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Best Single Blade Razors Even Barbers Use & Recommend

Best Single Blade Razor

What Is a Single Blade Razor

Based on its name, a single-Blade Razor is one of the world’s best disposable razor types as it helps get rid of unwanted hair with just one blade. Most of its users say that this razor provides a better shave than razors with multiple blades. It may be pretty expensive, but it works without causing bumps, razor burns, and frictions as it can shave in just a single smooth motion.

Benefits of Using a Single Blade Razor

Is investing in the single-Blade Razor along with a premium beard comb and other beard grooming products a wise move? The answer is yes. The single blade razor makes for an excellent investment as it rewards you with the following benefits:

Offers a Smoother Finish

A single-blade razor works similar to skincare products with a moisturizing component in the sense that it can deliver a smoother finish on your skin. Compared to razors featuring multiple blades, this type can assure you of a smoother finish as it only has a single blade capable of removing a significant amount of hair, even from larger areas, like your legs. This razor also works gently on the skin when shaving because it only has minimal friction.

Prevents the Negative Effects of Shaving

With a single-blade razor, you have a lower risk of experiencing the most typical adverse effects, like razor burns, skin irritation, cuts, and nicks. It could be because of the use of just one blade, which prevents hitching or trapping a lot of hair that may lead to your skin getting pulled or burned as you shave. Moreover, it lowers the risk of having ingrown hairs.


Single-blade razors are also guaranteed to be highly durable and long-lasting. Yes, they are expensive, but they also hold long-lasting safety razor blades that will serve their purpose for a long time. This kind of durability makes this tool a genuinely significant investment.

How Do Single Blade Razors Work

Single blade razors primarily work as tools for removing unwanted hair, including the beard or facial hair. It even functions as a safety razor and can provide you with a good shave without having to leave your home to visit a barbershop.

The blade used in this tool can be described as a bar, which aids the razor in gliding over your skin. This is beneficial as it prevents you from cutting yourself accidentally. It, therefore, functions without putting you in danger. You have to make sure that you do the shaving with care and apply the appropriate shaving technique. With its safe functionality, many look at it as an effective professional razor for sensitive skin.

Pros and Cons of Single Blade Razors

Pros and Cons of Single Blade Razors


  • A smooth finish provided on the skin.
  • Prevents most of the adverse effects of shaving, including cuts, nicks, burns, and irritation.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Provides a complete control on how close you intend your shave to be.
  • Easy to use.


  • Does not come with a pivoting head, causing some users to have a difficult time maneuvering the razor around their legs or face.

Types of Single Blade Razors


One commonly used type of single-blade razor is the butterfly. Unlike other single-blade razors that contain over one removable part or component, the butterfly razor only comes in one piece. It was named that way because of the way you have to replace the blades. You have to twist the handle, which will make the razor’s head spread open. You can somewhat liken it to a butterfly opening its wings.

A lot of users prefer the butterfly razor because it is easy to change the blades. It is structured in just a single piece also ensures that there will be no dropping of loose parts. Note that the razor utilizes moving and mechanical components that may break or wear out faster than usual.


Instead of using a mechanism, this type depends on the unscrewed part of the housing to replace the blades. This two-piece razor features its handle and its head’s bottom half in just one sturdy piece. However, the top half of its head is designed so that you can loosen and remove it, making it possible for you to slot a new blade in place.

Another notable quality of this razor is its high level of reliability, which can be attributed to the fact that it does not come with any moving parts. Note, though, that it is pretty hard to clean. If you are someone who tends to lose small parts, bits, and pieces, it would be much better for you to go for the butterfly razor.


The three-piece single-blade razor has three vital elements – the bottom and the top of its head and the handle. You have to unscrew the two parts of the razor’s head from the handle so you can replace or remove the blade.

Changing the blades of this razor, therefore, is a hassle. However, this specific structure also promotes ease in cleaning. Since you can easily clean up this device, there is a low chance of accumulating hair and gunk.

