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Best foods for muscle building

Best foods for Muscle building

Best foods for muscle building. Fitness is science. Knowledge of the body, exercise and good nutrition. Many beginners often think that muscle building is nothing but only with heavy weights in again. Preferably every day of the week and hours on end, where the muscles cry and hope to finally get it. Gets to rest Where one particular error in question is a proper diet.

A good and healthy diet is always important for a healthy and well-functioning body. If your goal is building muscle, you can replace the word important indispensable. Without a proper diet because you can work out what you want, true positive results you will not be achieved.

How your body builds muscle: 

Muscles are composed of muscle fibers, consisting of three components: myofibrils, sarcomeres of existing groups, responsible for the force of contraction (= contraction) of muscle tissue. The sarcomeres are back in place of a multiple number of proteins. These make possible contraction of muscle tissue. Finally you have the sarcoplasm, a liquid substance that surrounds the myofibril. This sarcoplasm contains, inter alia, fat, enzymes, and glycogen (a body carbohydrate).

When you're training you put pressure on your muscles. These small cracks in the myofibrils of muscles arise. Your body responds by issuing the human growth hormone (abbreviated as HGH - human growth hormone) levels in your body and sending white blood cells to the damaged muscle tissue. In this way, muscle tissue repair, where there is an extra layer is laid over it. This process ensures after degree of time for visible muscle growth.

Supplies your body required for muscle building: 

But there is a but on the above story and this is where we get to the point, good and healthy food. In order to build muscle tissue as well as possible because your body needs to build energy and protein to build new muscle tissue. Calories For this reason, it is not only important to consume enough calories but also to ensure that you get enough protein on a regular basis. The basic rule is that you should take. Significant for muscle growth (at least) 2 to 3 grams of protein per pound of body weight (lean body mass)

So this is less the fat. This quantity is sufficient for most athletes. However, this may differ by training goal, hence the number of what you would at least have to take. Keep also in mind the use of supplements proteins obtained from food during your calculation.

It is therefore important that you adjust your diet and focus on high protein food. As you may have read above, a properly functioning immune system plays an important role in building muscle mass. So you can see why a healthy diet that is balanced and rich in vitamins and minerals so important to you.

To get you started, here are the 10 best choices for muscle building foods.

Best food for muscle development:

1 Lean animal protein - it does not matter whether it chicken, turkey or lean beef. Lean animal protein is one of the best choices for building dry muscle mass.

2 Eggs - Eggs are a perfect source of protein. They are also not at all bad for your cholesterol as was stated.

3 Nuts and seeds - these snacks are full of healthy fats and proteins. Please note that you always choose the unsalted variants. Nuts and seeds are perfect  snacks.

4 Yogurt - Yogurt is rich in protein and very good for your general health. Always choose to skim or fat-free varieties.

5 Pulses - It does not matter if you for lentils or beans chooses, legumes are a good source of vegetarian proteins. Forget them whenever possible so certainly not your meal to add!

6 Avocado - One avocado contains 7 to 9 grams of protein per piece!

7 Whey protein  - One of the easiest and effective option involves whey protein powder is protein intake. Certainly not to forget to include those in your feeding scheme.

8 Tuna and Salmon - Very good options you can cook. Tuna and salmon are undoubtedly one of the best options you can choose.

9 Astragalus - Astragalus is a high quality protein source derived from green algae. This supplement is very healthy and great to add to your smoothie.

10 Energy protein bars - These bars have a lot to offer proteins. Please note on your choice on the amount of sugar and fat. Some bars are in fact less common than you might think!

Wherever you choose for your protein source also go, remember that a greater variety of amino acids always leads to a better result. More different amino acids can your muscles from multiple sources wells. Make this cause therefore always sufficient difference and variety.

If you have any questions  you can write at the bottom of this page.

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Best foods for muscle building


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