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Philips OneBlade Review – Innovative Razor for Modern Men

Philips OneBlade Review

What Is Philips One Blade

Philips One Blade is not your typical beard trimmer. This men’s electric groomer is the world’s best shaping tool because it holds plenty of impressive features. What is great about it is that it is meant to work for all beard and facial styles while suiting the needs of all modern men out there.

Just like a high-quality and premium straight razor, the Philips One Blade can give you satisfaction regardless of the beard or facial length and style you intend to trim, shave, or edge.

Benefits of Using Philips One Blade

Works for Those With Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin that gets irritated with shaving? It could be that you have raw skin or razor burn every after shaving. In that case, choosing a razor for sensitive skin is extremely important. The Philips One Blade fits the criteria for those who need a razor for sensitive skin. It only leaves a bit of stubble, which means it is easy and smooth on your skin, preventing irritation or other problems right after.

Can Be Used for Full-Body Grooming

The Philips One Blade is not only designed for a beard or facial Hair. You can also use it for full-body grooming, thanks to its ergonomic and lightweight structure. It is a quality body trimmer capable of shaving, trimming, and edging. It is even possible for you to use it in sensitive areas of your body for complete hair removal without worrying about irritation. Some even say that it is an excellent choice for searching for an innovative pubic hair trimmer.

Ergonomic Structure

One more benefit of the Philips One Blade is its ergonomic size, shape, and structure. With that, it can fit in your hand nicely and securely. The non-slip grip of this razor also ensures that it will not fall out easily from your hand, even when wet. You can easily maneuver it, too, thanks to its pivoting head.

How Does Philips One Blade Work

Philips One Blade works by providing better trim and shaves compared to other electric shavers. It is a small device, but it packs a lot of power, making it effective in cutting through your beard or facial hair. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver while being capable of cutting through all hair lengths.

This device also works well for those who suffer from ingrown hairs and razor burn whenever they use traditional shavers. Philips One Blade provides a close shave, too. It will let you achieve your desired clean look without any irritation.

Models of Philips One Blade

Models of Philips One Blade

QP2520/70 One Blade

This specific Philips One Blade model is known for trimming, shaving, and creating clean lines and edges regardless of your hair’s length. It utilizes the brand’s unique technology, which is all about having a rapidly moving cutter. It cuts at 200x per second. It also offers a dual protection system capable of providing a highly effective and convenient shave when used on long hair.

QP2520/90 One Blade

Another variation of the One Blade is the QP2520/90. Just like the previously mentioned model, this one is impressive with its three stubble combs, allowing you to trim your stubble to your preferred length. You can use such stubble combs to get a tight trim, long stubble, or a 5 o’clock. It also features a dual-sided blade, which lets you see each hair you intend to cut clearly. With that, expect to obtain perfect lines within just a few seconds.

QP2630/70 One Blade

This version differs from the others in the sense that it provides four stubble combs. You can, therefore, pick one depending on the length of stubble you wish to see. You can use it for trimming, edging, and shaving. Moreover, it has a couple of blades – one that you can use for your face while the other is for your body.

QP6510/70 One Blade Pro

You can also go for the QP6510/70 One Blade Pro. You will like it because it provides you with a 12-length comb ranging from 0.5 to 9mm. One of the most impressive things about this product is that it features rounded tips and glide coating, which can help provide skin protection while assuring you of a comfortable shave. It works fast, plus it uses that technology that follows the shape or contours of your face efficiently, making it possible for you to shave and trim all parts of your face with ease.

Features of Philips One Blade


The Philips One Blade does not let its users down by ensuring an excellent design. It has a nicely designed contoured casing, plus it is slender and comfortable to hold. It is also intended to be easy to maneuver, so expect it to work excellent precision trimming.


You will also most likely sing many praises for the Philips One Blade, especially if you witness how good its performance is. It even delivers an incredible performance when it comes to full-body grooming. The fact that it is ergonomically designed and lightweight is why it works great as a body razor. It even performs well as a razor for head shaving that has quick blade change. It trims, edges, and shaves, making it work not only for your facial hair but for any hair in different parts of your body.


Philips One Blade Blades

The blades used in this razor have small heads that sit on top of a large handle. However, you should know that despite the small sizes of the blade heads, they still perform their function incredibly well. You can even find green-tipped teeth at the bottom and top of the blades referred to as the combs.