How to Choose the Best Single Blade Razor

How to Choose the Best Single Blade Razor

Just like when you are choosing the beard scissors that will work for you, you also have to make sure that you are picking the right single blade razor that is suitable for your needs. In that case, consider the following factors in making your choice:


Spend time checking and assessing the temper of the blade. You have to examine the actual making of your chosen shaving equipment, whether it is brass, heavy-duty stainless steel, or aluminum, which is known for being lightweight. Pick a razor model with a good temper.

Fortunately, there is a sure way for you to assess the overall quality of your selected model’s blade. Use your thumb to hold the head of the razor, then try sliding in the blade.

You will know that the blade is incredibly tempered if this process resulted in your thumb forming a clear ring. The good temper of the blade is what can contribute to a clean and smooth shave.

Hollow or Not

Find out whether the razor is hollow or not. It would be best to choose a hollow one, which can be identified by the concave it can form on both sides of the blade. Being hollow is a good thing as it can make the razor more lightweight, promoting ease in handling it and moving it quickly across and around your face or any other part of the body. Hollow razors also have sharper blades.


Check the width of the single-blade razor before buying, too. Avoid one with a blade that is too wide as it may only result in cuts on your face as you move it around your contours. A too wide blade may also increase your risk of cutting your beard or facial hair at an unwanted or weird angle.

Moreover, the excessive width may result in you having a hard time controlling the blades. As much as possible, pick a shaver, which features a blade that is only around 5/8-inch wide.


Examine the blade’s point of the single blade razor you intend to buy before making your final purchase. Your options, in this case, are either the rounded point or the sharp point blades. Most prefer those with a sharp point as it is more effective in cutting the beard or facial hair than the round point. It also prevents nicks and cuts that you may experience if you use razors with rounded point blades.

How to Use a Single Blade Razor

How to Use a Single Blade Razor

Step 1 – Apply pre-shave oil

This is an essential first step, especially if you intend to use the single-blade razor to shave your thick beard. The oil can help in softening your beard. Apply glycerin-based shaving cream or gel, too. Spread it over your facial hair or beard evenly.

Step 2 – Set it at a 30-degree angle

Let the razor gently glide throughout your face. Avoid pushing it extremely hard. It would be best to shave it based on where your beard or facial hair grows.

Step 3 – Put on an aftershave lotion

Just like an organic beard soap, this aftershave lotion also helps in minimizing irritation and lumps on your face. It also prevents any cuts from worsening and ensures that there will be no blood from such cuts.

How to Clean a Single Blade Razor

Step 1 – Store the razor upright

It would be best to store the razor vertically instead of horizontally. This will ensure that the water from the blades will drip off instead of building up beneath the razor that may only lead to the growth of bacteria.

Step 2 – Cover the blade

It would be best to air-dry it.

Step 3 – If it requires cleaning, use vinegar

Just create a solution by combining equal parts of white vinegar and water. Soak your razor in it for a couple of minutes. Doing this should help in loosening any grime that has accumulated on both the blade and razor head. It also helps to scrub it clean using a toothbrush.

Best Brands of Single Blade Razors


Merkur is a German brand that has been in the industry of creating high-quality yet reasonably priced razors for over a hundred years. You can find quality single-blade razors that hold this brand.

The brand also offers other safety razors – from full-size and classic versions to portable and compact ones that you can use for travel. With your several choices, expect to find a facial hair shaping tool and razor from this brand that will truly work for you.


Feather is another brand that you may want to check out if you want to get a hold of high-quality single-blade razors. It’s the first brand from Nippon that manufactured razors with replaceable blades. Feather is also famous for its high-quality and sharp double-edged razor blades.


