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Hairstyles for Balding Men to Make You Look Magnificent

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Hairstyles for Balding Men

What Causes Men Baldness


One major cause of male baldness is genetics. This factor can increase your risk of dealing with male pattern baldness. Your genes may cause your skin’s small cavities found at the base of your Hair, referred to as scalp hair follicles, to shrink gradually. Hair can grow shorter and finer progressively until there is no longer any new hair growth.


Stress paired with anxiety may also cause you to lose some hair strands, sometimes leading to baldness. Your scalp may thin out temporarily because of the stressful event you have just experienced. It is referred to as telogen effluvium, a kind of hair loss, which is not yet classified as male pattern baldness and treatable using the world’s best hair loss shampoo.

Medical Condition

Some medical conditions may also cause temporary or permanent hair loss, including hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, thyroid problems, menopause, and childbirth. You may also experience baldness because of a condition called alopecia areata. It is a disease related to your immunity that may result in patchy hair loss, a hair-pulling disorder, and scalp infections, like ringworm.


Aging is also a potential cause for male pattern baldness. It often happens to those over 50 years old as their age can make them more exposed to DHT, which triggers hair loss. This may still occur as you age, regardless of your haircare and skincare routine.

Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition may also trigger baldness and hair loss in men. It could be that you are deficient in iron or take in excessive amounts of Vitamin A. Lack of protein, especially the one known as prostaglandin that you can find on your scalp, may also lead to the loss of your hair.

Immune System

A problem in your immune system could also be the reason for male baldness. You may be at risk of losing hair or experiencing baldness if your immune system starts attacking your body, which signifies that you have an autoimmune condition. This disease affects your gastrointestinal tract, which is a vital body part responsible for absorbing nutrients from the foods you take in. This may further lead to nutritional issues triggering hair loss.

Impulse Control Disorder

There is also a condition called impulse control disorder, which may cause an uncontrollable urge to pull out your hair. It could be from your scalp, eyebrows, or any part of your body with hair. This tendency is also called trichotillomania, a chronic condition affecting some adults and teens that also cause baldness and hair loss.


Certain hair grooming routines may also harm hair growth. For instance, if you constantly braid your hair or style it into a cornrow or ponytail, then expect the tight pulling of the hair in your scalp. This can lead to traction alopecia, a temporary hair loss condition. Moreover, the constant use of perms, hot oil treatments, premium hair wax, and other hair treatments, including hair dyes and colors, may also cause severe damage to your follicles.

Techniques for Balding Men

Techniques for Balding Men

If you experience baldness or hair thinning due to any of the causes mentioned above, you can rest assured that there are ways to deal with the problem. Just like when you can find solutions that can help treat dry skin, there are also effective cures and solutions for baldness and hair loss. Some of the best solutions available for you are:

Hair Transplants

An invasive yet effective treatment designed to regrow hair is a hair transplant. This invasive treatment works by taking hair follicles from other parts then transplanting those on your scalp, specifically where hair regrowth is necessary.

The hair transplant is quite costly, especially when planning to transplant several follicles in different areas. You may also have to visit your doctor for several treatments. There are also times when you will experience pain within the three weeks that follow after the procedure.

Laser and Light Treatments

You can also restore the glory of your hair through the use of laser devices and light treatments. The use of LED lights or lasers can help increase the flow of blood to your hair follicles, thereby encouraging new growth. This treatment is expensive, but it can treat hair loss non-invasive, safe, and effective.

Wigs or Hairpieces

You may also want to start taking advantage of wigs or hairpieces. These items help cover receding hairlines and thin hair. The good thing about wigs and hairpieces is that they are available in various colors, textures, and styles.

If you want these hairpieces to look more natural, then consider visiting a professional hairstylist. That way, you can discuss your options and figure out which can produce a more natural look.

Modern weaves ideal for men is also great options as they act and look like your natural hair. One advantage of these weaves is that you can expect them to stay on even when swimming or showering. Choosing your favorite crew-cut hairstyle is also possible with wigs or hairpieces.


Many balding men shave off their heads using professional hair clippers or wear various hairstyles that will cover the thinning or baldness a bit, like a comb-over. Some use such hairstyles as a means of hiding the missing patches. This is an effective solution if the hair loss is not too excessive yet.

You may also seek the help of a hairstylist who may help find various products that you can use in thickening and styling your hair. In this case, you may want to invest in natural hair creams or begin using a hair clay that provides excellent hold. Such products can help make your hairstyle more capable of hiding the balding areas.

How to Style and Maintain Receding Hair

Step 1 – Wash your hair first  

Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner when doing so towel-dry your hair afterward. All these can help thicken and strengthen your hair, which can create the ideal base for styling.

Step 2 – Use a styling paste

Scoop some of this paste and use it in styling your hair. This hair product is necessary as it can provide enough flexibility for reshaping your hair. Rub this paste in between your palms. Doing so can activate the product and warm it up before you put it on your hair.

Step 3 – Style your hair roughly

Once you put on the paste, use both your hands so you can start messing up your hair’s texture a bit. This should help in styling. Run both hands roughly through your hair. Lift your hair strands as you go until your desired look is attained.

