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Wilkinson Sword Razor for a Sharp, Irritation-Free Shaving

Wilkinson Sword Review

The Wilkinson Sword is a double edge razor created to produce excellent shaving abilities. Its performance is outstanding, its price is very attainable, and the availability is quite decent. Most people don’t ask for more than a great price, readily available shaver, and one that works well. 

So if you are fed up with shaving with an electric head shaver, the Wilkinson Sword is the next best thing. But if you are still not sure if a change should be made to this type of razor, we have created a review that will help. 

What Is a Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword is a US-based company owned by Edgewood Personal Care. The original company dates way back to the 18th century, when they manufactured sword weapons. This is the prime reason for naming their Sword after entering the stainless steel razor blade industry. 

The Wilkinson Sword is a standard double edge razor that fits all standard-sized safety razors. The product comes with premium safety razor blades for a durable, finished, and well-shaven surface. It comes with chromium-ceramic blades coated with PFTE coating. The blades are available for purchase in packs of 10, 50, and 100. They come in dispensers of 5 individually wrapped blades. So, for example, a pack of 100 comes with 20 dispensers of 5 blades in a plastic dispenser. 

You will receive your razor in a black and grey box that contains all the goodies inside. The razor handle is quite long and comes with a barber pole knurling. The handle feels relatively smooth in your hand, although it could use a bit more grip. The head itself has a twist to open it with a laser-etched carving of the brand. Both the brass handle and the Zamak head are plated in chrome. 

Benefits of Using Wilkinson Sword Products

If you want to consider a razor for sensitive skin, then the Wilkinson Sword is the blade to go with. But many more characteristics make it an excellent choice for various shaving needs. 

The main benefits to consider are: 

  • The shave is sharp enough and not overly aggressive. 
  • Does not cause irritation. 
  • A quality product that offers excellent control when shaving. 
  • Very durable.  

How Does Wilkinson Sword Work

The Wilkinson Sword works like any similar beard care products kit. You have to twist the system to open it. The mechanism requires you to turn the bottom of the handle and the head to open it up and insert the blade. You have the option of inserting the blade centrally (regularly) or seated a bit off to one side. This allows for a sharper shave but requires the user to be careful. Once the doors are closed, the blade is fixed and there is no movement. 

The razor grips quite firmly in your hand, allowing for better control. The long handle will depend on personal preference, but you can learn some beard-shaping secrets to utilize the full potential of an extended handle. The Wilkinson Sword blades are very sharp but are not too aggressive. You do need to be careful, though. 

The head size is fine, a bit on the smallish side. But this makes it a lot easier when trying to get to some hard-to-reach places, like under your nose, for instance. The first pass feels great and the second one feels even better. Apply an aftershave lotion once you are done and you will be ready for the rest of your day. 

Pros and Cons of Using Wilkinson Sword Products

Pros and Cons of Using Wilkinson Sword Products


  • Above-average sharpness and smoothness. 
  • Durable and provides top results even after multiple shaves and use. 
  • Provides a smooth shave with minimal irritation and feels good on your skin. 


  • The handle is too long, which could be unwholesome for some users. 
  • Pricier than some regular products. 

Types of Wilkinson Sword Products


Shaving is much more than removing one excess facial hair, and the good people of Wilkinson Sword know this. Having a shaver that is durable, appropriate, comfortable to use, and provides a quality shave is what they offer. 

They have a long history of creating shaving razors and have doubled it down to perfection. They have some of the most quality products out there that are more than easy and appropriate to use. Each person wants to create their style and a proper razor, like the ones they offer, will help you do that. 


Wilkinson is a company that started by making swords. So creating an appropriate shaving blade was not a difficult task for them to do. They have made a smooth transition to the stainless steel industry over the years and have created some of the best blades for everyday usage. 

Their products are more appropriate than a durable stubble trimmer. You can get a close shave without fear of irritation or cuts. They understand that comfort is the number one priority of most men when shaving and exceptional comfort is what they want to bring to their users. 

Grooming Products

Looking good also means maintaining your look, which consequently means requiring some quality grooming products. Wilkinson Sword also has a variety of items on deck, offered for both men and women, for their grooming pleasure. 

You can make your pick between nail clippers, files, scissors, tweezers, shaving brushes, and shaving creams and soaps. All in all, they have everything you need to complete your grooming arsenal; from professional hair clippers to affordable face creams for men, you can get everything you need all in one place. 

Beauty Products

An extraordinary place in the Wilkinson Sword line of items goes to their offer of beauty products. You can find a compact eyebrow toolset at a very affordable price. It includes tweezers and eyebrow shapers so you can get your look to where you want it to be. The products are of quality design and are shaped to offer exactly what you need. 

Features of Wilkinson Sword Products 


What you get with Wilkinson Sword Products is of immense quality. The blades and the entire razor are created to last and are very durable. The blades are sharp, while the rest is built from quality materials. More so, the products are created to provide control, resulting in precision shaving that you don’t see with lesser products. 


