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Fifty Absolutely Awesome Motivational Phrases from Personal Trainers

Whether you are just starting out, becoming curious about how to get fit, and are looking for those special offers for beginners at the nearest gym, or you are already a fitness nut who nails two workouts a day and runs ten miles every morning, we can all, sometimes, use that little extra bite of motivation. Us too! So we asked a number of Personal Trainers, all with different workout focuses (indoor cycling, Pilates, and running), to share the favourite motivational pitches and phrases they use in their classes.

We received an overwhelming response and have had to prune the answers down to the ones we felt were so good we simply had to include them in this list. So here they are, the Fifty Best and Most Awesome Motivational Quotes to Inspire You during stretching, tough climbs or endurance drills, any time you need them, those times when you know, “Just do it,” is not enough.

1.  It’s only a minute, you can do anything for a minute!

2.  Imagine your favourite person is waiting for you at the top, and think about them all the way!

3.  Don’t rob your Body of what it’s capable of!


5. Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in!

6.  You can make excuses about why this is too hard, OR you can make it to the top of this hill. Your choice!

7.  Is this feeling hard? Yes?!? Well good news, you can do hard things!

8.  Find comfort in your discomfort!

9.  Exercise in the morning, before your brain figures out what you are doing

10. Run like you stole something!

11. Today is the best day to start!


13. Forward IS A Pace.

14. You could have thought of 1000 excuses not to come, but you are here for a reason.

15. I’m right here with you!” AKA I’m dying too

16. This one hour is only 4% of your day.

17. Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction. (I teach at 5:15am).

18. Stay in your fire!!!

19. Challenge equals change!

20. Ride it, don’t survive it!

21. Let your body lead and your mind follow!

22. Turn and burn! LETS GOOOOOO!

23. Hate me now, love me later!

24. Me: Are your legs burning yet!!!?

     Class: YES!!!!

Me: That’s the weakness leaving your body!!

25. Crunchy (muscles) means it’s alive

26. Trust me, it’s good for you!

27. Do you have anything left to give? Two answers, it’s either no or GO!

28. Now is the best moment to add some speed!

29. Once you find it (the “core”), you will never lose it!

30. You’re only one workout away from a good mood!

31. It is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be!

32. If you can dream it, you can do it!

33. Your legs are not giving out; your head is giving up!

34. Healthy is the new skinny. You know that!

35. It is only hard for the first 50 years!

36. Exercise like your life’s quality depends on it. Actually, it does!

37. Even a little progress each day adds up to big results.

38. If you could make it through 2016, then you can make it through this race.

39. Act like a horse. Be dumb. Just run.

40. What seems hard now will one day be your warm-up.

41. There will come a day when you can no longer run. Today is not that day.

42. Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going!

43. Sweat is just fat crying!

44. Think about why you started!

45. Do it for the after-selfie.

46. No matter how slow you go; you are still faster than anyone on the couch!

47. You’ve got three choices: give in, give up, or give it all you’ve got!

48. Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it!

49. Think about why you started! If you give up, it means you never wanted it!

50. Lost count of the number of repetitions you’ve done? Start all over again!

OK, now: What’s your favourite sports motivational quote?

Share in comments below!

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Fifty Absolutely Awesome Motivational Phrases from Personal Trainers


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