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Did You Know That Banana Peel Can Whiten Teeth?

I personally love bananas, and I hope you do too! Not only is the delicious fruit loaded with potassium, but it is also helpful in many ways than one. Did you know that banana is a powerful teeth whitener? Unbelievable, right? But yes that’s the truth! With the use of banana peel, you can forego expensive treatments and products that will give you great sets of pearly white. Why will you spend then if you can have a cost-effective banana peel teeth whitening trick on your sleeve, right?

Now you may still wonder at how does banana peel whiten Teeth, no worries! We will discuss the different steps that you can do with your powerful banana peel as we go along in this article.

Fact or Hoax?

If you check this out on the internet, you might read some articles saying that this is just a myth and several other people claiming this to be a hoax. But is it really? This is too good to be true, right?

While there are quite a number of articles written and testimonies saying that this banana peel strategy for teeth whitening is false, I strongly disagree because I tried it already and the effect was amazing. You just have to be patient though as this is a process that requires a lot of time.

Also, several websites such as the Huffing ton post and the Daily mail swore that there is truth to banana teeth whitening! Well, even the, a website categorising different issues on whether they are true or not, has already given their statement that a banana peel teeth whitening is indeed a fact.

Does Banana Peel Whiten Teeth?

If you are still having some reservation on whether to believe this fact or not, here is a much better rationale on how can a simple peel helps in whitening your teeth.

A banana peel contains amazing minerals such as potassium, manganese, and magnesium which are absorbed by your teeth to whiten them. Bananas are also rich with other essential minerals such as calcium, sodium, and iron which are great sources of carbohydrates and fibre. Moreover, banana peels have great antioxidant properties (and this is based on a proven study!), and contains very low concentrations of non-essential minerals which can be harmful.

In line with this, when you rub a banana peel on your teeth, the essential minerals are absorbed while the antioxidant properties will help repair the damage caused by ageing. It serves as a natural, safe and free toothpaste for your teeth whitening procedure.

Instead of throwing that banana peel after you have eaten your lunch, save it! A banana peel is your free ticket to have better sets of pearly whites.

How To Use Banana Peel As A Teeth Whitening Tool?

Since we have already discussed how possible and effective banana teeth whitening is, we shall now proceed to the steps on how to use it.

  • Choose and get a banana from your fruit bowl (if you have no peel yet). In choosing the right banana for you, look for the ripe one because it contains many minerals compared to the younger ones. But make sure that you do not choose a black or overripe banana.
  • Peel a single strip from one side of the banana from bottom to top. Peeling the banana this way leaves stringy flesh attached to it better. You may leave the rest of the skin intact so that you can use it for the next few days.
  • Rub the inside of the peel on your teeth. Start with your top teeth and go down to the bottom. Ensure that you have completely covered your teeth with a layer of banana paste.
  • Once you have coated all of your teeth, sit back and let it stay for about 10 minutes. As much as possible, try keeping your mouth open and move your lips away from your teeth to prevent you from rubbing off the banana paste. This position may be a little bit uncomfortable but hold on to it as long as you can.
  • Brush your teeth after 10 minutes using a dry toothbrush. Just like normal brushing, use gentle circular motions. Brush your teeth for 1 to 3 minutes to make sure that all nooks and crannies covered.
  • Wet your toothbrush and rinse the banana paste from your mouth. You may already add your regular toothpaste if you want to.

You can do this procedure once daily for at least 2 weeks. Take note that this procedure requires your patience because you will not be able to witness significant changes after just one treatment. The result will depend on how your teeth react to the nutrients and minerals on the banana as well as how meticulous you are in doing the procedure.

To help you assess the difference better, you may take a picture before you start your first banana peel procedure so that you have something to compare with after a few weeks.

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Other Natural Teeth Whitening  Remedies

Aside from banana, there are other teeth whitening remedies that you can apply to your pearly whites. These remedies are also natural and do not contain any harmful chemicals that may be present in most of your teeth whitening products.

  • Lemon has citric acid content which acts as a natural bleaching agent that helps whiten your teeth. If you mix lemon juice, make sure it’s fresh, with salt or baking soda. You can rub the paste on your teeth with a toothbrush. Just ensure that you clean it with toothpaste after since the lemon juice may also remove your tooth enamel.
  • You do not need to juice the apple or rub it off on your teeth. Simply eating apples will already help you whiten your teeth. Their crunchy texture removes excess food and bacteria that may have already lodge themselves on your teeth and it also helps in wiping surface stains away. Moreover, Apples have malic acid which is used in many commercial teeth whitening products.
  • A paste made from a mixture of strawberries and baking soda removes plaques and clears surface stains away. You brush the paste using a toothbrush on your teeth and rinse after.

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Did You Know That Banana Peel Can Whiten Teeth?


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