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Three Core Philosophies

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Have you ever thought of the rules

of a game as what partly 

determines your success?

Think about it for a moment, only when you know the rules of the game can you stand any chance of winning.

Lets take football for example, or soccer in the States, if you keep breaking a rule like running outside of the lines of the pitch while in possession of the ball then you keep giving up possession.

If you do not have possession of the ball you cannot win the game.

Or if you keep running offside when in an attacking position then again you give up possession & never get a chance at a close range shot on target. Therefore decreasing your chances to win the game.

Well success in any area of your life has similar determinants.

I remember a story from Tim Ferris about how he became a world champion at a martial art.

Tim studied the rules of the sport & created a plan around those rules – not breaking them – that enabled him to become a world champion in a matter of months.



Want to know what he did? I’ll tell you…

Within the rules of Tim’s chosen martial art it states that you must be weighed a matter of days before the fight & be within the stated weight category for your weight-class.

Exactly like boxers do before a big fight, where they stand on the scales before a big crowd and usually have a little show & flex of their muscles.

So what Tim did was this, which was the first part of this clever move, with the supervision of a trained doctor he dropped his weight over a few weeks to as low as possible.

This enabled him to qualify for a lower weight-class. Meaning he would be fighting small or lighter guys than his ‘natural’ weight.

Now here comes the next clever part…

Straight after the weigh-in he went about, with supervision from the doctor, eating & refueling as to put on as much weight & gain as much energy as possible in the shortest period of time.

Why did he do this?…

He did this because of another rule.

This rule states that if you push your opponent out of the ring three times within a round you win the fight.

You got it; Tim pushed his way to world champion martial artist.

He increased his weight those days before the fight closer to his natural weight but he was now considerably heavier than his opponents.

He learnt the rules & applied himself around those rules in order to become a world champion.

Needless to say he wasn’t applauded at the event but he got the job done! I remember him saying that ‘the crowd where far less than happy’ with the way he became champion.

But he didn’t break any rules so he won it fair & square.

Now this leads to my next point, which is also a core principle of my business & mine.


You Expand On Demand…

I strongly believe that we must actively search out more knowledge each and every day.

In so doing we strengthen our position and resolve, while at the same time propel ourselves toward our ultimate goals.

The fact that you experience problems is a sign that you are alive. The only people who do not experience problems are those who live in a cemetery! That’s right they’re dead.

If you asked Arnold Schwarzenegger how he achieved his muscular physique he would say something like ‘Every single day I pushed these muscles against extremely heavy weights’.

The attempt at pushing the weight past where it became a problem is where the growth & progress lives.


So what is the point I’m making? It’s this…

The exact problems that you are experiencing right now are the perfect opportunity to sculpt YOU to achieve your personal best.

That’s a little ‘way-out-there’ so let me break it down…

Lets go back to rules for a minute

A rule of building a breathtaking physique is that you must challenge your muscles under tension.

This can be done in many specific ways but that is the rule.

Another rule of body conditioning is that if you over eat, meaning you eat more calories than you burn off, you will lay down more fat.


So lets put those two rules together…

If you challenge the muscles of your body regularly, maybe even daily, then you will expand the capabilities of those muscles.

The more you expand those muscles the more calories they will burn (even at rest).

So it’s easy to see that the more conditioned your muscles are the better they will look & perform.

Now, if you get the balance just right with your calorie intake, where you are not overeating day-in-day-out (the type of food you choose plays a big part here) then you at worst will not get any fatter.

Food Choice Matters…

If your food choice enables you to be energised while at a steady pace lose stored body fat then you will get thinner.

Do you see how being aware of these two simple rules can give you advantage within the game of ‘Fat or Thin’!

So the core principle is that YOU EXPAND ON DEMAND.

The demands that you put on yourself or those that are forced upon you by every day life are what create You.

The demands you decide to place on yourself will expand you – your body or your mind – in direct reflection of the demand.

Once you know the rules of the game you can apply yourself in a specific way that empowers you. You can apply demands that will shape the person you wish to be.

You can therefore leverage the rules to your advantage. Which also means you can leverage the demands to your advantage.

So that you can win… Maybe not every time… But at least more consistently.

On Tuesday 26th April 2016 I’m holding a book launch gala for by book, HealthWealth.

I’ll be introducing this concept & a number of other ‘Game-Changing-Principles’ that empower you to win the rat race.


Optimal Health & Performance is Where Success Lives…

My book introduces the rules of this game.

There will be other experts in the room for you to talk with who hold similar beliefs from within their services.

It will be a free room to roam & talk, there will be complimentary wine, Healthy Coffee & Tea. The whole event will last for two hours.

We are all here to help & have a great night, which will be fun, informative, light-hearted & energising.


I’d love to see you there… Book your spot (for free) by clicking here.

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Three Core Philosophies


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