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Stirling Soap Company – One-Stop Shop for All Shaving Stuff

Stirling Soap Company

What Is a Stirling Soap Company

Stirling Soap Company was founded with the goal and vision of bringing back something properly labeled as soap to your grooming routine. Whether you are looking for the world’s best shaving soap or any other type of soap and cleansing bars that are all-natural, you can find it in the Stirling Soap Company. The soaps from this company are also perfect for wet shaving. They are 100% natural and work for almost every user.

Benefits of Using Stirling Soap Company Products

Access to a Wide Array of Products

One reason to use the grooming products in Stirling Soap Company is that it lets you gain access to plenty of options – among which are the 100% soap and their premium beard oil, post-shave balm, and aftershave balm. This means almost everything you need for grooming is accessible in this company.

100% Natural

All the products offered by Stirling Soap are guaranteed to be 100% natural. They do not contain any artificially loaded washes as well as chemically-based bars for cleansing. This means that they are safe to use for all your grooming routines.

Quality Components

The materials, ingredients, and components of all the products offered by Stirling Soap Company are guaranteed to be of top-notch quality. You will even enjoy the fabulous scents, incredible lather, and genuine value of each product in this company.

Short History of Stirling Soap Company

The Stirling Soap Company started in 2012, the time when Rod and Amanda Lovan founded it. The two founded the company and transformed it into an establishment supplying artisan soap and shaving products that are extremely popular and recognizable worldwide.

The fact that the products are high in quality while being environmentally friendly and affordable is behind the company’s success. Even now, the products in Stirling are popular and accessible throughout Europe, North America, New Zealand, and Australia.

How Does Stirling Soap Company Works

Stirling Soap Company works by providing the public with products that they can use for grooming. Most of its soaps and other products are 100% natural, making them safe and suitable for use for everyone. Aside from the affordable yet high-quality soaps, Stirling Soap Company also offers other products, including body lotion, which is a good thing if you are not fond of shopping for and choosing body lotion for men. Shaving kits can be a good option, too.

Aside from that, their high-quality beard shampoo can help groom and clean your beard while providing great scents and lather. Therefore, most of the products in this company can offer an incredible improvement to your entire experience every time you shave.

Pros and Cons of Stirling Soap Company Products


  • 100% all-natural and safe products.
  • High-quality components and ingredients.
  • Comes in a wide range of products, allowing you to pick almost everything you need for grooming.
  • Most products have nice scents and lather.
  • Affordable.

Pros and Cons of Stirling Soap Company Products


  • The packaging is sometimes messy because it uses recycled materials, like shredded boxes, mails, and or newspapers.

Types of Stirling Soap Company Products

To give you an idea about the specific products that you can access here, including those that work favorably more than an aftershave, then here are just a few of them.

Personal Products

You can find plenty of personal products in Stirling Soap Company. Almost everything you need to give yourself personal care, pampering, and grooming is available in the company: body lotion, bath soap, body butter, and facial soap. All of these products are all-natural, so they are safe for you.

Shave Products

If you need to replace your safety razor blades or buy products that you can use for shaving purposes, like a razor and boar bristle shaving brush, then rest assured that you can find them in Stirling Soap Company. Apart from the actual tools that you need to use for shaving, expect to gain access to other shaving products, like shaving soaps, beard balms, aftershave splashes, beard oils, pre-shave oils, and post-shave balms here.

Hair and Beard Products

The hair and beard collection of the Stirling Soap Company is also worthwhile to check out. Here, you get the chance to invest in products that you can directly use and apply to your hair. If you are using a safety razor for your beard or facial hair, you will be happy with the shaving soap and post-shave balm that are also part of their hair and beard products. What’s great about these products is that they have nice scents, plus they can make your hair and beard look even better.

Types of Stirling Soap Company Products

Women’s Products

Stirling Soap Company also caters to the needs of many women with the products specifically made for them. These include shaving and bath soap for women, body lotion with non-greasy and moisturizing formula, body butter, shampoo bar, and Eau de toilette. Most of these products are manufactured with quality in mind and can give any woman the pampering they need.

Home and Apparel

Did you know that Stirling Soap Company also offers products that you can use for your household as well as high-quality apparel? You can find a couple of shirts, beanies, and hats here, plus there are a few scented candles that you can use to make your home as calming and relaxing as possible.


If you are a coffee lover, then you should check out the coffee-related products offered by Stirling Soap. Apart from the different varieties of whole bean coffee, you can buy an electric coffee grinder, gooseneck electric kettle, pour-over coffee brewer, and French press.

Features of Stirling Soap Company Products


Each product offered by Stirling soap has a nice scent without being too strong and overpowering. It is not overpowering as it is not made so that each layer holds sufficient fragrance that it can already stand alone.

The shaving soap, for instance, boasts of a scent that is just sufficiently strong that you can enjoy using it after you shave. It is not too strong that it will not linger after you shave, which means that it will not also come in conflict with the aftershave you are using.

The same is true for the company’s post-shave balm. It is not particularly strong alone, but it blends perfectly well with the shaving soap. As for the Stirling Soap’s aftershave splash, expect it to have a stronger scent compared to the balm. The good news is that the strength is not still too much that it will already bother you or those around you.

