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How To Apply Foundation Flawlessly?

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 How To Apply Foundation Flawlessly?

People who know how to apply make-up are familiar with the importance of foundation and how it should be applied flawlessly. Since foundation is considered as the base of your make-up, it serves as a deciding factor as to whether your make up will suit you or not. After all, does anyone ever look good if the start goes wrong? I believe not. Thus, it is essential for all ladies out there to know how to apply foundation flawlessly.

There are several tricks about the best way to apply foundation. Knowing these skills will be a matter of a pass or a fail in the exam called applying make–up. If you do not know what these tips are, sit back and just read the article below to get yourself armed with these little magic tricks.

How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly?

These make-up tips for applying the foundation will surely make you more beautiful and alluring as you have now applied it correctly:

Use Highlighter Before The Foundation

Before applying the foundation to your face, use a highlighter first. Many people have the wrong notion on this one since they use highlighters after applying the foundation, but that’s the wrong way. The full coverage of your foundation will make the highlighter look dull or matte as you go on your day while applying it underneath the foundation will make you achieve a more natural glow that comes from within.

Use Concealer After The Foundation

If the highlighter goes before, the concealer goes after. Choose a concealer that closely resembles your skin tone or at least it is one shade lighter. The reason being that you might look fake if you choose a very light concealer. The foundation will act as the base of the concealer preventing it from creasing which will, in turn, give you a more flawless look. Concealer after foundation will also let you use less of the product thus saving more of it.

Cover Up All The Flaws Evenly

Foundation is not only limited to your face alone where most of try to apply the most of our make-up. You need to ensure that you blend your foundation on all visible parts such as your jawline till down to your neck, however, it should not stop there. If your ears, cleavage or shoulders appear to look uneven with different skin tones, you should apply a layer of the foundation there too so that the color will blend and give you a natural look.

Prevent Creasing

Having fine lines may be a total irritation and let’s face the fact that some lines can never be stopped from coming. However, there are techniques on how to apply foundation flawlessly that helps in the reduction of these creases. The foundation will likely crease when the skin becomes more emollient. Hence, if you are wearing an eye cream, it is best if you blot it off with a tissue. Meanwhile, if you deal with the lines around your mouth, use a fine brush to remove those creases and lines.

Choose The Foundation Best Suited For You

Each of us has a different and unique skin tone, which means that a foundation that works best for me might not be a good choice for you. It is important that you know how to choose the right shade for you. Choosing the right shade of foundation will be a deal breaker making you look either beautiful or completely fake?

When you are looking for your foundation color, test it on your jawline or cheek during daylight and using a magnifying mirror. You will know that you already have the right foundation if it disappears on your skin without blending.

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Take Care Of Your Face

Each face is a masterpiece and so you need to take care of it. Though make-ups are often used to hide blemishes and other problems on the face, having a clean and flawless skin also helps in achieving your desired output of a beautiful face. Hence, the best way to apply foundation is to moisturize and exfoliate your skin regularly. It will also help if you use your day cream before applying your foundation. Let your day cream sink into your skin for about 10 minutes before you layer it with foundation.

Using The Right Tools

You do not simply use a brush because you have too. While some people would apply their foundation using their fingertips, most make-up artists are using tools to evenly and correctly apply the foundation on their client’s face. Using a brush in the application of foundation will give you a more flawless and even finish compared to when you use your fingertips.

Apply  Foundation Under A Good Lighting

A Good Lighting

When you apply your foundation, you need good lighting to show you the accurate result of your make-up efforts. Choose the brightest area in your room, place a magnifying mirror and do your make-up there to avoid a jawline mark. Th is a visible mark where you can see a line that signifies where you ended your foundation application process, and your natural skin starts.

Mix-And-Match Different Foundations

You do not need to use a single foundation formula on all areas. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to use different foundation depending on the needs of the certain area that you want it applied. For example, you can use a matte foundation on your T-zone and other oily areas on your face, and use another foundation formula on your face’s perimeter, jawline, neck, ears, shoulders, and cleavage.

Use A Luminous Powder As A Finishing Touch

The bright powder will make your skin look glow and polished. This type of powder will reflect the light to your skin making your face appear to shine from within without looking greasy. Luminous powders prevent your face from looking dull and lifeless when compared to matte powders. They also help create a more sophisticated, polished and prettier looking skin.

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How To Apply Foundation Flawlessly?


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