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Best Smelling Colognes for Men Who Want to Be Irresistible

Best Smelling Cologne for Men

Are you searching for the best smelling men’s cologne? Then be aware that the whole process is all about identifying the combination of scents that perfectly suits your body type and odor.

It also helps to find a fragrance that fits your needs and personality. Get to know more about how to select the best smelling men’s cologne through this article.

What Is Men’s Cologne

A men’s cologne, as the name suggests, is meant for men, which means that it usually has a masculine scent. Cologne is actually an old term, which refers to perfume. The term was often in use in North America and pointed to masculine scents.

A men’s cologne usually has a fruity, fresh, and light scent. In most cases, it has around 2% to 4% of perfume oils in water and alcohol. The smell of cologne often lasts for around 2-3 hours.

Benefits of Using Men’s Cologne

Using a men’s cologne should always be part of your daily routine. You should use it as regularly as when you moisturize your face every day or use an anti-bacterial men’s face wash. It is because it can help leave a good impression and bring out your masculinity.

The following are just a few of the many rewarding benefits from making a men’s cologne a part of your daily life:

Improves Your Confidence

Just like when you are using the world’s best aftershave that can make you look good and fresh, the regular use of a men’s cologne can also significantly boost your confidence. It is because it can help you get through your daily routines without feeling extremely conscious and uncomfortable with your body odor. Make sure to pick a scent that fits your personality so you will feel much better about yourself.

Boosts Your Mood

Another thing that men’s cologne can do is improve your mood. It can raise your spirit, especially if you feel down. Men’s cologne can help reflect your mood, allowing you to project it a lot better.

The good thing about men’s colognes is that it is available in various scents, giving you the chance to pick one that suits a particular mood. This means you can go for timid, playful, mischievous, and even reserved. Choose a scent based on a particular occasion and mood, as this will allow you to enhance your mood even further.

Ensures That You Smell Good and Fresh All the Time

Of course, this will always be the most prominent benefit of wearing a good men’s cologne. It is because it is mainly used for its nice scent. It functions by masking unwanted body odor and preventing it in the first place.

With a great-smelling cologne around, you have the assurance that you will smell good the entire day. You don’t need to carry your bar soaps on your travels just to continue smelling and feeling good.

Brief History of Men’s Cologne

Brief History of Men’s Cologne

The first-ever cologne was made more than 300 years ago. It was created and mixed by Johann Maria Farina, an Italian, in Germany. The major components of this cologne were essential oils. These were similar to the ingredients used in a shaving cream made with natural ingredients, as well as beard oils and natural shampoos in the past.

The cologne was mainly created for those parts of the royal family in Mainland Europe. In most cases, the cologne evoked fragrances that represented nature. Today, you can still find men’s colognes with the same theme – that is, representing the scents of their childhood. Some scents were also created to be attractive to the opposite sex.

Pros and Cons of Men’s Cologne

Is it really necessary to find and wear the best-smelling men’s cologne all the time? The list of this product’s pros and cons will help you learn more about its importance.


  • An ideal choice for gifts – With the numerous scents available for men’s colognes, finding one that fits the personality of the recipient of this gift will be easy.
  • Helps you become more attractive – There are several scents that will surely make the opposite sex get attracted to you.
  • Comes with health-boosting properties – These include those properties designed to boost your mood. It is because these can prevent stress and anxiety that might trigger health issues in the long run.
  • Provides therapeutic and relaxing benefits – You can go for winter spice, floral, and citrus fruit scents if your goal is to soothe your body and calm your mind. With these scents, you can enjoy several relaxing benefits, especially because their properties are meant to regulate your stress level.


  • Some scents are quite similar – You may need to update your collection of men’s cologne regularly, especially if someone hinted that your scent reminds him/her of someone.
  • Other colognes are expensive – If you truly want to have a great collection of men’s cologne, then you might want to invest in a couple of the more expensive choices.

