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Best Straight Razor Shaving Kits for Rookies & Pros

Best Straight Razor Shaving Kit

What Is a Straight Razor Shaving Kit

A Straight Razor shaving kit contains most, if not all, the items you need for shaving and grooming with the help of a straight razor. In most cases, the world’s best straight razor shaving kit features an elegant look and contains every essential grooming item, like beard comb, blades, scissors, and straight razor, among many others.

The kit also has a stainless-steel razor and blades made of stainless steel that can help you deliver a wet and smooth shave. With this kit around, you will be able to take advantage of a fast way to trim your mustache.

Benefits of Using a Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Provides a More Controlled Shave

This kit has the advantage of giving you a pleasant and controlled shave. This is possible with the straight razor that’s included in the kit. The razor has a linear and straightforward design, which is what will guide you towards having a more precise, closer, and more controlled shave.

Promotes a Cleaner Shave

This benefit is literal in the sense that the straight razor can stay clean. This means that it will not get clogged by any form of gunk in its head. The razor is already clean is also a significant advantage as it means that you have a low chance of experiencing any micro-abrasions, cuts, and nicks.


Shaving using the straight razor and the other components included in its kit is environmentally friendly. One thing that makes it environmentally friendly is that it would be unnecessary to change the blades repeatedly.

How Does a Straight Razor Shaving Kit Work

The Straight Razor Shaving kit makes for a great birthday, holiday, or Father’s gift, especially for the remarkable men in your life, like your father, brother, friend, or husband. It works by helping users get the perfect shave. With the aid of the straight razor in the kit, you can go back to the ultimate root of your shaving experience.

Since it comes in the form of a kit, expect it to provide you with everything you need for getting a close shave – among which are premium shaving soap, a professional shaving cream, and a shaving brush.

Pros and Cons of Using Straight Razor Shaving Kits


  • Gives you complete control over your shaving experience.
  • Assures users of a clean shave.
  • Has a lower risk of irritation and other problems on the skin.
  • Environmentally friendly as the straight razor does not require frequent blade replacements.
  • Leads to a smooth finish.


  • Quite expensive. Some straight razor shaving kits are pretty expensive, so expect to shell out a bit more than you expected. However, it is worth its high cost as it tends to last longer, making it a wise one-time investment.

Types of Straight Razors

Types of Straight Razors

Similar to trying to avoid poor-quality beard brush, it is also advisable to shop for straight razors while understanding their different types. By knowing each type, you will see how each one functions and how it can help you.

Square Point

If you are still a beginner in using a straight razor, you will notice that the square point is not often the easiest blade point you can use. It is defined as a square point as it strongly resembles a square’s straight side.

With that in mind, expect this type to feature a sharp point set perpendicularly to the razor’s sharp edge. This type also needs relative skill when it comes to using and handling the blade. If you don’t, then it is possible to be nicked by the blade frequently.

Barber’s Notch

The barber’s notch is a popular choice among barbers as it has a versatile design. It resembles the Spanish point’s older brother because of its concave arch and rounded tip. Note that the barber’s notch still differs because those parts are bigger than the others.

Round Point

The round point is also another great choice, especially for those with no experience in handling blades then utilizing it for beard trimming and grooming. This razor comes with a rounded edge. This is what will help in lowering your risk of triggering injuries.

However, the round point has the disadvantage of being more difficult to use every time you cut around a precise edge. The rounded end often compromises the pinpoint precision that the square point usually delivers.

French Point

There is also what we call the French point. It features a blade with a quarter-circle curve that tends to end in a square-shaped point. The French point follows a decorative style and executes the same function as the straight razor that features a square point.

The pointed toe integrated into this razor also works by curving upward to the head of the blade. With that, you can easily reach even those hard-to-reach areas, such as those that are below your nose.


Spanish points feature a rounded tip, which is why it’s a somewhat exciting shape. It has similarities with the barber’s notch, but the Spanish still boast a subtler and cleaner look.

Many users say that the Spanish points have the most well-designed and desirable blades due to their ability to create a fantastic look and clean lines. Just make sure to exercise caution when you hone the blades because they may bite and cause damage to your strop.

Tools in Straight Razor Shaving Kits

Tools in Straight Razor Shaving Kits

The following tools that you can find in most straight razor shaving kits also make them among the most fantastic choices for those searching for the ultimate beard grooming kit.

Straight Razor

Of course, the essential item in this shaving kit is the straight razor. The one that’s included in your equipment could be made of stainless steel or carbon. It could also be of any of the types mentioned above, depending on your chosen point. In some cases, the kit also has an additional cartridge razor with a pivoting head.

Shaving Brush

The kit will also most likely contain the shaving brush. This is the item you will be used in applying the lather with ease. Apart from that, it can also exfoliate your face. It even works in lifting your whiskers, making them fully prepared to receive the blade.


