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HealthWealth as Preventative Medicine

nod your head if you remember
the last time
that you were ill.

Remember how that felt… 
Maybe you had a temperature, 
a runny nose, a headache, aching bones etc etc

At that moment would you have paid someone (if it were possible) to feel instantly better?

I know I would have.

In fact you’d probably pay someone a handsome fee if they could relieve you of your woes in that moment. Particularly if you had an important piece of work with a severe deadline! Illness can be a disaster when it strikes especially if it hits you like a ton of bricks just at the perfectly wrong moment.


This is one of the BIG reasons I do what I do.


Preventative medicine in a sense.


I do EVERYTHING I can to remain in peak physical condition so illness doesn’t strike me down just when I have all the plates spinning nicely.

Now, when you do get ill, that might be very rarely & I hope it is, but when you do then you’ll know that your full potential is not coming out to play that day.


So how does that look in terms of performance?


It’s obvious right – if you’re ill then you will not and cannot perform as well as when you are at your personal best.

So no matter how much money you have, success you’ve achieved, family, friends & fans that love you if you do not have your health then you do not have anything.

Think about it like this; without your health you cannot truly enjoy your day. When was the last time you can truly say that you felt at your best, at 100%, firing on all cylinders?

Today? Yesterday? Last week? Can you remember the last time you literally jumped out of bed when your alarm clock went off eager to get on with your day? To be honest most people can’t remember the last time they felt that way! Is that ok just because that is normal these days?

Would it be ok if your next-door neighbour beat his dog senseless because everyone in the neighbourhood also behaved that way with their dogs?


It wouldn’t be ok with me!


And it’s definitely not ok with me that most people function below par almost every day of their lives. That’s where I really enjoy stepping in & helping someone out. I help to Bring Out The Personal Best of All My Clients.

I do this for one MAIN reason.


Health is Wealth.


Your Health is your real Wealth. Without it you have nothing. You cannot enjoy your life.

What is the point in spending all your youth on building your wealth only to then spend all your wealth on your health in your later years? Doh!

Luckily there is a better way. It’s called Optimalism. I explain it in detail with my book HealthWealth. Which basically means ‘Bring Out Your Personal Best Every Day of the Week’

How do you do this? You follow certain principles day in day out. Only then can you have true freedom wherever you are in life.


Click here to see an Introduction to Optimalism


The Bottom Line

Your life is in your hands, your everyday performance is indicative of the life you lead. Using Optimalism you can feel healthier, happier, smarter and stronger, every day of the week! It’s all about the lifestyle you want to have!


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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HealthWealth as Preventative Medicine


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