Types of Cologne by the Fragrance

When it comes to men’s colognes, one thing you have to remind yourself of is that it is available in different types. Among your best choices are:


This one has at least 20% concentration. It is made by combining pure aromatic oils and non-aromatic (carrier) oils. It has a somewhat high aromatic percentage – at least 20% concentration. With that, expect it to last longer than those with lower concentration.

You can often see parfums being placed in vials featuring a roll-on applicator. You can use this applicator to put the cologne on pulse points, like behind your ears, neck, and wrists.

Eau de Perfume

The fragrant oil concentration of Eau de perfume is usually lower compared to other perfumes. It is usually around 12 to 15 percent. It boasts of a scent that can last for around 4-8 hours. It also uses essential oils designed to give this type of cologne its actual scent. The other ingredients used in creating it work together in locking in the scent to your skin.

Eau de Toilette

This represents the most famous fragrances and scents nowadays. It has an oil concentration of around 5 to 10 percent. You will notice that this is the percentage often used in high-end fragrances. The scent of most Eau de toilettes can be expected to peak within 2-3 hours of putting it on. After that, expect it to fade. Many consider this helpful, especially in crowded places wherein some people do not like breathing in strong scents the entire day.

Eau de Cologne

Types of Cologne by the Fragrance

Eau de cologne is the specific variation of colognes with the least concentration. This is the reason why its longevity is quite low. The good news is that it is one of the most inexpensive versions of men’s cologne.

However, it is not a great choice if you plan to wear a scent, which makes you more noticeable every day. It is perfect during those times when you need to spray a scent before going to the gym or just want to freshen up a bit without the need to shower up.

Eau Fraiche

This refers to a scented spray, which you can wear similarly to a perfume. What is great about this type is that it is inexpensive. It contains only around 1 to 3 percent oil, which is the reason why it is not as long-lasting as the others. Despite that, it is still preferred by many, especially those who are looking for inexpensive perfumes.

Perfume Sticks

This new type of perfume comes in the form of a perfumed wax. One incredible benefit of this variation is that it lets you obtain a full-body scent while eliminating worries about the possible effects of alcohol on the drying process of such scent.

How to Choose Best-Smelling Men’s Cologne

In selecting the best-smelling men’s cologne, there are some tips and vital factors you have to keep in mind. Make the process of choosing the most suitable men’s cologne for you by considering the following:

Patch Test

During the selection process, conducting a patch test should form part of the things that you have to do. Similar to when you are trying to invest in gentle skincare products with UV protection, you have to make sure that your skin will not react negatively to your chosen cologne by doing a patch test.

This means you should avoid buying a men’s perfume, cologne, or any other variation of it without testing a small amount of it on your skin. What you should do in this test is to put a bit of cologne on your skin. The importance of this test is to let it interact with the unique chemistry of your skin. This can help you figure out how it will smell once it interacts with your skin. It is because this will differ a bit depending on who wears it.

Essential Oils

You also have to check the essential oils used in the men’s cologne. Note that the specific amount of essential oils and the types used also have a say on the final scent. Ensure that the essential oils used in cologne are the ones you want. Just like when you can leave your face mask on for as long as needed, the amount of essential oils used in the cologne also contributes to the length of time its scent will last. With that, you truly have to understand these specific ingredients once added to a particular men’s cologne.


It is also advisable for you to get to know more about fragrances when shopping for the best-smelling men’s cologne that perfectly suits you. When studying fragrances, take note that you have to learn more about the notes that refer to a cologne’s layers. These notes come in three types – the top note, the base note, and the heart note.

The top note often boasts of its citrusy or floral scent and light nature. It tends to last for around thirty minutes. You can expect the top note to evolve and change into the heart note. One thing that makes the heart note different is that it often represents heavy scents or fragrances, like grass or spice.

As for the base note, expect this to be the one that will most likely last the longest. It is capable of offering support to the other fragrances that tend to have woodsy and rich scents.