With the presence of these combs, you have an assurance that you can keep your skin protected from any sharp blades that you can’t see. The blades here are also sharp enough, making them somewhat resemble a shavette. The reason is that a shavette doesn’t require sharpening. Green tips in the comb are also a significant advantage as they serve as protective coatings designed to prevent possible skin irritation.


The Philips One Blade also has several valuable attachments. The presence of such attachments makes it possible for you to trim not only your facial hair but also other unwanted body hair. In that case, you can take advantage of its five plastic comb guards considered as its attachments. One of them is a body comb, which can leave around 3-mm of hair upon going over them.

You can also use this body comb to shave in one direction from the top down to the bottom. You can also take advantage of the remaining four attached combs ranging from 1 to 5 mm if you want to shorten the hair on your face or other body areas.


Philips One Blade is also very versatile that you can use it for a wide range of applications and purposes – among them are:


One great thing about the Precision One Blade is that it works for both wet and dry shaving. Using a shaving cream for your skin type is even possible in this device. It lets you shave with gel or foam, too, so you can prevent irritation. It performs well whether you use it for shaving when your skin is dry or pretty wet.


You can also use it for trimming. It is even a cordless device, which allows it to cut through hair effortlessly. You will also love its built-in adjustable precision comb as it gives you the chance to trim your facial hair or beard evenly.

Edging and Detailing

The Philips One Blade also does not disappoint, especially if you think about how good it is for edging and detailing. Thanks to its built-in, dual-sided Blade, you have an assurance that you can get the best lines and lengths within a few seconds.

It allows you to edge the bottom and top blades, providing more control on how you intend to touch up your beard or facial hair. It has a slimmer handle and a well-designed head promotes ease in delivering a more precise edge.

LED Light

The Philips One Blade does not feature a LED light, which is supposed to help you get an idea of whether it is already charging or not. You will not also know if its battery is already full when charging. Despite not having this LED light, this device is still a fantastic performer as it features a full LED digital display. This makes this razor so easy to use. You can maneuver its controls without any hassle.


Philips One Blade Waterproofness

The waterproofness of the Philips One Blade is also highly guaranteed. The handle of this device is even categorized as water-resistant. With that said, you can safely use it even in the shower, which is good as it can lead to a more efficient process when shaving hair. It also assures you that you can easily clean it up.


Another fantastic feature of this razor is that it is compact and small enough, plus it performs more than just a single function. With that in mind, it is undoubtedly a travel-friendly grooming device as it only requires you to bring a single tool with you instead of the usual three. It is also travel-friendly because it features a lithium-ion battery that you can recharge anywhere you want.

Batteries and Run Time

This razor also seems to deliver an outstanding performance as it has an improved battery run time. Once the battery is fully charged, you can use it for an hour between each charge, which is a significant improvement from the usual 40 to 45 minutes before.

It is more beneficial if you trim your entire body since a longer runtime, in that case, matters a lot in getting good results. It will prevent the device from running out of juice when you have not finished shaving yet.

Price and Availability

The Philips One Blade is easy to access and buy-in various stores – both online and offline. With its price of £34.99, it is a reasonable investment. The price is just right, especially if you think about how good its features are. It even lets you take hold of an adaptable and versatile shaver capable of providing you a close shave or just an even trim for your facial hair.


You will also be glad to know that the Philips One Blade offers a 2-year service warranty. This is for the device’s handle.

How to Use Philips One Blade

Step 1 – Choose a comb

Make sure that its teeth are pointing upwards. Switch on the device, then put it on the skin.

Step 2 – Ensure that comb is in direct contact with the skin

This can result in even trimming. Begin trimming the hair based on the comb’s teeth direction, then achieve better results by moving it against the grain.

Step 3 – Switch the device off once done

Take out the comb. You can do that by holding the comb from the edges. You can then pull it off. Clean your Philips One Blade after using it.

One more thing to note when it comes to using this razor is that the type and quantity of the combs for trimming differ based on the model. You may want to consult the manual of your chosen model to get specific instructions regarding its use.

How to Clean Philips One Blade

Step 1 – Blow off all the accumulated hair after every use

Turn it on, then use lukewarm water to rinse it.