The bath soap is also strong, though; this is just enough that you will smell good right after showering.


In terms of ingredients, you will immediately recognize that the company made it a point to use only what is natural, safe, chemical-free, and non-toxic. The ingredient list for most of its products is also concise, basically containing stearic acid, good fat, extra glycerin, sodium hydroxide or potassium, and the scent or fragrance.

The soap has explicitly lanolin, which refers to a wax derived from wool. Combined with Shea butter, the ingredients work together in improving the soap’s ability to condition your hair and skin. With the short ingredient list of most products from Stirling plus the fact that they are all-natural, you do not have to worry about them causing any harm to you.


Features of Stirling Soap Company Products

Regarding performance, the shaving soap and the other products offered by Stirling Soap Company do not seem to disappoint. Let’s take shaving soap as an example. When it comes to performance, the high level of the soap’s slickness is one reason it seems to have a high rating.

Since it is slicker compared to other soaps, it delivers better performance, especially if your beard is thick, plus you have sensitive skin. It even gives users a nice facial feel after shaving.


The packaging used by Stirling Soap Company in its product is also pretty decent with its environmentally friendly theme. Expect the shaving soap, for instance, to showcase its eco-friendly packaging, which is available for refills. This would be a lot friendlier to the environment since it does not require you to buy an entirely new pack every time you need it.


The reasonable prices of Stirling Soap Company products are also among their most endearing features, making them on top of the choices of the masses. The products here are cheaper compared to artisan soap prices. The good news is that despite the lower prices, the masses can still expect wonderfully-scented, exceptional, and handcrafted soaps and other products.

Stirling Soap Company Alternatives

With the well-established and respected nature of the products offered by Stirling Soap, it is no longer surprising to see it being widely available and accepted by the public. You can find their products in various scents: the Executive Man, Port au Prince, and Bean Franklin.

Note that you can also find other alternative companies if you are interested in using other brands. Some of those that offer products of almost the same quality as the ones provided by Stirling Soap are Dr. Harris, Ariana & Evans, Barrister and Mann, Chiseled Face, Soap Commander, and Murphy & McNeil.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to shaving and grooming products, it’s essential to check the quality before investing your hard-earned money in them. You need high-quality products to ensure that they will work to your best advantage.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend a hefty amount to get a hold of such items. You can find great products with corresponding excellent quality, like Stirling Soap’s offered products, which are recognized for their excellent price to performance ratio.

Do’s and Don’ts With Stirling Soap Company Products


  • Use a shave brush. If you want to make the most out of Stirling Soap Company products, make sure that you also have a shave brush on hand. Use a boar’s hair brush as much as possible as it can provide a softer feel, especially on your face.
  • Find out what scent is good for you. With the numerous scents for the products offered by Stirling Soap, you may get overwhelmed during the selection process. Find out what particular scent is suitable for you based on your needs, as it will help you decide on the one you should invest in.


  • Do not give the shaving soap too much water. There should be a proper balance between the amount of water you are using and the soap. The goal here is to create the proper lather that your face will never beg away from.

FAQ About Stirling Soap Company

FAQ About Stirling Soap Company

Where can I buy Stirling Soap Company products?

You can buy products from Stirling Soap online, specifically through the company’s official website. Expect your orders to be processed in 1 to 3 business days, sometimes up to 5 days during busy seasons. 

They can ship products throughout Europe, North America, New Zealand, and Australia. Stirling Soap Company does not send in other locations, though, but you can access resellers who may be near you to get a hold of such products.

What is the Stirling Soap Company shipping policy?

Your orders will be shipped either for free or at a flat rate. You will have to pay for a standard flat shipping rate on orders that have a total of less than $75. If your orders reach $75 or more, then you may take advantage of free shipping.

Each order is also eligible for expedited shipping computed by the carrier in real-time. It will also depend on the weight of your ordered products plus the actual distance to the destination. All shipping methods that are expedited can be processed before orders with a flat rate.

Once ordered, expect the company to process then deliver the products in one to two business days, except for Saturdays or Sundays. The delivery date does not also include weekends or holidays in their calculation.

What is the Stirling Soap Company’s Return Policy?

Generally, the company does not honor and accept returns based on likeability or a product or scent. There are still returns, though, taken, but it is only based on the actual case presented.

You may also return any unopened product, provided they gained the approval of the Stirling Soap’s management. Note that you can’t get a refund for successful returns, but the company will issue store credits. Returns and exchanges may also be conducted after gaining approval. As the customer, you will be the one to shoulder the shipping cost.

All products you intend to return for either credit or exchange have to be packed properly so they won’t get damaged in transit. The reason is that damages on the products while in transit caused by poor packaging can’t claim full credit since damaged products can no longer be restocked.

Where is Stirling Soap Company based?

Stirling Soap Company is mainly based in Arkansas, USA. You can also find the wide availability of these products in North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.


When searching for high-quality shaving and grooming products, you can never go wrong by choosing those from Stirling Soap Company. This company has earned an excellent reputation as a great provider of such products, so there is a high chance that what you will be buying here will give you a hundred percent satisfaction. 

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Stirling Soap Company – One-Stop Shop for All Shaving Stuff


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