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Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Workouts

Don’t have to hit the gym, adjustable dumbbells are here to make your workouts simpler. Get the best ones for a workout at home. Read on to know more

How often do you find it challenging to switch those Dumbbells for a change of exercise? Well, if you are a fitness freak, you know what this is about. Dumbbells are available in all the possible measures and weights you can think of. So on what basis do you pick one? Adjustability. Yes. That’s what makes best adjustable dumbbells stand out from the other.

But finding a dumbbell that adjusts all kinds of weights with a twist of a dial is not that easy. Adjustable Dumbbells make workout so much simpler. Performing a variety of exercises becomes much easier with these, and you need not worry about space and money involved in buying the equipment. That’s what makes adjustable dumbbells useful.

Here you will find a list of dumbbells that make the most sense to fitness freaks. These are some of the best brands you will find in the market. They are all easy to use, offer the best value and user-friendly by all means. When you want dumbbells that are both sturdy and sexy, these are the names that the world of fitness swears by. But before that, you must know how to choose them.


How To Choose Best Adjustable Dumbbells

From the right size to increments you want and the metal quality, there’s no dearth of options available out there. But if you want the best, here’s a checklist you must consider:

  • Do they cope well with fast-paced workouts?
  • Are they good enough for standalone strengthening exercises?
  • How flexible are they to use?
  • How long are the handles? You can get as long handles as you want but make sure you get the best quality. The longer the handles, the better weight they can hold.
  • What are the kind of weight fasteners you want? There are collar type fasteners or the screw ons. Find out which one will suit your need best.
  • How much weight can they carry? You may not need more than a particular level so make sure you are not overspending.
  • Are they reasonable enough? Some of the best brands are now coming at reasonable prices. Don’t spend ridiculously on a model. Explore the market at length.
  • Go through some of the best adjustable dumbbell reviews for more clarity.

Best Rated Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

Universal Selectorised Dumbbell Set With Stand 

Universal Selectorised Dumbbell Set With StandThis is you power pack of best exercises in a single set. Whether it’s about the weight adjustment or merely the performance it offers, this one is your fitness friend. You get various options in one set and save a lot of money. They are bigger than average dumbbells available in the market. But again, you can’t use them as rough dumbbells and their size sometimes limits the range of exercises you can do with these.

Here’s Why These Are Your Workout Buddies:

  • Weight: You can easily use 4 to 45 pounds on each dumbbell. You use this in 5-pound increments, which makes it easy for you to switch between exercises.
  • Reasonable: Not only are they a comfortable option, but you can also save money with these. In comparison to the same sizes available in the market, these are a more affordable option.
  • Ergonomically designed: They are classic in their design appeal and come with a stand that makes it easy for you to store your dumbbells in.
  • Durable: A rubber handle made of thermoplastic makes them comfortable and more durable to use.
  • Guide: These are your Top Rated Adjustable Dumbbells. You get the dumbbells with a perfect workout guide to help you choose your exercises better.

The Cons

Bulky: The only disadvantage they possibly have been a bit bulky and so are not a great option for a lot of people.


Except for the weight being more than the others, these are great for everyday workouts at home. For those who don’t want very heavy ones, these may not be the best option.

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells 

Bowflex Adjustable DumbbellsThese are not just your ordinary model. They are classy, easy to adjust and take a variety of weights. Bowl flex are known for their sleek design and simple style. You will figure these out within seconds. No rocket science. They come with a weight tray that can be used as to hold them later. One look at them and you will know the weight increments correctly at the end of dumbbells.

Switch them to the desired weight and half the job is done. What’s more? You can adjust the weight by just twisting one side only. You can adjust the weight in each hand individually. Now how cool is that!

Here’s Why You Should Opt For These

  • Twist dials: You can now life the desired weight from the tray and twist the dial to adjust it to your needs. You now have the freedom to choose the weight you want in each hand.
  • Fast-paced workouts: They are great for building endurance and if you want to lose weight fast with aerobics.
  • Flexible: They offer a range of standalone strengthening exercises. This enhances your muscle strength workout.
  • Workout: These usually combine more than 20 exercises in one. This makes them useful for all kinds of workouts.

