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Vegans Vs. Omnivores: What’s Better?

When it comes to what we eat this debate has been going on for ages and it’s likely going to continue for many years to come however being a vegetarian myself and recently going Vegan I decided to get my facts right and figure out if this lifestyle is actually as good as other vegans claim or if in fact an omnivore diet is the best diet for human beings…

In order to answer this question I had to look at this from the perspective of mother nature, in the grand scheme of things we are animals and as such we have certain things that we can eat and others we can’t eat. For example: A Lion eats other animals and if this Lion decided to go vegan it would probably make him sick. In that same manner I sought out to find out what humans are supposed to eat naturally.

Because the truth is we have been eating so much stuff we don’t even know anymore…

I’m also looking at what’s the best diet in terms of sustainability moving forward into the future.

It didn’t take much research for me to come accross all kinds of comparisons between human physiology and other animals…
What I found out was something that seemed crazy but when I thought about it, it just made total sense…

As it turns out humans don’t have anything in common with omnivore animals, we don’t have sharp fangs or claws to hunt, we don’t have the digestive system to process large quantities of Meat and our jaw movement is that of a herbivore…

Vegans vs Carnivores

think about it, if you tried to catch, kill and eat a rabbit using nothing but your bare hands you would have a very hard time doing that, if a bear catches the bunny you know it’s over in a matter of seconds, one bite and that rabbit is dead as his teeth cut through like a hot knife through butter.

Our teeth can’t do that, not even our canine teeth, the ones we swore were for meat, however other herbivore animals have canine teeth, some have fangs but they use them to defend themselves.

Does this mean the Vegans are right?

The more I look at it and the more I research the more I ended up in the same conclusion…

Veganism is the natural state of human beings and by straying off this path we have put our health in danger and not only that, we have generated all sorts of problems even outside of ourselves. To the environment and the natural flora and fauna of planet earth.
Our jaws can move sideways, which is a trait only herbivores possess, we sweat through our skin as carnivores pant to cool themselves, we have molars and flat incisors that are characteristic of herbivores not to mention that animal products contain a lot LDL cholesterol, linked to clogged arteries and heart failure…

But wait a minute!

Aren’t we supposed to get protein, iron, zinc and Vitamin B12 from meat and dairy?

Does this mean we really are Omnivores?


All of the above with the exception of vitamin B12 can be obtained from plant foods, there is protein iron and zinc in legumes like kidney beans and lentils.
There is a lot of iron in spinach and tomatoes, there is protein in leafy greens like kale, and more.

But that still leaves the question vitamin B12…

Most nutritionists say that vitamin B12 can only be found in animal products but is that true?
Turns out that the only reason why people can’t get vitamin B12 from plants is because we treat our water and wash our plant foods…

You see, vitamin B12 is not produced by animals not plants… It’s produced by bacteria, so be treating the water and washing our fruits and vegetables we remove this vitamin from it, but then why is it found in animal products?
Well the food industry has made sure that you never end up blaming them for deficiencies or problems with your health so they often feed B12 supplements to the cows, the pigs and the chickens to make sure you believe wholeheartedly that you’re an omnivore and you should continue to buy their product.

We see this all the time with processed foods as well, “New Kool-Aid with vitamin c and Riboflavin!” “New cocoa puffs with extra calcium!” and if that’s not enough, “Take this multivitamin!”.

When you eat a plant based diet the only thing you really need to supplement is B12 because we’re not about to risk more disease by not treating the water.

About Dairy and Eggs

More and more studies are finding out that dairy does not help you have stronger bones and in fact it may increase the risk of fracture and osteoporosis, not to mention the amount of infection pus, hormones and antibiotics that go into the milk…
Here is an explanation of Dr. Michael Greger from

Also eggs have been shown to have high levels of LDL cholesterol once again correlated to heart disease, clogged arteries and heart attacks…

What’s healthier then?

As it turns out a vegans show the lowest indexes of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and have longer lifespan. This may also have something to do with the fact that committed vegans pay much more attention to what they eat in terms of health than omnivores do…

I know this from personal experience as just about 3 years ago I was an omnivore and I didn’t really care what I ate as long as it was good, as a result I started to gain weight, I was never obese nor was I in poor health but I didn’t really pay any attention to the nutrients in food nor did I care to.

Once I became a vegetarian I found myself wanting to know the nutrients in everything and how it affected my body, when you go through such a dramatic change you want to find out what’s the best way to do it. When I started I was worried I would cause harm to my body and I wanted to be safe so I made sure I ate things that would nourish my body and as a result I started losing weight I started to have much more energy, have more stamina when I exercised and had a better digestion.

How come this never came up before?

Well there are several reason why, one of them is that a lot of studies that are then referenced in medical schools to nutrition mayors are funded by the meat and dairy industry. Another reason is that even the doctors who uncover these facts don’t tend to have a lot of faith in people’s ability to change their behavior and then recommend their patients to limit their consumption of animal products instead of eliminating it.
And finally, there has also been a lot of repression from the food industry to silence critics and protesters, the infamous “patriot act” introduced under the George W. Bush administration has a hidden clause that can effectively put someone in jail for saying something that would hurt the meat and dairy industry regardless of the veracity of the claims…

What’s more sustainable for the future?

In terms of sustainability for food production that’s cost effective and can feed the entire planet I’m sorry to tell you this if you eat meat but vegans win by a long run.

I’ll explain why…

First of all there is the whole pollution factor, the Meat Industry accounts for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions, that’s more than the fossil fuels which account for 18%… How is this possible?

Well the sustainable way to farm cows is to keep them in a pretty big area so they can eat the grass and when the grass is gone there move the cows to another area so they eat the grass there in order to let the previous area recover. But to cover the demand of cow meat in the world we would need another planet!
So the meat industry decided they would keep all the cows bunched up in one area and feed them grains instead of grass, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of acres of land filled to the brim with cows walking ankle deep in their own shit! (Obviously this produces a huge amount of methane gas).

Vegans vs Carnivores

I recommend you look up the documentary “Cowspiracy” and “Food Inc.” to learn more about the meat industry and its effects on the environment…

Also about 81% of the rainforests have been destroyed in order to have more land for the cows, the chickens and the pigs, and you might think this would be the exact same if we were planting vegetables but you’re forgetting one thing…

50% of the produce planted goes to feeding cattle, as well as a large amount of our drinkable water supply…
2,393 liters of drinkable water is used to produce a single hamburger!

What will you do now?

We always talk about how to better the world, our community and the next generation but as it turns out we can do something to save our planet every time we sit down to eat. In every bite you can save the planet and create a better future for yourself and our children…

But does that mean you should suffer?

No, the truth is going vegan is not a restriction or a sacrifice, there are many vegan options for some of your favorite foods!
And there are more and more vegan restaurants opening up all over visit to see what vegan or vegan friendly restaurants are in your area.

And you can chose to ignore this information as well, hey you can go back to eating meat all day long if you want to. Just know that you’re part of the problem and you’re putting your health at risk.

But don’t just take my word for it, do your own research and see what you can find, then let’s start a dialogue in the comments ;)

Until next time…

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Vegans Vs. Omnivores: What’s Better?


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