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Love Fast Food? Here’s What You Should Know

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Fast Food is very popular in the Philippines. It is practically the go-to place for us Filipinos when we get hungry. There are dozens of fast foods in the Philippines and each of them has hundreds of stores all across the Philippines. But the real question is, “Is fast food good for you?”

To answer that nagging question, we have to take a look at the menu of the most famous fast food chains in the Philippines and determine their calorie content. The items that are mostly seen in fast food menus are burgers, fries, pizza, pasta, and chicken. Consuming any of these food items is highly discouraged by most health experts because they are calorie-laden foods and are prepared with lots of greases. They are very unhealthy, so to speak.

But what if you don’t have a choice and fast foods are your only option? This is very true among busy individuals who can’t go out for a good lunch and can only trust a delivery food rider to bring them nourishment. It is also the fastest options for busy parents who are in a rush to get home from work just to feed their hungry brood. And, let’s face it. Everybody will always have that craving for greasy food every now and then. While it is not a mortal sin, please don’t make it a habit.

Fast Food Choices: Choose the Lesser Evil

If you’re faced with no choice but to eat fast food, here are some suggestions on what you can eat without inducing too much guilt. But don’t take it wrong. Fast food is still not advisable if you’re on a diet. If you have other healthier options, that’s what you must choose. But if nothing else is available, here is the most that you can do:


If you must eat burgers, get the one with the lowest calorie count. Jollibee’s regular Yum! Burger only contains 150 Calories, so that should be manageable. If you want, you can get the Yum! with TLC instead, which is good because it combines tomato, lettuce, and cheese. The TLC doesn’t just add flavor to the burger, but it also put in some veggies into your meal.


A chicken drumstick from KFC is more or less 120 calories. If you go for breast without the skin, that’s 130 calories. The whole wing is around 140 calories. Just try to cut out on rice because the rice serving that goes with the chicken is equivalent to 206 calories. Now if you can keep the rice away and trade it for coleslaw, you’re going to have lesser calories to manage.


If you must eat pizza, go for the 12-inch thin crust vegetarian variant. Shakey’s has the one with the lowest calorie count, adding only 128 calories to your diet for every slice. Keep yourself to one slice if possible so you won’t have a lot of problems on the treadmill later on.


For spaghetti, go for McDonald’s. It has a total calorie count of 270 compared to Jollibee’s 380 calories. Spaghetti vary greatly in flavor and sauce consistency so this is going to be a tough choice for some.


A sandwich is definitely a great option if you’re a little bit too wary of the type of the food that you eat. Subway is a great place for a sandwich. What’s recommended is their six-inch roast beef sandwich placed on wheat bread. The whole shebang is around 310 calories. Quite high but it’s quite filling. This one’s perfect if you’re craving for a good lunch.


Stay away from fries as much as possible. These foods are too greasy and full of fats and carbs. Eating them along with the items listed above would only give you carb overload. When it comes to fries, don’t practice moderation. Avoid it at all cost.

Watch Your Diet

Although you are allowed to eat fast food, be sure that you don’t overdo it. It’s not even advisable for you to consume it weekly. Slow food is always better than fast food. Just think about the hundreds – if not thousands – of extra calories that you have to burn later on. And that’s not yet counting the extra fat and sodium in your meals. Needless to say, fast food items, no matter how conservative your choices are, can wreak havoc on your diet plan.

So instead of fast food, why not look for healthier restaurants in your neighborhood. Choose salads instead of pasta and opt for fish instead of chicken. There are nondescript restaurants around you with great food choices on their menu. While they may charge a lot higher than fast food, theirs are far healthier and more filling.

So visit all the restaurants that offer food delivery service in your area. Check out their menus and see what less sinful food they have to offer. Make note of the prices of each meal and keep their number handy. Call them instead whenever you need fast yet healthy food.

How to Avoid Fast Food Altogether

The best way to avoid fast food is to prepare your meals beforehand. Plan your meals throughout the week and assign two days of the week to stop by the wet market or grocery store to get all the ingredients that you need. Prepare your meals for the entire day the night before. Place them in microwaveable containers and store them in the freezer overnight. Prepare meals for every member of your family, too. This will be very helpful for those busier days of the week.

Don’t be too reliant on fast food to satisfy your famished tummy. You surely don’t want to start all over again if you’re already a long way into your diet. Those chicken tenders and French fries can set you back a few weeks in the gym to achieve your weight loss goals.

Your food choices are going to play a very crucial role in keeping your body fit, toned, and beautiful. More than looking good in front of the mirror, you should always think about your health. Proper eating leads to a healthy body. And a healthy body will almost assure you of longevity.

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Love Fast Food? Here’s What You Should Know


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