The Cons

Weight rattling: The only issue some people face with these is that of weight rattling. The weight won’t come off but if you find yourself always fearing that, you need another pair.


Overall an excellent option for everyday needs. If you are not exactly a professional, then these are ideal for you to use at home. These give you perfection like the one in the gyms. Perfect buy at this price. These are clearly your best dumbbell weights.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells for the price: StairMaster 

StairMasterNow here’s a brand everyone loves. From models that offer a super-quick solution to all your weight changing needs to the use of TwistLock technology, everything about the dumbbells is great.

Some Of The Best Features Of These Dumbbells

  • Workouts: Because they come with patented TwistLock option, you can adjust them to suit any workouts. They are great for rapid workout sessions.
  • Lock system: With this feature, there is no need to worry about twisting the barbell handle anymore. You can now adjust the weight anywhere from 5 to 50 within seconds.
  • Speed: These dumbbells are all about the speed. They are quick to use. Easy to operate and offer solutions to all weight adjustments within seconds.
  • Length change: As you change the level of weight, you can adjust their length too. This is something you won’t find easily.

The Cons

Flexibility: You can’t switch between weights so smoothly and no changing weights on both sides. This leaves you with the option of one side change only.


Overall, a great purchase when you are looking at something quick. But that is compromised is the weight flexibility. Unlike some other options, you can’t change their weight individually. So basically you have to maintain the same weight on both sides as you workout. That being said, these are a hit with experienced weight trainers and fitness freaks.

Bayou Adjustable Dumbbells 

Bayou Adjustable DumbbellsThe one definite thing that one will notice immediately is the size of these dumbbells. Impressive as they are, they are amazingly small and one of the best options for home workouts. The dumbbell size is 50 pounds. The handle adjustment in Bayou dumbbell comes with an easy twist handle that allows the user to make adjustments with the help of a tray. It essentially works in the same fashion, as the knob adjustment type.

Its pin lever adjustment that involves a pin that makes it easy to manoeuvre is another distinguishing feature of this set. Another killing feature is the way the lock can be released fluidly according to the settings of your weight preference. Packed with these flexibilities, one has to admit that the Bayou Fitness brand dumbbell comes at an awesome price and its metal components make it stand out from the rest.

So if you are looking for something for everyday use and have space constraints, these are great. And that’s not it.

Here’s Why You Should Buy Bayou

  • Easy lock: You will find the locking system to be great. It doesn’t take much time. So you can change the weights as quickly and easily as you want.
  • Weights: Use anything from 10 to 50 pounds. This means that you can quickly shuffle between various types of workouts.
  • Money back: In most cases, these dumbbells come with a money back guarantee offers which means you can give it back if at any point of time the models don’t make sense to you.(These conditions are subject to change)
  • Quality: These are made from heavy-duty chrome plated steel that give them a great finish and an excellent grip.

These are one of the best options if you are looking for something excellent for everyday use. Although they come in 5 increments, the weights can seem a little unbalanced which puts many people off. But when you want some light weight training at home with a variety of exercises, these are your best bet. Call them traditional but they are long lasting. Ideal for your fitness needs at home.

IronMaster Adjustable Dumbbells 

IronMaster Adjustable DumbbellsThe next in the list of adjustable dumbbells review is this one. These come in both 45 pound and 75 pound size versions. You can easily extend the larger one to 120 pounds per handle. Now, isn’t that great? That too per handle. This presents a lovely option for those who workout with heavier weights. It’s like your own little gym at home.

Here Are Some Features That Make IronMaster Perfect

  • Metal: These come in all metal construction. So the design is both sturdy and tough. They are super heavy duty and come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Adjustability: They adjust in 2.5-pound increments.
  • Attachments: They come in a variety of options like the super bench adjustable one. This makes them a versatile choice.
  • Design: Smart, traditional dumbbell feel and not big and bulky like some others. You can understand the way these work within seconds.
  • Lock: The screw-in pin lock is efficient and quick too. You will not be wasting a lot of time in fixing its lock.

