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Beard Grow XL Review – Everything You Need to Know

What Is Beard Grow XL

Beard Grow Xl is the new game-changer in the men’s cosmetic market. With only 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan ingredients, Beard Grow pills will help you grow a magnificent beard in a few weeks. It doesn’t even matter what type of skin you have. Unlike creams, oils or balms, Beard Grow XL pills feed your facial hair from the inside. If you ever searched for a simple, natural and proven cure for your slow-growing beard, well, now you have one.

Benefits of Using Beard Grow XL 

Beard Grow XL will have the most benefits for people with a low level of biotin. This is a common problem, and these pills solve it pretty efficiently. Furthermore, Beard Grow XL is made from natural ingredients and natural ingredients only.  There are no unhealthy ingredients inside. No hormones, too. Just the world’s best beard vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. If you:

  • Don’t like using artificial ingredients
  • Don’t consume meat or gluten
  • Want clinically proven results
  • Don’t have time, or the ability to maintain a well-balanced diet
  • Want a strong, thick and alpha beard

Then Beard Grow XL is the thing for you.

How Does Beard Grow XL Work

Most beard growth supplements either block the DHT or boost the nutrition needed for proper growth. But why block DHT? 

Some men have a medical issue and need to limit the DHT levels to have a thick, healthy beard. And every man needs some extra juice for the beard now and then. That’s how Beard Grow XL works. 

These pills are made from natural ingredients that block the DHT and give proper nutrition to your beard. There is no magic here, just pure, plain science and nature. The natural oils block the DHT in your organism. The vitamins, minerals and other ingredients boost your blood flow, bring more oxygen to your hair follicles and feed your skin. There is no secret ingredient or fancy niche talk: vitamins, minerals and natural oils. 

Pros and Cons of Using Beard Grow XL


  • Clinically tested – so you know it is not a snake-oil scam.
  • Gluten-free, vegan and 100% natural.
  • It boosts your hair growth using only natural ingredients.
  • Made in the USA.
  • High dose of biotin – 2000 mcg.


  • It can be pricey. Beard Grow XL is one of the most expensive beards grow supplements. 
  • You need to be patient – no yeard overnight. We know it can be difficult.

Ingredients in Beard Grow XL


Also known as Vitamin B7. Biotin requires consistent intake. The chemical compound of this vitamin is soluble in water, and your body cannot store it. Biotin deficiency is one of the most common ones, and it is hard to diagnose. Biotin helps in the creation of keratin cells, which build your nails and hair. Low levels of biotin mean bald patches on your hair, mustaches and beard.


Also known as Vitamin B3, it is the common ingredient of many beard creams. B3 will help your overall health, not just your facial hair. Niacin helps your beard grow longer and healthier. Long story short – if you want your beard to be softer and more nutritious, you need niacin. Also, this vitamin prevents dry skin, flakes and itchiness. 


Cobalamin is also from the vitamin B family – B12. You can find it in seafood, algae, fish, dairy products and fermented cheese. His purpose? Increased production of red cells, which enriches your hair follicles with an extra amount of oxygen. No more patchy beard issues for you.

Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM)

MSM is an ingredient usually found in plants, animals and humans. Of course, it can also be lab-made.

It will help you grow a beard, giving the additional booster of sulfur to your body. MSM is an FDA-approved meal supplement. You can find it in smoothies, vegan meat, energy bars and other similar products.

Horsetail Extract

Horsetail extract is commonly used to treat prostate diseases. However, it works like a charm for osteoporosis, fluid retention, and, of course – beard growth. The secret ingredients? Silica and selenium from natural sources. 

Saw Palmetto

Sounds like a bad guy from Hollywood B movies. This is a plant – American Dwarf Palm Tree. Commonly used for prostate treatment, sexual dysfunction, and to treat male pattern baldness. Saw Palmetto oil serves as a DHT blocker and increases the levels of testosterone.

Other Vitamins

Vitamins A, C and E are some of the most important ones for your beard growth. These three little helpers have more than one benefit:

  • Increased overall health
  • Anti-aging 
  • Hair loss reduction
  • Better circulation

The beard cosmetics often push the B vitamin family in the first lines, forgetting the value of other vitamins. But without a balanced vitamin intake, your beard cannot be healthy. 

