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Rockwell Razors Review – Everything You Need to Know

Rockwell Razors Review

What Is Rockwell Razor

Rockwell Razors is a company that provides those who want to use the world’s best adjustable safety razor with the best options for shaving.

Rockwell made it a point to reinvent the old-fashioned and traditional safety razor. They updated the design to give users a more comfortable experience when shaving. Rockwell Razors also has that solid commitment to modernize old designs, providing the public with a complete line of high-quality shaving products inspired by that primary goal.

Benefits of Using Rockwell Razors Products

Features Adjustable Shave Settings

With the patented adjustable settings for shaving provided by Rockwell, you can easily make adjustments to your razor, making it possible for you to match your shave based on the type of your skin and the length of your stubble. This adjustable system can also benefit you by lowering your risk of experiencing cuts.

Highly Durable

By deciding to use Rockwell Razors products, you no longer have to worry about whether or not it will last long. For instance, you can take advantage of its long-lasting single-blade razor as well as its other highly durable grooming and shaving products. Aside from being durable, the materials are also rust-resistant, further boosting the ability of the razors to last for a long time.

Safe for the Skin

The products offered by Rockwell Razors are all safe for the skin. They are created in a way that they can promote close, comfortable, and thorough shaves, further preventing skin irritation. It also works in eliminating dry skin under your beard since the shave you will be getting will be close and thorough.

How Does Rockwell Razors Work

Rockwell Razors works by providing you with the best solutions for grooming and shaving. With their adjustable settings, including those intended for beginners, the razors offered by this company work effectively in shaving not only your facial hair but also hair in other body parts, including the one on your head. You can also adjust their settings to set them to work on coarse hair or sensitive body parts.

Short History of Rockwell Razors

Rockwell Razors was founded in 2014 by Morgan Nordstrom and Gareth Everard, who were still students. Both of them were motivated to build their brand of razors because the ones in the drugstores are costly. This prompted them to launch a Kickstarter campaign, which helped raise around $80,000 within 24 hours.

The amount was more than enough to build their own razor business. After two weeks, Morgan and Gareth introduced the 6S, their first razor in Toronto, Canada. This started the flourishing of their business, allowing them to produce not only 6S but also other razors modeled from the classic safety razors used several generations ago. The ones offered by the company have modern touches, including ease of loading, adjustable features, and balanced weight.

Pros and Cons of Using Rockwell Razors Products

Pros and Cons of Using Rockwell Razors Products


  • Highly durable, making it possible for you to use just a single razor to enjoy great shaves for a lifetime.
  • Adjustable settings, giving you the chance to adjust the razor based on what you need.
  • Can groom and shave not only your facial hair but also other body parts.
  • Safe for the skin – It can prevent razor burns, ingrown hairs, and bumps.
  • Has beginner settings, thereby ensuring that you will not experience cuts.


  • Some find the surface finish of the razor a bit more lacking in terms of being polished.

Types of Rockwell Razor Products


Razors are among the bestselling products of Rockwell Razors. Some of the razors from this brand that continue to receive great reviews and positive attention due to their overall quality are the following:

Rockwell R1

This simple base-model razor gained attention because it is easy to use. It comes with an adjustable dial behind the safe, comfortable, and close shave it can produce.

The reason is that this dial gives you control over how exposed the edge of the blade will be. You no longer have to be confused about which one to choose between an electric razor and blade. You can get the Rockwell R1 that also has a butterfly head capable of cracking open, as well as an easy-to-load Model T.

Rockwell 2C

One noticeable feature of the Rockwell 2C is its gunmetal or chrome finish. It is an affordable and quality razor that features a nice durable handle. What’s great about the handle is that it is knurled, thereby promoting ease of grip. It also has an adjustable setting, suitable for various skin and beard types.

Rockwell 6C

This razor allows you to choose between its gunmetal or chrome finish, similar to the 2C. The butterfly head and knurled handle combined promote ease in changing the blades. This model also guarantees a comfortable and close shave with the help of its 6 blade angles engineered and designed for precision.

Rockwell 6S

This high-quality razor features a knurled handle made of zinc alloy. The finish is also nice as it makes use of white chrome material. It allows users to adjust it based on 6 blade angles. With that, you will surely be able to get the best shave, provided you also continue including beard balm in your daily routine.

Model T Razor

You will not regret your decision if you go for the Model T Razor. It is user-friendly, promoting the ease of shaving and making it even more enjoyable.

It follows a single-blade system and boasts of its engineered blade angles capable of shaving even those places that are otherwise difficult to reach effortlessly. The Model T Razor is adjustable, too, plus it allows easy and quick blade replacement through its user-friendly loading system.