The Cons

Not one of the best adjustable dumbbells for p90x workouts; they need more time to change weight than the others with the locking screw design.


If you are looking for workouts that require rapid weight changes, these are not for you. But for anyone who wants a strong dumbbell to workout with, IronMaster is what you should be going for.

Xmark Adjustable Dumbbells 

Xmark Adjustable DumbbellsThese are your dumbbells that will stand the test of time like no other. They eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells very efficiently. These are meant for fitness freaks who are looking for their daily dose of power-packed workouts. You can’t call them the strongest of the lot, but they are a sturdy option. They are made of solid plastic handles that are not too heavy and durable at the same time.

Here are some of their features:

  • Storage: These are your adjustable dumbbells that come with trays to store them in.
  • Metal: Made of heavy-duty chrome plated steel which makes them your favourite dumbbells for many years. They are sturdy and classy.
  • Durability: The metal body is sturdy and the handle is durable solid plastic. It will be able to stand the test of time.
  • Convenience: The weight comes with a plastic cradle but is brilliantly durable. You just have to turn the handle, and you can slide the weight in. It is very easy to switch between anything from P90X to the 20s and 50s.

The Cons

Versatility: This is something not many enjoy. The weight for each dumbbell is 50lbs mostly, and the increments are 10. This makes switching between option a task. Unlike the other options that offer 5 lbs increase, this one is a little boring.

Bulky: The design is undoubtedly great, but the are a bit bulky. Some of you will feel that they don’t adjust to your body weight, but that won’t be a problem for others.


Overall, a good buy. When you want the best, these are an excellent sturdy option. But when you want something versatile you have to weigh your options carefully. You will have to switch the weights, but that can be done fast. Get your options together before picking these up.

Useful exercises that can be done with adjustable dumbbells 

Although there are many exercises you can perform with dumbbells, there are some that are quite common. And adjustable dumbbells make these workouts even more fun. Here are some of them:

One Arm Dumbbell Rows

Try these as they are great for targeting your back muscles. They also strengthen the rear deltoids. You can easily use any of the dumbbells mentioned above for the same as all of these models are sturdy enough for this exercise.

Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Curls are one of the best workouts for biceps. They also emphasize on your forearm muscles. This is why it’s important to have an option like Bayou Adjustable Dumbbells to keep the right kind of stress on your biceps brachialis.

Triceps Extensions

Overhead Triceps Extensions is for your triceps but one wrong move and you can be in trouble. This is why the handles for XYZ dumbbells are made with a strong grip that doesn’t let the dumbbell slip out of your hands in any case.


Squats are great for your thighs and help firm up the hamstring muscles. But you need the right pair of dumbbells to do them with. And the best way is to use the least possible weight but some that exerts the right kind of pressure on your thighs.

Dumbbell Calf Raises

As the name suggests, they are ideal for the calf muscles. You spread your feet apart and hold the dumbbells on the sides. Now keep your back straight and go up and down on your toes with slight pauses. You will experience the difference when you start feeling the stress on your calves. These are some of the best dumbbells are great for this one.

These are meant for the sides and front deltoids. You need the best dumbbells weights for this. This exercise is done with a dumbbell each in one hand and when you hold the dumbbells in a top position for concentration on the shoulders, you need something with a firm grip. This is why these adjustable options are an excellent choice.


When you are looking for the best designs in dumbbells, these brands by no mistake give others a miss. So what makes some brands stand out from the rest? Well, it all starts with undoubtedly the ability transform weight lifting into the simplest process.

Professional trainers call these models high tech adjustable dumbbells that are perfect when you want convenience and simplicity both. You are no longer dependent on a gym to workout. Adjust weights whenever you want and change your exercise regime.

These are models that do not ask for a lot of maintenance and are adjustable dumbbell sets that give you everything from scalability to easy weight adjustments. Get yourself these aesthetically appealing dumbbells that are completely affordable.

Click on the links below to get some mind-blowing deals on dumbbells of your choice!



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Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Workouts


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