Some kits also contain lubricants – the products designed to assist your straight razor as it glides over your face, promoting a smooth process and result. It could come in the form of shaving cream, foam, gel, or soap. There could also be a pre-shave oil that doesn’t irritate the skin. By applying the lubricants in the kit, you can lower your chance of dealing with cuts, nicks, and razor burns.

Shaving Soap or Cream

Another important inclusion in the straight razor shaving kit is the shaving soap or cream. This specially formulated product contains the right ingredients that can help in hydrating, protecting, and nourishing your skin. The soap, for instance, can produce a stable, rich, and dense lather capable of withstanding several passes. It also has lubricating properties that help in creating a glide guaranteed to minimize irritation.

Razor Strop

The strop is a tiny piece of leather necessary in keeping your edge in excellent shape. You may want to run your blade along the strop as a means of warming up the steel. It can help in working out even those little microscopic nicks that your shave created.

Also, note that before each shaving session, stropping is necessary. A strop with dual sides with a linen or cotton material effectively cleans the oxidation caused by the straight razor before touching the leather.

How to Choose the Best Straight Razor Kit

Personal Preferences

Determine what your preferences are before buying a straight razor kit. By knowing precisely what you want from the kit, you will surely be able to find one that contains every piece you need. You can also make your choice based on your preferred type of straight razor. Study its different types, including their materials and points, to know which one fits your requirements and preferences the most.


Accessories or Features of Straight Razor Kit

One thing to note about straight razor shaving kits is that not all of them are created equally. This means that some kits have less in terms of the accessories and features they contain.

On the other hand, others feature a lot more, including brushes that will aid in lather application, shaving creams that can make your experience when shaving even smoother and more luxurious, and strops to straighten the blade.

Check the actual contents of the kit, so you will know if what you intend to get genuinely has what you need precisely.


It is also crucial to consider how portable the kit is. This is especially true if you intend to bring it with you everywhere. The good news is that most shaving kits nowadays have a leather bag. You will find this helpful in carrying the kit and its contents with ease.

Razor Width and Size

Just like the importance of finding your beard type and style, it is also crucial to assess the width and size of the razor in the kit before buying. You also need to know what your preferred size and width are. Do you like a large razor, which can cut through a grizzled and thick beard hassle-free? Or do you choose to own a sophisticated and easy-to-maneuver blade that can navigate each part of your face?

Determine what your preference is precisely so you can start looking for a razor with a width and size that perfectly matches it. Note that the correct honing of the edge and its sharpness will mean that it will work efficiently regardless of its size. You can even expect a small razor to cut a thick and full beard if you maintain it adequately.

Blade Sharpening

Also, determine the exact methods and ways of sharpening the blade in the kit. The good thing about straight razors is that it gives you the option to sharpen and straighten them on your own. In that case, you have to make sure that the kit contains the primary tools for razor maintenance, including the honing stone and the stropping leather.

Look for a kit that has a sort of stropping leather, at the very least. It can contribute a lot to ensuring that the edge remains straight and friendly. Just make sure that the stropping leather included is actual of top-notch quality. This can assure you that it will not result in a jagged blade that may only cause your delicate skin to become irritated.


The price is also a major consideration. It is advisable to analyze how much the kit costs and the features and accessories that form part of it. Go for a quality one with everything that you need while still being offered at a reasonable price.

Additional Items

Determine the additional items that are included in the kit. There could be creams, lotions, and soaps in there that are all useful in shaving. Note that you can’t expect every straight edge kit to contain these products, but it would be nice to find one that has them. These products can help create a decent shaving lather, which can significantly improve your shaving experience when using the razor.

Additional Items in Straight Razor Kit

Aside from that, the creams or soaps can also contribute to the warm and relaxing feel of the shave and in preventing shaving rash after trimming. You can further enhance your experience if the kit also has a creamy shaving lotion, moisturizer, and aftershave balm. If possible, look for a kit with products that can help your beard grow thicker, fuller, and more beautiful.

How to Use a Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Step 1 – Prepare your face

You can do that by showering before the actual shaving process. Use warm water when showering as the moist heat can help in opening up your pores and softening your facial hair.

Step 2 – Put on your pre-shave oil

This can help in moisturizing the specific area where you are going to shave. The oil is also a big help in reducing drag. It even serves as an antiseptic.

Step 3 – Apply the shaving cream

The best shave cream is rich in alkaline, so make sure that the cream included in the kit states that it makes use of a highly alkaline formula. The role of this cream is to soften the area, precisely your hair shaft. It also continues the process of opening your pores while moisturizing your face.

Step 4 – Apply the shaving lather

The use of this brush can significantly improve your experience.

