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Best Hair Supplements (Vitamins) for Men for Fuller Hair

Best Hair Supplements (Vitamins) for Men

Is your forehead becoming slightly higher every year? Are you one Star Trek uniform far from Picard cosplay? Then this is the right article for you.

Male baldness is nothing uncommon. 67% of men will lose some of their Hair even before they hit 35. But don’t worry. We have a way to help you. Also, we have effective tips for growing your beard faster. So, you are in the hands of hair experts now.

What Are Hair Vitamins for Men

Hair Vitamins are necessary for your health, as well as the health of your hair. They are natural ingredients that improve the strength, thickness, and shine of your hair. Some of them are even proven to help the regrowth of your hair. Even if you were as bald as Johnny Sins, you all know who he is. Let’s stop pretending.

Benefits of Using Hair Vitamins for Men

Hair loss and hair issues are usually caused by a lack of specific vitamins or supplements.  Hair vitamins for men will give you enough dosage of that supplement(s) and help you restore your hair to its former glory.  Just like the world’s best beard shampoo will do for your beard. The best part? All these products are available, affordable, clinically tested, and easy to use. 

How Do Hair Vitamins for Men Work

Hair vitamins provide your body and your hair with the necessary ingredients that keep your hair healthy. The modern way of living, combined with stress, often results in a lower level of vitamins and minerals in your body. And the hair is usually one of the first places where it shows. 

Hair vitamins are here to replenish the stocks of the vitamins and supplements your hair needs. Nothing more, and absolutely no magic. Just plain old science. You lack something – you take something. 

Follow our advice, and you will soon enough be choosing high-quality beard scissors and hair combs to tame your new, healthy hair.

Pros and Cons of Using Hair Vitamins for Men


  • Affordable. None of the hair supplements cost a fortune. You won’t go bankrupt buying hair vitamins, using beard oil, or caring for your look. It is an investment, not an expense.
  • Scientific solution. Your body lacks vitamins. Thus, you take some vitamins. No snake oil or magic formulas.
  • Easily acquirable. The online market doesn’t lack the availability of different hair vitamins and supplements.
  • Overall health benefits. Hair vitamins benefit your whole body, not just your hair. 
  • Your nails will be lit. Hair vitamins do wonders for the health of your nails. After all, they are both made of keratin.


  • Side effects. Some of these vitamins can have side effects when used simultaneously with drugs or other food supplements.
  • Don’t forget that you need to use hair vitamins only if you lack those vitamins. 

Types of Hair Vitamins for Men

Types of Hair Vitamins for Men

Biotin aka Vitamin H or B7

If you are a fan of cracking a cold one with boys now and then, following it with a juicy burger, who can blame you? But, as a side effect, you probably lack biotin in your body. Lack of biotin usually results in mild fungal infections, eczema…and hair loss. Check your biotin levels on your next health check.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is not just to make “she wants the D” jokes. Nope, this little fella is needed for:

  • hair
  • nerves
  • muscles
  • immune system
  • mental health

You may lack this vitamin if you are vegan, have celiac disease, or get enough sun.


Zinc is one of the essential nutrients for overall body health. Low levels of zinc won’t just get you bald. You can get diarrhea, psoriasis, and acne as a bonus. 

Zinc is essential for the growth of hair follicles and the cellular processes inside. Yes, if you want to achieve a thicker beard, you will need your zinc.

Combination Supplements

Why take just one supplement when you can have an all-in-one package? You can buy a combination of supplements containing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients inside. So, in one pill, you can get enough RDA of:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Folic acids
  • Amino acids
  • Antioxidants

As hair growth rarely depends on just one factor, combination supplements may be the best solution for you. Of course, we advise you to talk with your doctor first.

Single Supplements

You already heard the expression: “The dose makes the poison.” So, you may not need all the supplements from the pre-made combination dose. For instance, excess selenium can make you even balder, and excess zinc can weaken your bones.

Single supplements are usually available in four forms:

  • pills, tablets, capsules, gummies
  • powder
  • liquid
  • topical serum

And as with the combination supplements, it’s crucial not to overdo it. You won’t like the side effects: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and possible liver diseases.

How to Choose the Best Hair Supplements for Men

How to Choose the Best Hair Supplements for Men

Vitamins Within the Supplement

  • A vitamin – hair growth, hair health, and scalp moisturization
  • Vitamin B family, especially biotin – overall hair growth and health
  • C vitamin – the creation of collagen, absorption of iron, and antioxidation
  • Vitamin D – overall body health
  • E vitamin – a powerful antioxidant

Other Nutrients

  • Iron- carries oxygen to your hair
  • Zinc – enables the proper function of the oil glands
  • Proteins – hair IS protein
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – healthy acids responsible for tissue repair and oil production
  • Calcium – necessary for strong hair

DHT Blocking

DHT is a hormone that will boost all your hair growth…except on the head, where it should be. If you have high levels of DHT, you should choose the hair supplements that block the DHT receptors.

Side Effects

You won’t find the same side effects for any two people on this planet. Talk to your doctor and observe any sudden changes that eventually happened to your body after taking the supplements. 

Dose Frequency

Some of these supplements are easy to take and easy to remember – one pill a day. However, some of them need more pills per day or consider a specific dosage. We mean before or after the meal, before or after the sleep, and such. Pick your preferences.


Do you need a weekly dose of supplements or a year-worth? Buying in bulks is always budget-friendly if the product suits you. If you are trying a new vitamin, start with a smaller dosage. That way, you can determine if it works for you.