Find out about the specific men’s colognes that fit specific occasions, too. Analyze the specific situations and occasions wherein you will most likely wear and use the cologne. The results of your analysis will give you a clearer idea regarding the specific scent and type of cologne that will work for you. One thing you should remember is that while you can find several men’s colognes known for their versatility by fitting almost all occasions, most of them are still created for a certain purpose and setting.

With that in mind, you have to carefully take into account the specific place where you will be wearing the cologne. Generally, men’s scents usually include fresh, oriental, and woody. You can also go for crisp and clean scents that are ideal for work or office, as well as daytime use. It would be best to go for a subtler and more professional scent if you intend to go to work.

However, if you want to have nighttime fun, then go for a cologne with a more sensual scent. You may also want to choose colognes with Oriental scents if you are going on a date.

How to Choose Best-Smelling Men’s Cologne - Occassion


Remember that the strength of a specific scent can also be identified based on the temperature. For instance, during the summer, a time wherein you will have a heightened sense of smell, it would be perfect to choose floral and citrus scents. Go for bold, warm, and spicy scents during the winter or fall. Your goal here is to find cologne with a scent that specifically suits a specific season, so you can further maximize its benefits.


It can also help you a lot if you choose a men’s cologne based on your personality. In this case, you have to assess yourself. Determine what it is that you do regularly, as well as who you meet regularly. If you’re a career-oriented person whose job requires you to interact with clients most hours of the day, then choose a cologne, which smells good without being too overpowering or strong.

Sillage and Concentrations

Sillage and concentrations are also two of the most vital factors that can help you determine the most appropriate men’s cologne. Silage refers to the specific distance wherein you can smell the scent or fragrance of a specific cologne.

Concentrations, on the other hand, can be defined as the number of essential oils added to the fragrance. The concentration has a major impact on the scent’s smell and the length of time it will last. By getting yourself familiar with these two terms, finding a cologne that’s right for you will surely be easy.

Release Year

Another important thing to take note of before buying a men’s cologne is the release year. Note that just like other skin care and hygiene products, like a premium hand cream for men, the cologne will also have a bit of variation yearly. With that in mind, gather information about a specific cologne’s release year before buying.


It is also advisable to gather as much information as you can about a men’s cologne’s composition before buying. To understand a cologne’s composition, you have to try to learn more about the three notes, namely:

Top Note

This is the lighter and initial scent of a particular cologne/fragrance, which tends to hit your nose right after you applied it on your skin. It tends to last for around fifteen minutes to two hours. The usual top notes that you will most likely come across are fruity, citrusy, floral, and powdery scents. Spices, like cinnamon, as well as aquatics and marines, also fall under top notes.

Medium Note

This is what often represents the primary component of the scent/fragrance. You can expect it to develop once the top note gets cleared. Expect it to last for around three to five hours after spraying it on your skin. The middle note usually includes heavy floral scents, like jasmine, as well as green scents, like grass. It also encompasses spice scents, like clove and cinnamon, as well as fruity scents.

Base Note

This is considered to be the last scent to develop but is characterized by it being bolder. Aside from laying the foundation, the base note has a say on the length of time a particular scent or fragrance will last on your skin. It tends to last for around 5 to 10 hours. Among the usual scents that fall in the base note is vanilla, moss, sandalwood, musk, tobacco, smoke, tar, and leather.


Learning about the different brands offering the best-smelling colognes today can also help you find the right one for you. Check the reviews of various cologne and perfume brands. Find out if most of its customers offer the brand with high satisfaction ratings. Check how long the brand is in the business, too. All these things can help you identify how trustworthy a specific brand is and whether or not its colognes are worth trying and investing in.


Determining your budget before you start shopping for a men’s cologne is also a vital step in the whole process. It is because knowing how much you intend to spend on this product can help in narrowing down your choices. Once you have determined your budget, you can begin filtering your choices based on it. Avoid going beyond the first budget you have set.