It does not only work in giving a cool factor but also in lifting your hair follicles. This can result in a more luxurious and thicker lather that can deliver exfoliating benefits. Just apply the lather to your face using the shaving brush in a paintbrush movement. Use a hot towel to wipe away all the excess lather.

Step 5 – Strop and hone your straight razor, then start shaving

Pull your skin tightly while applying the razor, then shave following the grain of growth. In case you prefer a closer shave, going against the grain can help.

Just make sure to apply pre-shave oil and cream again before you do that to prevent razor burns. When using the straight razor, your goal should be to have up to three passes. This should be enough to give the shaved area maximum smoothness.

Step 6 – Rinse well

You may want to use warm water as it is known to make you feel good right after shaving. Cold water is also okay, especially if you want your pores to close after the shaving session. It also helps to put on a natural aftershave balm – one that absorbs fast, thereby offering immediate protection to your face and soothing it.

How to Maintain a Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Step 1 – Strop

This is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to the maintenance of your straight razor’s edge. Strop each time you shave. It could be before or after the process.

Step 2 – When stropping, taking your time is a must

You also have to use just a little more of the blade’s pressure weight. That way, you can avoid carelessly or hurried stropping that may only cause the dulling or rolling of the razor’s edge.

Step 3 – Use a barber hone

If you notice that the straight razor is dull or it pulls on your skin quite a bit, use a barber hone as a means of sharpening it.

Step 4 – Once honed, strop the straight razor

The target should be to let it go through fifteen round trips on linen. Follow it by thirty round trips more on leather.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

A lot of people think that straight razor kits are way too costly for them. It may be true as the initial cost of buying high-quality equipment may be expensive, costing you several hundred dollars. However, note that it will help you save money eventually. The reason is that this quality can make the razor serve you for years, which means that it is a one-time investment that will be of help to you for a long time.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Straight Razor Shaving Kit


  • Make sure to prepare your skin before shaving. This is a vital step that you should never neglect nor skip. The preparation should involve cleaning up your face and using hot water to dampen your skin a bit, which can help open up your pores for a more comfortable and easier shave.
  • Put on a shaving soap or cream. The goal here is to lather your skin. Do not forget this step, as it is necessary for making the blade glide smoothly. If you don’t lather, there is a risk of your skin becoming coarse and rough, increasing the possibility of cuts.
  • Hold the razor at the right angle. You have to hold the razor correctly as it contributes to a smoother shaving process. Holding it too far may lead to you being unable to cut the hair properly. If it is too close, you will also be at risk of cutting both your skin and hair. The best tip is to hold your straight razor correctly, specifically at a 30-degree angle.


  • Do not shave against the grain. The reason is that it may only cause your skin to get dry and rough, leading to burns and irritation. The best approach is constantly shaving with the grain.
  • Do not forget to moisturize. Moisturizing should be made into a daily habit. Moisturize the skin exposed to the straight blade razor to ensure that that area looks and feels smooth.

FAQ About a Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Is shaving with a straight razor better?

The answer is yes. It is better to use the straight razor as it can result in a comfortable and close shave. It does so without causing skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Do straight razors give the closest shave?

Most users say that the straight razors can give the closest shave compared to other types of razors, including electric and cartridge. The straight razor can provide not only closer yields but also smooth and close shaves. It is also what can provide you with a convenient and classic experience every time you shave.

How long will a straight razor shave last?

FAQ About a Straight Razor Shaving Kit

The straight razor shave may last for around two to three days. After that, you may need another one. Other factors may also contribute to this period, such as the closeness of your shave, the overall quality of your straight razor, as well as the way you care for and maintain the razor.

What kind of straight razor do barbers use?

Most barbers make it a point to use those straight razors with elegant design. The good news is that with the popularity of straight razors, it is now easy to find those that are elegantly designed and proven sharp.

Most barbers also make it a point to pick straight razors with the ability to retain their sharpness for an extended period. They also prefer stainless steel since the material is long-lasting even if they use it in wet environments.

What kind of shaving cream or soap should I use with a straight razor?

You can use regular shaving cream with your straight razor. Just use a shaving brush during the application of the cream. This will hydrate the cream, thereby forming a thick and rich lather for shaving. Try to avoid canned shaving creams, though, as they are not that suitable for straight razors.

The reason is that these canned creams tend to wipe off easily while not adhering to and coating your skin in the same way as other better-quality products. It would be much better to use shaving soap instead. It is because of its oil-base, which contributes a lot in softening your skin and whiskers while making your skin fully prepared for the shaving process.


Investing in a high-quality straight razor shaving kit can indeed give you a lot of favorable advantages. With the many things included in the kit, you will surely be able to receive more than enough help in making your entire shaving experience as fun, luxurious, and enjoyable as possible. 

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Best Straight Razor Shaving Kits for Rookies & Pros


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