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How to be as confident as Conor McGregor

How To Be As Confident As Conor McGregor
If you don’t know who is Conor McGregor he is a UFC fighter who has become notorious because of his confidence and because of his confidence his total dominance in the sport…

He is currently the bantamweight champion and he has gotten there by making predictions that are amazingly specific and accurate, not because he has some kind of psychic ability but because he has visualized the fights a million times in his head before he sets foot inside the octagon.

Here is a very cool video breaking down all of this, check out this guy’s YouTube channel for more on how to be influential, confident and persuasive…

The power of visualization.

Many successful people have used visualization because it’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to not only gain confidence but to get in a state of total resourcefulness where you are operating out of a place of confidence and courage, not out of fear…

In Boxing for example, for decades now all boxers are required by their coaches to do “shadow boxing” you’ve probably heard the term before or have even seen it in a cartoon where the character is actually boxing his shadow. The whole idea behind shadow boxing is to visualize every possible scenario a fighter might encounter in the ring and how to respond accordingly, since the idea of shadow boxing came out it has proven to be so effective now all boxing gyms implement this strategy.


Well as it turns out your Subconscious Mind cannot tell the difference between real experiences and imagined ones…

This works in your advantage because if you want to Achieve something, anything, you can visualize yourself doing it over and over again and to your subconscious mind that counts as practice, which in turn will make you more confident and more resourceful.

Not so long ago a study was conducted on a college basketball team to improve the player’s free throw percentage…(Meaning how many of their free throws they could make)

The study consisted in dividing the team into 3 groups:

  1. A group of players would practice their free throws for an hour per day in the course of a week.
  2. The second group would not do anything for the rest of the week.
  3. And the third group would just visualize themselves making every shot perfectly for 1 hour a day.

The first group showed just a slight Improvement, the second group showed no improvement at all and surprisingly the third group showed the most improvement! Just sitting and visualizing the mechanics of making that shot perfect every time created a pathway in their brains to be able to do it in real life…

No matter what you want to achieve, be it success in business, better relationships or even your golf swing visualization is a very powerful tool you can use to direct your brain towards a goal and gain instant confidence that you can achieve it.

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How to be as confident as Conor McGregor


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