Rockwell Razors also offers inexpensive blades. Many are fond of the double-edge razor blades provided by the brand as they often come in packs of 20, giving users a lot to use for quite a long time. Every blade can handle around 5 to 8 shaves and it is compatible with every double-edge safety razor in the market. These blades are also constructed from real Swedish stainless steel, a genuinely long-lasting and durable material.

Shave Kits

Types of Rockwell Razor Products

The shave kits from Rockwell Razors are also very impressive. The company’s wet shaving starter kit, for instance, perfectly suits the needs of those who are still new in wet shaving. Even if you are still a beginner, the entire wet shaving process will become less intimidating with this kit. Plus, it has a low chance of causing cuts even if you are still unfamiliar with the routine.

The kit comes with a razor known for holding a balanced weight, so expect it to have an easier time sliding across your skin. You will also love including a premium shaving cream, shaving brush, and a 5-pack of blades for double-edge razors in this kit.

Beard Care Kits

You can also shop for affordable yet complete and high-quality beard care kits from Rockwell Razors. It is even possible for you to find an all-in-one kit, providing everything you need in taming and grooming your beard regardless of how wild, thick, and long it is.

The beard care kit comes with beard oil for softening and conditioning your beard, a beard brush with natural boar bristles that work gently on your skin and face, as well as a beard shaper that you can use in trimming, taming, and styling even the wildest beards. Moreover, the kit contains a beard bib, beard comb, conditioner, and beard scissors.

Razor Stand Kits

If you need a razor stand kit, expect to find one in Rockwell Razors. Most of the stands in the company are elegantly designed and have perfectly balanced weight. They are also constructed from durable stainless steel and use coatings matching the finish of the specific razor you are buying.

With the small hole beneath each stand, you also have an assurance that they will help drain water from your razor. This can keep your razor dry, thereby preventing it from accumulating rust.

3-Piece Kits

Rockwell Razors also takes pride in the 3-piece kits to their loyal customers. This 3-piece kit is probably the best one for you if you wish to buy only the essentials.

This razor kit often features a razor, a set of blades, and a shave brush and stand. All these inclusions in the kit can support your goal of having a clean, smooth, and close shave without the adverse effects of shaving, like cuts, ingrown hairs, and razor burns.

Shave Supplies

Everything you need you can find in Rockwell Razors, which couldn’t be more accurate as the company also has plenty of shave supplies in their inventory. You can easily shop for everything you need for shaving here, including the blades and shaving soap. If you regularly apply an aftershave, you can also find high-quality ones with nice scents in Rockwell Razors.

Beard Supplies

You can also shop for supplies directly applying and using on your beard from Rockwell Razors. If you want to try unscented beard oil, you can find one from this company or probably one with just a very mild scent. Other beard supplies you can find here are beard comb, beard scissors, beard conditioner, and beard bib. They also offer a beard soap that has a great scent, allowing you to feel as good as when you are using a refreshing pine tar beard soap.


Another set of products you can find in Rockwell Razors is the one intended for grooming. Some products in this category are the hair comb, manicure set, and cologne – all of which are portable, so you can quickly bring them with you anywhere.

How to Use Rockwell Razors Products

How to Use Rockwell Razors Products

Step 1 – Select your desired setting

Most of the razors offered by Rockwell are adjustable so that you can pick a suitable setting for your needs. Go for the mildest setting if you are still a beginner. Start in this setting as it can prevent cuts. You can adjust to the setting once you are already familiar with the razor. Pick one that suits your unique hair and skin type the most.

Step 2 – Prepare your hair and skin

Note that preparation is vital in ensuring that your shaving experience will become as flawless as possible. Use the shaving brush and a beard soap or cream during the preparation. This should help make your skin and beard ready for a convenient and effortless shave. Using shaving gel can also help for that purpose.

Step 3 – Begin shaving

Make sure to use gentle and short strokes. Avoid applying too much pressure. Allow the razor’s weight to perform most of the job.

Step 4 – Perform your usual aftershave routines

Ex. applying an aftershave or a beard oil designed to make your beard as smooth, clean, and attractive as possible.

How to Maintain Rockwell Razors Products

Step 1 – Clean the razor after each use

Wash it by putting it under running water once you are done shaving.

Step 2 – Dry the razor completely

After rinsing, avoid putting it immediately into the razor stand. Spend a few seconds wiping it down with a soft cloth or towel. This will remove all moisture that may cause irritation and cracks on the handle and plating.

Step 3 – Put it in the razor stand

Once rinsed and dried, you can further extend its life by ensuring that you store it in the right place. It should be in the designated Rockwell Razor stand, so every bit of moisture will be removed.

