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How to Get a Close Shave Without Irritation, Nicks & Cuts

How to Get a Close Shave

Don’t look now, but a Close Shave is still in fashion. We might be in an era where having no facial hair means that you are old-fashioned and not going with the times. This might just as well be true, as most men are going for a lumbersexual look these days with all kinds of exciting beard styles. 

However, when you look at it, a Close Shave has never gone out of fashion. A clean-shaven person is almost always connected with a professional, reliable, and serious man. Being clean shaved breathes confidence in a man and conveys that he is a person who gets things done. 

But how to get a proper clean shave? This is harder than you might think, as it is not as simple as merely investing in a quality safety razor blade. You need skill, patience, and practice. You can’t be hasty as you need to avoid getting surface cuts, razor bumps, or dry skin. 

But enough talk, and let’s get you prepared and teach you how to get that Brad Pitt clean shave look that you’ve always wanted. 

Why Is Close Shave Important

On average, a typical male spends 3,000 hours in his life shaving. Some do it every day, while others tend to repeat the ritual every week. There is no precise formula about when to do it. Still, we know that shaving and grooming go back to Egyptian times when men used clamshells to scrape excess hair from their bodies (perhaps ludicrous in comparison to the world’s best shaping tool offers that we have today). 

The importance of getting a close shave is not only aesthetic; it is also hygienic. A close shave will give a person a professional look. But it will also help you get rid of that excess carpet on your face that might hold a variety of bacteria that have the potential to damage your skin. 

Benefits of Close Shave

There are several positives that a close shave brings. So you there, with a long beard! Even if you are using a premium beard brush, think about these factors before growing it out any further. 

Younger Look

Let’s face it. They don’t call it babyface for anything. Getting a close shave will remove at least a few years from your ID card. 

Exfoliates Dead Skin

Benefits of Close Shave

Exfoliation helps in renewing the outer layer of your face. Removing the dead skin cells from your face will freshen up your natural look. 

Lessens Acne

Hair follicles sometimes get clogged with dried oil and dead skin cells. It creates a breathing ground for bacteria which leads to acne. A clean shave will take care of it post-haste. 

Evens Out Skin Tone

This one’s self-explanatory: removing your facial hair will expose your face to sunlight, giving you an even skin tone. 

Enables Better Skin Absorption

Enables all the skincare products, like a water-soluble pomade for men, for instance, to work better. 

How Does Close Shave Work

A close shave has a hygienic effect on your face. Most men are unaware that beards are a perfect place for bacteria to fester. Unless you are choosing oil for beard care, you are exposing yourself to outside attacks that might damage the quality of your skin. 

A close shave will keep your face neat and clean and will also remove the dead skin. Doing away with all the dried-out skin cells will help your face renew the skin’s outer layer. Also, you will remove all the dirt, which lessens the possibility of getting acne. 

Pros and Cons of Close Shave


  • Cheaper than other forms of shaving. 
  • Gets you that baby face look you wanted and makes you seem younger. 
  • Comes with the ease of using a disposable razor
  • Very accurate. 
  • Almost no irritation when applying a proper technique. 


  • The most challenging technique to learn. 
  • Can be a bit time-consuming. 
  • Most dangerous. 

How to Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving

How to Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving

Even though it sounds effortless, you can’t just pick a blade and start hacking away. There needs to be some preparation involved. Your face is not a jungle and you are not wielding a machete to get through it. 

Step 1 – Take a shower to soften your beard a bit 

Clean or scrub your face with some face wash. If applying an extra close shave, use some pre-shave oil or cream.

Step 2 – Pre-soak or load your brush

Using a shaving cream warmer dispenser is optional. Rub the brush over the parts of the beard you wish to remove. Leave it for at least 30 seconds before you start the deed.

How to Get a Close Shave

Step 1 – Warm your razor under some running water

Start to gently shave your face in the direction of your hair growth.

Step 2 – Cut across the direction of hair growth

For the closest shave possible, cut across the direction of hair growth. Do two or three passes if needed.

How to Care for Your Skin After Shaving

To finish things off, there is the post-shaving ritual. You might think that slapping on a perfect musky cologne is enough. But there are a few other necessary steps that need to be completed. 

Step 1 – Rinse and clean your face

Do this with some warm water to remove lather and excess hair. Wash your face with some clean cold water to close your pores.

Step 2 – Close any possible cuts with alum 

Pat your face with a dry towel. Put on some aftershave that prevents skin irritation. Wait a few minutes for the balm to absorb and then put on your daily moisturizer 

Quick Tips for the Closest Shave

Shower Before Shaving

The most effective way to prepare your facial hair for removal. 

Keep a Close Eye on Your Hair Growth Pattern

By knowing in which direction your hair grows, you will work the angles and get the closest shave possible. 

Be Sure to Use Sharp Blades

Doing the deed with a sharp blade will come with better results and you will spend much less time doing it. 

Apply Light to Moderate Pressure

Pressing the razor hard up your skin will result in skin irritation, razor bumps, or even cuts, and you don’t want any of those. 

Pull Your Skin Taut

Troublesome areas, particularly the neck, require you to pull your skin taut. Once the skin is tight, it is significantly easier to shave it.  

Don’t Forget the Post-Shave Repair

Your skin needs proper care and repair after the trauma of shaving. It needs to recover, so forgetting about post-shave care could be detrimental to it. 

FAQ About Close Shaving

How do you get a close shave without getting bumps?

Never apply too much pressure. Press light to moderate if you need to. Prepare your face before starting to shave and also do the post-shave routine after you are done. 

FAQ About Close Shaving

How do I get a close dry shave?

Dry shaving has increased in popularity as it saves you a lot of time. But before doing it, a person should apply some pre-shave powder or oil to prevent further irritation. The rest of the process is somewhat similar to wet shaving. 

Why can’t I get a close shave?

You need to shave at a proper angle. Hairs stand at a 45-degree angle and you need to go with the hairs but against them. Make two or three passes to get a decently close shave. 

Is there an electric shaver that shaves as close as a blade?

Although advanced electric shavers and professional beard scissors exist and are highly used these days, there is no substitute for using a blade for a close shave. 


Getting a close shave will get you that good look you’ve been aiming at. But applying the popper technique and going through all the steps is what matters. You don’t want your face looking like you run into a buzzsaw on your way to work. Being patient and careful is key here. Also, don’t forget the pre and post-shave preparation as they can be as important as the shave itself. 

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How to Get a Close Shave Without Irritation, Nicks & Cuts


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