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White Beard – How to Grow, Style & Wear It With Confidence

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White Beard

Gone are the days when people used to hide their white Hair by dyeing it. These days, they wear it loud and proud. With the proper cut and trim, white beards can manifest confidence and a ruggedly masculine sexiness.

What Is a White Beard

White beards generally Grow on the chin or cheeks, having mixed white, gray, or silver colors. The whitening of the hair strands is caused by a reduction in melanin as a person grows old. Beard hair needs special care for full growth because it is more brittle than the hair on our heads.

Benefits of Growing a White Beard

Letting the beard grow its natural color can be liberating. You don’t need to purchase dyes which save you money. It also allows you to be more confident about yourself and embrace aging gracefully.

Growing a beard can be warm and comforting in colder climates because it adds a layer of protection in the chin and neck area. It can also help protect the skin from sun damage, especially for those prone to skin cancer.

How Does White Beard Work

Not every guy can grow a beard, and the reason is usually genetic. Through frequent trimming and conditioning, some who can grow full beards take pride in it and care for it.

The beard usually only turns white as a person ages, but some grow white hair prematurely due to stress, nutritional deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disease, smoking, and genetic factors.

Pros and Cons of Growing White Beard

Growing a beard can symbolize many things, including male dominance, wisdom, virility, strength, and even a higher social stature in some cultures. Maintaining a white beard can add a layer of confidence because growing it in its natural color means you are embracing your age without insecurities and inhibitions.

However, beards have gotten quite a bad reputation as certain studies have claimed that beards are more prone to germs and bacteria. These claims, however, have been debunked and it seems men’s beards are just as clean or dirty as the hair on our heads.

Beards are high-maintenance because they need frequent trimming and cleaning. You also need to purchase premium beard care products which can be pricey. But if your beard makes you feel good and confident, the extra cost and effort is a reasonable trade-off.

How to Grow a White Beard 

How to Grow a White Beard

Step 1 – Assess your facial hair growth

As previously mentioned, not everyone can grow a beard. Some facial hairs will grow thick and bushy, which is ideal for beard growing. However, some males grow very scarce and patchy facial hair that might not look good as a beard or need unique products to stimulate hair growth.

Step 2 – Let the hair grow

Allow the hair to grow naturally for a couple of months. While at it, eat a healthy diet, get sufficient sleep, and massage the beard area with natural hair growers such as aloe vera and coconut oil to help it grow faster, thicker and healthier strands. If the growth rate is still too slow, go for beard vitamins that can help stimulate the follicles.

Step 3 – Keep it clean and trimmed

As your beard grows, it is vital to keep it clean by washing it with a gentle cleanser or conditioning shampoo. Ideally, the same shampoo you use for your head hair should suffice unless you have more sensitive facial skin and require a milder product for your beard area. Frequent trimming is also necessary as your beard grows to keep it looking neat.

How to Style White Beard 

If you want to skip the barbershop and style it yourself, there are several tools you will need for trimming, such as a razor, electric trimmer, hair scissors, comb, blow dryer, and a beard balm. Depending on the style you desire, you may not need all of these. You can also buy an approved beard grooming kit to save you the trouble of purchasing individually.

Step 1 – Grow your beard to the desired length

You need to have a style in mind before doing anything to your beard. Allow it to grow out for a few weeks before trimming and styling.

Step 2 – Trim the edges first

When it comes to beard styling, don’t make any drastic cuts at first. Trim and clean the edges using your natural hairline as a guide. Trim on your cheeks and even out the neckline using a professional stubble trimmer. Some stray hairs may protrude, so on that occasion, use beard scissors.

Step 3 – Choose a style to match your face shape

The best beard style is one that matches your facial features. If you have a square-shaped jaw, keep the sides longer and round the trim on the chin area. Rounded faces will look better with trimmed sides and longer bottoms. Oval-shaped faces can pull off a popular goatee style.

13 Most Popular White Beard Styles

Full Beard With a Handlebar

A full beard means growing the beard covering the face, neck, chin, sideburns, and cheeks. The handlebar is a mustache that is curved on the side. This usually requires a balm to maintain its shape. This style takes three months to grow. It requires just a little trimming but needs frequent conditioning to keep the hair’s form.

