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Flooding Your Inbox in a Non-Douchebag Way

Reader Billy Clair gets back to me after answering his question on goalie off-ice training:


"Sounds good thanks for the response.

A lot of trainers are too big to respond to emails yet have no problem flooding people's inboxes.

Appreciate you taking a few mins to respond. Take care."


Yes, I have experienced this as well.

I once sent an email to one very, very famous US strength coach.

I was about to pass his training facility on my travels anyway, so I inquired if he'd let me come over for an hour or two to observe how he trains his athletes. Knowing fully well this coach was busy as hell, I offered to pay him whatever amount he deemed appropriate for his time.

I should also mention that I had bought several hundred dollars' worth of this guy's training products in the past, so I definitely wasn't some lummox trying to extract value from him in exchange for nothing.

So what happened?

Never received a reply to my request.


Of course, chances are, he never saw my email.

Maybe it went straight to his spam folder, forever buried among offers for penis pills and that heartfelt message from Kunta Kinte, the Nigerian prince who desperately needs your assistance in transferring his dead father's, the honorable Dr. Bakare Kinte, $15,000,000 inheritance from the Lagos National Savings and Trust Association to his own bank account in exchange for 20% of the transferred sum.

Or perhaps his secretary (or whoever handles his incoming mail) forgot to forward it to him.

In any case, I still view this strength coach as one of the best in the industry.

But my respect for him did take a dive when I didn't hear back from him.

And I never came around to buying another product he has released since.


Don't think so.

While some coaches are stingy with their advice, I give it away as easy as Ke$ha gives away her... never mind, we don't need to go there.

Ever since I started writing about my training methods on the 'Net, I've made it a habit to reply to all reader questions within 24 hours.

Now, there are times, such as during travels, when I'm not checking my inbox. So replies may take a while. But I make sure to answer as soon as I'm back home.

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem like standard operating procedure among trainers as Billy reminded me. How come you keep pitching peeps to buy your products but then not bother getting back to them when they seek your expert advice?

That's a douchebag​gy move.

And totally not cool.

Anyway, moral of the story?

Not sure there is one.

Just something I've been thinking about lately...

Alright, let's tackle today's training question:


"Hey Yunus,

thanks for all your help. Bought your next level program when it first came out and now also 2.0.

I noticed there are fewer medicine Ball exercises in this new version. Why? Don't you think they're good for building upper body power? Or is there some other reason? Interested to hear your thoughts on this.


John Thompson"


Most gyms don't have a wall to throw a med ball against. So it doesn't make sense for me to program ​exercises requiring one into your training sessions.

Here's what I recommend...

Use rotational med ball exercises - scoops, shotputs, chest passes, etc. - you can't perform at the gym on the days when you do your jumps and sprints. Many athletes do those at the track or football stadium anyway, which is also perfect for throws.

So a sample speed and power workout could look like this:

1) Med Ball Shotput

2) Hurdle Jumps

3) 20m Sprints

4) Conditioning (optional)

Dynamax med balls, which are the best on the market and we use with our athletes, cost about $100 a piece. 

I've also been told Rogue has some decent med balls for a fraction of that, so price shouldn't be an issue.

Buy one and this part of your training will be covered for years.

The only other thing you need?

A workout plan that pushes up your gym numbers in a way you've never experienced before.

Like this one:

Yunus Barisik

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Flooding Your Inbox in a Non-Douchebag Way


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