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Accutane Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects

What is Accutane?

Accutane also was known as Isotretinoin is a form of vitamin A which helps to reduce the amount of oil which is produced by oil glands that are found in one’s skin and therefore improves your skin to renew itself faster. The Medicine can also treat severe nodular acne but this is usually the last option after the patient has tried antibiotics and acne medicines and they end up failing.
You should note that, therefore, pregnant women are not encouraged to take the medicine. Before taking any Accutane women that have the potential of bearing children must agree in writing to have regular pregnancy tests as well as use two forms of birth control so as to be on the safe side.

Accutane is under iPLEDGE which is a unique program and therefore trying to purchase the drug online from dealers outside the US is very dangerous. Also, when taking Accutane, you should not take any supplements that contain vitamin A. You should stay for at least 30 days to donate blood. Since the product is only available under the iPLEDGE special program, you need to be registered with them to access it.

Who Makes Accutane?

This is the question that most people might ask about the medicine basically because they want to know where the medicine originates from. Hoffman-La Roche was the one who first started marketing Accutane for many years and it sold very well. However, in 2009 he decided to remove the drug from the market because many former users had been awarded millions of dollars in damage claims of inflammatory bowel disease.

Accutane was explicitly made to treat severe cystic acne which does not respond to any other treatment. It helps to decrease the production of facial and belong to the retinoids class of drugs. The reason it helps in the reduction of the facial output is that high amounts of such oil can lead to severe acne which will otherwise be very risky for the patient in that it may scarring that may become permanent.
A position paper was later released by the American College of Gastroenterologists stating that people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease were allowed to take Accutane as a way to treat cystic acne. So, in 2017 the medicine got back in the market and was sold under many brand names to people all around the world.

Benefits of Accutane

Although there were some of the drawbacks experienced by its users which led to it getting off the market in 2009, there are quite plenty of benefits that come with it too.
The product is the only medicine that is known to treat acne with long-term benefits one the patient’s skin.
The medicine helps in reducing the size of the oil glands, and therefore the oil that is produced is less. The results experienced are slowing down the growth rate of bacteria, reducing inflammatory, and stopping any acne activity.

Research also shows that of all the people treated with Accutane, 70 percent end up having clear skin for the rest of their lives.
Taking small doses of the medicine for a long time can help people who have acne with minimal discomfort to be cured.
During the treatment, combining blue light acne phototherapy with Accutane has proven to be synergistic and help in decreasing any flare-ups risks that might be involved.

Side Effects of Accutane

In as much as there are plenty of benefits that come with Accutane, just like any product or medicine it also has its drawbacks and flaws.
Before taking any Accutane, you need to inform your doctor if you have the following conditions;

  • If you have a family history of mental illness or depression
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have liver disease
  • If you have asthma
  • If you have bone disorders
  • If you have high cholesterol or heart disease

The medicine causes dry mouth and lips, minor swelling of the lips and eyelids, upset stomach, and nosebleeds. If symptoms persist you need to seek medical advice immediately.
Accutane may also cause pancreatitis, and therefore one needs to inform the doctor in case they experience nausea or vomiting.
Although it might be rare to experience any severe allergic reactions if you happen to get any reactions you need to inform your doctor immediately.

It is very risky for a pregnant woman to take Accutane because it can cause severe, life-threatening congenital disabilities. The baby’s ears, eyes, brain, skull, face, and skull can be significantly affected with even just one dose of Accutane. Women are only considered and allowed to take Accutane if they have been in menopause for at least 12 months in a row or if their uterus has been removed. Use of birth control while taking Accutane is recommended for those women who have had their tubes tied.
A negativity test must also be done 30 days before any woman starts taking any Accutane.
If you are taking it and you happen to have unprotected sex you should call your doctor immediately.

You should also call your doctor if you stop using birth control while you are taking the medicine.
If you experience any lateness in your periods while taking the product , you also need to contact your doctor immediately.
You also need to contact the iPLEDGE pregnancy registry if you happen to get pregnant while taking the medicine.

Accutane Dosage

When taking the product you need to strictly follow the doctor’s prescription in order to avoid any accidents. You should never take Accutane more or lesser than it has been prescribed to you by your doctor.
You’re not supposed to receive more than a 30-day supply of the medicine in one time.
To avoid causing any irritation or melting of the capsule in your food pipe you need to take the product with a glass full of water.
The medicine should never be shared with anyone else even if they have the same symptoms that you may be having.
While taking the medicine you need to do frequent blood tests to ensure that it is not causing any negative effects in your body.

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Accutane Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects


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