How to Apply Your Best Smelling Men’s Cologne

How to Apply Your Best Smelling Men’s Cologne

The correct application of the best smelling men’s cologne is usually all about identifying the pulse points of your body. By putting a bit of the scent on your pulse points, the natural heat of your body will naturally be distributed, which will then result in activating the scent.

Here are the usual steps involved in applying a men’s cologne:

Step 1 – Determine your pulse points

As mentioned a while ago, being aware of your pulse points is a vital step in the cologne’s application. If you are still unfamiliar with pulse points, then be aware that they are the specific skin areas that emit the maximum heat. It is mainly because the blood vessels in such areas are closest to your skin surface.

Among the common pulse points are your wrists, inside the knees, the base of your neck, behind your ears, and inside your elbows. Make it a point to put the cologne on such areas as doing this can help make the scent last the entire day.

Step 2 – Spray the cologne at a distance

When spraying the men’s cologne on certain pulse points, ensure that you do so at around 3 to 6-inch distance. It would be extremely helpful if you spend time testing the nozzle first. You can do that by spraying a bit of the cologne into the air. After that, spray each point just once, especially if you are already using a men’s cologne of top-notch quality.

Step 3 – Apply right after showering

This is usually the perfect time to put on the cologne. It is because it is when your pores are fully opened, making it possible for your skin to trap the highest amount of the cologne.

Step 4 – Experiment on the best spots to put on the cologne

Similar to when you are searching for a hydrating shaving gel, it is also a must for you to experiment with the best spots in your body where you can apply your chosen cologne. Find out what spots can bring out its most favorable scent. Avoid putting too much of it on your clothes, though, as it might cause staining.

Cologne vs Similar Products

What makes a men’s cologne different from other similar products that also give off a nice scent? Find out in this specific section.

Perfume vs Cologne

Compared to colognes, perfume has more concentration. In fact, it is considered as the most concentrated variation of fragrances as its scented oil usually composes around 20 to 40 percent of its overall consistency. With that, expect the scent of a perfume to last for at least one day. Be cautious when buying perfumes, though, as there are also cheaply-made ones that you can’t expect to last as long as the others.

Eau de Toilette vs Cologne

The Eau de toilette encompasses the majority of common fragrances today. It also differs from colognes in terms of oil concentration. This light spray composition has an oil concentration, which ranges from 5 to 10 percent. It is the most common concentration that you can see being used in high-end scents and fragrances. The scent of the Eau de toilette can be expected to last for up to 3 hours.

Eau de Perfume vs Cologne

Historically, Eau de Perfume is genderless as it refers to products designed for both men and women. This variation has a pure perfume essence of around 15 to 20 percent. Expect its scent to stay with you for around 5 to 8 hours.

Aftershave vs Cologne

Aftershaves are also among those products that fall within the fragrance market. Pre-shave oil will help you have a smoother shave, so it would be best to use it in combination with your chosen aftershave. The aftershave still differs from colognes, though, in the sense that its oil concentration is only within the 1 to 3% range.

Body Mist and Eau Fraiche vs Cologne

Just like the cologne, body mists also eat up a huge percentage in the fragrance market. However, it only has around 1 to 3 percent concentration, which is usually the same as aftershaves.

On the other hand, you can also gain access to Eau Fraiche, which comes in the form of a scented spray. It is less expensive than other cologne and perfume variations and only has 1 to 3 percent oil concentration.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

You can reduce wrinkles and fine lines with an anti-aging cream that is why many are willing to spend more for this anti-aging skincare product. However, spending a lot on these products does not necessarily mean that you will also get the most effective of them all.