Big and Bushy

The classic big and bushy style is popular among older men. It is very low maintenance as you don’t need too much styling; include a beard brush in your daily routine. Allow the hair to grow naturally and maintain a neat round trim.

Salt and Pepper

A popular style among celebrities because it exudes confidence and sexiness. The mix of white and gray hair makes it look very natural. This style looks best in a clean and shirt trim.

Dark Mustache and White Beard

Some guys naturally have a dark mustache and white beard. Some even have a natural red-colored beard. For those who want to sport this unique two-toned look, it can be achieved through bleaching the lower beard and maintaining the darker color of the mustache.

Big Rounded Beard

Big rounded beards look best when paired with a short haircut or a slick back undercut. The contrast will highlight the big beard even more.

Thin and Groomed

This look will make you look ruggedly handsome but professional, with neat trim and little facial hair. The bear is shaven under the lips for a cleaner cut and a more visible lip line.

Mutton Chops With a Connected Mustache

Mutton chops shave the area on your lower lip and grow the mustache long. This look can make you look older but full of wisdom. The mustache needs a bit of TLC if you want to maintain this look and the best way is to apply a beard moisturizer regularly.

Light Stubble White Beard

Another clean look that you can get away with wearing a suit and looking professional even with a beard. The silhouette is similar to the thin and groomed beard style, except on this one, the hair is only about a few cm long, nicely trimmed all over.

White Grey Goatee

Most Popular White Beard Styles

This style is for those with natural white and gray hair. The goatee is grown as long as the beard on the chin and extends to the sides of the lip. The mustache is short-trimmed, emphasizing the goatee.

Chinese White Beard

If you’ve seen Shaolin masters in movies, then you have an idea of how this style looks like. The beard and the sideburns are allowed to grow as long as possible. This style would work for those who have thin and patchy beard hair.

White and Black Goatee

This style is also called the French beard and has been popular for a long time. The cheek and neck area gets a clean shave, and the hair around the mouth is grown to the desired length but evenly trimmed.

Getting to the Point White Beard

This style is the let-loose kind of growth because the beard grows down the chest without trimming but is straightened and adequately maintained. For the best look, keep head hair short and neat, and choose good beard oil for regular use.

Curly Full Beard With Hooked Mustache

This look will make you think about the old-style classics. Those with curly beard hair can try this style. The beard is allowed to grow fully, and the mustache is grown long with a pointy end. Don’t attempt this look if you haven’t found the world’s best beard balm that’s suitable for you because the hooked mustache requires maintenance.

Do’s and Don’ts When Growing a White Beard


  • Do wash and clean your beard as often as needed to prevent bacteria buildup, especially after eating.
  • Always give your beard enough time to grow before trimming it because not all areas will grow at the same rate.
  • Do use a good quality beard oil or moisturizer to maintain hair health.


  • Don’t let the beard grow below Adam’s apple; always trim it and let your neck show.
  • Don’t try different hair growth products without consulting a professional to avoid irritation, skin burns, and other adverse effects.
  • Don’t neglect your face and take care of your facial skin as much as your beard.

FAQ About White Beard

FAQ About White Beard

Can you look younger with a white beard?

Unfortunately, any beard won’t make you look younger because it is always associated with maturity, adulthood, and aging. However, if you maintain clear and healthy skin, having a white beard won’t make you look so old.

Why does beard hair turn white?

As a person ages, the melanin in their hair follicles gets depleted. Melanin in hair is the natural skin pigment that gives it a dark color.

How to prevent beard hair from turning white?

You can’t prevent hair from turning white, especially as you age. Still, you can slow down the process of melanin depletion by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, protecting your beard from UV rays, and taking supplements.


Popular culture is changing the way people perceive white and gray hair. Celebrities are sporting it even on the red carpet. It has also created a market for new lines of products, particularly for beard care.

Opinions are split when it comes to beard appreciation because not all people like bearded men. It all boils down to culture, exposure, and personal preference.

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White Beard – How to Grow, Style & Wear It With Confidence


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