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You are not a number.


Numbers will never define who you are.

It concerns me the number of people who define themselves based on arbitrary values. So many are concerned with their clothing size, their weight, how many followers they have or how old they are.


You are so much more than that.


These things are ever changing; you are always evolving and growing, so how can you expect to value yourself based on a random number?


It is inevitable; you will get older, your weight will fluctuate and clothing sizes are different in every store. These things don’t change who you are or how others see you.


Weight is a funny one, so many people trying to attain an unrealistic weight goal that it has become a multi billion dollar industry. And for what? Why are you not just as wonderful when you are a bit heavier? The scales simply measure your relationship with gravity, nothing more.


Weight has become so important to so many people that we now see eating disorders on the rise. We have become so tied to decreasing our weight for health reasons, that no one has realised we have far exceeded where we need to be. The issue of eating disorders is fed each time weight loss is promoted when it is not needed. It is such a sensitive issue that I often struggle to write about because I see both sides.


I do strongly believe in striving for a healthy and balanced life, which for some may mean practicing moderation and exercising more often to lose some kilos. I also stress that the idea of balance and moderation be always emphasised, and that the pursuit of lower weight should never consume your life or cause unnecessary negative feelings towards yourself or others. Those with the most weight to lose are often suffering more deeply than is seen; the root of the issue needs to be treated before weight loss is looked at; this is often forgotten. Especially now with the popularity of TV shows and documentaries promoting weight loss, fad diets and evil foods, we need to be more careful than ever of the message that is being sent.


Whether you weigh 50 or 100 kilos, you are still the same beautiful person.


You are so much more than a number.


You are your values, your unique personality and how you see other people around you. You are your dreams and ambitions, your kindness and generosity.

Never forget that.


The numbers will always change but you can still be a person of value.


Do not tie your self worth to a number, because it inevitably will change and leave you behind.


I challenge you to alter your perspective this week. Look at those around you in a way that exudes positivity. Try to see past how they look or how many followers they have. Instead see who they are, what is their purpose? Is their purpose for the world or for themselves? How are they positively unique? What challenges are they facing that may have shaped the way they are? Do their values align with your own? If not, how could the difference be a positive?


Honestly think for a moment:

  • Does your view of yourself change with increasing weight, age, clothing size and decreasing followers or social media likes?
    It shouldn’t.
  • Do you see someone differently if they have more social media followers?
    You shouldn’t, what if you miss someone with valuable and fantastic information who is just starting out with only a few followers?
  • Do you see your friends and family differently if they gain or lose weight?
    I’d say probably not, because you value who they are. If you answered yes to this question I would suggest stepping back and considering why you feel this way, and how you can change it.


We all want to be seen for who we are and what we value, not for something as fleeting as our weight on the scale. The first step in achieving this is to change the way you view yourself. If you practice only honest, valuable and constructive self-judgements, you will find your world will positively change.


If we all change our perspective and view others in a positive manner, we can only expect that the world will become a less judgemental place.


Free yourself of judgement, both judgement of yourself and inevitably, judgement from those around you.

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You are not a number.


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