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Is Paleo Diet Suitable for Bodybuilders?

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Today everything we eat is mostly processed. Cereals, legumes, lentils, rice, vegetables, oils and our snacks are often loaded with excess oil, fat, salt and sugar and termed as unhealthy. Most of the agricultural produce we come across is infested with pesticides.

Recently the concept of Organic got popular wherein there are zero pesticides and zero polishing of rice, lentils etc. Here oils are simply filtered and not solvent extracted which removed all nutrients. This change suits everyone looking for healthy and fruitful lifestyle.

Taking a step further, another holy Diet made its appearance named the Paleo Diet.

Paleo Diet Simplified

Paleo or Caveman type lifestyle allows only agricultural and meat products (including organic eggs) with some limited sprinkling of oils. No dairy products allowed (that is, if you decide to live on a strict diet). Products like milk, grains, salt, legumes, processed foods, cookies and cakes are prohibited.

Is Paleo practical in a hotel?

Yes. You can always order fish or eggs and more vegetables instead of bread/pasta/roti. If possible ask the cook to use extra virgin olive oil.

What the mid time Snacking Options?

Varied nuts, fruits, berries, boiled eggs and baby carrots can easily work for anyone. But remember that fruits should be had in small quantity and nuts not more than a handful.

Distinct Benefits of Paleo Diet

By design it is a carbohydrate free diet which reduces weight and improves insulin sensitivity. It also lends a perfect balance of the healthy omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Being near organic there is no synthetic overload (like preservative/insecticide) you feel the difference almost immediately. Energetic and active is what everyone cherishes.

To take this Paleo Diet’s benefits ahead to the modern executives or muscle builders are something that might be music to their ears. You can elaborate thus:

Maintain weight easily   Paleo diet being free from sugar/hi-fructose corn syrup, blood sugar stabilization is achieved easily. When you know the options for sweets are less, the craving disappears and you can breathe easy.

Removes Modern Diet Imbalances   When you consume copious amounts of nuts and fish, it reverses the imbalance caused by the omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. This in fact protects from many modern diseases like diabetes, arthritis, depression and heart attacks. This should be considered as a huge positive!

Justifies for Muscle Gainers and Weight Losers   With negligible carbs, those looking for lose weight benefit immensely. They get just enough carb to initiate fuel burning from fruits and some veggies. Rest is protein and animal fat. Muscle builders gain from the liberal dose of protein with lots of amino acid for muscle gain and complex carbohydrates for that adequate energy mix.

Is Paleo Diet Sustainable for Long?

Nothing in life is 100% perfect. On paper this diet looks good but one sore point is obvious: lack of carbs. Once weight lifters hit their limits, lack of carbs is seriously felt. Starvation like feeling creeps in and it can be obviated by hitting a middle path: whole wheat bread and starchy veggies.

This middle path can keep your interest in this special diet intact. Otherwise the following disadvantages can put you off:

Good Fiber Gone Bad     Fiber which is otherwise lauded prevents quick absorption of carbohydrates thereby depriving you from energy. The way to circumvent is having a good carb source like a banana or a pineapple.

Diet eating your Muscles   Those who train for muscle gain know that the diet has less provision for carbs. When training hard and carbs are less, your body gorges on the amino acids or muscles and ultimately you become skinny.

The Best Way Out with Paleo Diet

Keep high-calorie fruits like sweet potato, grains and banana can get you benefits of both worlds. The Paleo way keeps nature on your side and the mid way helps you build muscles without risking them.


Overdoing anything kills. It is better to weight pros and cons and adapt suitably.

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Is Paleo Diet Suitable for Bodybuilders?


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