Step 2 – Turn it off

Do this in case you feel like its attachments require more thorough cleaning. Once turned off, you can remove the attachments. Wash each attachment separately. Air-dry the attachments.

One Blade vs One Blade Pro

One Blade and One Blade Pro are both hair trimmers that have similarities and a few differences. The two are helpful for both dry or wet shaving. You can use them with or without high-quality shaving soap or foam. The reason is that the two will not provide an extremely close shave to your skin, thereby preventing irritation.

The two are also similar in the sense that they are easy to use. Both are designed in such a way that you can hold them comfortably, allowing them to glide smoothly over your face or any part of your body. One Blade and One Blade Pro also feature a contour following head, which you can expect to pivot while gliding over your skin and face.

The two differ in terms of the accessories included in the purchase, though. The One Blade has a handle, a replaceable blade, a protective cap for the Blade, a charging cord, and three combs. Meanwhile, the One Blade Pro has all the mentioned accessories plus more, including a charging stand, travel lock, pouch, and precision comb that is 14 inches long.

In terms of charging, the One Blade Pro seems to be better as you can already achieve a full charge in just one hour. Once fully charged, it lets you use it for around ninety minutes. It also features an LCD, giving you an idea about the remaining battery. This battery indicator or LCD seems lacking in the typical One Blade that also requires 8 hours to charge for around 45-minute use.

Do’s and Don’ts With Philips One Blade


  • Use sensitive skin guards when using Philips One Blade in exposed parts of your body. Note that this device is not only designed for your face. You can also use it in other body parts, even intimate and sensitive areas, like the armpits. If you want to use your One Blade in such regions, ensure a skin guard to protect your skin from cuts and nicks.
  • Clean the device and its attachments after every use. This is necessary for maintaining its excellent condition and making its parts last for a long time.


  • Do not use a tissue or towel when drying the Blade. Avoid tapping it against a hard surface or your skin, too, as it may only cause damage to the Blade.
  • Do not forget to use a beard balm after shaving or trimming. If you are using the One Blade for your face, then ensure that you apply a pleasant beard balm afterward. This assures you of an even better and smoother result.  

FAQ About Philips OneBlade

FAQ About Philips OneBlade

Where can I buy a Philips OneBlade?

The popularity of Philips One Blade makes it easily accessible to anyone who needs it. This means you can buy it in various places – both online and offline. Suppose you want to have a more comfortable experience shopping for it. In that case, you may want to order it from the official website of Philips and legitimate online marketplaces, like Amazon and Walmart.

Is Philips OneBlade good for pubic hair?

Yes, the Philips One Blade is suitable for pubic hair or any other body hair that you want to trim or shave. Some even say that it is the perfect device for pubic grooming. Just make sure to use the skin guard designed to protect sensitive areas and the body comb when handling hairier spots. That way, there is a high chance that you will not be dealing with any irritation.

Can you cut yourself with Philips OneBlade?

There is a low risk for you to cut yourself when using the Philips One Blade. The reason is that it is only meant to cut or trim the hair that you are targeting. It does not also cut your hair too closely with the aid of its polymer shield. With that, you can prevent skin irritation while still ensuring that you achieve a close shave.

Do you need shaving cream when using Philips OneBlade?

If you intend to use the Philips One Blade for wet shaving, then the use of shaving cream may not be necessary. However, it would be highly recommended to use the cream when using it for dry shaving. This will ensure the safest and smoothest shaving experience in that setting.

Which is better, Philips or Braun?

Philips and Braun are two of the most prominent brand names for razors and shaving devices. The better one between the two will, therefore, greatly depend on one’s preference. Just take note that the Braun shaver usually comes in the form of a leafy epilator.

On the other hand, the one from Philips is rotatable. When we talk about power, most say that Braun is more powerful. You can expect the Philips razor to hold more power, though, when trying to achieve a fast and efficient shave.


Overall, Philips One Blade is one of the most valuable and versatile shavers you can invest in. It also has a reasonable price, plus it can quickly adapt based on what you need. It can provide you with a great close shave and an even trim, making it a fantastic addition to your grooming kit. 

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Philips OneBlade Review – Innovative Razor for Modern Men


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