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Breaking Down Biggest Fitness myths of 2016 that are totally BS

The fitness industry is surrounded with BS lies, myths and delusions. When I started gymming my so called trainer provided me with ample of wrong information which did more harm than benefits.

I am not saying that don’t trust your trainers at all. But make sure you research a bit before blindly following anything that is taught in your gym. Today The Workout Magazine will cover all such biggest fitness myths of 2016 which are doing round from quite a long time:

Cardio is the only way to lose weight

fitness myths 1

Cardio is good for health reason and you do Lose Weight while doing it, but overtraining is the biggest concern while doing cardio. It is proven that muscles helps in increasing your metabolism and reduce fat eventually.
You must have seen people running their ass off in treadmills in most of the local gym to lose weight. Most of the gym instructors and personal trainers recommend running, cycling, and crunches for losing weight. But what you don’t know that excessive cardio can also lead to muscle loss.

What you should do:

If you want to Lose Fat in a healthy manner you should control the number of calories you are intaking and add healthy foods in your diet. Secondly, you should try not to lose your precious muscle mass and add strength training workout in your routine to burn fat quickly. If you got time after you strength training add a small cardio session to complete your workout.

Eating Healthy food will help me lose weight


Yea it is true that Eating Healthy Food will help in losing weight. But as I have mentioned earlier to lose fat it is important to track how much calories are going into your body every day.
To cut fat and lose weight it is important that you burn more calories than you intake. If you think that eating whole lot of healthy food will help you burn fat, it certainly increase your well being and you might notice positive changes in your endurance, but you won’t lose fat.

What you should do:

Just check the number of calories you need, using the calorie calculator. Try to cut minimum 300-500 calories from the actual number of calories you need to sustain during the day. You need to be in a caloric deficit state to lose weight and nothing else will work. Period!

Weight and strength training will make women Big and bulky


So you saw a jacked up girl on a fitness competition and got a notion that if you lift weight and do weight training you might get bulky like those bodybuilders. False, girls could not get as bulky as males as the average males produces about the 10 times more amount of testosterone as the average females. The lack of testosterones is the reason that it is physically impossible for girls to get as bulky as any male, who is following the same weight training and nutritional plan.

What you should do:

Go and lift those irons if you want to put curves in all the right places. Weight training helps in building lean muscle tissues which help in losing fat and weight.

No pain No Gain

no pain no gain

So you take each of your workout like a major fitness competition, where you workout till each of your muscle is sore? Let me tell you one thing straight exercising to the point of pain is the worst thing you can do to your body. If you added a new exercise and got little soreness is fine but you must never ignore pain. If you got continuous pain in certain muscle then stop completely. This pain can be due to some major muscle injury. Don’t overstress yourself or get obsessed with your workout session.

What you should do:

Taking rest is as important as your workout if you are not feeling well or feeling sour after every workout session, give yourself a much needed rest.

Crunches help burning belly fat

no pain no gain

This one is the most old school myth you must have heard in the fitness centers and gyms around you. Let’s take a pledge and never ever think that spot reduction is possible. It’s is physically impossible to lose fat in one specific area by exercising that part continuously. Crunching your abs can make your abdominal muscles stronger, but you can’t lose fat doing crunches all alone.

What you should do:

To help speed up the weight loss you should do compound movements to target larger muscle groups. You can also do aerobic movements and HIIT to elevate your fat loss process.

You need 45 minutes workout to get health benefits


Gone are the days when you have to workout for hours to get a fit body. Recent studies have proved that even a quickie session of 20 minutes have great health benefits for you.

What you should do:

If you are busy with something and don’t get enough time to hit the gym you can add a session of calisthenics workout for 20 minutes and can burn whole lot of calories.

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Breaking Down Biggest Fitness myths of 2016 that are totally BS


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