Wilkinson Sword products are sharp but not overly aggressive. The double edge razor product at hand is one of the sharpest tools in their set. It rates pretty high and can shave off any hair you have. But these blades are not going to get your head taken off with a single swoop. 

The blades are created to last and are not too sharp that they might cause cuts. The blades remain sharp even after a few shaves, so they are built to last. But the thing that we appreciate the most is that they do not cause irritation even though they are so sharp. 


Features of Wilkinson Sword Products

Sharpness is one thing, but the glide is an entirely different one. But getting a perfect combo out of both is what one desires the most. A sharp blade that glides ideally will result in a smooth shave. What is also very impressive is that their blades remain consistent after a few shaves and retain these characteristics. 

You rarely get a sharp blade that can glide so well. In most cases, you will have to combine it with the world’s best shaving soap to avoid cuts and irritation. But in this case, you get both in just a single product. 


Durability is an essential factor when purchasing a razor. We already mentioned that Wilkinson Sword blades are very sharp, but what makes them stand out from other similar products is that they retain their initial sharpness even after five shaves. 

They have created quality products that are going to last. Also, the Wilkinson Sword Double Edge shaver is sold in a pack of 100 blades, which should account for 71 weeks of shaving, which amounts to 1.5 years of carefree usage. 


The cost of Wilkinson Sword products is a bit on the steep side. It is slightly higher than some similar blades or razors found on the market. But you are paying for quality and quality comes at a price. So you are not going to regret spending the stated figure as these products are going to last and provide quality usage. 

How to Use Wilkinson Sword Products

Step 1 – Prepare your razor

Get the razor out of the box. Unscrew the mechanism and load the razor. Make sure it is screwed on tight.

Step 2 – Apply some shaving cream

Run the razor under some warm water. Do two passes and remove the unwanted facial hair. 

Step 3 – Wash your face with some warm water

Put on some aftershave or face cream.  

How to Clean Wilkinson Sword Products

Like any razor, all Wilkinson Sword products have to be cleaned and taken care of to last longer and provide the same usage level. This means that after each shave, you should rinse off the blades under some warm water. Do not use detergents as water is more than enough to clean off unwanted debris. 

If some durable debris gets clogged into your blades, you can soak it in warm water and let it rest for a bit. It will soften the debris and allow you to remove the clog easier later on. 

Wilkinson Sword Competitors and Alternatives


If the Wilkinson Sword double edge razor is not sharp enough for you, although we think it is sharp enough, the best alternative is the Feather double edge blade. This is probably the only product on the market that is sharper than the Wilkinson Sword. However, there is a downside to all of that sharpness and it comes in it not being as forgiving as the Wilkinson Sword razor is. You will not experience the same smooth shave with the Feather as it comes with very aggressive blades. 

Personna Lab Blue

The Personal Lab Blue safety razor is perhaps the only product on a par with the Wilkinson Sword double edge razor. It is sharp enough but also offers a smooth shave. It is much better than the Feather double edge razor in terms of smoothness and we would recommend this one for people who are starting to or want to try wet shaving. 

Derby Extra

The Derby Extra blade is perfect for those who want a mild blade. If the Wilkinson Sword razor is too sharp for you, we suggest using the Derby Extra one. It allows people with sensitive skin or lighter beards to get a nice shave. The blade is very smooth and forgiving and you are not going to have to be so careful as you should with the Wilkinson Sword blade and especially with the Feather double edge razor. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Wilkinson Sword

Do’s and Don’ts With a Wilkinson Sword


  • Clean or rinse off your razor after each shave. 
  • Do not overuse the same blade. Depending on the beard type, they should be good for at least five shaves.  
  • Keep your extra blades safely stored in the box. 


  • Overuse the same blade more than intended. 
  • Forget to maintain the razor. 
  • Be sure to use an appropriate aftershave or balm after shaving. 

FAQ About Wilkinson Sword

Is Wilkinson Sword owned by Gillette?

No, it is not. Edgewell Personal Care holds Wilkinson Sword

How long do Wilkinson Sword blades last?

Each blade individually should be enough for five shaves, the least. The Wilkinson Sword double edge razor is sold in packages of 10, 50, or 100.

Are Wilkinson Sword blades good?

Yes, they are. The blades are not overly aggressive and are good enough to provide a smooth and comfortable shave. 

Where are Wilkinson Sword products made?

The Wilkinson Sword products have been formerly made in three separate locations within the UK. However, the production has since moved to Germany in 2000, where their current products are manufactured. 

Are Fiskars and Wilkinson Sword the same?

Fiskars gardening tools division traded as part of the Wilkinson Sword brand until 2009. 

Where can I buy Wilkinson Sword products?

You can purchase all of their products via their site or with the help of our page. 


Considering all things, the Wilkinson Sword double-edge razor is a very reliable product. Since a formidable brand created it, you can rest assured that you get quality and durability. The razor may cost a bit more than a traditional shaver, but both your face and beard will appreciate it. It is perfect for a close shave or creating any type of beard style that you are looking for. 

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Wilkinson Sword Razor for a Sharp, Irritation-Free Shaving


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