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How to Look Fit and Fab at 40

How envious do you get when you see celebrities who are way past their 40s but they still look beautiful and sexy? In the recent years, many past actresses of the Philippine movies made a comeback in the silver screen, flaunting their gorgeous faces and sexy bodies, as if they never went into hiatus in the first place.

At first, there were Gretchen Barretto and Dawn Zulueta. Now in comes Sunshine Cruz, Ina Raymundo, and Alice Dixson. The latter group of women is among the main endorsers of a canned tuna brand, which current marketing tagline goes “Super bod, now ageless.” As these women sport their sexy Body on the beach at 40 years old, we can only ask ourselves baffled, “How can that be possible?”

Sunshine, Ina, and Alice were briefly interviewed about how they were able to maintain their beautiful bodies. Each of them has their own fitness regimen, and by the looks of it, all of them are quite effective. Here are what they say they do:

Sunshine Cruz

At 40 years old and with three almost teenage girls, Sunshine says she’s able to keep her body slim and sexy with proper Diet. She makes sure that she eats only healthy food every day, although she allows herself to indulge a little bit during her cheat days. And at such days, she makes sure that she enjoys the meal with her kids.

Ina Raymundo

Ina is a certified fitness buff. She spends so much time in the gym, and she tags along with her young daughter with her. She also teaches Zumba lessons in her free time. Ina commits to working out really hard to maintain her “Sabado Nights” body.

Alice Dixson

A former beauty queen, Alice is now 48 years old but she doesn’t look a bit like it. Her fit and fab body looks as if she never aged at all! Alice says that she keeps her body slim by exercising regularly. But she also stresses that she doesn’t go to the gym. Instead, she jogs around the neighborhood with her dog. She said doesn’t like going to the gym because doing so takes too much effort. She prefers to exercise right where she is.

What You Can Do to Look Like These Celebrities

As you can see, there’s no alternative to proper diet and exercise. You simply can’t do it any other way. In order to stay fit despite your advancing age, you have to make sure that you’re eating the right food and stretching those muscles regularly.

And as you age, do expect your body to react not as fast as it used to when it comes to diet and exercise. All these celebrities agree that in order to keep their body in the right shape, they have to exert extra effort. What used to be a 30-minute workout at the gym will become a 1-hour affair. And the dieting? You have to eat even less these days.

That is because the body’s metabolism slows down as you age. Don’t expect your body to be as efficient in your 40s like when you’re only 20 years old. Things change, especially as far as your body processes are concerned.

Other Things That Can Help

If you find it too difficult to cut out on your diet or exert a lot of effort when exercising because of your advancing age, it is best for you to consult a health expert and see if you can use certain weight loss supplements like Green Coffee and natural slimming pills. These supplements are going to boost your body’s natural fat burning process so it becomes easier for you to lose weight and keep a fit and fab for longer.

The results of the studies made on green coffee when it comes to losing weight are very promising. As a matter of fact, it is now used as a primary ingredient in a popular fitness drink. Green coffee is believed to help absorb and dispose of the sugar from the food that you eat. Less sugar means less glucose. Less glucose means the body burns more fats instead.

With regular use, you’ll get slimmer and fitter body in no time. And that’s not yet doing any diet or exercise at all. Now if you combine green coffee with those two essentials, you will very likely achieve your ideal weight goal in no time. And that’s exactly how you’ll look fit, fab, and beautiful at absolutely any age.

You Don’t Have to be a Celebrity to Look Good

You don’t have to be in the limelight to motivate yourself to stay fit. At 40 years old, your health risks start to rise. That should be enough to keep you motivated to stay in shape and maintain your ideal weight. You don’t want to develop heart diseases, diabetes, or even cancer just because you’re not eating right and exercising regularly. More than looking good, healthy living should always be your primary goal.

While celebrities have that unspoken responsibility to look good for their fans and audience, you have the same responsibility to your family. You family depend on you on a lot of things. If you’re fat, sick or unhealthy, then you won’t be able to perform well for them. Stay fit and healthy not just for yourself but for your loved ones as well.

Be health conscious from here on. Start by checking your weight. Are you obese, overweight, underweight, or just in the right zone? If you’re obese or overweight, watch what you eat right now. Here are some tips:

  1. Stop mindless snacking. The no-snacks rule can go a long way.
  2. Try to substitute some of your favorite unhealthy food items with healthier ones. Go for fish instead of red meat. Drink water instead of soft drinks. Eat fruits instead of chips.
  3. Reduce rice intake. Keep yourself to one cup of rice. Then gradually reduce it to a half cup of rice per meal. Then see if you can go without rice at all. Substitute rice for veggies instead.

With the right level of commitment, you’ll definitely get back to your ideal weight once again. Seek all the help you can get. Support from family and friends are going to be crucial in your journey to healthy living.

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How to Look Fit and Fab at 40


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