Step 4 – Style your hair for an illusion of thickness

Since you have a receding hairline, your goal should be to make a soft yet messy look capable of disguising the parts that are already thinning.

Most Popular Hairstyles for Balding Men

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are every day among balding men. In most cases, the style is characterized by temporary hair appearing on top. It is also paired with a fade at the back and on both sides to lessen the contrast and ensure that the focus is removed from the thinning and balding areas.

Men with a receding hairline, thinning hair affecting the crown, or widow’s peak may also wear a short hairstyle. That way, they can make the spot where thinning or balding appear like part of their entire look.

Long Hairstyles

Even with your balding or thinning hair, you can still try different long hairstyles. This is especially true if your hair is long, with just a few spots affected by thinning or balding. To prevent aggravating the issue with your hair and make it appear like you are covering up some areas, it would be a great idea to use a medium to a longer haircut at the top paired with short sides.

One example is sporting faded or shaved sides if you have receding hairlines or a widow’s peak. You may also want to use a high fade as it works in blending your hair, making the transition more gradual as the actual long hairstyles that suit balding men are the comb-over, a pompadour, messy mop top, and modern quiff.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is also a great style to try if you do not want to go completely bald, even if your hair starts losing or thinning. Choose a cleaner or shorter buzz cut. What’s great about this style is that it can balance all your hair to a similar length, thereby minimizing the appearance of receding hair. The fact that it stays short also helps in concealing missing patches.

For those with round faces, pairing this hairstyle with different short beard styles is also a wise move. You may want to style your beard in such a way that it creates a defined angular shape. This can help in making your face appear longer.

Crew Cut

This is a perfect hairstyle in case you are starting to lose your hairline, but you still prefer having longer locks on top. The best crew cut style, in such a case, would be a tapered and clean one. It is a good choice as it can prevent people from focusing on your hairline and instead draw attention to your face. This crew-cut style is also perfect for you if you do not want to become completely bald yet.

Comb Over

Most Popular Hairstyles for Balding Men - Comb Over

The comb over hairstyles also seems to work well for men with receding or balding hair. One reason is that this style effectively integrates the receding hair into the actual cut, using it as the lowest point in your natural hair. With that, expect it to leave an impression that your mane is weighty and thick.

If you want your comb-over style to have a modern touch, trim your hair on both sides to make your front locks subtly longer. It also helps to apply a bit of hair product on your hair, then brushes it back and to one particular side every time you style it. Complete the look by using some hairspray.

Textured French Crop

This trendy hairstyle focuses on styling your hair forward. The textured French crop is also effective in hiding your receding hair as it features an undercut or skin fade on both sides, additional length in front, and a short length of hair on top.

Give this style a more textured finish by applying a pomade, clay, or wax with a medium hold. Expect it to be suitable for thinning hair affecting your crown. Also, make it a point to comb your hair lightly to your face. As for the top, it would be best to leave it messy. Meanwhile, let the front hang on top of your forehead.

Slicked Back Hair

The slicked-back hairstyle fits well for those with a receding hairline who wants to sport a full beard, too. In this style, you should never cut your hair too short. It would be best to leave a few inches above to balance your long beard. If your hair is thin, it would also be beneficial to use the top layers to overlay your back. This can give an illusion that you have full and thick hair.

Shaved Head with Mustaches

With the recent popularity of mustaches, it is a great idea to pair it up with a clean-shaven head. You have to shave your head clean and pair it up with your chosen style of mustache. It is an impressive style for men who are starting to go bald.


This is a fantastic hairstyle if you have plans of hiding your bad hairline. It is characterized by short hair on top paired with short sides and longer bangs. You can achieve this style if you comb your hair to the front. Allow this to cover your forehead partially.

It is possible for you to choose from a long or short fringe. You should then work on getting an angular style by sweeping it to just one side. If your hair is thinning, then the remaining ones, especially the strands surrounding your crown, should be tousled. This can help prevent your scalp from being exposed.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk hairstyle is also an excellent option for those with receding hairlines. The reason is that it works in diverting attention from your forehead. It also does that job while keeping your entire look youthful and edgy.

If you prefer your look to be more formal, though, avoid leaving your front hair too long. Keep the hair on top a bit longer than those on the sides. Use the right hair product to spike this style up. You should then keep this haircut clean on the back or sides. You can achieve this either through a faded look or a slicked back.

Side Part

Most Popular Hairstyles for Balding Men - Side Part

This style resembles the comb-over but still differs a bit because it has a defined part. It is an excellent style for the sport as it is stylish and looks neat and sophisticated. If you are worried that parting your hair may only highlight the bald or thinning area, cutting a high skin fade on both sides is advisable. It can help in blending the transition even better.


The traditional pompadour is a mid-length hairstyle that has a poof in front. A short pompadour may be highly recommended for this style to work suitably with balding or thinning hair. You have to sport short hair on both sides. The top should be two to three inches. It is also advisable to brush up your hair and back. To add flow and volume to your hair, blow-dry it a bit.