The same premise is true for men’s colognes. Just because a specific cologne is offered at a high price, it does not necessarily equate to it being the best choice in terms of quality. Keep in mind that just by doing good research, you will come across plenty of reasonably priced men’s colognes that emit the best scents. This means that it is unnecessary to spend excessively when hoping to get the quality you want from a cologne. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Men’s Cologne

Do’s and Don’ts With Men’s Cologne


  • Apply the cologne from bottom to top – This is one of the best techniques in applying the men’s cologne. Begin with your wrists before moving up to the neck and behind the ears. A spritz for every pulse point is usually enough.
  • Stick to the less is more concept – This means ensuring that you do not apply excessive amounts of it. Note that your goal is to appreciate your chosen cologne instead of making it smell too overwhelming. Putting on too much might only cause the scent to become too strong for other people’s stomachs and noses.
  • Understand your skin type – You need to learn a thing or two about different skin types, so you will know exactly where yours belong. Note that the cologne will have a different effect on you depending on your skin type. For instance, if you have oily skin, then the fragrance may be longer-lasting than the others. Those with dry skin might lose the scent faster because the skin might soak it rapidly. Therefore, if your skin is dry, apply a bit more cologne than those who have oily skin. However, make sure that the amount of cologne you applied is still not excessive. It should be just enough to bring out the scent a bit more.


  • Be careful when using colognes with other heavily-scented products – If you are also using soaps, deodorants, body washes, and other products with heavy scents, then make sure to put more caution when putting on your chosen cologne. It is because there are times when strong scents and fragrances can change or overpower the scent of your cologne.
  • Do not spread the cologne on sweat-prone parts of your body – This might cause the scent to fade faster than usual and even if you have not finished your tasks for the day.
  • Re-apply only when needed – You are allowed to add a few more sprits to your wrists later on in the day, but this should still depend on the length of time the scents last.
  • Do not spray cologne on your clothes – It is because of the tendency of some fragrances to stain some fabrics.

Quick Tips on How to Make Your Cologne Last Longer

  • Put on less cologne for every application – Note that it only requires a couple of sprays or spritzes to bring out its nice scent.
  • Put some tissue paper inside your drawers then spray it with a bit of cologne – This will allow your clothes to absorb the scent from the cologne, further lengthening the time it will stay on you.
  • Store the cologne in a dry and cool place – It is because factors, like heat, light, and humidity, might lessen the quality of cologne by breaking down its components.
  • Spray the cologne after showering – By doing that, it will be easier for your skin to absorb the scent along with the moisture. This results in the scent lasting longer.

FAQ About Men’s Cologne

Where should I apply a cologne?

It would be ideal for you to put on the cologne in your pulse points. These pulse points include the areas inside your knee and elbows, the base of your neck, behind your ears, and your wrists.

What are pulse points?

Pulse points refer to specific body areas where you will most likely be able to feel the pulse of your heart. Many consider these are the perfect spots for applying cologne or scent because this is where the heat of your blood is most prominent. Putting some cologne in such spots will surely enhance the scent.

Is it safe to buy colognes online?

Yes, it is. With proper research, you can find several legit online sellers who offer authentic best-smelling men’s colognes. Before buying, though, gather as many reviews as you can about a particular seller, brand, and the product itself. This will let you know if you can truly put your trust in your chosen seller and the products they sell.

How should I store my cologne??

The best way to store your cologne is to put it in a dry and dark spot. Make sure that this spot is not close to anything that might expose it to extreme temperatures. Also, avoid storing the cologne in your bathroom because the shower’s humidity and heat might negatively affect the overall quality.

How do you prevent the fragrance from going bad?

Of course, you can prevent the fragrance from going bad by storing it in the right place (ideally, in a dry and dark spot without exposure to extreme temperatures). Make sure that the bottle of your cologne to remain closed until the time when you already have to make your first spritz.

You should also avoid exposing it too much to oxygen, as it might result in the scent being diluted and getting oxidized. With that, the bottle should always be covered. Also, avoid shaking the bottle. It is because most colognes have delicate chemical structures and components that might only get broken with excessive shaking.


With the numerous choices for the best-smelling men’s cologne, figuring out which one is truly worth your money and attention can be quite difficult. If you are still confused, you can always use this article to guide you in identifying what specific men’s cologne will work for you.

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Best Smelling Colognes for Men Who Want to Be Irresistible


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