How to Properly Use Hair Vitamins for Men 

Step 1 – Preparation is the key

Skip the advice given by family or friends. Some people are natural Chewbaccas and don’t understand the difference between causality and correlation. Not every solution is fit for every hair. Get info from your barber, or even better, your doctor. Barber can also help you choose beard balm with a pleasant scent that would suit your beard perfectly.

Step 2 – Look for key ingredients

Skip the “pearl extracts” or other nonsense. Your hair needs natural vitamins, minerals, and acids. Look for vitamins A, C, and D, biotin, keratin, niacinamide, zinc, iron and such. All these ingredients will also help in repairing and softening damaged facial hair.

Step 3 – Stick to the recommended dosage

How to Properly Use Hair Vitamins for Men

If you overdo your hair vitamins, you will get the opposite effect. Yes, your hair can even become worse if you don’t follow the recommended dosage.

Step 4 – Follow the instructions

Instructions are there for your safety, so read them thoroughly. You will find out:

  • how and where to store your hair vitamins
  • the right time to use them
  • possible side effects

Step 5 – Hair vitamins are no substitute for food

Hair vitamins are your little helpers, not miracle-makers. You need to have a healthy diet for them to work. You can’t replace your fruits and veggies with pills.

Precautions in Taking Hair Vitamins for Men

Avoid Mixing Medication

If you take prescription drugs, you should consult your doctor before starting to take hair vitamins. That goes for any additional meds, not just hair vitamins. Some of the drugs can have unexpected side effects when mixed.

Observe Sensitivity to Drugs

Some people have a weaker stomach that doesn’t react well to any form of drugs. People with a history of chronic or mental illness can also be sensitive to hair vitamins. As always, have a pleasant, long talk with your doctor before you decide to take any drug.

Asure Proper Storage

Drug cabinets are there for a reason. They keep your hair vitamins safe from light, warmth, and humidity. They also keep your kids safe from drugs. A top-quality drug cabinet with a lock is the way to go. 

Take as Directed

Just follow the instructions/prescription. Using more than the recommended dose will only make you feel worse, not better.

Common Myths About Hair Supplements for Men

Myth: Biotin alone is enough for hair growth

Truth: Biotin is just one of the factors needed for healthy, thick hair.

Myth: 100 strokes with a brush every day make your hair healthier

Truth: Except for pain in your hand, 100 strokes with a brush can only damage your hair, nothing more. Lower the number of strokes and get decent equipment for your hair and facial hair. A good choice can be a wooden comb.

Myth: Your hair will fall out if you stop taking hair vitamins

Truth: Hair vitamins are healthy stuff for your hair. Even if you suddenly stop taking them, your hair won’t fall out, as long as it is healthy.

Myth: Hair vitamins can cause pimples and acne 

Truth: No study has ever proven anything even slightly similar to this myth. Acne and pimples problem reveals other body questions, like stress levels, hormone levels, or unhealthy diet.

Myth: You will see the results of hair vitamins right away

Truth: As all supplements, hair vitamins need time to work. You will need at least three months of continuous usage to see the first results. Something like going to the gym.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Does More Spending Mean More Quality for Hair Vitamins

We are talking about vitamins here, not luxury cars. What you should be focused on is the reputation of the seller, not the price itself. Buy your vitamins from renowned companies, and you will get what you paid for. Also, it won’t cost a fortune. 

Buy your vitamins from shady companies, and you will get sugar pills, in the best case. At worst…we don’t dare to imagine.

Do’s and Don’ts With Hair Vitamins for Men


  • Treat your body well. Hair vitamins can’t help if you are a couch potato.
  • Consider taking beard vitamins in addition to a well-balanced diet. Strong hair and a manly beard do come in pairs.
  • Respect your body and buy only top-quality products for hair. 
  • Consult your doctor if you feel any side effects of hair vitamins. Like you would do with any other supplement.
  • Try to get your picture hung up in a barber’s shop. That’s the highest reward for fabulous hair any man can achieve. Hint: you will need to use premium men’s leave-in conditioner to achieve this.


  • Don’t fall for miraculous products that promise results overnight. Hair growth and hair health are sensitive, long-term processes.
  • Don’t buy cheap products from unknown sources. It’s your health we are talking about. Would you buy your bread or gasoline from an unknown source?
  • Mullets are off the picture. No matter how magnificent you imagine you look, Beastie Boy.

FAQ About Hair Vitamins for Men

Should I take a hair supplement?

A healthy diet remains the best source of vitamins for your hair. But, sometimes, it is not enough. If your health check shows you have a low level of vitamins, you should start taking them.

Do hair growth supplements and vitamins work?

Yes, but not every type and not in every case. Hair growth supplements will help you only if your body lacks the level of that vitamin or supplement. They won’t cure other health problems that lead to your hair loss.

Who should not take hair vitamins?

People with standard vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients have no point in using hair vitamins and supplements. 

What are other ways I can improve hair growth other than hair supplements?

A healthy diet, enough sleep, and a stress-free environment are your goals. Drop the alcohol and tobacco. Hair is the picture of your overall health.

Should I talk to my doctor about hair growth supplements?

Yes, and that should be your first step. The doctor will determine your overall health and advise you on the type and proper way to use your hair vitamins.


Vitamins and supplements can and really will help your hair if you use them the right way. Don’t expect miracles, and don’t expect them overnight. Hair health is a marathon, not a speed run.

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Best Hair Supplements (Vitamins) for Men for Fuller Hair


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