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Who are you really?

Who Are You Really?
Who are you? Do you know? As it turns out one of the most important factors of how your whole life operates is your self image, the Identity you choose or adopt for yourself…

This concept was first uncovered by a plastic surgeon by the name of Maxwell Maltz who realized that some of his patients seemed to become completely different people through cosmetic surgery and others might have had extensive surgery, their own families would barely recognize then yet they would claim that no change had taken place.

In order to understand the reason why Dr. Maltz took a dive into psychology and discovered what he called “Psycho-Cybernetics” (he also wrote a book about this and I recommend you read it…) what Dr. Maltz discovered was that we all operate from an identity or a self image of ourselves and all of our actions, thoughts and behaviors always have to be in line with that self image, when we act out of line with it we feel displaced and confused.

For example:

If a young man considers himself to be “weak” or “unathletic” he will never even try to do anything athletic and even if he did he would subconsciously sabotage himself in order to be consistent with his self image.

Maybe you might find this hard to believe however in this particular example I’ve seen it first hand…

I have trained martial arts for years and I’ve always encountered people who believe wholeheartedly that they are not capable of doing something they haven’t even tried yet… Say the Teacher asks the students to do a backwards roll, most of the class will do it even if they hit themselves on the head or land straight on their ass. But there is always 1 or 2 students who will insist that they can’t do it even before they have tried, the teacher then will approach them and teach them how step by step, at this point they will half ass it, land on their face and say: “See? I told you I can’t do it!”

A teacher I once had, had a different approach to this problem…

Even before the class began he would let everybody know: “The words “I can’t do it” do not exist in this Dojo!” the single idea of not being able was banned from existing in his class so everyone had to try and try their best. The result was a change in people’s self image…

The students no longer saw themselves as “unathletic” they started to see themselves as “athletic” and began to do amazing things, one handed cartwheels, handstands, running up walls, and all kinds of amazing things.

On a larger scale, our whole lives operate in line with our self image.

Unhealthy Self Image

For example most eating disorders are a result of an unhealthy self image where the person sees themselves as “fat” no matter how skinny they are and how many people tell them they are skinny. In their mind they know they are “fat” and suggesting otherwise is even offensive to them.

Most people on planet earth have an unhealthy self image, it may not be as serious as to create an eating disorder (or maybe it is), but it does keep you from reaching your full potential.

Do this following exercise:

Take out a piece of paper and right down who you are…
But before you do breathe deeply and relax, try not to be swept up by stress, anger or your past. Try to be relaxed and remain objective. Also avoid trying to embellish yourself and trying to be perfect, just be honest with yourself…

Now ask yourself “Who am I?” and write down the first thing that pops up in your head, do this multiple times and build a list of about 10 things and then figure out what all those things have in common.

Is there a common theme?

That is your self image, and you will always operate according to your self image however if you don’t particularly like the result you’ve gotten then there is good news…

Changing your Self Image

Yes, you can change you self image if you so choose…

Your self image is firmly grounded in your brain by one or all of these factors:

  1. An Authoritative Source
  2. Constant Affirmation
  3. Past Experiences

The first step to changing your self image is to think like a child again, when you were a child you could be a fire fighter, a wizard, an astronaut with just thinking about it…

Figure out what you really want to be and like a child adopt this new identity, after you do that ask yourself, Who do you know is like this? Could they be a role model for you? If you were that person, How would you act? Who would you Talk? How would your move? How would you breathe?

This is the authoritative source…

Now, are the people around you enforcing your new self image or hurting it?
Surround yourself with people who are in line with your new self image, and proclaim this new self image to them in order to have constant reminders of it, everywhere you go.

Constant Affirmation…

Now take a minute to visualize yourself achieving all the goals you dream about and make it as vivid as possible engaging all of your senses in the experience and remember every single detail of this moment. The faces, the sounds, the feeling, the lighting, the smells…

When you do this, you can Create Powerful references for your brain because fortunately for us our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between real experiences and imagined experiences.

Therefore you can create powerful “past experiences” by just using your imagination.

I hope you found this to be helpful and informative please share this with a friend and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get, articles, tips and special offers in your email inbox.

Until next time.

Make it a great day…

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Who are you really?


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