Rockwell 6C vs 6S

The Rockwell 6C and 6S are two of the company’s most popular products. The two are different, though. Both have individual features and benefits that amaze most of their users.

The Rockwell 6S, for instance, is different from the 6C in the sense that it is constructed from pure stainless-steel material. The 6C is based on a durable alloy material, also known for its durability. The two also differ in their color options – the 6C is available in white chrome, gunmetal chrome, and rose gold, while the 6S is available in matte, red, blue, and matte black.

In terms of shaving, the 6C is designed to shave sensitive areas effortlessly, regardless of whether the user is a man or a woman. The 6S, on the other hand, works perfectly in shaving all body areas, not just the sensitive ones. You can use it for shaving your face, underarms, legs, and head, among others.

The two have adjustable settings, so it is possible to adjust them based on the kind of a shave you need. The 6C and 6S are also the same because they can shave without causing unwanted effects, like ingrown hairs, bumps, and razor burns.

Do’s and Don’ts With Rockwell Razors

Do’s and Don’ts With Rockwell Razors


  • Read the guidelines before using the razor. All razors from Rockwell are generally safe, but it would be best to read the guidelines for each product before each use. That way, you can use it correctly and get the results you want.
  • Replace the blade when needed. Most of the blades from Rockwell can last around 4 to 7 shaves. This will depend on your hair’s density. Know exactly when it is time for a blade replacement. If you feel slight pulling and tugging, maybe it is time to replace and change the blade.
  • Wash and clean the razors. This should form part of the product’s maintenance. Before putting them in their designated razor stands, dry them up with a soft towel or cloth, too.


  • Don’t just throw the unused blades away. Just store them in the Rockwell blade safe so you can recycle the entire tin once the right time comes.
  • Do not put on a lot of pressure when shaving. Note that this razor is made to light on your skin and hair. That said, avoid applying extra pressure during your shaving sessions. If you use too much pressure, you will only damage your skin. Just apply minimum pressure to achieve your desired smooth and clean shave.

FAQ About Rockwell Razors

Are Rockwell razors made in the USA?

Rockwell Razors are made from quality materials sourced in China. They are packaged and assembled in Canada and the USA, thereby completing the manufacturing process in the mentioned areas.

How long do Rockwell razors last?

The Rockwell razors are so durable that they can serve their purpose for a long time, even a lifetime of shaving. This is especially true if you go for stainless steel, specifically the Rockwell 6S. It is so durable that it is the ultimate solution if you are already tired of using disposable razors.

Is Rockwell 6S the best?

Many consider Rockwell 6S the best out of the many razors offered by Rockwell. One reason could be its high durability brought on by its stainless-steel construction. It also became popular because of its excellent adjustability. It holds a patented and unique design that gives users control over the entire shaving experience.

You can adjust the blade gap, which increases your chances of fine-tuning how close and comfortable the shave will be. The Rockwell 6S is also very versatile, that both men and women can use it.

You can also use it in shaving not only your face but other parts of your body, too, like underarms, legs, body, and head. You can do that without any adverse effects, like skin irritation, burns, and ingrown hairs.

Are Rockwell Razors worth it?

If we base it on primarily positive customer reviews, it is safe to say that all razors and products from Rockwell are worth investing in. All razors and other shaving and grooming products are well-crafted. They were built with the needs of users in mind. Plus, they are reasonably priced, so they are definitely worth the investment.

Who owns Rockwell Razors?

The renowned owners of Rockwell Razors are also its founders, Morgan Nordstrom and Gareth Everard. They built the corporation after receiving funding from the public and the Ontario Center of Excellence.

Where can I buy Rockwell Razors products?

There are several places online where you can shop for products from Rockwell Razors, aside from the company’s official website. In addition to allowing you to shop for their products directly on the Rockwell Razors website, you can also get them from legitimate online retailers, including Simons, Amazon, Green & Frugal, Etiket, and Fendrihan.

How do you recycle Rockwell Razors?

To recycle Rockwell Razors, collect their blades, the ones that you have already finished using, in a metal tin or blade safe. You can then recycle them with metal in a legitimate curbside recycling program. However, make sure that you check and consult your municipality’s website to ensure that this recycling method is okay.


Rockwell Razors is indeed one of the most reliable providers of most of the products you need for shaving. Their razors, specifically, are of top-notch and decent quality. Make it a point to check out the products offered by Rockwell Razors and consider making them a part of your grooming and shaving routines. For sure, they can give you the best shaving experience every time. 

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Rockwell Razors Review – Everything You Need to Know


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