Features of Beard Grow XL


Beard Grow XL is labeled as a food supplement. You can also see it labeled as a facial hair supplement, vitamin formula, hair growth vitamin, or other terms that have the same meaning. Its carefully picked ratio of vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients is made into pills for your convenience. 


Size matters, no matter what you heard elsewhere. And Beard Grow XL comes in an extra package, 90 capsules. One pack will last you for a month. If you are trying to get a thicker beard but you are skeptical, give Beard Grow XL a chance for a month. It will be worth it.

Side Effects

Beard Grow XL is clinically tested and is safe for most of the population. But as with every pill, from Aspirin to Viagra, we have some possible side effects. 

  • These pills can cause your blood to clot slower. For most healthy individuals, no issue there. But if you have a medical history, use blood thinners or plan to have an operation, consult with your doctor.
  • Horsetail is a natural diuretic. Hence, you might pee just a little more often, and your potassium level can get lower.


Ah yes, the price. Beard Grow XL is one of the most expensive beard-growth pills on the market. Is it cheap? No. Good things rarely are. And good diet supplements never are. But you get a 100% natural product with clinically proven results. You can’t put a price on that.
When buying beard care products, price shouldn’t be the main factor in your decision. The difference between a high-quality beard brush and a low-quality one is usually just a few dollars. But the damage that low-quality equipment (and cosmetics) can make to your health is immeasurable.

How to Use Beard Grow XL

Step 1 – Be cautious with the dose

It is not that complicated. You use three capsules every day: morning, noon, and evening. What you can do is make sure your body is as healthy as it can be.

Step 2 – Sleep well and reduce stress

So, eat well, sleep long and reduce your stress levels. Beard Grow XL is a vitamin supplement, not a magic wand or an alternative to a healthy lifestyle.

Step 3 – Combine with natural products

For top results, combine these pills with a natural beard shampoo, balms, and oils.

Alternatives to Beard Grow XL

Now, some men can have issues with taking beard growth pills. Be it from lack of trust, high price, or something else. Everyone has their reasons. Let’s see what you can do to make your beard grow stronger.

  • Have good genetics. If your ancestors had Amish-like beards, there is a good chance you could grow one, too. Unfortunately, this is the part you do not influence on—genetic lottery.
  • Eat food that helps in beard growth. If your diet consists of eggs, meat, fish, nuts, fruits, and veggies, you will have all the natural ingredients there. The only problem is that the modern way of life sets some limitations to your diets. Hence, sometimes it is impossible to maintain a natural, healthy diet all the time. And that’s why people take vitamin supplements.
  • Good beard oil. Although it doesn’t work the same way, beard oil is a decent alternative to the Beard Grow XL pills. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Beard Grow XL


  • Always buy your Beard Grow XL from reputable sellers. Don’t fall for low-price scams. You always get what you paid for.
  • Comb your beard often, using a wider comb. Only use a fine-tooth comb for the final touch. 
  • Take photos along with the process. That’s a great way to see how well the product works.
  • Combine this product with beard balm, premium beard relaxer and other men cosmetics.
  • If you have some side effects, visit your family doctor.


  • Never neglect your diet, thinking the pills should be enough. This is a diet supplement, not a replacement for your fruits and veggies.
  • Don’t be impatient. It will take a few weeks to see the first results.

FAQ About Beard Grow XL

How long does it take for Beard Grow XL to work?

It usually takes two to three weeks for you to notice the first results. However, some men will need to wait a month.

Can I use beard oil or a balm with Beard Grow XL? 

Of course. We always suggest using beard oil or a balm. It will just round up the experience, giving your facial hair a healthier environment.

Who should buy Beard Grow XL?

Every man who wants a healthier, stronger beard. Beard Grow XL is effective for all facial hair and all ethnicities. 


Taking pills for beard growth can sometimes be controversial. However, Beard Grow XL has impressive results and remains on the top of the list of the best beard growth supplements. Its main perks remain the same: proven results, natural ingredients, and simple usage. 

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Beard Grow XL Review – Everything You Need to Know


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