Muhle is also worthwhile to check out. This German brand already has several decades of experience when it comes to manufacturing and offering safety razors. In this brand, it is highly likely for you to gain access to sturdy and handcrafted items. All of them were also constructed in-house while having a strong focus on details.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a hold of high-quality single-blade razors. The reason is that you can find reasonably priced ones guaranteed to deliver the performance you want. You have to check out some of the most reliable brands offering quality yet affordable single-blade razors so you can shave your beard nicely and probably enjoy a stylish mustache mug.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Single Blade Razor

Do’s and Don’ts With a Single Blade Razor


  • Prepare your face before using the single-blade razor for shaving. It helps to steam your face in the shower first to soften your skin and make your pores relax a bit. Applying a pre-shave lotion and shaving cream is necessary, too.
  • Implement proper shaving techniques. Since you will be using the single blade razor, shaving in 3 different passes is highly recommended. The first pass involves shaving with your hair’s grain using steady and long strokes. After that, put on some shaving cream again, then shave with shorter strokes that still go with your grain’s hair. Every stroke has to be around an inch or two long, perfect for fine-tuning. Reapply the cream again, then do the third and final pass, which will remove all remaining hair.
  • Apply an aftershave balm. Ensure that the one you use here is rich in essential oils that support skin rejuvenation.


  • Do not forget to use and apply a moisturizer. You need a high-quality facial moisturizer to replenish your skin and retain moisture after shaving.
  • Do not delay replacing the blades. Note that the single-blade razor requires blade replacement after using it for a few weeks or several glides. Stick to the recommended frequency of use for the blades, which is around 5 to 10 shaves. If the blades are no longer that sharp, replace them right away.

Quick Tips for Shaving With a Single Blade Razor

Insert a Blade Correctly

Before you start to shave, ensure that you prepare the blade and razor properly. They should be shave-ready. Avoid damaging the blade when loading it. A wise tip is to be extra careful to avoid dragging its cutting edge against the stops.

Also, note that it would be easier to load the single edge if there is already a built-in blade in the handle. The lack of it may cause the blade to load somewhat roughly.

Ensure That It Is at the Right Angle

To assure you of a fantastic shave, holding your single-blade razor at the correct angle is crucial. Look for the best angle of the blade as it goes against your skin. To ensure that you will be holding it at the right angle, position your razor at around 10 to 15 degrees rotated from your skin.

Ensure That There Isn’t Too Much Pressure

As you shave using the single edge blade razor, make sure that the razor’s weight and a sharp blade accomplish the job for you. It would be unlike cartridge razors when you have to press extremely hard for proper shaving. For the single blade, it would be better for you to use short and light strokes. This will be enough to reduce your hair’s length with each pass.

Customize Your Shave

The latest versions of the single blade razor feature interchangeable settings, namely the sensitive, ultra-close and comfortable. Use such settings for a more customized shave, depending on what you truly want. If you prefer a milder shave and your skin is sensitive, then the pre-attached sensitive setting is ideal for it.

This setting provides a close enough shave but is still not so tight that it will already result in ingrown hairs and razor burns. If you want to make the shave closer, just set the razor to the following setting, which is comfortable. Avoid getting to the last setting, the ultra-close, unless you are one hundred percent sure that you can comfortably execute your technique.

FAQ About Single Blade Razors

FAQ About Single Blade Razors

Why are single-blade razors better?

A single-blade razor is better than the other types of safety razors because it carries several benefits. One of which is that it is gentle and safe even for sensitive skin. It works while ensuring that there will only be minimal cuts, burns, and nicks along the process. It does not trigger irritations nor pull on your skin. Moreover, it promotes a clean cut for your beard.

Which single razor blades last the longest?

If you are looking for long-lasting single razor blades, you may want to check out the ones offered by Feather, specifically those made of stainless steel. This material is durable, plus it can resist rust, which is ideal for you if you want to lower your chance of suffering from post-shave irritation.


Overall, the single-blade razor is one of your best choices for shaving and removing unwanted and excess hair in different parts of your body, especially your face. It can provide excellent results all in all while delivering a close and smooth shave. Moreover, it is affordable, durable, and safe to use on your skin. 

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Best Single Blade Razors Even Barbers Use & Recommend


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