The quiff also tends to look fantastic on men who have short to mid-length hair and prefer a fashionable and casual hairstyle. You can add a more modern touch to your quiff by pairing it up with a fade that appears on both sides. Make it a point to use a mousse or hair cream with a light texture to style your quiff. You can also make this style even better by letting your fingers run through your hair. This can lead to a more relaxed finish.

Spiky Hair

You can also integrate spikes into your thinning hair. With this style, you can make your scalp less visible, which is good if the area is already thinning or balding. Go for a short spiky hairstyle composed of a shorter back and longer front. You can make your spikes more flattering by making the style messy with the help of a matte product.

High and Tight

This is a simple hairstyle inspired by the military that can conceal hair loss and thinning. You can begin this style with a high fade that appears on both sides. There should also be a short haircut on top. It is characterized by a faded and cropped look that perfectly suits those with receding hairlines, fine hair, and balding crowns.

Bald Head

If the balding you are experiencing affects the top of your scalp with remaining hair only on the sides, it would be best to shave your head clean. There is no need to be frightened about the thought of sporting a bald head. It is masculine and sexy.

You can pair it up with the right beard style to bring out your best look and impress women. With the help of balding clippers, trim your hair short before shaving them entirely using a high-quality razor.

Steve McQueen Haircut

You may also want to try the Steve McQueen hairstyle, which is a buzz but longer. You can have your hair hold an essentially similar length all over, but you can lengthen the ones on your forehead. It is an excellent style for male pattern baldness characterized by an M-share hairline with the other hair parts still showing sufficient thickness.

Hugh Laurie Hairstyle

You can also follow the style of the actor, Hugh Laurie. You can sport it by styling your hair so that it showcases a messy and layered cut, resulting in a more natural look. This works perfectly for you if you have no problems growing your hair but experience a bit of baldness in front. With the Hugh Laurie hairstyle, hiding your receding hairline is possible.

Do’s and Don’ts to Balding Men’s Hairstyles

Do’s and Don’ts to Balding Men’s Hairstyles


  • Use high-quality conditioners and mousses. Choose those products guaranteed to help those who are dealing with hair thinning and male pattern baldness. With the help of these products, your hair can have a more natural-looking fluff and volume.
  • Let the remaining parts of your hair grow by several inches. You should then style it with a layered cut. After that, brush it forward and you will notice the style breaking up your receding hairline.
  • Keep the front long, then comb your hair back. This is a wise tip for those with hairlines that recede too badly while having thinning hair on top. The style will help in covering up the bald area.


  • Do not make your hair grow longer at the back. Avoid making this mistake as a means of making up for the seemingly lacking and thinning hair on top. It may only cause the look on your head to be unbalanced, eventually drawing more focus and attention to your scalp and the bald spots.
  • Do not use gel. The gel will not help with thinning hair as it may only cause your strands to clump together, eventually revealing your scalp.

FAQ About Balding Men’s Hairstyles

What is the best haircut for balding?

This depends on the severity of the problem and the specific spots where you can see the baldness and thinness. The most highly recommended hairstyles for balding men include the crew cut, buzz cut, and comb-over, which help hide the bald and thinning spots effectively.

Is shorter hair better for balding?

Some say that cutting their hair short is better when they experience thinning hair or male pattern baldness. This is the traditional haircut for a lot of balding men. The reason is that your chosen short haircut may make the thinning or balding part of your hair appear like it is a part of how you look naturally.

Are bald men attractive?

Yes, a lot of people, especially women, find bald men attractive. If you’re experiencing male pattern baldness, then you can choose to go completely bald and make yourself look so appealing to everyone. In most cases, being completely bald is even a sign of masculinity. It is even more so if you pair it up with a masculine and stylish beard.

Can a bald man get his hair back?

Yes, a bald man can grow his hair back. The most important thing to do, in this case, is to identify the root cause of the problem. That way, you can address the cause correctly. You may also want to start using products designed to stimulate hair growth. Improve your diet, too. Make sure to eat foods with nutrients that can help make your hair thrive once again.

What hairstyle should balding men avoid?

One hairstyle you should avoid if you notice that you already have some bald spots is the man bun. This is especially true if you try to incorporate some of the philosophy applied in the comb-over haircut into your man bun.

This means letting your hair grow out above then pulling it back to form a man bun. It could be so you can try covering bald areas that are already visible. Avoid this as much as possible as it may only cause the bald spot to look more obvious.

Should I color my hair to cover baldness?

Yes, you can color or dye your hair significantly if it is thinning or balding areas. What’s great about the hair color is that it can emphasize your hair’s natural highs and lows. With that, expect it to create a fuller and thicker look, covering up your scalp.

Hair colors can also make an illusion of depth, making it possible for your hair to appear thicker. Remember, though, that hair colors and dyes may also damage the hair, especially if it is already too sensitive. With that, make it a point to use safe and gentle ones or color your hair sparingly.


Experiencing male pattern baldness does not have to make you feel too bad about yourself, as there are ways for you to handle the problem. It would be best to find a cure for your male baldness as early as possible, as this can help stop the hair loss further while restoring its good health and thick and full look. 

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Hairstyles for Balding Men to Make You Look Magnificent


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