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The Best $10,000 I Ever Spent

Did I ever tell you about the best $10,000 I ever spent?

Here's how it went down:

Back in the summer/fall of 2014, I had the splendid opportunity to intern at two different world-class gyms with NHL Strength Coaches Ben Prentiss (currently with the New York Rangers) and Kevin Neeld (San Jose Sharks).

Despite that sounding like an amazing experience (which it was!), my finances were bleeding like a Russian princess during that time.

The week with Ben cost $2,500 alone.

Add to that the following expenditures:

* All the nights staying at hotels/AirBnB'ing in NYC, Boston, Providence, NJ, Connecticut, Philly, DC

* Renting a room for close to three months at this nice lady's place while interning at Kevin's gym

* Watching a few live NHL games in Philly, DC and NYC

* Food

* Going out ​at night

* Attending a Training seminar in Providence

* Visits to a couple other top-notch training facilities (one of them ex-Boston Bruins and Boston University strength coach Mike Boyle's gym in Boston)

* Spending an afternoon at the sports museum located inside TD Garden

* Plus all the other fun stuff you gotta experience when you're roaming abroad as a young and single guy for a total of 16 weeks...

Never bothered to whip out a calculator to pinpoint the exact number for my expenses but I'd guesstimate it was well north of $10,000.

I got a helluva education in training hockey players during those three months and will always be grateful to Ben and Kevin for showing me the ropes.

Not gonna lie, though... watching my bank account come dangerously close to zero stung. That trip put me in the red for a looong time.

However, I knew I would eventually recover, reclaim and regain the $10,000.

Because I didn't view those mucho dineros spent as a cost, but as an investment.

And as should be the case with any sound investment, I've made that initial expense back many times over.

Thus, my ROI (return on investment) has and continues to be immensely positive.

The same applies to your Physical Health. Nothing is more important than that.

When you just ​go to the gym without a clear direction or sense of purpose, you pay a hefty cost.

Not today, probably not next week, but eventually you will.

One day down the line you wake up, look in the mirror, only to be appalled by the sight staring back - narrow shoulders, slouched posture, love handles that were not there before, feeling tired all the time...

That's the price you pay for winging your workouts.

Instead, why don't you get on the right track once and for good?

Why not score a solid return on the time, effort and money you invest into training?

It's simple, too.

You can now access all my insider workout tricks and tactics - including those I've learned over the years from some of the best strength coaches on the planet.

And, I won't charge you $10,000 for it.

Go here to jack up your training ROI for a fraction of that:

Who knows?

That might just be the best investment into your physical health and performance you'll ever make...

Yunus Barisik

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The Best $10,000 I Ever Spent


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