-handled razors better than short-handled razors?

The answer to this will depend on your preference since the quality of the two is just the same. The length and type of handle that’s better for you will also rely on which one you need the most. You can evaluate the one that fits your needs the most between the long and the short handles by giving them a try.

How long do Merkur razors last?

One thing that Merkur razors take pride in is their durability. This means that you can expect these tools to last for a lifetime. Just make sure that you also treat your razor well and maintain it. That way, it can reach its useful life and maybe go beyond.

Do I need to buy special blades for Merkur razors?

No, you don’t have to look for a special blade that you can use with the Merkur razors. The reason is that all standard double-edged blades are compatible with them.

How do you assemble a Merkur razor?

Assembling a Merkur razor is mainly about putting the blade you can use for it. In this case, take note that it involves resting one finger on the head of your razor as you install the appropriate blade. This is a useful tip as it can prevent the razor head from shifting even for just a bit. This results in an asymmetrical blade exposure on every side of your safety razor.


With the numerous options that you can access when you search for a Merkur safety razor, it will never be that hard to find the one that is compatible with your unique preferences and requirements. Make sure to research about each model, though, to increase your chance of getting a safety razor from Merkur that delivers positive outcomes. 

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Merkur Safety Razors – A Guide to This Sophisticated Razors


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