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Best Perfume Combinations to create an explosive scent

The art of mixing perfumes Perfume Combinations has been going on for years, mostly with women to create a unique scent that can, not be found in a stand-alone perfume.

It is also known as perfume layering, scent mixing or fragrance cocktailing. Women like to keep it under wraps though, so as not to make the scent every day, but unique, rare and customized.

According to experts, custom scents capture the personality of the individual, and it allows them to whip out their custom scents whenever they want to. This means that they can use their scents as they please with no chance of catching a whiff of their signature scent on anybody else. It also gives the mixer a feeling similar to one who has made their perfume.

How perfumes are mixed and Perfume Combinations achieved

Most people think that mixing a perfume is spraying two perfumes together at the same time, one on top of the other; far from it. It is a delicate and well-timed act that can start just after showering when you apply a scented lotion. It is a mixture of essential oils.

One can also use one scent on the wrists and another one on your neck. It is the art of playing around with your favorite scents without fear until you create a scent that you will fall in love with.

The best way to go about perfume mixing in case you are using two scents that are different in concentration is always to apply the more strong scent first. In doing this, it will not overpower the less concentrated scent.

How to mix scents

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A basic knowledge of perfumes is necessary to mix scents properly. Perfume has three notes; the first note is the scent you get when you immediately uncap the perfume.

The middle note is the softer, warm scent that is the heart of the fragrance while the bottom note is the scent that remains with you for hours on end. When you start mixing your perfumes, these are the signs that you need to keep in mind.

As a first-timer, it ‘s nice to start combining different scents that have the same notes, for example, lavender and then develop from there. Then you can go to more extreme mixes such as two separate fragrances like spice and vanilla. It is an art, and you will most probably get better with time.

Perfume mixes that work

Here are some of the mixes we have discovered that make a statement;

  1.  Tom Ford Rive d’Ambre and Comme des Garçons Amazingreen; the resultant scent is blatant and has a smoldering sex appeal that will leave an unforgettable impression on anyone you will come across.
  2. Balenciaga L’Eau Rose and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir; these two will produce a scent that is deep and structured with brightened sweet berry notes.
  3. Fresh Life + Giorgio Armani Ambre Soie; this will result in a sophisticated scent which is the ideal mix of zesty fruits and a velvety amber.
  4. Central Park West and central park south; this will result in a sweet jasmine note that will have a twist of sandalwood and musk.

To get that unique, rare scent, it ‘s nice to be adventurous as possible there are microscopic limitations when it comes to discovering.

As long as you know the notes, the secret is usually to enhance them and create that signature fragrance. It is not advisable though to mix two dark or heady notes as the resultant scent can be extremely overpowering. Opposites are usually the key to your original scent.

Cheap smells that scent expensive


Rare Gold Perfume

Cinema By Yves Saint Laurent For Women

ONE THIRD of the price

Guest Pink

D&G Light Blue

10 times the price

Milton Lloyd Stars

Thierry Mugler Alien

6 times the price

London New Bond 

Miss Dior Cherie

3 times the price

Perfume tip: Forget about personal branding invest in youself as a person first

Perfumes can be quite expensive, although they give one a boost in confidence and a happy feeling; the cost implications are beyond many who want to smell good. This means that you can only wear your favorite perfume to a party or special occasion, but this does not have to be the case.

There is a way out, as there are very expensive smelling perfumes out there that come very cheap. These will enable you to smell good anywhere, anytime without the fear of burning a hole in your pocket. Let us take a look at these wonders of fragrance;

1. Next Gold

This perfume is the equivalent of Yves Saint Laurent Cinema but for a third of the price. In fact, if you spray the two, you cannot tell them apart, it is that good. Both come in gold packaging and will smell good on your skin. They are both amber-led and full of blossom.

2. Guest pink Perfume

Azure Breeze smells exactly like D&G Light Blue. If you compare the looks of the two, you will be forgiven to think it is the same perfume. The scent is identical as well, and if you were fond of Light Blue that was available back in the 90’s, Marks and Spencer’s Azure Breeze would do it for you.

3. Milton Lloyd Stars

Milton Lloyd Stars is the twin of Thierry Mugler Alien. Only the design of the latter is slightly different. Scent wise, the two cannot be told apart as you will get compliments everywhere you go.

4. London, New Bond

River Island London has the same scent as Miss Dior Cherie, and the design strikes a resemblance to the Miss Dior range. Especially to the Cherie variation fragrance that disappeared. It is an excellent way to get a fragrance that became defunct.

5. Zara Rose

Apart from the bottle packaging that is different; the Zara Rose fragrance is the same as Dior J’adore. On your skin, both will also feel the same.

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6. Marks and Spencer True Red Eau de Toilette

At almost half the price, this perfume smells exactly like the expensive Hugo Boss Deep Red. The packaging is almost similar as well. Both have the same spicy scents that are ideal for a night out. The Marks and Spencer bottle is quite slim and can fit very well in your handbag.

7. Next Cashmere

Smells like the designer perfume Estée Lauder Sensuous Nude as both have the beautiful powdery perfumes. They have a comparable, luxurious musky base with both bottles having a great design. The scent between the two is very similar.

8. Next Just Pink

Next Just Pink smells exactly like Ralph Lauren Romance, and is five times cheaper than the designer perfume! Both these scents have a rich, rosy base that suits almost every woman, and from a distance, you couldn’t tell the packaging apart either.

9. Marks and Spencer Butterfly

Is identical in smell to Marc Jacobs Daisy and if you’re a fan of Marc Jacob’s best-selling Daisy, you’ll probably love M&S’s Butterfly too. It’s got that fresh, outdoorsy feel, although it’s slightly less woody than the original.

10. Zara Black Peony

It is five times cheaper and similar in design and smell to Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb. It also has the same fruity, freesia smell as Viktor & Rolf’s less purse-friendly bottle.

These are just a few examples that are out there that can make you smell good, at a fraction of the price. It is good to note that cheap does not mean quality has been compromised. Neither does expensive mean quality.

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Best Perfume Combinations to create an explosive scent


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